184 Chapter 183 ~Before Confluence~.txt

My complaining may have worked this time, but Crowe's irritating behavior has died down, and the arrogant Crowe with his original sense of disrespect has returned.
Amelia says she feels more comfortable with the original Crow than the irritated one.
I laughed at this, but Leah, who was nodding her head in agreement next to me, also seemed to be confused by Crow's clunkiness, which I had never seen before.
Amaryllis, the only one who has little contact with Crowe, even though they are traveling together, was looking at me and roasting something while tilting her head at me.
Every time she stops to take a break, she is roasting something, but what on earth is she doing?

They remained silent, still thinking about something the whole time, but the group moved steadily forward with Crow, who was clearly back to normal, leading the way, and finally found the remains of someone else's encampment besides themselves.
No other group would be coming to a place like this except for the brave members.

'Are they all still alive?'

Amelia, who had made friends with a brave member of the girls, asked me anxiously as she looked at where the fire would have been built.
I looked around the area and thought for a moment before nodding.

'As expected, I can only tell roughly, but there are signs of some food spills here. There's a place over there that was used as a sleeping area. It was probably attacked by a demon during or before the meal. At least looking at the amount of spilled food and the number of beds, they would have all been present before the attack. They've also dropped their bags halfway through, and their tracks aren't hidden, so we can track them.

As expected, I don't know what happened after being attacked by the demon.
It seems that he threw away all but the most necessary items such as weapons while escaping.
I decided to pick them up because I might need them later on.
The brave man, Kyosuke, Jiel-san, Hosoyama, Ueno, Waki, Tsuda, and Nanase.
Yeah, we're all here.

''How did you manage to find this much food, even for ......?''

I mutter to myself as I look at the spilled food.
I'm sure the demon meat was from the demons that attacked us, but did anyone else have the skills to sort through the herbs and other things that were not harmful to humans?
I don't think Mr. Ziel had much of a survival skill either.

Someone must have acquired a skill like 'appraisal' or 'toxicology', because there's nothing harmful in them. The herbs with toxins are gathered here.

Amaryllis mumbled as she looked at the food that had soaked into the ground as I did, and pointed to where the weeds were piled up.
As far as I remember seeing before, none of the brave members possessed that kind of skill.
I suppose we should assume that someone has acquired a new skill.

'I can't wait to join you.

Leah murmured softly as she looked at the frayed ground where the battle seemed to have taken place.
I gasped as that line made me realize how I felt.

From the bottom of my heart, I felt the same way.
I was apparently more worried about the brave members than I thought I was.
To the point where I could remember the names that I hadn't even bothered to remember before, well enough.

''The closer we get to the demon territory, the stronger and stronger the demons become. You can hope for the best, but don't hold your breath.''

Crow's words, said in a cold voice, echoed in my head with a burning sensation.