631-Network God

 The Silver Water World Listeria is the world of Ottolu. It is where the original Pablo Hetara was.

 And I destroyed it.
 Now, how much of this is true?

Apparently, you know about my previous life.

 He throws words at that tangled god - Hermide the Hermit.

'You said I was looking for you,'

 He doesn't move a muscle, he just looks back at me.

What do you mean?

I don't know. I don't know what you've done to us, and I don't care about you as much as I care about the dew. We just thought that you were in the way. That's all.

 I see.

 If that were the case, you wouldn't be able to answer the question.

What was my name in a previous life?

You want your power back, Demon King?

 Elmide uttered this in a mocking tone.

'You've grown weak,'

 A divine light emanates from his silver water body.

 That magic power is none other than that of the Celebrated Saint Heavenly Lord Eife that he absorbed.

''Abyssal power abandoned, and its memory also goes into oblivion--''

 The divine light gathered in a straight line and the Heavenly Dao Sword Athene appeared in the hands of the Tangled God.

''--The threat of the destruction of my Silver Water World is unseen.

 The Heavenly Sword Athene is lifted up in a wave.

''No longer will you be able to cross over to me as an equal.

 The Heavenly Dao Sword Athene blurred and countless sword flashes ran into the water.

 Immediately after I dodged them, several more sword flashes struck. In an instant, my entire body was slashed to pieces and my left arm was severed.

''The Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).''

 He lightly twisted his right hand and shot out seven shots of apocalyptic fire. Against the spiraling doomsday magic, Hermide the Hermit plunges headlong into it.

 From his back, two wings with a rainbow glow appear. They belonged to the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord.

 Light is emitted from the two wings of the Tang Dynasty God, which gently illuminates the .

 The world-destroying apocalyptic fire is illuminated by the celebratory light and disappears as if it were purified.

 As if to cut through the light, the God of the Torch is in front of me.

 The outstretched black fingertip of the black is struck away with the Tendo Sword Athens, and the tip of the sword pierces my chest as it is.

 My aim is the root cause. Originally, the Demon King's blood should overflow, but it is silenced by the blessing of the Heavenly Dao Sword.

 Just like when I was devoured by the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana.

''Only that power to approach your abyss was common with this Elmide.

 A voice of compassion slapped my earlobes.

'How dare you leave it behind and come before me again? A man as distant from understanding as ever.

 With a gulp, the Heavenly Dao Sword pushes in and gouges deep into my roots.

 The power of the blessing is immensely powerful in this body, the lion of destruction of Artsenon.

''There is one thing I've noticed here, Hermide the Hermit.

 He pulled out his two-rate sword and slashed at the tangled god along with
''The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 With the black particles of the seven-fold spiral, the fire of the apocalypse approaches Elmide. While retreating at high speed, he spreads his wings and drowns them out with the Purification Celebration.

 At the same time, six magic circles are drawn in front of him.

"The Holy Cannon Cross Hail Fenon.

 A series of crossfire shells are fired. It's a decoy. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. It's not just a matter of time before you are able to get your hands on it.

 It is a very good idea to have a good idea of what you are looking for. With a bang, the particles of magic power flew off and the blade of the Ten Dao Sword was slightly chipped.

''Although not as great as Evans Mana, the Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord can still use his blessing authority as a weakness of the Lion of Perdition.

 Even as I said this, I wore the black particles of the seven-fold spiral on my right arm and pushed the two-ruled sword even more gingerly into the air.

''It will be able to easily obliterate the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) and cause fatal damage to even the root of annihilation.

 Sparks of magic power danced in the water as the Two Rite Swords and the Heavenly Dao Sword danced against each other.

 Against this sword, which had nothing to do with the Lion of Perdition, the Divine Sword of the Celebrated Celestial Lord could not show its true value. Its blade couldn't withstand the collision and chipped further.

''It's too convenient to assume that the timing of my arrival here just happened to absorb the Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord.''

 <If I used
 His kick quickly flies to my belly, but then he sticks the two-rate sword of the .

 Mercury poured out of the wound like blood.

'Didn't you aim for this from the beginning? <He has set up a trick in the Abyss of Craving that can only be discovered by using the rainbow path, waiting for me to bring the Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord and the hunting nobles. With an eye on the tiger, it has been hiding here for an unnervingly long time since far back in ancient times.

 Elmide strikes away the series of two ritual swords that she ran sharply with her Tendo sword.

'They were wary of me coming. In other words--

 He slashed off Elmide's right hand with his two-rate sword, splitting the entire Tendou sword. As it was, he swung his sword out in a sideways swipe.

''- This doll is no match for me.

 I'm going to be able to cut the entire magical barrier with a deep attack, cutting the god of tangled webbing into two halves.

 I thrust the two-rate sword straight into his forehead.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good look at it.

What is your purpose, Hermide the Hermit? It's a staggeringly time-consuming trick. You are not just trying to lure me in. Why did you let the Disaster Abyss World bite the Holy Sword World?

You would have figured it out in the past.

 A magic circle appears on the upper half of the tangled god's body.

"Do not meet me in that body that has lost its power.

"Deep Throat.

 The two ritual swords pierced into his forehead and swung straight down - just before he did, the hand of the twisted god grabbed the blade.

 It doesn't move.

 The two swords that were easily cut off by the two halves of the sword just now were held down by the hand of the God of War and did not move.

 The right arm of the detached God, the lower half of the body turned anti-liquid and clung to the upper half of the body, and then regained its original form.

 A tremendous amount of magic power gathered in the magic circle he drew.

The vortex.

 One word, Elmide muttered.

 The whirlpool of the rainbow path, which had scattered and spun around him, gained even more momentum.

 Eventually, it created a vortex of water currents and magic power, and began to stir the . The vortex, which only affected the rainbow channel, interfered with the water current and magic field, and was finally clearly visible to the demon eyes.

 With its tremendous power, the true identity of the thing shaking the depths of these waters is - craving.

 The hearts of the people stored in this abyss of craving are swirling around violently.
 Even in the depths of the world, it was not an ordinary power.

The Conquest of Nirvana, Seven Steps to Nirvana

 The first step is punctuated by kicking at the body of the tangled god. Quickly sheathing his two-rate sword, he unleashes a compressed purple electricity with at the guy who was blown away with a flourish.

 The rampant thunder of destruction roared and dyed the depths of the water purple.


 He is unharmed. <The Vortex swallowed the Entangled God's body as if to protect it, and unilaterally annihilated the Deep Palm Demon Ash Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire Electric Field (Lavia's Gilg Gavelyzd).

''The only thing that can interfere with the is the .

 Elmide said.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about. In the moment, a vortex is released from his palm.

 With my eyes fixed on the phenomenon of non-interference coming straight at me, I thrust out my right hand of my Rayon hand.

 But I can't catch it.
 The vortex slips through the evening darkness's hand, grasping even order and authority, and shakes my body violently.

 The blood of the demon king overflows, and black particles ooze from my entire body as if the source of destruction is about to erupt.
 I surge up and dodge from that 'vortex'.

"There's no longer as much time as you think.

 At the same time as Elmide's words, the Abyss of Craving shook violently.
 It's clear what has happened. This abyss world is moving again.

''Now that the Holy Spirit Lord has been captured by the Tangled God, Hyphoria is weakening its order. Soon, the Holy Sword World will be devoured by the Disaster Abyss World. That young Saint King will not be able to prevent it.

 He said matter-of-factly, and Hermide held up three fingers.

'You have thirty seconds left,'


 The one who rushed into the tangled god with his voice was Leo Wolf. <The must have vanquished the wall of violent lightning and slipped out of that hole.

''Let's have the Heavenly Lord back!

 The raised holy sword shattered into pieces by the . Elmide's Heavenly Dao Sword pierced the root of Leo Wolf.

"You're too late, demon king.

 Leowulf is thrown away.

 When I thought that a appeared around the tangled god, it spread all at once with a force that covered the bottom of this water.

 The phenomenon of non-interference loomed over me and LEOWOLF in a wide area where there was no escape.
 With a rumble, the Disaster Abyss World was shaking and was now rampantly trying to devour the Holy Sword World.

 Right now, this place is filled with an unprecedented amount of power that I have never felt before.

''I see.''

 <Looking at the vortex, my left eye was dyed annihilating purple.

 A dark cross floats in that abyss.


 Silence dominates the place.

 The vortex, a phenomenon of non-interference, remained swirling and restrained.

 <The magical eye of confusion has destroyed that order.

''In other words, in thirty seconds, I just need to defeat you, save Eife, and stop the predatory behavior of the Disaster Abyss World.

 By the time I spoke, I had achieved proximity in front of him. He swung down his two-rate sword. A slash of darkness severed the body of the entangled god in a crosshairs.


 It becomes semi-liquid, and the four separate bodies try to fuse together again, but are cut off again. Its reason, its body, and everything else is destroyed.

 I thrust my hand into the section of the twisted god.


Take my hand, Eife. You didn't take them in by accident.

 Something is definitely gripping my hand.

 As soon as I felt it, I pulled with all my might. From the section of the Twisted God, the Celebrated Saint Eife wrapped in rainbow light is pulled out. He was probably using his authority to protect only the root cause and was looking for an opportunity to reappear.

''Don't you understand? Trying to save Aife now, the young Saint King is at his limit.

 The disaster abyss world is shaken even more violently.

 Just like Elmide's words, Rebrahard's is about to reach its limit. If it was broken through, the Holy Sword World would be devoured in an instant.

''Headmaster Anos........''

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife said while healing Leo Wolf with the blessed light.

''Under the influence of that demonic eye my order will be lost and if this continues, Hyphoria.........''

"Try it. If you stop activating the evil eye, this body will return to life.

 Elmide said as they fell to the bottom of the water.

'And there is no way to stop it anyway. Choose, demon king. Will you sacrifice the world of the Holy Sword to defeat me or will you fight me without the power of your magic eye? Or you can fight me without the power of the magic eye.


 He raises his two-rate sword as he goes towards the falling guy.

'Don't play trivial games, Hermide the Hermit.

 <With the activated, he ran the dark slash several times. The tangled god was further slashed apart and its silver water disappeared.

''It looks like it wants Ewezeino to eat the Hyphoria so badly.

Your... you... when did you...

 As if he had intuited my intentions, Elmide uttered the words.
 The flash of the two-rate sword severed not only his body, but also the bottom of the water.

 I'm going to return a fearless smile to the perishing tangled god.

'You said it was far from comprehensible. "You said it's hard to understand why I would abandon my powers to appear before you.

 The Dark Cross's gaze shot through the Tangled God and his body turned to pitch black ash.

''I don't know who you are, but I used to think that if I gave up some of my power, nothing would change.

 Even as they stared at the dying tangled god, Eife and LEOWOLF had their gaze drawn to the bottom of the water.

 Deep, deep, so deep that they couldn't see the bottom, the had been cut off.

''Headmaster Anos.......is this.......?

 Eife asks.

The invisible vortex created by the god of entanglement interfered with craving and made this abyssal world go mad. Then remove the vortex and the world will come to its senses.

"The elimination of the invisible vortex...

 'How?' said Aife with a questioning look on her face, and LEOWOLF was flabbergasted.

'No way...!


 Incredulous, Leo Wolf's eyes widened in disbelief.

''In the depths of this Disaster Abyss World... you're going to cut off the Disaster Abyss of Craving, which is order itself...!

Since I can't see the lesion, I'm afraid I'll have to remove it as soon as possible.

"The power of the plague - the plague of freezing hell - should freeze the possibility of this world's order being disrupted...

 Eife says.

'That reasoning has been reduced to chaos.

 I stared at the bottom of the water with the demonic eye of the Dark Cross.

 The sound of raging water echoed incessantly, and soon, the black sky was visible. The watery bottom and all of the land beneath it that had been cut off was slowly falling down.

 There was a huge hole in the bottom of the water. But the water, except for the part I cut, stays there as if it had solidified and does not try to leak out of the hole.

 In the next moment, a crack appeared in the Disaster Abyss of Craving.
 The water, the water, cracked like a solid object. Disregard for reason and everything else.

 <The magical eye of confusion is erased.
 Now that the bottom of the water was lost, there was no one left in the disaster abyss world to receive the power of this magic eye. Any longer, Eavesino will be destroyed.

"....seek me out and find me...

 A voice echoed.

 The tangled god on the verge of annihilation at the earliest was looking at us.

''........Even you in your previous life couldn't finally find it......''

When the time comes.

 A flash of the Two Rite Sword. The Tangled God shattered into pieces.

 A roaring sound could be heard again.
 From the gaping hole, a part of the disaster abyss world that had lost its way could be seen drifting across the black sky.