09-Magic power measurement

'The practical test is now over. The successful candidate, Anos Voldigord, will move to the Great Mirror Room.

 An owl's voice echoes from above.
 The Great Mirror Room is right outside the arena. After confirming that the magic barrier has been lifted, I turn back to the doorway I came from.

'Ahhhh ... wait ... ouch ... ouch ... ouch ... ....kill....kill....

'Oops. I forgot.

 He turns around and looks at Zepes, who has turned into a rotten dead (zombie). As expected, it would be pathetic if I didn't do something about it.
 <I'm going to use the "Revive (Ingal)" and break the rotting-death transformation. In the meantime, I've also brought Riorg back to life.

"If you kill them at all, they will die, and even if they are turned into rotten dead (zombies), they will lose their minds, they are such a pain in the ass!

 Liorg and Zepes looked at me as if they wanted to say something, but they didn't say a word. I'm sure it was too good to be true.

Goodbye. I'll be back when I'm stronger. I'll deal with you any time.

 With that said, he leaves the arena.

''I'm not going to do it again you monster...''

 Such a voice was put on my back.

 As the owl told me, I come to the large mirror room. It's a room with several mirrors bigger than the figurehead. There were already many demons inside. Roughly about a hundred people. They must be those who had passed the practical test.

There was a familiar face among them.

''Yo, Misha.''

 The girl turns around, her long platinum blonde hair swaying softly.

'For someone who said she wasn't very good at fighting, it looks like you've passed the practical test.

...happened to be....

 Misha says so, but as expected, he wouldn't be able to pull off five by accident. It's not surprising that he or she might be more competent than Zepes or Riorg.

By the way, what happened after this?

 I think I heard about it, but I don't remember it because I wasn't particularly interested in it.

'If you pass the practical test, you'll be admitted. The rest is a magic test and aptitude test.

So all these people in here are going to be classmates?

 I take a quick look around. But something is wrong. No one is trying to make eye contact with me.
 The moment our gazes met, some of them turned away, as if they were frightened.

''What?'' They're shy, aren't they?

"...I don't think so...

But he won't even make eye contact.

He's scared of the magic of Anos.

What do you mean?


 I see.

'If you know that, then Misha was in the audience?

 Misha shook her head with a blank expression.

'Those who pass will get to see the exam.

 Misha said this and pointed to the large mirror in front of her.
 So that's what it is, I've come to terms with it.
 The large mirror in this room is enchanted with a far-sightedness that reflects every place in Delzogade. Misha was watching my practical test through the large mirror of the distant view.

I'm not sure I can solve the problem of being frightened of the 'rotten death' (igurum), though. I don't think it's much magic.

 Misha is staring at my face with a blank expression.

'....Is it terrible?

 Kokoro, Misha nodded.

'By the way, let me ask you, how bad is it?'

 Misha stares and thinks without changing her expression.

''..........Demon Foreign Magic......''

Haha. Haha, again. Of all the magic you have in your possession, is the healthier one.

 A brisk voice came out.


 Misha thought long and hard again and said in a small voice.

'I take it back,'

I know, right?

I don't mean magic. I mean, Anos is the devil.

That was just a joke.

 I immediately corrected him. A few lies would be unavoidable rather than suffer the stigma of being a devil's outcast.
 To begin with, he had just been reincarnated and didn't understand one of the values of this era at the moment.


 They believed me, so I patted my chest with a breeze.

'But Misha doesn't scare you, does she?

I'm not afraid of anything.

 That's a surprising line.

'You've got more guts than you think.


 It's certainly hard to imagine Misha speaking so matter-of-factly and being scared. It could be said to be a blur, but she must have a personality that is not afraid of things.

 When I was thinking about that, an owl flew over.

''We will now measure your magic power. Please line up in front of the magic crystal. After the measurement, we will move to the next room and conduct an aptitude test.''

 A magic crystal? It's a magic tool I've never heard of.
 There was no way to measure magic power in the mythical era to begin with.
 Apparently, it's not all degenerate things.

''So where are those magic crystals?''

This way.

 Misha started to walk away and I followed him.
 The other examiners seemed to know the location, and after a while, several lines began to form. Apparently, there were a number of magic crystals and measurements were being taken at each location.

 Let's take a look at them. The magic crystal was a huge purple crystal that was set with a large mirror. It seems that when you touch the crystal, it detects the magic power, and the results are reflected on the large mirror.


 The owl in front of the large mirror is talking numbers. That's the magic power it measures. The magic power that could only be known by the skin sensation can be quantified, it has become a convenient time.

 The magic power measurement comes out in a few seconds. The queue progressed in no time at all, and then it was Misha's turn.

''Good luck.

"...and the result is the same...

 It's true that your magic power doesn't increase or decrease when you work hard?

''Well, but good luck with that.''

 Misha stares at me with a blank expression.


 She replied and touched the magic crystal.
 A few seconds later, the result appeared on the large mirror.


 I couldn't help but be impressed. So far, the numbers have been mostly in the triple digits, but over ten thousand. Misha seems to have a better talent for magic than I thought.

''That's amazing, Misha.''

 When I complimented her on that, she looked down, perhaps a little embarrassed.

''........Anos is even more amazing......?''


 Saying that, I touched the magic power crystal. This is my first experience with measuring magic power, but how much will it really be?
 Perhaps I'll cross the billion mark. If that happens, the dullards of this era will have to understand that I am indeed the founder.


 At the same time as the owl said it, the magic crystal shattered into pieces with a bashful sound.

''The measurement is over. Please proceed to the aptitude test.''

 Hmm. You don't seem to be too concerned about the fact that the magic crystal was broken. 

''With that being said, I don't think there can be zero...''

 That won't work magic. 'It's obvious when you think about it,' said the owl.

'Your measurements are complete. Please proceed to the aptitude test.

 Nah, that's a useless errand boy.

Demons only follow orders.

 Misha said.

'Well, looks like it.'

 Misha stares at me.

'What's wrong?'

"...I've never seen...


'Where the magic is so strong that it breaks the magic crystal.

 Oh, I see.

 After applying my magical eye to the fragment of the magic crystal and analyzing its structure, it seems that it reacts to the magical power of the person it touches and enlarges the crystal. They measured how much the volume of the crystal had increased and converted it into a number.

 However, when it reaches a certain level of magical power, it exceeds the limit, and instead of increasing in volume, it shatters into pieces due to a violent magical reaction. I thought I had created something useful, but it would be impossible to measure my magic power with this.

''Why don't you just pretend it's not zero, but unmeasurable?''

I can't.


"Magic crystals are unbreakable.

It's broken.

 Closing her mouth for a moment, Misha said matter-of-factly.

'Anos is substandard.'

But Misha knows that, doesn't he?

I'm good with the magic eye. Others can't.

 Does this mean that the others can't know that the magic crystal was broken because the magic power was too strong?
 Besides, it seems that this entrance exam is left up to the messenger.
 It's a good thing that the messenger can only do what they are ordered to do, and they are not very good at dealing with a broken magic crystal. The best they can do is to get you a new one.
 The fact that my magic power is zero and the destruction of the magic crystal are considered to be unrelated.

''It's understandable to those who can understand. But it's mostly impossible.

 Good grief. It would have been nice if the academy had decent people in the academy, but I guess they didn't expect that someone with enough magic power to destroy the magic crystal in the entrance exam would come.

 But the story of the Demon King's founder reincarnating would have been told, though. Misha had also said that this was the first time he'd seen it, and perhaps it was assumed that the magic crystal would never be broken in the first place.
 That's probably because the magic eye of the demon race in this era is vulnerable. If one looked into the abyss well, they would have found that if they exceeded a certain amount of magic power, the magic crystal would be destroyed.

 Or had he decided that even the Demon King Anos couldn't possibly have such substandard magical power?
 If that's the case, then I've been licked too, haven't I?

 However, it's not very popular to get hung up on just a few numbers, is it?
 It's not like my magic power has decreased.

Well, now that Misha understands, let's call it a day.


Oh. Thanks.

 Misha said after a blank look of thought.

'You're welcome,'