321-Still, forever

 Celis's head, which flew with a splash of blood, rolled on the floor with a con, colon.

 <The decapitation of the decapitation table of the decapitated beheading and decapitation (GiginuVenunuz)> rose as black particles and quickly disappeared from the spot.

 Viaflare, who had been watching the battle in silence until now, burst into laughter.
 The snow covering her was half-melted by Arcana's exhaustion, and its wards were weakening.

'You can't do that,' Boldinos won't die by cutting off his head. You wouldn't either, would you?

 I turned my gaze coldly on the High King as he said with pride.

''Those who have their heads cut off by the Beheading Execution (Giginuvennuez) will not be saved. The blade of the guillotine is merely planting the seeds of destruction deep into the roots by following the ritual of beheading. This is the extreme punishment of the Demon King.

What are you talking about? It doesn't take much magic to kill Voltinus. He's your father. Oh, look at him. He'll be back on his feet in no time.

 Viaflare stared at Cerys' body with a trusting expression.
 However, its head and body showed no sign of moving.

 No matter how much he looked into the abyss with his demonic eyes, the source of the abyss was death.


 She asks.
 There is no reply.

'....Lies....right...hey, Boldinos?

 Again, Viaflair asked.
 What came back was silence.

'....Lies, right? You're still alive, right? Because I have been........waiting for you for so long........ I've been waiting for you to come back here for a long time...

 She tried to go to Ceris, but Viaflea was blocked by the wards and couldn't go any further.

''Hey, please! Bordinos! Answer me! You're pretending to be dead, aren't you? I'm going to bring them down! Hey, you're going to get up and take it out right away, aren't you!

 She said, spilling out her polo-polo tears.

''Please........Boldinos! In response--

 With a sad look on her face, Viaflare shouted.


 The words shouted in a wild voice are sucked away into the sky.

 No reply. Not a word.
 That was exactly what was meant to be Celis' downfall.


 With a scream, magic power is released from Via Flare's entire body.

 With an unrestrained amount of power and life, she slams both arms into the wards of the snow and moonflower.

 Her arms are injured to shreds by the clash of the bumblebee and fierce magic power.
 Regardless, she broke the wards with a full-body slap and ran through the wards.

 When she reaches Ceris' neck, she kneels down and gently reaches out her trembling hands.
 Drops of tears spilled out and she hugged its neck to her chest.

''I won't allow it...''

 Via Flare stares at me with tears streaming down her face and eyes tinged with hatred.

''....My lovely children. You don't have to support the canopy........ There will be a demon tribe singing a song there! You could have killed them! Now!

 She draws a magic circle and issues an order.
 'To the people of Gadeisiola, the people of Gadeisiola, who are singing in the streets of Galadenagua, to the High Dragon that lurks in their midst.

'Yes, yes! I hope he dies....this world...! All the world without Boldinos should just go away........!

 As if mad with love, she exclaims.

'Look, we're almost there. Almost there. The canopy is about to collapse! Hey, Gadiçiora! After we kill those kids, we're going to kill Geordar and the people of Agaha. We will avenge our father, we will avenge Boldinos. We will crush these people who killed Boldinos together with them!

 Squeezing, Viaflair hugs Cerise's neck.

'Come on, do it! Quick, quick, quick!

 After exclaiming that, she made a face of disbelief.


 A stunned murmur escaped.
 There must be no response from the High Dragon.

''........Why aren't you responding? Guys what are you doing? It's your father's revenge!

I'm sorry, Viaflair.

 He walked loosely to her.
 The High King braced himself on his chest as if he was protecting Ceris.

''My immunity has spread to the entire High Dragon. I've put my people first, but the forbidden High Dragon is now under my control as well.''

"....lie....lie....because before the immunity is transferred...

''That means it's too late. By the time you got your hands on the High Dragon, my immunity had been transferred to other High Dragons.

 With a lightly pointed finger, a black thread wrapped around Via Flare's neck.
 It turned into a miserable collar.

"What's this........? What are you trying to do...?


 Trapped by the dream, Viaflair stood on a stick.
 Still, she wouldn't let go of Cerys' head that she was holding.

As the Dark Lord said, poor woman. You can dream there for a while. We'll leave your treatment to the kings of the earth.

 Turning away from Viaflare, I walked back to the broken celestial pillar bracelets.
 Diedrich, Nafta, and Gorloana were there, along with their men.

 Arcana, too, slowly walks over to me.

'All the people of the earth, all the kings of the earth's depths, can't be aligned with each other. I've spoken a great deal, but ideals are a long way off.

 I said, and Diedrich laughed vigorously.

The Demon King," he said. Isn't that a bit too highbrow for you?

 Golloana said quietly beside him.

'Maybe we'll get there one day. If we follow this path you have shown us, if we follow it.

 We exchanged glances, then nodded.

'So let's finish up, shall we?

 I reach above my head to support that sky.
 Arcana, Gorloana, and Diedrich followed suit.

 If I listen, the voice of the Demon King's Choir again echoes in the distance.

 --When your god you hated becomes a sinner--

 --I swear to you, in the name of my God...

 --And when I bring the sword to the executioner's table...

 --I'll never forgive you, in the name of your God.

 --And if I had to risk my life to protect it, I would.

 --An enemy of mine, an enemy of another way, an enemy who has made a mistake in the name of one god alone.

 Crystals of the thoughts of the underground people from Agaha, Giordar, and Gadeisiola gather between these pillars.

 I bathed in their love for the earth's depths and bound them here.
 I unleash the love magic that envelops the world from my right hand.

"Love of all Souls.

 The jet-black love that I released and the pure white love that gathered from all over the earth's depths set up a pillar of black and white here, firmly supporting the falling sky.

 Now, the canopy can be returned to its original form, from the eternal and immortal divine body, and it won't be broken any time soon.


 He handed her the Revein Gilma.
 Arcana holds the divine sword as if offering it with both hands, and bends her knees slightly.

 The Snow Moon Flower shines around her.

'The moon rises and the sword falls, waiting for the next time of judgment.

 The Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma, shines brightly.
 A silvery white light illuminated the surroundings, and it split into the Rational Sword Venuzdnoa and the Artyrtnoa.

 It slowly climbed up into the sky, and the upper moon twinkled in the canopy.

"Transform this pillar of the Great Love of the Thinker into the celestial pillar-sword Verevim.

 Arcana nodded and stared at it with her .
 The black and white light gradually changed into the shape of a sword.


 Blood poured out of her eyeballs with a pained voice.
 Even with the help of Titi and Gennuru, she probably wasn't able to avoid Celis' blow.

 Gakun, Arcana broke her knees.

 While kneeling, she looked up to turn her to the black and white pillar.

 A hand was held out to her.
 It was two.

 They are Gorloana's and Diedrich's.

With the Book of Traces, I will restore Artyrtnore to his former form. <Once the Moon of Creation returns to its true glory, your burden should be lessened.

 Gorloana takes out a pure white book from the magic circle.

'The trace god is no longer with us, so we can't be sure.

Hey, don't worry about it. We'll limit the time of play at Candacuisolte. The fact that Nafta can't use his magic eye is a bit disconcerting to me.

 Straight away they both turn their gaze to Arcana.

 It was Golloana who said with a heartbroken look.

''........I will not repent or ask for your forgiveness. Geordal has indeed continued to disobey you........

"....never be able to atone, but for the way Agaha once behaved. As king, I will make amends...

 Arcana stared at them with her demonic eyes, which flooded with blood.
 The descendants of Geordal and Agaha, who once betrayed her and fell into the abyss.

''I am........''

 She looked at me for a moment.
 I know that feeling all too well.

'I still can't forgive you. Not the Agaha, not Geordal. Your teachings. But,

 Then she took their hands gently.

"I can heal you. <With the magic eye of disobedience, I can restore some of the power of Nafta's divine eye.

 --The truth is, he already knew--

 --I just hated them, no more.

 --A sword that never stops swinging...

 --My God, he won't help you...

 --This prayer is to the God you believed in.

 --And yet, may that hateful lesson last forever.

 Arcana turns her magical eye on Nafta.

 The injured divine eye was remade and healed slightly.
 Utterly, she opened her eyelids.

'Diedrich. I'll leave Kandakizolte to you.


 Nafta looked into the future with his wounded god's eyes, and Diedrich raised the sword of Kandakuizolte to the book of traces held by Gorloana.

 The future is being localized.

'The Book of Traces, first movement
 The Book of Open Traces and the chant uttered by Gorloana. They are localized by Canda Quisolte and light floods Arcana.

 Looking up at the sky, the Moon of Creation, Artiel Tonoa, which was on the upper string, is now a full moon, illuminating the black and white pillars with silver and white.

 She turned her to it.
 The pillar of Love of the Souls, which had been gently lifting the sky, began to support it more gently and orderly.

 The earth tremors in the sky, which had continued for a short time, came to a halt.

 <The pillar of the Love of Souls is transformed into the Creation Moon and the Eye of Betrayal, transforming into the black and white pillar of the Velevim.

 Now, at this time, a new pillar was created in the depths of the earth.

 The three great powers that continued to fight, Agaha, Gioldar, and Gadeisiola.

 Arcana, which they hated for so long, and Diedrich, which lived with pride, and Gorloana, which gave everything to prayer.

 The thoughts of these subterranean nations were united and held each other's hands--.

 The symbol of their bond.

 A song was heard.
 A song that heralds the beginning of a new world.

 -- when your hated god becomes a sinner.

 --I swear to you, in the name of my God...

 --And when I bring the sword's judgment to the executioner's table...

 --I'll never forgive you, in the name of your God.

 --And if I had to risk my life to protect it, I would.

 --An enemy of mine, an enemy of another way, an enemy who has made a mistake in the name of one god alone.

 --The truth is, he already knew--

 --I just hated them, no more.

 --A sword that never stops swinging...

 --My God, he won't help you...

 --This prayer is to the God you believed in.

 --And yet, may that hateful lesson last forever.