629-Bottom of the disaster


 Gripping the bottom of the holy ship Eltopheus, I was aiming for the bottom of the water.

 The sound of a huge object creaking and creaking could be heard.
 The hull of the holy ship, which had been slammed into the surface of the water with great force, had been crushed by the violent impact.

 On top of that, the anti-magic and magical barriers were peeled off in a flash as it was exposed to water that would be highly poisonous to the residents of the Holy Sword World.
 Furthermore, the speed at which I was descending and the heavy water pressure crushed the armor of the holy ship every second.

 Gigi, gigi, gaga, a dull sound rang out, and the deeper we sank, the more ragged the Eltopheus became.

 The hunting nobles were trying to bring the ship to the surface, and the light of the magic circle flickered on and off in the ship from earlier.

 However, I didn't feel any resistance.
 It's not as if their ship can't be steered in this abyss of thirst.

 I'm sure they can't bring such a huge ship to the surface when they're being dragged into the abyss.

 If we continue to sink the ship mercilessly, the water will soon become enveloped in a darkness that even the evil eye can't see through.

 There was a black-green darkness in front of us.

 It's similar to the magic power emitted by Naga, Bobonga and Kostoria.

 Artzenon's Lion of Perdition is , a phantom beast born from that abyss. If that's the case, the bottom of the water must be near.

 As I threw myself into the black-green darkness, pieces of the ship fell from above with a rattle. It's not just a matter of time before the ship disintegrates, it's also a matter of time before the holy ship begins to disintegrate.

 I wondered if this holy ship could withstand any more armor.

 I let go of Eltopheus and covered the ship with the Four Realms Wall.

 The black-green darkness is on the same wavelength as my magic. As soon as I blocked it and turned the interior into normal water, the collapse of Eltopheus subsided.

 I sent a thought transmission to the ship.

"Come down, Eife," I said. "Come down, Eife, and I'll pick you up on the way back if you want to follow me to the bottom.

 The Holy Sword World's ark ship would not be able to surface in this darkness on its own.

 The authority of the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife could handle it, but the drain on his power is inevitable. But it would be obvious that they would be the prey of evildoers.

 Deep in the enemy's stronghold. <It would be best not to attempt any unreasonable attempts to surface while we are still safe from the wall of Benno Yevhen.

What do you have in mind?

  Celebrate Holy Spirit Lord Eife and Baron Leo Wolf jumped out of the ship.

 <I'll make a hole in the wall and they'll pass through.

''Head of Militia.''

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife said.

 Leo Wolfe drew his holy sword and pointed his blade at me, ready to attack me now.

''Don't do it. You are not foolish enough to fight me here.''

 I turn myself around and dive.

 <The Abyss of Craving raises my power, the lion of destruction. On the other hand, Eife and Leowulf are the opposite.

 They knew that if they clashed with each other in the disaster abyss world, there was no way they could win, so they took advantage of the opportunity that the disaster man and I were fighting.

 Now that it has failed, they want to somehow return to the Holy Sword World and regain their poise.

''If we're going to be fighting anyway, it's foolish to follow that way.

 Leo Wolfe, who has been following us, gives me a sharp gaze.
 That magic eye seems to be trying to probe our intentions.

''My purpose is just as I told you. I'm sure Ray and Balzalondo will be able to convince Isak to come to the table. "I'm going to do what I told you I would, and Rey and Barzalondo will convince Izak to join me. You will not be in my sight.

 I told him and dove further down into the water.

"They are driven by instinct. Even if the plague victims have a whim, it doesn't mean that the other animals will stop.

 Leo Wolf said.

'Which means it can stop,'

"The beasts are not people you can talk to.

 Aife and Leowulf line up beside me.

 LEOWOLF is keeping a wary eye on me, but Eife shows no signs of wariness. It's as if he knows he won't have to make a move on me.

"I'm not like you. "I'm not like you, Headmaster Anos. "You are a lion of perdition with your thirst suppressed. The other inhabitants of Eavesino are not.

What would Ordoff have said?

 For a moment, Eife held her tongue.

'If you were the Lord God of Hyphoria, you would be right to think so. Dialogue with the plagues is the way against the rainbow path. It is only because you do not want to talk with them that you do not have that rainbow path.

'If we could understand each other in words, we wouldn't have been fighting in the first place.

'I thought we could understand each other, so we fought, didn't we?

 A question comes to his serene face.

'If you can't understand, tell me you won't forgive me.

"You want me to forgive a beast that preys on my own people and makes a cup of spirit? They look at Hyphoria as prey. Do you mean to feed them until they're satisfied?

 Leo Wolf expresses his disgust.

'Why do you only see me as prey?

That's because they have no reason. Maybe it's because they're not men, but animals.

Why the beast?

 Leo Wolf shushed him.

''Well what in the world is going to happen if you ask such a question? I'm not trying to play word games with you.

I don't understand. They understand language, they have feelings, they are social creatures. The wretch is not as unreasonable as he sounds.

"Do you think it's human to put emotion before reason, desire before conscience? The world of the weak and the strong, which lays waste to others without mercy, cannot be called a society!

 I have justice in my heart, he declares with a high degree of certainty.

'Justice is not universal. Killing with lust or with conscience doesn't make a difference, Leowulf. At least, not to the one being killed.

 Uncomfortably, Leo Wolf glares at me.

'Don't kill me for any reason? Yours is a technicality, Headmaster Anos. If you want to show justice, you must act! I can't save the world if I'm a coward who just rattles off beautiful things!

'When you're hungry, it's only natural to eat your prey. But Ewezeino isn't even hungry, and he's about to eat the hyphoria.

 Once again, LEOWOLF holds his tongue.

'Doesn't it add up, don't you think?

Don't be an idiot, you know...

You are.

 The Celebrating Holy Spirit Lord opens his mouth.

''And do you think there is a reason for this?

That's why I'm here.

 Stop diving.

 The deepest darkness was in front of me.
 Black-green particles drifted through the water.

'This ridiculously large puddle where craving descends is the instinct of Ewezeino. If Ewezeino is crazy, there may be a carriage in this abyss.''


 Aife stretched out her fingertips.

 As soon as she touched the black-green particles, her fingers were eroded to black.
 Her body quickly turns black.

''Lord of the heavens........!

 Lleowulf raises his fusion sword in an attempt to cut off the black-green particles.

''I beg your pardon,''

 The first secret depth, the .
 That blade that blended with the target passed through the body of the Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord and sliced through only black-green particles.

 However, the holy sword caused the blade to spill out in tatters. As the black-green particles attacked again, Eife spread her rainbow wings and released a blessed light.

 In the blink of an eye, the deep darkness was dispelled, but at the same time, Eife's rainbow wings were stained with a black stain.

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord is the Lord God of Hyphoria. <Her attack on the is extremely effective, but the opposite is true as well.
 She was unable to prevent those black-green particles.

''Stand back, Leo Wolf.

'No! I'll take care of this.

 Leowulf stepped forward to protect Eife and neatly held the blade-spilling reconciliation sword in place. If he cuts again, the sword will not hold. Even with his body, he intends to protect the Lord God.

 Black-green particles attacked as if they were biting their prey.

 Instantly, the tyranny of destruction rained down.


"Deep Palm Demon Ashes Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire Electric Field (Raviers Gilg Gavelyzd)

 The black-green particles attacked, but the Deep Palm Demon Cinder Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire Electric Field (Ravias Gilg Gaverijds) repelled them and kept them away from their bodies.

''Don't make a move, Eife. If you get serious here, you won't get away with it.

 If it was Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord Aife's authority, she could inflict a fatal wound on the Abyss of Craving. Of course, if she did so, Aife would not be spared.

 Of course, that would not spare Eife.

 I dove in, wrapped in the tyranny of annihilation.

 The black-green particles collided again and again, and the tremendous force of the black-green particles bared their fangs in an attempt to crush everything. It's true that even Naga and Bobonga may not be able to move freely in such a magical environment.

 While releasing the tyrannical thunder of annihilation forward, the black-green particles were flung off, creating a path that was passable.

 Then I dove into the darkness with no end in sight.

 Suddenly, my fingertips touched something.

 It was the feel of frozen earth.
 This was the deepest part of the Abyss of Craving.

 I was swimming in the depths of the abyss.

 I looked deeper and deeper into the abyss.

 The pitch blackness and the black-green particles that poured out of it incessantly.
 And in the crevices, there are a number of indeterminate, mud-like bodies wriggling around.

 I felt the sensation of unspeakable voices and emotions hitting me directly in the head.

 It must be a phantom beast.
 An unincarnated Arzenon's Lion of Perdition, or something else again.

 He felt an uncanny sensation as if the contents of his head were being roughly stroked.
 The craving that has built up in the depths of the water is seeping through my ears and into my mind like mud.

 I don't know what they are saying.

 I don't know what they're saying. Or "Eat me. Help me," but it didn't seem to be any of those things.

 It's an impression of a muddled craving that is constantly being stirred up.


 There's nothing more to it than a phantom.
 Isak was right.

 And I wouldn't expect it to go so easily, anyway.

 <It is said that no one has ever set foot in the depths of the Abyss of Despair.
 It's safe to say that only the wicked Isaac has ever been here.

 If I'm right, if there is something in this abyss, there's a good chance it's something he'll never find, no matter how hard he searches.

 The first thing that comes to mind is...

This is....

 The spilled words were those of the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord.

 Turning around, she spread both wings.
 The light of the blessing poured down to the bottom of the water, creating a single path.

 It was a rainbow path.

''What does it mean?''

 Leo Wolf's expression twisted in question.

''Is it difficult to understand? My conscience is reacting to something in there.

 The end of the rainbow path is the deepest darkness.

 There's nothing more to it than that.
 Not even the evil eye can see it.

Well, it was worth it to get you out of here.

 We do not know what is going on.

 It is not clear why the rainbow path, the order of the holy sword world, is working so clearly in the abyss of the disaster abyss world.
 It could be because the two silver bubbles are now in contact and are affecting their respective worlds, but that would be a matter of speculation.

 But there is at least one thing we do know.

 If the rainbow path is extended, it means that the hyphoric order is reacting to what is there.

 It means that there is something in that place where it looks like there is nothing.

 I go straight to the end of the rainbow path.
 As soon as I entered the end of the road, the landscape became distorted.

 <What had been hidden behind the Abyss of Craving was taking shape right in front of my eyes.