630-Hidden in the abyss

 The bottom of the disaster abyss.

 In the pitch dark water, a wavering shadow can be seen. Even darker than the darkness, it gradually begins to show itself.

 The vaguely shaped outline of the shadow looks like a person.

 Little by little, it becomes clearer and clearer that it is not a human being, just a human shape.

 It's almost like a doll.
 But it's not a doll at all.

 Its body is made of solidified mercury.

 It looked familiar.


 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife muttered.

 It looks just like the remembrance embodied on the Karakurienban - the Vanishing Vortices God who resided in the ruined Pablo Hetara Palace.

'Eife. Do you know what this guy's role is?

'No. Other than what was written on the tablet in the Pavlohetara Palace.

 An artificial race of gods studied and created by Hermide the Hermit.

 I hypothesized that it was a weapon to invade the Abyssal World, but in reality, we still know nothing about it.

 What is certain is that there is a purpose for this to be placed here.

'This tangled god is not broken. Maybe we should look into it.

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife spread her wings and turned her divine eye.

 At the same time, countless rainbow paths extended from her to the God of Entanglement.

 <It's an unknown object in the Abyss of Craving. Danger is inevitable. Even so, her conscience must be telling her that she should examine it.

 The rainbow path that had been straight, but suddenly bent languidly as if caught in something.

''........The rainbow path was interfered with?''

 Leo Wolfe's gaze turned grim.
 With a guarded gesture, he became more wary of that tangled god.

''What's the matter?''

 I asked him a question, but he was also wary of us and would not answer.

 Instead, the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord said.

''The rainbow path is the conscience of the hunter and aristocrat. This path does not interfere with anything and therefore is not interfered with by anything. It only points the way.

 I see.

"Not affected by the power of physical or magical forces.

 We only follow our conscience and embody the way forward. It cannot harm others or prevent the attacks of the enemy.

 It is originally inconceivable to bend the rainbow path that merely represents the heart within oneself, so that it cannot be touched.

''There is no doubt that this is the power of this twisting god.

 The bent rainbow path is turning into countless particles, circling around us.

 It is like an inverted vortex.

 There is almost no flow of water at the bottom of this water. Nor is there a flow of magic. However, only the rainbow path is torn apart by the power of something else and is swirling at the bottom of the Abyss of Craving.

"Was it the work of the plague man?

 Leo Wolf opens his mouth.

'Is it unthinkable?'

 Eife immediately denied it.

'It has not been long since Eavezeino joined the Academic Alliance of Pablo Hetara. The woe is me, for the wretch has been asleep during that time.

I know. I don't think he's the kind of guy who plans everything carefully.

 The Tangled God was created using the magical technology of Pablo Hetala's - that is, the now defunct Silver Water World of Listeria.

 Even in the inviolable territorial sea, the plague Isak, those outside of the Militia World would be restricted in their magic by their own world's order. He didn't seem to be good at any kind of creation magic.

 I'm not sure I'd like to think he created it all by himself.

"But, Lord. Pablo Hetala's tablet doesn't tell us how to create the Tangled God. He learned how to create it from another source.

 Leowulf advises.

''If you think about it that way, then this could be the magic tool we prepared to destroy Hyphoria.


 'If I deny it, he'll give me a glare.

'The Woe Man said he would crush Hyphoria if the First King did not come. No wonder he has a hidden trump card against us.

He never doubted that Ordov would come.

 Leowulf listens with a grim expression on his face.

'I don't think we're prepared for the fact that Ordoff didn't come.

What is the point, then?

 I have never visited the bottom of the Abyss except for Isak the Plague. Naga and Kostoria, who have only imperfect bodies, would not be able to reach this point. Even if they did, they would not be able to move freely here.

 In other words...

'Someone has set up a tangled god here. Except for the inhabitants of Ewezeino.

 Aife blotted out the question on her serene face.

 Leowulf asked in a sharp tone of voice.

'You think it was meant to destroy Eavezeino?

'One thing we know for sure now in this Tangled God. The only thing we know for sure now is that this guy's authority is to interfere with the rainbow path.

 LEOWOLF draws his lips into a knot and lets his thoughts run through his mind.

'If he set it up here, his aim is evezeino, nine times out of ten. It's best to assume that it just happened to affect the rainbow path as well.

"...You think something similar in nature to the rainbow path exists in this disaster abyss world?

 If Leo Wolfe uttered that, Eife would have a huffy look on her face.
 Then, he muttered to himself.

''--Phantom Beast.''

 I nod.

I nodded. "If the rainbow path is the embodiment of conscience, then the beast is the embodiment of craving. This kangaroo god interfered with the Abyss of Craving by means of an invisible vortex and moved a huge beast.

 As they both gasped for breath, I told them.

"The plague world, the beast called Eavesino.

 Afe's eyes take on a hint of surprise.

 Leowulf, who has rolled his eyes, opens his mouth in disbelief.

''........You mean to say this? The Disaster Abyssal World Eavesino has been controlled by someone who has preyed on our Holy Sword World.

'You did not know that there was a tangled god interfering with the rainbow path. No wonder you didn't think that Isak the Plague Man was interfering with the craving of the Plague Abyss World.

 It was hard to imagine that such a substitute could be planted in the heart of one's own world.

 The last time there was an omen of movement in the disaster world of Eavesino was during the time of the plague.

 It's nearly impossible to get through his evil eye and bring it here. I'm sure he's an uncommon wizard of concealment magic if he did it head-on.

 Above all, it took a rainbow path to find this hidden tangled god. It would be extremely difficult for the inhabitants of the Disaster Abyss World to find out.


 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife flapped her wings and quickly stepped in front of the Tangled God.

''If we seal this one, does that mean that the predatory behavior of the Disaster Abyss World can be stopped?

 She brought her wings together in front of her chest. A rainbow of light gathered there.

 The wings wrapped in light eventually disappeared, and the rainbow glow increased in its place. Out of the dazzling light emerged a single holy sword.

 A sword of the rainbow, which seemed to resemble a wing - a sword of the rainbow.

"Tendokken Athens.

 Straight away, Eife flew and swung down the Heavenly Dao Sword Athene. A rainbow sword flash ran through the air and the tangled god was cut in half from his head.

 The detached body of mercury melts into a sludge.

 And as the liquid seemed to rush into Eife in a thud, it swallowed the Tendo Sword Athene.

 The molten mercury runs directly down the sword and bites into Eife's arm. The Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord puts magic power into the Heavenly Dao Sword, but its light is only absorbed by the Tangled God.

''Heavenly Lord...!

Egil Groene Angdolor.

 The turret of the magician's turret sets its sights, and the black particles draw a seven-fold spiral.

 If it is the Lord God, he will not perish.

 With the intention of burning off the whole of Aife, he fired a shot of apocalyptic fire. Then the mercury, which had been in liquid form, re-solidified and took the shape of his right arm.
 A warm rainbow of light emanates from his hand.

 It's the power of Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

 That blessed light envelops the and purifies it.

 Meanwhile, the body of the Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord was being swallowed by the mercury in no time at all.


 Leo Wolfe, who had flown away, grabbed the arm of the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord. He pulled as hard as he could, but he didn't falter. He didn't relax, he just swung his reconciliation sword down into the liquid mercury.


 A flash.
 The sliced off mercury, however, was soon joined again.


No worries. Let go of me, Leowulf.

 I wonder if there is some kind of plan, the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord tells me so.

 However, the power of the Tangled God turned her body into mercury, and this time even the body of LEOWOLF, who was holding her arm, began to swallow it.

 For a moment, she frowned, but Leowulf did not pull back.

''No, Heavenly Lord! Even in death, these hands--

Don't do it.

 With the hand sword of the , which was dyed jet black, I mercilessly sliced off his shoulder without mercy.

 More mercury attacked to swallow Leo Wolf, but I kicked its body and forced it to distance itself from the scene.

'Stay quiet there,'

"That's unnecessary...! Even if I die, I am...!

 With the Reconciliation Sword, he slashed at the tyranny of destruction. At that moment, Shiden bared his fangs and shot through Leo Wolf's entire body.

''Gah, gahhhh........!

Your Lord will help you. You want to die for nothing, go ahead.

 Leowulf crumbled and folded his knees there. He repeated his rough breathing and stared at me through the wall of violent lightning.

 With that wound, I can't move for a while.

 When I shifted my gaze to the Tangled God, it completely swallowed the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord and began to gurgle again, forming a human shape.

 A solidified body of mercury.
 An artificial god that looked like a tangled doll.

 The God's eye certainly shines, and it begins to peer into my abyss with its will.
 And then it makes a clattering sound and opens its mouth.

"--Is that what it is now?

 A spring-loaded sound, and an inorganic voice wooded the bottom of the water.

'You're a fallen one, demon king.

 So you know me.

Who are you?

"Forgotten. The man you've been looking for, he doesn't even exist.

 The God of Entanglement's divine eye shoots straight through me.

''I am Elmide the Hermit. I am Elmide the Hermit, the head of the Silver Water World Listeria, who was once destroyed by his abominable hand.