194 Chapter 193 ~Method~.txt

It took him three days to reach this place, to heal his wounds so far, and to fully recover his strength.
It's annoying to say this, but this forest required as much vigilance as the lower levels of the Cantinen Labyrinth.
I guess it's true that the closer a demon gets to the demon territory, the stronger it becomes.

We sat in a seat for six people, the beast race, exactly as it was in the Crow House.
Noah, who is supposed to be the owner of this house, stood behind Crowe, while Amaryllis and Ria, who met the brave men for the first time, stood behind us after introducing themselves.
However, Amaryllis is hiding half of her body behind Ria.
Noah calls Crow "foolishness," but he often acts like he cares about her.
I don't understand why he's such a hard man to understand.

So, is there a route to the demon territory now?

I put one elbow on the desk and ask Crow and Noah, who is standing behind him.
I don't believe that the route leading to the demon territory that the previous heroes used is still usable after decades.
I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to do with it.

''From what I checked yesterday and today, the loophole to the demon territory that I was aware of had been crushed due to factors such as falling boards and flooding.

Crow's words made the brave men's faces darken as well.
Furthermore, the bad news from Crowe continued.

'The sea, of course, can't even be used for ships due to the demons that live in the sea. Moreover, we know that it wasn't just a natural disaster that blocked the way out.

...... What does that mean?

Wada, eager to know the answer, frowned at the cat and monkey that were playing with his own head, not showing any reaction.

''That means that the demon race, a person who is quite strong among the demon race, who is capable of artificially causing something so violent that it could be mistaken for a natural disaster at first glance, did it on purpose.

That's why the guys from the demon territory are reading our movements.
Crow said, pointing to the path shown on the map one by one in a disciplined manner.
He seems to have been carefully crushed one by one.
As I watched the scene absentmindedly, the faces of Blue and the faces of Mahro and Aurum, who met in the labyrinth, came and went.

''You didn't block the road leading from here to the Elf Race territory and the Human Race territory, you neatly blocked the road leading only to the Demon Race territory, right?

Yes, the previous hero had surprisingly created an underground path from this base to the territories other than the beast race and the demon race.
How could he have prepared a path to the rest, let alone just the closest demon territory?
The previous hero, he was quite too cautious.
It's not that the relationship between the human race and the elven race was not at all acrimonious at that time.
It seems that Crow, who had seen the actions of the previous brave man with his own eyes, gave the previous brave man a glance, but I wonder what the truth is.

'What about making the blocked path passable again?

The brave man raises his hand to make a statement.
Crow and his father and son shook their heads at his words.

''No. They all remain in danger so that if you move any of the debris, it will completely collapse,''

Honestly, I don't know when it will break down, Noah spoke up.
Despite the fact that there were more than ten people in the room, the room was silent.

'No underground, no sea, huh?'

The brave man muttered as if disappointed.
I can't understand that feeling, but I just stared at Noah.
Out of the corner of my eye, Amelia is making the same motions I am.

'...... If you have any opinions, speak with your mouth.'

Noah, who was staring at me with two pairs of eyes, lost his patience and sighed as he said this.
Me and Amelia look at each other and I open my mouth.

'How about ...... empty?'

At my words, the brave man's eyes light up and he claps his hands.

'I see! If not the earth, then the sky!

The summonses who are familiar with airplanes and the like instantly glowed, but the genuine inhabitants of this world are different.
I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about," he said, explaining the principle of flying with people on board.
I hate to say it, but I don't even know what the brave man is talking about.
It's a problem for modern people who are so used to flying in an airplane.
I don't understand the air resistance, helper distance and take-off speed, I doubt that they are really speaking in Japanese.
It's not the evil of modern people, it's just that I'm a humanities guy at heart.
But Crow's eyes were far away, as was mine, and Noah was happily asking questions of the brave man.
Is it so different between a father and son?

''I see. In theory, flying in the sky is certainly possible.''

Finally, Noah asked a question that even the brave man couldn't answer, and Noah nodded with satisfaction to the brave man who was stuck for an answer and said so.
Those who did not understand the conversation between the brave man and Noah all turned their gazes in a different direction.
I'm not the only one, but Kyousuke has closed his eyes and completely rejected them.

''I'm only a bit of knowledge, I don't know anything technical!

The brave man looks away puissed off with a voice sounding like he's abdicating his responsibility somehow.

'So, I'm the factor that made me think the sky would work. That's right, Amelia Rose Quartz, Akila Oda.

Me and Amelia's spine grew taller as if we'd been whipped.
Me and Amelia looked at the same part of Noah's status and slowly nodded.
With this, we might be able to head in the air somehow.