199 Episode 198-Women's Association-Looking at the rear.txt

"Why did you leave this magical tool with me?

Even I could see that the air in the place tensed up at those words from Crow-sama.
Perhaps because of the atmosphere that resembled a killing spirit, I naturally raised my staff to prepare to activate the 'ward'.
Diagonally behind Crowe-sama, Tsuda-sama likewise raised his own shield a bit.
Although Yol-sama, who is at his feet, is not being cautious, perhaps subconsciously, he is holding a little strength in his legs.

''Well, well, that's not the point, we should be happy to see each other after a long time, right?

The previous generation of brave men and women laughed carelessly without regard to such an atmosphere.
I honestly wasn't sure if I should be impressed by his boldness and bravery as expected of his predecessor, or if I should give him a blank stare saying he should read the air.
Seeing our situation, Aria-sama sighed.

''Totally, even if you die, Ritter-sama is still the same ....... He's still unable to read the air .......

I turn my gaze to the previous hero-sama for a moment and then look at me, Yor-sama and Tsuda-sama.

''I'm sorry, but could you allow my brother and Ritter-sama to be alone with me? And apart from that, I have a favor to ask of you, will you please listen to me?

We looked at each other and nodded.
To be honest, I didn't want to be in this cold, warm air.
Aria-sama's face breaks out in relief at the sight of it.
Her face felt somewhat similar to Crow-sama's without the wrinkles between her eyebrows when she was asleep.

'Good, thank you. ...... We've been watching you all along, my brother to be exact, but we've been watching you. We are also roughly aware of your current situation. On top of that, we would like Jor-sama to call the current generation of brave men and Tsuda-sama to call me and my brother's mother, Noah. We can remain in this world for roughly a day or so, but beyond that we do not know what will happen. We would appreciate it as soon as possible.

Hearing Aria-sama's request, Yol-sama and Tsuda-sama nodded and ran for the exit.
Aria-sama turned to me who stayed behind and smiled happily at that.

''Ria-sama should talk with me in the meantime? I've only had an older brother, so I've always wanted to be an older sister.

I couldn't say no to Aria-sama, who laughed happily with a voice that sounded like she was rolling a bell with a colloquy.
If she's been watching us for a long time, she must know the feelings I have for Crow-sama.
As I nodded as if in contemplation, Aria-sama's smile deepened.

We moved from the uncomfortable space where sparks seemed to be flying between the previous hero-sama and Crow-sama to the next room, and we moved to a room that looked like a common room and sat down on the chairs that were there.
The room itself was quite dusty, and the chair we were sitting on, though dusted off, was not clean.
A room like that would be perfect for having a conversation with the dead.

''Hmph, don't be so defensive, we don't have the power to intervene in this world. 'Hmph, we have no power to interfere in this world, so why don't you talk to me until your mother comes?'

The way he put his hand to his mouth and giggled was far more elegant and refined than I, who was royalty not long ago.
I didn't think Crowe-sama would force such a gesture on me, so it must have been Noah-sama's education.
The fact that she has a face that doesn't get hazy even when standing next to Crowe-sama makes me think that perhaps she is the royal family.

What is ...... story?

Instead of tea and snacks, the desk in front of me has a thick layer of dust on it.
It wouldn't be a tea party, though.

Oh, don't be so alarmed. I really just wanted to talk to you. ...... with your future sister-in-law.

After a beat or two, Leah froze with her mouth wide open.
Despite such a dumb expression on her face, she couldn't believe the words that just popped out of Aria-sama's mouth, rather than that.

''Oh, onee-sama, are you ......?''

I couldn't associate the word well and just gave it back.
What is onee-sama ......?

Because you're going to marry your brother, right?