Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

After 2000 years has passed, the ruthless demon lord has just been reincarnated! But his aptitude at an academy for nurturing candidates for demon lords is, “Inept”!?

Having the capability to destroy humans, elementals, and gods, after a long period of countless wars and strife, Arnos the demon lord became sick and tired of all that and longed for a peaceful world, so he decided to reincarnate to the future.

However, what awaited him after his reincarnation is a world too used to peace that his descendants became too weak due to a huge weakening in magical powers.

Arnos enrolled in the Maou Academy established to find any students that might be the demon lord’s reincarnation, but his powers are too extraordinary that those in the academy couldn’t properly judge his powers, so he’s regarded as an “Inept student”. Being underestimated and avoided by most people there, he recruited a girl friendly to him, Misha, as his subordinate and comrade, and strives to climb to the top of the demon race hierarchy to one day reclaim his former title and status.

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Author: Shuu | 秋
Chapters: 698

Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha ~Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou~
The Student Unsuited for Demon Lord School ~ The Strongest Demon Lord in History, the Founder, Reincarnates and Attends a School With His Descendants ~
魔王学院の不適合者 ~史上最強の魔王の始祖、転生して子孫たちの学校へ通う~


01-Prologue ~Reincarnation~
02-Invitation from Del Zogade
03-Too weak offspring
04-Practical exam
05-Common sense of the devil, insaneness after 2,000 years
07-Forbidden, Origin Magic
09-Magic power measurement
10-Aptitude test
12-Devil's friend
13-Bad mark of non-conforming person
14-Witch of ruin
16-Opposition test by group
17-Order of magnitude magic
18-Necklon's sisters
19-Make up
20-Big magic coach
21-Nekron's Secret Techniques
22-Dungeon exam
23-Devil's Treasure Store
24-Sasha's true intention
25-Mischa's Secret
26-Second match
28-Founder's answer
29-Guardian of time
33-Prologue-One Demon King Arm
36-Half sword
37-Renma's sword holy
38-Da Mo Jie Coach
39-Ray's ability
41-Spirit magic
42-Mythical sword
43-The Devil's Naked
45-Thoughts of mother and father
46-Misha's Gratin
47-Unificationist Seven Devil
48-Mischa's question
49-Legendary appraiser
50-Black cat in cat cafe
51-Magic Sword Tournament
52-True master
53-Anos's Supporting Song Chorus No. 2
55-Mental illness
56-Ray's past
57-Sheila's wish
59-Melody in the flame
60-Devil's Curse
61-Mother's words
63-The final match between the two
64-During the settlement
66-The true spirit
67-Demon King's true value
68-Awesome Mask
69-Epilogue-After the festival-
70-Prologue-King of Heroes and People-
71-One morning peace
72-College exchange
73-Demon King's self-study
74-Unique sword sigshester
75-Brave Academy Mystery
76-Gailadite Expedition Test
78-Legend of the Brave Academy
79-Reincarnated person
81-One shell necklace
83-Brave Academy Class
84-Chaos of heroes
86-Counter test by school
87-Shomei Lake Barrier
88-Student wishes
89-Anos team
90-The barrier of 1888
91-Two holy swords
92-Fire ruler
93-Love magic
94-Anos's Supporting Song Chorus No.3 "Zetsu Demon King"
95-Sparkle of life
96-2,000 years of hatred
97-Root killing
98-What hides behind
99-What appeared
100-Contraindication magic
102-Spiritual and divine swords
103-Declaration of war
104-Eve of decisive battle
105-Each feeling
106-Oath 2000 years ago
107-Legendary Hero
108-Brave vs. Devil
109-The voice of a child resounding on the battlefield
110-Ghost of 2000 years ago
111-The End of Hatred
112-So that the world is full of love
113-Epilogue-Peaceful Battle-
114-Prologue-Mother's Great Spirit-
115-Peaceful battle (actual battle)
116-Victory sake
117-Moonlight blessing
118-Student exchange students and new teachers
119-Demon King Proof
120-God's class
121-God's speculation
122-The demons of 2,000 years ago
123-Death King Staff
125-Curse shield
126-Scarlet King's Stone
127-Hard sword and soft sword
128-Wisdom comparison
129-Devil's Wisdom
130-Message of a subject
131-Whereabouts of Ahartheln
132-Ahartheln Expedition Test
133-Information girl
134-Solar eclipse
135-How to make a fairy laugh
136-Elementary School
137-Spirit of the God
138-Spirit teacher
139-The big tree of Anyunien
140-Distant memory
141-Book fairy
142-Satan's answer
143-Stairs of gunière
144-Demon King's luck trial
145-Flower garden
146-Steps of a hero
147-Trial of the hidden wolf Jennul
148-God hidden
149-Spirit King's Trial
151-Approaching the bottom of the abyss
153-Escape from Ahartheln
154-Mid-haze infiltration
155-Between the royal family and the mixed race
156-The devil that he believed in
157-2,000 years old research
158-Mother's Great Spirit and the Devil's Right Arm
159-Targeted Ahartheln
160-Spirit Forest Traveler
161-War Tree
163-Proposal of the Death King
164-Just like a single sword
165-Secret of the sword
166-Demon kingdom without a demon king
167-Passing By Entertainer
168-Message from 2000 years ago
169-Gentle god
170-Traces of dreams for soldiers
171-Oath words
172-Marriage justice
173-First night
174-And love takes shape
175-2000 years later with prayer
177-The one who controls everything
178-Hatred in the past
179-Bandit Sword
180-Balance of pride and love
181-With her feelings
182-Revived love
183-Words torn
184-To break that fate
185-Demon King's Truth
186-Non-conforming person
187-Rumors and lore
188-Ceremony of the Second Demon Lord
189-Epilogue: Memory of the Demon King
190-Prologue-Month of Creation-
191-Petition to the devil
192-Sleeping witch
193-A mysterious transfer student appears
194-Samurai swordsman teacher
195-Sword training begins with the preparatory movement
196-Educational guidance of swordsman teachers
197-Blade of courage and the heart of fate
198-hero of justice
199-Royal savior
200-Resistance Hideout
201-Devil's collar
202-Threatening threat
203-Lost magic lesson
204-Dragon subjugation command
205-Bad student at Brave Academy
206-Can not open
207-Demon King's water play
209-God of choice
210-Physical Education of the Death King
211-Holy City Gaela Hesta
212-Kamidai Gakufu Eberlast Anzetta
213-Summon the saint
214-Engraved oracle
215-Offering of god
216-Mystery of the royal palace
217-First experience
218-The pride of being trampled
219-Hospitality of the king
220-At the end of the escape
221-While matching the tiny courage
222-Battle of pride
223-Dragon extermination operation
224-Brave Gakuin vs. a flock of dragons
225-Conspiracy under the ground
226-Researching feelings that echo on the ground
227-Uncovered oracle
229-The judgment fluttered down
230-Snow under the ground
231-Almighty Sword
232-Almighty Demon King
233-Word of agreement
234-Her confession
235-Her whereabouts
236-Epilogue ~Promise of reunion~
237-Prologue-Satan and Sister-
238-The mystery of the evil eye
239-Three memories
240-Big Devil Coach
241-Demon King's class calls
242-Form of love
243-The abyss of love crosses the line
244-A country where the voice of a dragon echoes
245-The Kingdom of God Dragon The Oldal
246-How to use allied beads
247-Divine vessel
248-Chant festival
249-A sloppy memory floats on the surface of the water, with dreams
250-Liar Dora
251-Come to sacred song
252-Demon King Hymn No. 6 "Neighbor"
255-Who will have the future of victory
256-Sword emperor of agaha
257-Meeting with the Pope
258-Gospel, come
259-Where is the trace god
260-The Nameless God's Desire
261-Stranger visitor
262-Underground ruins entrance
263-Airline Corridor
264-The place where the trace god sits
265-Those with equal magical eyes
266-Fall of god
267-The promise we made in a dream
268-Discrepancies in memory
269-Betrayal and False God
270-Flame that strikes heaven
271-The power of God and the power of demons
272-The battle of truth
273-The true identity of Shinryu
274-1500 year prayer
275-Trace Land
276-The dream that God had
277-A dragon hidden in the body
279-Prologue First Agent
280-Coach interrupted
281-Knight of Agaha
282-Giant Dragon Elixir
283-Diseases leading to death
284-Dragon Knight
285-Reunion with Sword Emperor
286-The beginning of the feast
287-Wine glass 竜戦
288-Female knight dislikes love
289-Disaster day prophecy
290-Future of hope
291-A gentle line of sight touching the abyss
292-Prophecy hearing
293-Chivalry love
294-Two people's world
295-Is the future of hope hopeless?
296-Magic wall covering the country
297-Hemp Army Ban
298-Miracle song
299-Gadisiola's hatred
300-Captive god
301-Overlord's purpose
302-One lie in hatred
303-Distorted heart
304-A dragon nesting in the root
305-Heavenly ceremonies
306-Kings gathered at the place of prophecy
307-Unsuccessful past mistakes
308-The beginning of the end
309-From outside the reading
310-Dreaming of an uncertain future
311-Thoughts that are inherited
312-Knight looking to the future, hero looking to the past
313-Unkillable sword
314-Supreme World Death Fight
315-The future of only one victory
316-Pillars of heaven and earth
317-And the feelings start to gather
318-Song that lifts the sky
319-She betrayed, the last
321-Still, forever
322-Peaceful religious war
323-Proud Knight's Love
324-Epilogue-Kaminomiya's Covenant-
325-Prologue-A Nameless Ghost-
326-Picnic and sometimes parental filial piety
327-Arcana's decision
328-Wandering ghost
329-Phantom Knights
330-Birth of the Demon King
331-If the world is peaceful
332-Whereabouts of memory
333-Connected feelings
334-Preparation for infiltration
335-Two thousand years ago demons and modern demons
336-Magic King's Warning
337-The Spirit of Magic
338-Action begins
339-The cliff of Gun Grand
340-Clown magic
341-The person closest to the abyss
342-One chosen by the three gods
344-Inherited curse
345-A betrayal and an unreasonable world
346-Gatekeeper of the past
347-Dimensional Red Blood Spear
348-Curse friendship
349-The name the ghost got
350-Brave disqualification
351-I didn't choose
352-Growth of the Demon King Academy
353-The deprived creation star
354-Coordinator justice
355-Charity sword
356-The true value of the Mageou
357-17th visit
359-Demon King Academy vs. Demon King
360-Demon King's secret policy
361-Total war
362-The Path of the Demon King Academy
363-The truth of 2,000 years ago
364-Battle of the Nameless Knights
365-Identity of the ghost
366-The blade of that day is still
368-The love disciple succeeded his teacher
369-The horrifying world
371-Out of reason
372-Devil's face
373-Epilogue-Father of the Devil-
374-Prologue-Reincarnation of God-
375-Witch drinking a star
376-The water of the cup
377-Zesia's dream
378-Father's disciple
379-A voice that echoes from the depths
380-Overlapping magic eyes
381-Sky of destruction
382-How to go around memories
383-Regalia's hospitality
384-Marriage negotiations 2,000 years ago
385-Heart, wake up, robbing the devil
386-Strange rift
387-Warfire Smoke
388-Demon King vs. God's Army
389-Demon King's martial arts
390-Order of destruction
391-Devil's God Eye and Destruction God's Eye
392-Similar spirit
393-God of destruction doodle
394-The Death Hypothesis
395-A castle floating in dreams and memories
396-Birth of Del Zogade
397-Orderly mind
398-Dream child
399-Nha Palace
400-Bondage God and God of Captivity
401-Mother and child of god
402-Birth god
403-Ennesone's mystery
404-Memories of the creative god
405-Heavenly Father God and Creation God
406-Heartless doll
407-A vessel without magical power, a spiritual spirit without a body
408-When life is born
410-The Fallen God and the Undesired Fetus
411-Bondage love
412-Back and back sister gods
413-Love is distorted, disordered
414-Believe in the nesting of chicks
415-Small subordinate
416-Unborn order
417-Incomplete birth
418-God's Wishing World of Creation
420-Epilogue: Holy Grail of the Demon King
421-Prologue-Beginning day-
422-God's Azure
423-A wise god looking into the abyss
424-God's hypothesis, Satan's hypothesis
425-Canopy celestial sphere
426-End god
427-Those who govern the sanctuary
428-God dressed as
430-Wisdom of demise
431-Sand castle
432-Inversion god
433-Whereabouts of fire dew
434-Shadow approaching the ground
435-Solar eclipse
436-Azation confusion
437-Wax wings
438-Demon King's Disciple
439-Birth God and Tenjin
440-Round table
441-The identity of the selection god
442-Matched person
443-To the bottom of the abyss
444-Moon, sun and sisters
445-World gears
447-Chip of life
448-Snow falling in the sky
449-Light of the end
450-The end of a world that doesn't laugh
451-Boundary gate
452-There is only one demon king in the world that is robbed
453-Gears covering the sky
454-Blood contract
455-With dill hade
456-Opening the future
457-The doctrine of Almighty God
458-Those who hate the gods
459-Six flowers of absurdity
460-The prophecy of that day is over
461-A world without gaps
463-Strength and weakness
464-Student of the Extinct King
465-Those who have names in the royal family
466-Fusional sanctuary
467-God does not roll the dice
468-Wall of despair
469-Immortal abyss
470-Life born to fight
471-Hope in despair, hope in despair
472-Last magic
473-Overlapping thoughts, combined power
474-This world
475-When destruction is near
476-Three-sided world
478-Demon King's March dedicated to his subordinates
479-Epilogue Dawn of the World
480-Prologue-The Soul of a Creative Artist-
481-Peaceful God of Destruction
482-Mother's furnace and father's advice
483-New world school life
484-Big world coach
485-Devil train
486-Hope Water Windmill
487-Charcoal training
488-Abandoned child
490-Those who serve the dead
491-Golden pattern
492-Outside world
493-Without knowing the frog ocean in the well
494-Mysterious sea
496-Ball of destruction
497-Lord who never returns
498-Silver lights
499-Departure progress
500-Railroad continues
501-World name
502-The origin of the small world
503-Inviolable territorial waters
504-Castle sword man
505-Two Balandias signs
506-Five paintings
508-Otora's offer
509-Silver water rank order
510-Breath of the holy sword
511-The true value of the Ginjou world
512-To a friend of 2,000 years ago
513-Sword reason
514-Natural enemy of the god
515-Sky of destruction
516-Whereabouts of the soul
517-Wings to the Ginjo world
519-Epilogue-Peace Painting-
520-Prologue-Cruising Tyrant-
521-Past life
522-Ocean wind
525-Seido San Gakuin
526-Deep magic
527-The reason for destruction
528-Pablo Hetara's Law
529-Rokugakuin Court Conference
533-Lucendort red thread
534-Craving abyss
535-Genma and lust
537-Settlement negotiations
539-Lion's eyes
540-Tree sea ship
542-Heinriel's medal
543-Ship descending
544-Two gods
545-Evildoing archer
547-Those who grab lightning
548-Always at the end
552-Similar evil eye
554-Liar balance
556-Death King's Detectives
557-true love
558-Purple thunder
559-Pushed by lust
560-Don't talk about ghosts
561-To make a ghost
562-First reincarnation
564-Ghost bride
566-The craving that could not be extinguished
567-Succeeding father's will
568-Blood dominance
569-The ending of love
572-I dreamed of a girl
574-Prologue ~Pledge~
576-Holy sword voice
578-Doge and history
579-Silver water shogi
581-At the end of the best move
582-Silver Water World
583-The origin of Pablo Hetara
584-Those who hide in hiding
587-Reason and craving
588-Five World Claims
589-Lodging spirit
590-Blacksmith world birdie lure
591-Condition to retrain the sword
593-Blacksmith pride
595-What was entrusted
596-Dark clouds
597-Palace infiltration
598-Unexpected wish
600-Causes of rust
601-Prey spirit cup
602-The waiter didn't come
604-Beyond the rainbow
606-Oath of the far away
607-Disappearing light
608-Invisible lust
609-Blessing for who
610-Lord and servant
611-Fang to bite
612-Reason for life
613-Road for two
614-Three-way battle
615-Ideal and reality
616-Equestrian sword
617-Secret Oneness
618-Witch weapon
619-Trump doll
620-Snow falling from heaven
621-Fake power
622-Two promises
623-Devil and disaster
624-Ruin thunder
625-Road of courage
626-Falling ship
627-Unreachable words
628-Full trust
629-Bottom of the disaster
630-Hidden in the abyss
631-Network God
632-Driven by lust
633-Teacher and disciple
634-When parting
635-Epilogue-The suspicions left behind-
636 - - Prologue. Reincarnation.
637 - - Invitation from Dell Zogade
638 - - overweak offspring
639 - - practical test
640 - - The Devil's Common Sense, Two Thousand Years Later, Uncommon Sense
641 - - imperial family
642 - - Prohibited spells and magic of origin
643 - - brotherhood
644 - - magic measurement
645 - - an aptitude test
646 - - a congratulatory gift for passing an exam
647 - - a friend of the demon king
648 - - brand of non-conforming person
649 - - The Witch of Destruction
650 - - The Magic of
651 - - intergroup examination
652 - - an order of magnitude magical powers
653 - - sister of Neron
654 - - reconciliation
655 - - great magic training
656 - - the secret art of Neron
657 - - dungeon test
658 - - The Treasure House of Mao Castle
659 - - Sasha's real intention
660 - - The Secret of Misha
661 - - second game
662 - - falsehood
663 - - founder's answer
664 - - the guardian deity of the hour
665 - - demon king
666 - - birthday
667 - - Epilogue! Smile!
668 - - Prologue. One arm of the demon king.
669 - - unification faction
670 - - union
671 - - half-magainst sword
672 - - The Sword of the Wicked Sword
673 - - Great Sword Training
674 - - Ray's ability
675 - - outpost battle
676 - - spirit magic
677 - - mythical sword fight
678 - - The Devil's Nakedness
679 - - unreasonable
680 - - Mom and Dad's Thoughts
681 - - Gratin of Misha
682 - - the Seven Devils of the United States
683 - - Misha's question
684 - - a legendary appraiser
685 - - a black cat in a cat café
686 - - sword contest
687 - - a real master craftsman
688 - - Dear Anos, Cheering Song Chorus No. 2
689 - - message
690 - - psychotic disease
691 - - Ray's past
692 - - Sheila's wish
693 - - tailing
694 - - Melody in the Flame
695 - - The Curse of the Devil
696 - - mother's words
697 - - support
698 - - the final match between the two