632-Driven by lust

 The heavens and earth trembled and the world made an eerie sound.

 <The distant rumbling that echoed from the Abyss of Craving to the skies above Eavezeino gave the illusion that a huge beast was screaming.

 Isak, who was about to give Ray the last word, stopped moving for a moment and looked down.

 It is a huge pool of water, the Disaster Abyss of Craving, and its water level is rapidly decreasing.
 He makes his ferocious eye light even sharper.

"....What did you do...?

 A murmur leaked out.

 At the same time, the Disaster Abyss World let out a single loud scream.

 Two cracks ran across the icy land, spreading to the sky. <The influence of the Eye of Confusion had reached outside the Abyss of Despair.

 The ear piercing sound of the explosion is reminiscent of the sound of something being displaced. <The depths of the abyss are being torn away, the entire strata of the abyss are being torn away and slowly released from the abyss world.

 It's like a prelude to the collapse of the world. But Eavesino is still intact, barely able to maintain its order.

 And Isak and the others were not the only ones who were watching the scene.

''........What's that.......?''

 The united area.

 Sasha, who was fighting with both the phantom race and the hunting nobles, was casting her gaze far away. Even from that distance, it was clear that a part of the disaster abyss world was being cut off.

 Beside her, Misha says.

'Anos has cut out the Disaster Abyss of Craving.


 Sasha's eyes widened and she made a face of disbelief.

''You're being reckless again...''

The predation stops.

 Misha turns her gaze downwards.

 The Lebrahardt's , which is strung out like a boundary line.
 The momentum of the Disaster Abyss World, which had been biting into it, was diminishing at a glance.

 In the next moment, a crack appeared on the boundary line.
 With a rumbling sound, the ground cracked and it spread rapidly.

''Hey...Is this okay...is this...?

It just goes back to the way it was.

 Little by little, slowly, the Holy Sword World and the Disaster Abyss World begin to separate from each other. This caused the ground cracks in the combined area to increase in size.

 The changes didn't stop there.


 The Badyloua Workshop Ship.

 Avoiding the claws of the phantoms that boarded the ship, Eleonor cut off both of its legs with the Armoured Sword Army Banner Mizeon.

 But it doesn't stop.
 A liquid like mud overflowed from the severed surface, and it took the form of a replacement leg.


d*mn it, it's never ending...!

 There are still more than a dozen phantom tribe members around her.

 It's not that there is no damage. Even if a replacement leg could be created, it doesn't mean that the wounds are not healing.
 But no matter how much they hurt you, they won't stop until you are dead, and with their battered bodies, they will charge at you again and again.

 If we destroy them, they will indeed stop.

 But Eleonor is there to stop the war. Taking a life was not an option for her.

'I'm going to blow them out of the ship.........'

 Back to back with Eleonor, Zesia holds the Scarlet Shimmering Sword (Hishoukouken) Enharetia.

 The light emitted from the sword's barrel creates a number of duplicate swords. And they quickly turned into hammer-like shapes.

''Yo, Zesia. Let's go!

 The phantom tribe jumped at him with a strange cry.
 In order to intercept them, Eleonor waved the military flag and drew a magic circle.

 That's when it happened.
 The ear piercing sound of the earth cracking rang out loudly.

 Pitter-patterningly, the phantom tribe stopped in their tracks.

 Eleanor and Xecia cautiously brace themselves.
 But there is no sign of them attacking us.

''If they don't come.......from here........''

Wait, Zecia!

 Eleonor stops Zecia as she tries to jump at him.

 She scrutinizes her demon eyes and peers into the abyss of the phantom tribe.

''........There's something strange about this.......''

 Just a few moments ago, the Phantom Demon tribe, who had jumped on him to sacrifice themselves, were dripping with fat sweat and their expressions were twisted in pain as if they had come to their senses in a moment.

 Their magic power is in disarray.
 No, it should be said that the magic power has returned to normal.

 The magic power that had been deranged is being controlled.
 In the depths of it, I could certainly see the light of reason.

''Do you understand the situation? I don't think you guys have a chance anymore.

 As soon as Eleonor sensed that the illusory tribe had changed, he said.

''If you back off, I won't pursue you.

 Saying so, Eleonor lowered his military flag.

 As if to imitate her, Zesia also lowered her holy sword and erased the duplicate sword.

''Playing tag.......no.......!

 Then, one of the phantom tribe took a step back.

 That was the trigger. As if it was a dam, they retreated, and one by one, they flew out of the workshop ship.

 The same scene was playing out outside the ship as well.

 The phantasmagoric tribe that had attached themselves to the silver water ship and attacked the jumped out of the ship one after another and left the battle airspace.

 They are heading in the direction of Eavezeino.

 It's not just that place.

 Nearly all of the phantoms who had entered the war, including those who had been engaged with Shin and those who had been fighting with Misa, were pulling up to their own world.

 This is also conveyed to Rei, who is sharing the view on the magic line. Probably the plagues can also see the movements of the phantom demons.

 Isak the Plague Man looked towards Hyphoria.

''Anos has found them.

 Ray said.

The vortex that the God of Entanglement created in the Abyss of Desires. This is the source of the craving that has driven the abyss world and its inhabitants mad.

 Now that the predatory behavior has stopped and the Disaster Abyss World has begun to leave, if we don't return, we risk being left behind in Hyphoria.
 If one had a sane mind, it would be logical to turn back.

 But until now, the Phantom Demon Tribe did not have that kind of reasoning.
 <The vortex of the God of Entanglement created in the Abyss of Craving was affecting the order of Eavesino.

 It encouraged the demons to crave for more and turned them into beasts.
 Hence, separating the from the world must have brought them back to their senses.

''Your attachment to the Prey Spirit Cup should have diminished.

 Isak the Woe stared off into the distance.
 As it was, he said.

''...So? You want me to stop fighting?

"The people of the Abyssal World had reason. Do you think they still want to fight?


 Laughing off Ray's words, Isak says.

'I do appreciate it. I know that some bastard trolled my waders. But,

 A ferocious stare pierced Ray.

'From the beginning, this is my fight. I don't care if my guys do or don't do it.

 The Nagas and the lions of destruction of Arzenon are unable to fight. The phantom race and the phantom beasts have all turned back to the Abyssal World.

 But even so, Isak the Plague Man's will to fight does not wane.
 Its calamity claws flashed coldly as it closed in on Rey.

''The Holy King no longer has to stop the Disaster Abyss World. The Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord is safe. You alone will fight the entire Holy Sword World.''

 Ray catches the wielded calamity claw with his .

"You haven't changed........

 With a murmur, the disaster victim's kick plunged into Ray's belly and his body bent into a crooked shape.

I'm not going to change. <Even if the vortex is cut off, my craving for it won't change at all.

 Along with the words, magic power erupted violently.
 The temperature in Yvezeino's airspace dropped at once.

''I'll do what I want to do, like I want to do it! That's the way it's going to be.

 Like a ferocious beast, the plague pursues Ray.

If this is what Ordoff was after, it's a masterpiece. I'm not talking about the fact that I'm the only one who's actually crazy, unlike my people!

 It is not a good idea to have a newborn baby. It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

 The white rainbow and cold air scattered particles of magic power and ravaged each other violently.

Are you disappointed?


 If the Spirit Godman Sword is pushed into it gingerly, the blade bites into it slightly and blood seeps into his arm.

''Isak, you ... you really wished you could have changed, didn't you?''

You don't know what you're doing.

 Not caring about the blade digging into his arm, the disaster man swept it away with all his strength.

 Without a moment's pause, the calamity claw struck Ray.
 Lowering himself to avoid it, the Spirit Godman Sword slashed at his feet.

''I don't think you're crazy.''

 Isak raises his calamity claws even as blood flows from both feet. However, Rei was slightly faster than him and swung the Spirit Godman Sword at his shoulder mouth.


 Evansmana sliced through the flesh and dug into the bone. Faster than it was cut off, the plague man grabbed the sword barrel. He tried to push back, but the holy sword, with its shimmering white rainbow, didn't budge.

Maybe Hyphoria is doing something wrong. We're going to find the right path, the true rainbow path. We just need a little time.

 Peeking through his fangs, Isak smiled thinly.

'You know what I mean, Militia non-conformist. There's no point in you finding them, you know.'

 Ice crystals poured down from the sky, drawing a magic circle as they danced down. Blue ice crystals drifted around them, and the Spirit God Human Sword began to freeze.

 It froze not only objects, but also magic power, time, order, even the source of the root, and the deepest great magic that stops all activities, not just all things, but all activities - .

 The current Ray can't bear it.

The moon will not rise, the sun will not set, and spring will shine on the godless land.

 Echoing in the sky is the chanting of the dorsal chant.
 Isak sharpens his gaze.

 The freeze that had extended to Rey's arm stopped there.

''The six flowers of the backlied, Levi Helluota.

 It was Arcana who had come down with a great circle of burning ice at her back.

 She had been waiting for this opportunity.
 It is not a good idea to be a good friend.

 You will be able to find out if you are able to get a good deal more than you think. At the same time, the activation of the , which uses its power, stopped.

 The Reishinjinjin Sword releases a white rainbow, and Ray's arms are released from the freeze.

 But - he doesn't get frightened.
 Before that, Isak had jumped out and attacked Arcana.

''The Backriding Sword (Haiiri Ken) Revein Gilma.''

 The Burning Ice Flower - Chunkei Rikka - gathers, and Levine Girma appears in her hands.

''The Calamity Fang Ice Palm (Galmunk).''

 An azure palm slaps Arcana's face.

''Son of the Woe. This body has turned into an eternal, immortal divine body.''

Immortal or not, he's frozen.

 <The cold air from the Disaster Fang Ice Palm (Garmunk) instantly freezes Arcana's entire body. But it was only on the surface. Immediately, that ice shattered.

 However, in that instant, Isak was already closing in on the great circle of burning ice - .

 Countless magic circles were drawn to encircle it, and blue icicles appeared. They all fired at once and bared their fangs at the Sixth Flower of Treason.

 The Six Flowers of Disobedience boasted unparalleled strength against the gods, but the plague victim was a demigod and a demi-human. The only thing he has suppressed is his authority as the master god. Even after losing it, he still possesses vastly more magical power.

 The ice pillar, an icicle, sticks out, and the authority of the treacherous god turns into a gravestone of ice.

"Order is distorted and disobeyed...

 Arcana, who had pulled the Revein Gilma out of its sheath, closed in on the plague.

 A flash of silvery white swordsmanship raced sharply.

''I am the god who does not fold the bow in heaven.


 The two sides crossed.
 Sparks of magic power were scattered and the Calamity's Ice Palm of Calamity Fang pierced Arcana's heart.

 <The Six Flowers of Disobedience were completely frozen and Rivine Girma disappeared.

''Do you think I'm relying on the Lord God's power?

 Isak waves his arms carelessly as if to throw off Arcana.

 She falls slowly.
 At that moment, the ground shines for a moment.

 Barzalondo's cut the wind and sped at an unstoppable speed.

 A strange change occurred in the world of the Disaster Abyss, an arcana that caught him by surprise. Even after setting up a double diversion, however, the calamity dodged its arrows on the verge.

''I see you, son of Ordoff.

 <Avoiding the , Isak swings down the Disaster Claw.

 The claw strike that tears up space, mercilessly slashes through Baltzalondo after the shot, splitting the earth.

 A great deal of fresh blood stains the earth with blood, and with a thump, he pokes his knee.

''I only saw one, woe is me........''

 Balzalondo smiles, however, as he collapses in a pool of blood.

''The Heaven and Earth Life Bow, the secret is one--''

 A total of four arrows were fired by Balzarondo at the same time.

 The calamity dodged, and the guy just moved inside those four arrows.

''-- !

 Each of the four arrows connected the magic lines, constructing a triangular cone of wards. <The magic power of the Ice Binding Wave Arrows (Garid) is released, and the inside of the ward freezes.

 Isak's movements stop for a moment.

 The icy warding is enough to stall Isak, who is good at freezing magic, even if it's only slightly. Barzalondo took away the movement of the calamity, just as he declared.


 Balzarondo shouted.
 Knowingly, Ray was holding his Evans Mana at the ready.

''The Spirit God Human Sword, the secret depths are corporal--''

 The thirty-three rainbow blades floating behind Ray spun around and pointed their blades at the ground. Ray jumped headfirst into the frozen Izak.

 <Cracks appear in the icy wards caused by the Ice Binding Wave Arrow (Garid) and the Wind Moon (Fugetsu).
 The rainbow blade dazzled as Ray raised the Reishinjin Sword.

 A flash.

 The calamity's chest was slashed open and thirty-three rainbow blades pierced its body. Each one of them contained the magical power of the Celebrated Celestial Lord and the calamity who slashed through it with the Kaisen Rainbow Blade.

 The rainbow blade flickers and releases all the power it has accumulated at once.

''-- -Turn!

 A rainbow radiance emanates from the three blades and causes a huge explosion that covers the whole sky.

 The magical power absorbed by transforming it into a rainbow blade is supplemented by its own power to slice through the enemy. It was truly a strike of Kaiten to overcome an opponent that was superior to its own power.

 Ray exhaled quietly.

 At that moment, he opened his eyes.
 An arm stretched out wetly from the explosive smoke.

 The disaster man's fingertips pierced Ray's stomach.

'That was close,'

 The blessing of St. Hyphoria, the world killing calamity claw Jiz Enzens Bayes. You can't stop Isak, the plague man, even after receiving a decent amount of the thirty-three rainbow blades that have accumulated their magical power.

 You will be able to get a good deal more information about it.
 You will be able to see it reign supreme in the skies of the Abyssal World, and it is worthy of being called an impenetrable sea.

''It's surprising that there are seven roots, but there's only one left. You're going to die.

 The hand of the plague man grabbed the source of Rey inside his body.

 Ray doesn't move, doesn't casually say anything, just looks back at Isak.

 There is not the slightest hint of fright or fear in his eyes.

''Well I don't like it.

 Instead of trying to finish him off right away, he said.

"What do you have in mind?

Do you want to hear it?

 After a few seconds of silence, the plague man opens his mouth.


I'm going to change things, Hyphoria.

 The hand of the plague man who was trying to crush the source of the problem stopped with a snap.

It's not going to change the hyphoria, no matter what you say from the outside. You can't see the rainbow path from the end, they weren't crazy about justice. To you--

 A light flashed before the calamity's eyes.

 Rising from Ray's body, it was indeed a rainbow path. While the disaster man is speechless, the rainbow road draws a certain magic circle.

 <The magic circle of the
 The contents of the contract described therein are--

I will be the Holy King.

 Isak rolls his eyes.
 It was the first time he showed clear surprise at Ray's words.

''Kukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukutta. You? Do you think a non-conformist from Militia can be the Holy King of Highforia?

''In the Holy Sword World, whoever draws the Spirit God Man Sword should be qualified to do so.

 Curious, he looked at Ray and asked, "I don't know.

"I don't know. What's driving you to do this?

No great reason. I just made a promise. To King Ordoff, the First King, and his son.

 Ray gives his usual refreshing smile.

'We have to keep our word, don't we?'

 Kuku, a faint smile broke out again.
 It sounds somehow calmer than before.

 Then he looked up to the heavens.
 Gazing towards him, Isak quietly opened his mouth.

''Well it's been exactly three days. You guys were right, that bastard didn't come........

 Peeking through his fangs, Isak laughs.

'But they sure did send me a big a**h*le. You gave me a replacement, a big a**h*le.

 Pulling his arm out of Ray's chest, Isak dispels the blood.

You have a month to do it. If you don't, you're done.

I don't mind.

 Isak rewrites the and Ray signs it.

 He turned himself around and slowly flew away.

"Naga. You're alive, aren't you?

 The plague called out, and a magic circle was drawn, and the naga was transferred to it.

'Tell the others. We'll put an end to the fight.

'I agree with that, but Bobonga and Kostoria are still in captivity.

 Woe is the man with the tongue.


What are you going to do?

It's a pain in the ass. Let me go!

Excuse me, disaster man!

 The Naga will chase after the departing plagues.

 If they destroy Kostoria and Bobonga, they will be at war with Ewezeino again. As long as Militia is there, she must have decided that even Hyphoria can't treat them poorly.

 But it's not a lie that it's troublesome.


 At Ray's words, the plague turns around.

'Ordoff is in our world. I think he's waiting for you.


 Isak chuckled lightly.

'You big idiot,'

 He left without looking back.

 The ground cracks in the boundary line widened more and more, and Ewezeino and Hyphoria grew a little further apart.