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I'll follow you to hell. Father.

I chuckled as I listened to the sludgy, emotional words that were uttered.
I couldn't imagine that the conversation going on behind the door was between parent and child.
And yet, he seems to think that this is the way of the family.
Is this some kind of new religion?
I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm going to do with it.

Since the summoning of the heroes, the castle has gradually lost its liveliness and has been filled with silence.
This is not only because there are those of the knights who have left the castle, but also those who have disappeared unnoticed.
No one, even family members, will be notified of their disappearance and suddenly they are gone.
The king and the princess are not aware of the unusual circumstances of their residence.
No, even if they did, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.
It's only natural that the influence of the royal castle, which is on the verge of shutting down, will affect the people, and it will be only a matter of time before the country falls apart.

''Well, that's why I'm here.

My job is to keep this country going until the time is right.
No matter how many people disappear, the cost of being a nation is high.
It is my role to make effective use of that "cost" in order to make our king's wishes come true.

Oh, you can go to ......

As I was mulling over many thoughts about my upcoming move, I was unexpectedly approached from behind.
I reflexively turned around in alarm and saw a woman with a pale complexion.
As I recall, this woman was a maid of honor attached to the princess.

'What can I do for you?'

I should have been informed that I am now an invited guest at Castle Laitis.
There is nothing unnatural about it, and the proof of that is that I have never been subjected to skeptical stares until this moment.
Yet the woman in front of me looks at me with a frightened, suspicious look.
I have too much idea.
Ah, the human race really is a pain in the ass with so many eyes.
I felt like sticking my tongue out at the realization of my own failure.

''Where did you send that girl ...... Angier? I saw him with you yesterday. But the moment you touched her, she disappeared. I looked all over the castle, but he wasn't there. Where did you put him? You took her to .......

...... Hmmm, hahahahahahahahaha!!!

I blinked at the sound of his voice, anxious but somehow convinced, and then a laugh escaped my mouth.
I must have been very creepy, as my grumpy face turned into a grimace and I laughed so hard that I folded my body into a crooked shape.
The woman took a step back.
I walked forward and approached the woman until I was within touching distance of her.
The woman, who had never been in a battle, couldn't even react before she was grabbed by my hand.

'Oh, you humans are truly hilarious. Stupid and ridiculous and truly irredeemable.

Voices echoed in the corridors of the empty castle.
Until just a few moments ago, there would have been a lot of eyes on this place and someone would have witnessed it, but as of now, there was no one in sight.
There are no more people here.

'But, well, they saw me yesterday, didn't they? That was my fault. Ange? And I'll match you with a woman who's a bit of a b*tc*.

I put my hand in my pocket and pull out what's inside.
It was a small stone held in my hand.

'Oh, you said you'd match it! Where's Angier, where's that girl!

The hysterical, screaming woman is trying to escape from my grasp by flailing her arms around, but my arms don't twitch.
I tilt my head back and hold the small stone out in front of me.
'So that I can see it better.

'Here, take a good look. This is the woman you're looking for.

With a snap, the woman stopped moving.
The woman's mouth was silent.

It really is amazing how little you humans are worth, isn't it? The value of your human race is surprisingly low, and you can't trade your lives for the same amount of rocks you find lying around. Well, their magical power reserves are far less than ours, so maybe it can't be helped.

''Oh, no way. ....... How could the demon race be here! Somebody else's Addition: ......

The moment she realized who I was and was about to scream, the figure scraped away.
I opened the hand that was holding the woman's hand, and there was a piece of stone that hadn't been there before.

You are a stone's throw away your life too. That's boring.''

I toss it at random with the other stone.
Even if there was such a thing, it's worth nothing.
Really, I don't feel sorry for the human race.

My skill 'exchange' can replace things with things of equal value.
Or rather, I can only exchange things because I am not the one who judges their value.
If I tried to exchange my most prized possession, it would only turn out to be a small gem.
And the one I wasn't even interested in turned out to be a magnificent tiara inlaid with large gems.
Unpleasantly, my intentions are not present there.
My king says that it is the god of this world who is ruling.
I believe it was called Aitel or something like that.
I've never acknowledged the existence of a god, but I do acknowledge that its values cannot be human.
It's impossible for me to believe that this person who is related to me and my blood is just a small jewel in the crown.
It was so impossible that I threw them away in the appropriate place.
Well, I'm sure most people don't think of human beings and stones or jewels as having the same value.

I can't help but feel pity for the human race.
I wonder what it feels like to have a life of the same value as a stone.
But they are still trying their best to live, so there is no way to save them.
The people who are struggling to live their lives as hard as they can look ridiculous.
Oh, how pleasant it is.

I'm getting tired of rocks. "I'm getting tired of stones, and I'll switch to flowers next time.

The sound of my alone footsteps echoed in the empty corridors.
How much is this country worth?
Yes, let's see how much those brave summoners and other people are worth until we get a signal from the king.
I'm sure it will be a good way to pass the time.