Arcana's shot through Celis.
 Going from his feet to his upper body, his body was frozen.

 Since Celis, who is clothed in strong anti-magic, can't directly turn into snow, she is turning her anti-magic into ice.

''I suppose it was the trust of the Demon King that saved you from being tainted with hatred.

 With a dull grinding sound, Celis forced her frozen right hand to move her frozen right hand and pulled the Universal Lightning Sword out of Arcana's hand.

''It's beautiful.''

 Contrary to Arcana's expectations as he readied his divine snow sword and prepared for Celis' counterattack, he spun his blade around and pierced his own chest.

 Hiden Kourai. Blood of lightning flooded his entire body, popping the icy ice, and then Arcana, all over his body.

 She retreated and prevented the lightning from turning into snow and moon flowers with .
 She stood in front of Golloana, who continued to pray, and Diedrich, who was kneeling there, in front of her.


 Arcana said, and the Pope replied.

'Where do you propose to flee to? The fall of the canopy is the end of the earth. I will not rest in prayer for my country, lest it fall.

 Opening her eyes, Gorloana chanted quietly.
 A phonetic magic circle was activated, and the impact sent Diedrich and Arcana flying.

 He dismissed them both from Ceris, who was coming towards them.

'I am the Pope. Let us martyr ourselves to the end, to the teachings of Geordal. But, O Sword-Emperor of Agaha, you will not perish for this prayer.

 While praying, Gorloana directed her remaining magic power at Ceris.


 Laughing curiously, Celis builds a spherical magic circle in front of her.


 A small flame rises up in front of Gorloana.
 You will never be able to compete with that. "You are the god of deceit and betrayal, the god of disobedience, GennuDunub," he said.

You were Gennu Denub, the god of deceit and betrayal. Not anymore. We, who are trapped in the past, always thought you were a god who would never change and would never be worshipped.

 Cerise points two fingertips at the Pope.

'I have known sin. The sins of your ancestors who made you an apostate god. I knew that it would never change, and that with their deaths their repentance was complete, and that they could not be forgiven because of a god you do not enshrine.

 As if in penitence to God, the Pope hung his head.

'But you have departed from the God who did not put up with you with the faith of one man who believed in you to the end.

 Gorloana's expression is tinged with regret, as if she can't believe it.

'-- Oh, God! How could it be that we had no faith in us that had made you a god who did not put up with us? Please accept the atonement of the foolish, foolish believers who failed to believe in God.

 A blazing chanting flame attacked Ceris.
 However, the anti-magic on her body easily drowned out the flames.

"Purple lightning (Gavest).

 A purple lightning ran through the air.
 On the verge of it, Arcana turned the spherical magic circle into snow with .

 At the same time, the blade of the Universal Lightning Sword Gaudgemon turned into Shi-den and extended, and Celis slashed it away in a horizontal line.

 The Arcana's divine Snow Sword catches Shiden's blade.
 Shi-den and Sesshouka violently clashed and ravaged each other.

''........Son of the Dragon. If you are going to atone for your sins, please don't die. It's a good idea to have a good time with them. I have changed. You have too--

 Blood spilled out of Arcana's mouth.
 The Universal Lightning Sword Gaudgemon had pierced her abdomen.

 However, without fearing, Arcana froze both herself and her sword body with the snow and moon flower.


 In the middle of their struggle to the death, a thought transmission arrived from Eren.

"Garde Usk. "We'll hold up the canopy for a while.

 The love spell is supposed to work.

"Your hopes are too weak to bear.

'I want to bring a new song. To the people beneath the earth.

 Then there was a buzz on the other side of the "thought communication" (leaks).

''Oh, you just thought of a new song? Wouldn't the fourth one be better?'

'It's okay. Improvisation is always the way to go.

'Yes, yes, let Ellen sing with her feelings right now!

"I believe in you, please, Jessica.

 A momentary blank. A voice of determination resounds.

 I didn't know we'd be doing this for real.
 I can't believe it. That's the guy from the Demon King.

"Show us. You can do it.

''Yes! Anos-sama!

 In addition to the love magic I'm using right now, I activate , which turns the Demon King's Choir's love into a pillar of magic power.

 Gigi-gi-gi, dog-oh-oh-oh, the purple electricity explodes, and Celis blows away the ice created by Arcana.

 The moment she stepped on the tatara and grabbed its sword barrel with her bare hands to prevent Gaudgemon from being pulled out, Celis drew a spherical magic circle again and plunged her hand into it.

 A purple lightning bolt dyed the room and scattered thunderbolts around it with a bee.

'If only a few more moments, yes, if the people of the earth's subterranean people put their thoughts together just a little bit more, that canopy might be fully supported.

 Gulpily, Celis clenched his fist, and the magic circle compressed in his palm.
 A condensed purple light gathered in his left hand.


 An overwhelming force of destruction.
 That magic resides in his left hand.

Have you considered the possibility that you might love your home less?

 He raised his hand to the heavens.

 There were ten magic circles drawn by Shi-den.
 From them, more Shiden ran, and the magic circles were connected to each other, creating a huge magic circle.

''The Ashen Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire Electric Field (Lavia Giggled Gaveriizd).''

 A magic circle of interlocking purple electric lights blew off the outer wall between the pillars and flew straight into the sky.

 It ran a vast amount of raging purple electricity as it stuck to the canopy in the far distance.
 The sky turned purple, and a light even brighter than daylight on earth illuminated the depths of the earth.

 A thunderclap roared.
 With that eerie sound, reminiscent of the end of the world, the canopy beyond was burned by the lightning of destruction.

 Although the pillar of order, the pillar of order that supported the heavenly lid, although it retained its original form due to its eternal and immortal divine body, was reduced to ashes, and each rock and stone began to fall independently.

'The heavenly lid can be supported, but there are not enough hands to catch the countless rains.

 The canopy appears to be displaced and numerous icicles appear to grow there.
 A great number of tremors were about to fall to the ground.

 And over a vast area.

Down there is the land of Agaha," he said. The rain will fall and thousands of thousands of people will perish. Now let us try. Can we continue to hold on to our love for our homeland and support that canopy, even after it has been destroyed?


 Diedrich pounced on the body, which was on the verge of running out of magic, but was blown away with a flourish as he ate Celis' back fist to the face.

''You don't understand. It's too late to stop me now.''

 He glanced through the hole in the wall he'd vacated himself and into the Agaha sky.

'Just the first move, checkmate.

 Ceris said in a light tone, as if he had won a chess game.
 He tilted his head slightly as he tried to turn his fingertips to Diedrich.

 It was small, a sound was being played.

 In place of the 'neighbor' that had ended before I knew it, a gentle tone enveloped the depths of the earth via my .

 I heard a voice.

 A gentle voice.

 --I'll be alone with you in this world.

 --Before we kill each other, I just want to ask you one question...

 --When you die, you'll know how to bury yourself.

 --I will see to it that your gods get you home...

 --When I die, these bones will be empty.

 --I need you to send me to my God...

 -- we exchanged oaths, we crossed God's blade at the same time --

 --The truth is, he already knew--

 --And now that the reason for the fight is gone...

 --A sword that never stops swinging...

 --My God, he won't help you...

 --This prayer is to the God you believed in.

 --Please help me save this man of faith...

 Someone's heart was indeed shaken.

 As if propelled and driven by a fierce urge, a dragon man stood there.

''........My people.......''

 Hesitation and hesitation came to his face.
 But as if the song had pushed him back, he shook off his awe and cried out indeed, "O people of Geordal!

'By the people of Geordal...!

 It was Pope Gorloana who shouted.
 The hand that had been praying constantly for Geordal and for the country was untied, and it reached straight overhead.

 The canopy, was supported.

'I am Pope Golloana Delo Geordal. Cease your prayers and place your hands in heaven and support the canopy with your thoughts.

 The light of love magic gathers in the Pope's body.

''Now, a shivering rain falls on the Agaha. <The Almighty Glittering Eques said. Be merciful to thy neighbor. This prayer is often for the calamitous Agaha. Let them hope that their God will save them, according to that teaching which they believe. In the name of our God, great mercy to you.

 Countless trembling rains poured down on the Agaha with great vigor, ringing a thunderous earth-shaking sound.

 It was an eternal and indestructible rain of rocks.
 It will penetrate everything and destroy even the roots.

 It strikes the people of Agaha, who continue to support the canopy, without mercy.
 The rain, which could devastate the city, would destroy the castle, pierce the clock tower, and smash the watchtower.

 It rained down on the houses and shops, and on the people of Agaha - just a few moments before.
 The pure white light enveloped each and every rock grain.

 <It was the light of the Holy Love Area (Theo Ask).
 At Golroana's words, the people of Geordal, who were united in their thoughts at the same time, received every last piece of the trembling rain that fell, and then lifted it up.

 Soon the rain returned to the sky and became one with the canopy.

It's very impressive. But you didn't make it in time.

 Celis shoved the Universal Lightning Sword into Arcana's abdomen.
 A flood of blood poured out of her hand, and a purple lightning shot through her hand.

 In a moment, he pulls the Gaudgemon out of its belly and points it at Arcana.
 Consumed, she no longer has the strength left to avoid it.

'I told you it was a checkmate.

 Gaudgemon slashed through Arcana's .

''No matter how many thoughts and magic power you gather, it is not the order that supports the heavens. Anos, your aim is to turn these into a celestial pillar of support at the end with the Eyes of Treason. I created a fake Heavenly Pillar Brace to test whether it was possible or not.

 Turning to me, he said.

''Can you heal that evil eye wound before the canopy falls? I can only destroy it, by you.

Then I will not heal you.

 At the same time as the words were spoken, Arcana's form turned into mist and disappeared.
 It was the power of Fairy Titi.

 The real her is hidden in another space by the god-hiding spirit Gennuru.

''It's a pity, Celis.''

 Sin appears behind him with a drifting fog.

".........the Dark Lord and the Spelled King should be stopping them....

 Singh swings down the plundering and disconnection swords without mercy.

'-- Did you think I'd say what?'

 The spherical magic circle was flooded with purple electricity and gathered on Celis' left arm.
 It turned into a purple electric war axe.

 It intercepted and struck the severed sword with its , and with the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon, it was cut off from the plundering sword.

It is expected that those two will let you through, making me think that you won't show up here because they're holding you down. I'm sure they'll want to protect their home.

 The severed sword was scorched and the was severed.
 Celis again flooded the spherical magic circle with purple electricity.

''Kakkah, then is this also expected, Celis Voldigord?

 Countless divine swords Lord Yuie fell from the sky and stabbed into Celis' body.
 At the same time, it was Erdomade that fell.

''Of course, I thought it would be around the time you came.

  was released and Erdmeade was intercepted.
 A moment later, Shin, who had the divine sword Lord Uyie in his hand, had pierced Celis' left arm.

 A scarlet electric red lightning runs through the sword and entangles itself with Shin.

''Did you think you could win if it took two people?''

I'm doing just fine on my own. I'm afraid I don't have time to play with you.

 <The Mad Love Zone (Garde Ask) is supported by the Demon Lord's Choir's song supporting the canopy.
 I was free, and I was approaching Ceris.

 From the front, Shin was approaching from the front, Eldmead from the sky, and me from behind.

 Celis plunged her left hand into the spherical magic circle and clenched it tightly.
 A moment later, his left hand was severed and flew through the air.

''Severed sword, the secret depths of the 2--Zan.

 The scorched blade of the severed sword crumbled further into tatters.

 The raised universal lightning sword was struck away by Erdmeade with his divine sword, and the Revein Gilma of Possibility cleaved both of his legs.

 His body wobbled and his body leaned, and he fell forward to the ground.
 From his back, he stabbed Rivaiingilma at the source of his root.

 You can also find a number of other things to do with your life that will be of interest to you.

'Hm. "Hmmm, you're not destroyed by a single blow from Rivuin Gilma, that's impressive.

Perdition is a long way from me. I guess you could call it longing.

 A lecherous smile comes to my face.

'Give it to me,'

 I stomped on Celis' head with my right foot as hard as I could as she tried to get up.

'Take it down,'

 Singh slashed Celis's legs with his plundering sword, and Eldmead stitched both arms together with Lord Uiye.

''The demon race of two thousand years ago was inexplicably full of perishable people. It was necessary to develop an execution magic. Of course, capturing them is a bone of contention--

 He draws a magic circle with his foot stomping on Celis' head.

 A black restraint covers his neck.
 It's a jet-black decapitation.

"You will be forgiven for a word. If you're going to beg for your life, choose a word.

It was Militia who stole your memory.

 The blade of the guillotine emits a gleaming, cold glow.
 I drop my fingertips from top to bottom.

"You'll wonder what happened to her when she was reincarnated...


 With a thud, the guillotine blade fell and Cerys' head was cut off.