322-Peaceful religious war

 One month later--
 Delsogade Demon King's Castle, Throne Room.

''Anos-sama, from Agaha, the land of the King's Dragon, we have brought Master Diedrich and the Dragon Knights!

 It was Demon Emperor Elio, who ruled over Mid-Haze, who told him so.

 He told Diedrich that if they returned safely to each other, he would guide them to my country this time.
 It was a little late, but as promised, I invited the knights of Agaha to Dirheid for a drinking spree.

 The canopy was about to fall to the bottom of the earth, and there was a violent earthquake on the ground as well.

 With Arcana using the earth as an immortal divine body, the shaking was severe, but the damage caused by the ground cracks and other factors was minimized.

 The past month was spent assessing the damage and its recovery, and helping the victims. Above all, we were busy preparing to start new diplomatic relations with the countries under the ground.

 From now on, more and more underground people will come to the surface. We need to build a system to receive them.

 While I was busy, Elio took it upon himself to go underground and guide Diedrich to Dirheid.

 Diedrich is the king of the three great underground kingdoms. He's one of the guests of honor this time.
 There was a need to be polite, and Elio, despite being the Demon Emperor, was willing to serve as the guide.

''It was a good cause, Elio. You've always been a great help to me.''

"...Ha! What a waste of time...!

 Bowing his head, Elio turned on his heel.
 Diedrich and Nafta were in the direction of his gaze.

 They replace Elio and walk towards us.

''Demon king or. This is a grand feast. It's a bold move to invite not only the Sword King's palace but also my people. Let me thank you.

 I get up from my throne and walk over to them.

'What? No need for that. I wish the people of the earth could have seen it from above.

 Everyone fears the stranger.
 That fear will eventually spark a fire that will lead to strife.

 No matter how wise the king may be, the people's emotions drive the nation.
 So we must begin by getting to know each other.

 That's why I've invited not only Diedrich, but also the people of Agaha.
 I have arranged for you to stay here for a while.

"I've taken them to the banqueting room. We've brought songs and wine for you to enjoy.

 Snickering, Diedrich laughed.

'That one's superimposed,'

 I turned to Nafta.
 She closed her divine eye.

'How's your wound?'

That's the guy.

 Diedrich says crisply.

'I can see the future a little better now. But we can't even give the prophet who made the pact the order of the divine eye now.

 Nafta's voice is serene.

 Does that mean you are not completely cured?
 It's because he sliced through that divine eye with the Divine Eye with the blade of Revein Gilma.

 <Even though he used the to administer first aid, is the fact that he saw the future soon afterwards also a factor in the order's wounds not healing?

It's going to be all right.

 Diedrich gave him a pleading look.


 When I called out, a snow and moon flower fluttered down and it took the form of a girl.

''Can you cure the future god's divine eye?''

Let's do it.

 Arcana stood in front of Nafta and let the snow and moonflower dance from the palm of her hand.
 As it falls to her eyelids, its divine eye slowly opens.

 With the in her eyes, Arcana looked at Nafta's divine eye.

It's not just a matter of time. I am the god who does not blink an eye and draws a bow to heaven.

 <Magic power overflowed from the and its light covered Nafta's divine eye.
 After staring at it for about ten seconds, Arcana cut her gaze.

''How is it?''

 Nafta turned his divine eye to Diedrich.
 Then he turned to me again and shook his head from side to side.

'No change.'

"Hmm. Looks like the god's eye is intact. Shall we ask Misha and Sasha to help us? <With the help of the Eye of Annihilation, we might be able to heal her.


 Nafta muttered in a small voice.

'Nafta may have had an endorsement.

You know why God's Eye can't be cured?

 Nafta nodded and said.

'Nafta speculates. Perhaps the fact that the light has not returned to this god's eye is the miracle and salvation that this future god, this body, has earned.

 Arcana turns over to think.

'What does that mean?'

'The future God's divine eye loses sight of the future because it keeps changing. The closed future may disappear and this body may be the order that carries the future of hope.

 Hmm. It's not impossible.

"Could it be that I just went blind?

Nafta guesses that what this God's Eye is seeing now is not the darkness of the impossible.

 Nafta looked straight at me with her divine eyes.
 Her eyes, which had lost sight of the future, were more powerful than before.

"How. Do you have any idea what happened to you?

 Smiling slightly, Nafta said.

'I'm sure,'

 It's a good look and a good laugh.

'What's that?'

 Slightly stammering, Nafta opens her mouth.

'....Nafta will speak after she is certain.

 Hmm. Well, there is no need to hurry if he's not in a hurry.

Then, enjoy your party for now. I'm sure your blind eye will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

 I say and I walk away.
 Diedrich lined up, followed by Nafta and Arcana.

'Let me show you to the banquet room. The other guest of honor is already enjoying himself.

So, you're a Gorloana?

 I felt a little spiked by the words.

'What's wrong?'

This is not what it looks like.

 With a sigh, Diedrich says, "We've had our meetings with Agaha and Zioldar, but he's been throwing a tantrum.

"We had a meeting in Agaha and Geordal to discuss it, but he just kept on throwing me under the bus. "Give me half the hunting grounds currently controlled by Agaha.

 Dragons can be summoned from the depths of the earth, but even so, they have a limited number of beads and magic power.
 It is more efficient to hunt for dragons breeding in the wilderness.

It's time to teach them the rhyming magicians in return for that. "In return for this, I thought it was time to teach you the phonetic wizardry," he said, "so that you can spread the chant and increase Geordal's congregation. It was unreasonable to do so.

You don't expect me to grant you this absurd request.

That's right. That's why we have to keep our heads above water. The pact between the two countries even forbids prophecy in negotiations. They also demanded the return of the pearls that Agaha had taken from Geordar. When you forbid prophecy, you bring up a story from more than a thousand years ago that you once studied with the power of the trace gods.

 Huh, Diedrich exhaled mournfully.
 No wonder he wanted to cure Nafta's divine eye.

''Not at all, as soon as you know you won't be cutting each other, you'll be so flustered.


 I chuckle.
 Then I said to him.

'Sounds like fun, Diedrich.'

 After looking blank for a moment, the Sword Emperor laughed vigorously.

''Oh yeah. Peace is nothing short of a headache.

 Still, it's better than slashing each other with swords, I'd say.

 We proceeded for some time and arrived before the banqueting room.

 We invited the people of Geordal, Agaha, and Gadeisiola to join us. 'There are feasts being held all over Delsogade today, and this is the main venue.

If you are struggling, shall I show you how to negotiate with Gorloana to your advantage without resorting to prophecy?

If there is such a thing, I'd love to hear about it.

 I huffed and laughed and said.


 I open the double doors.

'Don't open it...'


Don't open it!


Don't open it, it's a forbidden gate!

 On the center stage, the Demon King Choir was singing and dancing to the Demon King's Hymn No. 6, "Neighbor".

'Oh, Eren. Your singing will heal this body.

 Some of them were in the front row, covering themselves in the front row, but getting the girls excited.
 The two liquor bottles were lit by a solemn chanting flame.

''Are they...?

 Diedrich spills the words in a daze.

 The name of the one who was supposed to be praying for his country all the time, but whose hand was nowhere to be found, and who was spinning two flaming liquor bottles in a circle above his head, was Pope Gorloana Delo Giordal of Giordal.

'Oh,' said Eren, 'then you were told. "Oh," said little Ellen, "good luck with the restoration of Geordal. In other words, the best day of my life is coming. Book of the Faithful, first movement, "WOW-WOW.

"....who.......is that........?

 Diedrich looked at the man with a raised eyebrow.
 But no matter how much he rubbed his eyes, it had to be the Pope.

'The Pope who prayed for his country has never tasted alcohol. A reaction to continued oppression, perhaps.

 There was a reason why Gorloana became a follower of the Demon King's Choir.

 Verevim, the new pillar-sword we built in the depths of the earth, continues to support the canopy, stable for now.

 But someday the people underneath the earth may forget the day of their former misfortune.

 Therefore, we must tell the story.

 Each one of us supports that sky. As a symbol of this, I used the song of the Demon King's Choir, which was accepted by the three great nations under the ground.

 For the past month, the Demon King's Choir had traveled to each country and passed on the teachings that should not be forgotten with their songs.

 Of course, if they claimed that it belonged to Agaha or Geordal, they would stand at each other's horns.
 For this reason, they have made it the lore of the Demon King who ended the underground conflict. If they could create the ground to pass it on to the far future, a stable peace could be established.

 And as a byproduct of this, the Demon King's Choir now boasts a deep-rooted popularity in the depths of the earth, and seems to have given birth to many hidden followers.

''If we can set up an Agaha's signature tavern, maybe we can get a deal done.

 Diedrich chuckles.

'That one is no different. But there is one thing we need to talk about first.

 With a serious expression, the Agaha Sword Emperor said.


 Diedrich saw the end of the song and walked over to Gorloana.

'Oh, Ellen. From the moment I saw you at first sight, this throbbing in my heart did not stop overflowing with faith, and it unknowingly grew louder and louder. I thank you for coming to this holy place where you were born this evening.

Ha, Gorloana. Golroana, you would not pause to pray for the daughter of the Witch King's choir. Doesn't it take a lot of heat to get her to do that?

 When Diedrich called out to her, Gorloana turned around with a start.

'This is the Sword Emperor of Agaha. What did you say? You think I took a break from praying? It's as silly as ever.

 The Pope waved the flaming bottle of wine in a rhythmic manner like a maracas.

'In this holy place, this is what prayer is all about.

 Diedrich looked at Gorloana with white eyes, rhythmically waving the bottle of liquor.

'Well, that's fine with me. I have one thing to say to you.

 Diedrich popped the bottle of liquor in his hand on the way to the restaurant in one gulp, and then raised his voice in an imposing manner.

It's true that Eren-chan is the leader in the Demon King's Choir. It's a good thing that you're able to do that. In other words, Jessica-chan is the knight's maiden, the ideal maiden.

 The Sword Emperor of Agaha said proudly.

''This guy is non-negotiable!

Well, what do you mean? It's a very Agaha-like idea, isn't it?

 Gorloana huffed and giggled.

You'll find that Jessica-chan's maternal figure is as wonderful as the Virgin's. But it's Eren's naive and unrestrained personality that makes her shine. Above all, the compassion that is sometimes shown by the usually cute little girl, Eren-chan, is the salvation of God, and it strikes a chord in the hearts of the followers of Geordal, who serve God. In other words, Eren is the supreme maiden!

So, let me get this straight. Geordal says he's pushing for you, Ellen?

You're welcome to think so.

 The two sides stared at each other, sparks flying.
 That was when it happened.

'No, how about that?'

 Milan, Bishop of Giordal, came.
 Behind him were a number of priests of the Order.

''Like King Diedrich, I feel that Jessica is the one who is orthodox.


 Gorloana looked as if she had seen a congregation that had broken the commandments.

''........What.......? Did you guys make Jessica-chan...?

 At the Pope's question, the priest looked away awkwardly.
 But he gave a small nod. 'I guess that means you're guessing Jessica.

''My goodness. To come to the same conclusion as Agaha...''

No. That's not necessarily true.

Who are you?

 The ones who came were the dragon knight Nate, his subordinate Ricardo, and ten knights from Agaha.

'We're all in favor of Eren. It's a good thing that you have the strength of mind to lead others even though you lack the strength as a leader. That is the honor of a knight.

 Nate says proudly.

'Commander Nate is right. This life I once gave up, I might as well dedicate the rest of my life to her song.'

 Ricardo takes a knight's oath.
 It was a declaration of lifelong celibacy.

 This time, Diedrich looks as if he has seen the knights who have muddled their pride.

''.........Nate, Ricardo, weren't you guys the Jessica-chan guessers......''

Very well, King Diedrich. As a loyal vassal, I'd like to suggest that Agaha should support Eren.

 It was a resolute word that was typical of Diedrich's men.
 If the king thinks it's wrong, he's the man under his command who is prepared to advise with the intention of punishment.

 As expected of Diedrich's chosen knights.

''Bishop of Milan, you might want to reconsider. Geordal is recommending Eren-chan.

No, I thought you two might want to reconsider.

 They all turn around at the sound of a new voice.

 The people who appeared were the congregation of Geordal.
 It was the Eight Song Sage and dozens of people.

''We, the Eight Song Sages and the other sixty-four, are Maia's favourites. At first glance, a simple girl, as simple as a village girl who can be found anywhere, is doing her best on a big stage. That figure is a god.

 The appearance of a major force frightened Bishop Milan and Pope Gorloana.
 Nevertheless, the Pope said.

'I know how you all feel. Both Jessica and Maia are lovely and wonderful. But I am the Pope. As Pope, I will tell you that Geordalism is an Ellen guess, and this is what God teaches. If you're going to go against it, you might as well call it excommunication, right?

 Gorloana was too drunk to exercise her power.
 However, not to be outdone, Hakka Sage and the others were also drunk.

'Very well, then. Then we part company and call ourselves the Maia of the Geordal Order!

 Following one of the eight wise men who were resolute, Bishop Milan raised his voice.

''Then I suppose we'll be the Geordalist Jessica School.

'....How foolish. The Geordalist Ellen School is the main path in the name of the Pope. How can a congregation follow such a splinter group if they create such a splinter group?

 To Golloana's words, Sage Hakka resolutely countered.

''Then it wouldn't be a problem to throw it away, would it?

 Bishop Milan followed suit.

'Yes, if that were true, then there would be no harm in God's teaching.

 Gorloana glared at the two main forces.

'Regret it. Regardless of what anyone says, the Geordalist Eren School is the mainstream. We won't let them create any splinter groups.''

 It is not clear whether the events at the feast really led to the later Giordalism being divided into Ellenists, Jessica's and Maia's - or not.