633-Teacher and disciple

 Two days later.
 Reincarnation World Militia--

 A huge, hedgehog-like ship floated in the sky above Midhays. It was the workshop ship of Badilure.

 The ship slowly lowered in altitude and lingered just above Delzogade. Five figures seemed to pop out of the chimney and landed at the back gate of the Demon King's Academy.

 They were Bellamy and the old blacksmiths.
 They walked down the road, looking at the copper waterwheels and windmills lined up in a row with great interest.

''Bah bah bah...''

 A joyful voice sounded from the back of the room.

 Zecia and Ennesone came running at a brisk pace. They gave a big smile and jumped on Bellamy.

''Oh, alright. You're looking good today.''

 Holding Ensuone in one hand, Bellamy stroked Zesia's head as she clung to her feet.

''The energy........is.......up to you.......!


 Zesia stretched out her chest as she turned her back, and Ennesone flapped his head wings.
 Bellamy naturally smiled as well, as if caught in an innocent smile.

'What's wrong with Eleonor?'

My mom is... making a feast for you.

 Zesia clenched both fists, and Ennesone held up a finger.

'It's apple pie!'



 A chiding voice rang out.

 The transposed Eleonor was standing there in person, his cheeks puffed out.

'You can't lie to me and try to get me to make you an apple pie.

 Zesia and Eleonor glanced at each other with a sideways glance.

''They found out..........''

You've been found out...

 Eleanor gave him a look that said something like, "Eleanor is a naughty boy," and then she looked at Bellamy.

''Welcome to Militia. This is the Demon King Academy Delzogade. It's an academy for training the next demon emperor. Oh, the word "Demon Emperor" is not the same as the head of the head of state, but the letters are different. The inhabitants of the Militia world don't really know much about heads of state yet.

You know, I don't know how you get along in peace.

 Bellamy says, half in dismay, half in admiration.

'We're normal in our own world, so it's not too surprising,'

 Eleonor took Ennesone in Bellamy's arms and turned on her heel.

 Bellamy lined up beside her as she started to walk away.

'It was nice of you to talk to the former head Anos.


Today. You didn't get a good look at me when I said I wanted to come to the Militia, did you?

Oh, not at all. Anos, I don't care about that.

 Next to Eleonor, who is smiling softly, Zesia utters, "Demon King........" and has a proud expression on her face.

''How can you not care when the head of a hostile world is coming?

 Eleonor chuckles.

''That's the kind of person our Demon Lord is, you know. It seems he's talked to some people in Hyphoria.

 Bellamy looks back at him suspiciously.

''I thought you didn't get permission from Hyphoria for Ordoff's reincarnation?''

Balzalondo said you took him.

 Hearing this, Bellamy sighs, increasingly dismayed.

''Then it's not like we're going out of our way to start a fire. Hyphoria is skeptical of Militia's reincarnation. They say it's an act of stealing fire dew. It's a good thing that they can't overlook that when they do that with the first king.

I'm pretty sure that's what Mr. Barzalondo said.

Then why did you do it? If you hadn't, you'd still be able to get away with it. You can't hold back, Mr. Lebrahard, if you've been officially notified.

'Hmmm, I don't know the hard stuff, but Anos, you said that since there is no culture of reincarnation in Hyphoria, there will be people who will want to meet their deaths.

 Bellamy rolls his eyes, annoyed.

"You and this head of state just aren't very good at math, are you?

That's a good point.

 Pic, Eleonor raised his index finger.

 Bellamy laughed, as if he hadn't thought of it.

'Well, I suppose you could say that.

 A channel leading to the basement could be seen, and Eleonor and the others emerged in
 After a while, I arrived at the deepest part of Delzogade.

 I could see them with my naked eyes.

''Anos, the head of the Yuan Taoist.

 When I landed, Bellamy came to me.

"I'm sorry to be on such short notice,

What? We are the ones who took Ordoff. Under normal circumstances, we could have taken care of him in Hyphoria.

 With that, I turn on my heel.

'In the Militia order, you're going to reincarnate with your personality as it is, right?

With Ordov's condition, we don't know when or where he will be born, or how far he will retain his memories. In Badilurean culture, it would be no different than simply dying.

You weren't even close.

 With a hand to the back of his head, Bellamy turned his gaze slightly to the ceiling.

"There are a lot of things in the silver sea that you can't do. Sometimes you just want to hang on to a convenient dream.

 She said, then turned forward again and waved her hand lightly.

'I'm just talking to myself. Forget it.

 Bellamy, unlike me, is not a powerful politician. He would not be able to speak against the will of the people in public.

 If I speak my mindlessly, I don't know who might get in my way.

 This soliloquy is a sign of loyalty and trust to Militia.
 The earlier battle was far less damaging to Badyloua than Bellamy had expected.
 Of course, Eleonor deserves much credit for this.

''You seem to be quite a pain in the ass, Badilure.

It's not all bad. After all, as long as you have a head and stomach ache, you won't have to do anything crazy to cut off a part of the disaster world.

 Bellamy grins at me.

 'Crap,' I let out a laugh.

'Must be.'

'Well, as you said, I left Bobonga and Costoria in the care of Pablo Hetara. You'll have to hand them over to Ottolu. Well, I'm sure Naga and his people will be in touch soon, so we'll have to make formal negotiations there.

 There was a way to keep him in the Militia world, but Pablo Hetara would be more of a threat.
 If they handed him over to Ottolu, who was strict about the rules, Naga wouldn't be able to bypass him.

'Do you think you and Hyphoria are going to be able to get a drop on him?

If Lebrahard is coming today.

 Bellamy chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.

 Up ahead was Singh's figure.
 There was no foreign enemy here, but he was alert and aware of his surroundings with an unguarded gaze.

 I could see his steel-colored hair and goggles peeking out of his back, just slightly.

 Bellamy looks in that direction for a moment, and the hair and goggles hide behind Singh. Bellamy didn't seem to notice and walked over to where Ray and Baltzalondo were.

'Didn't you have a word with the witch in the Yorozu Workshop?

 Shin spoke to Silk Mueller, who was hiding behind his back.

 <In a telegram of contemplation, Silk says, "Ironmongers have a good ear.

 Ironmongers have a good ear.
 He didn't want his voice to be picked up by Bellamy.

"Do we know each other?

 Silk was silent with an awkward look on her face.

 As she said it, she looked out from behind Singh's back.

 Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bellamy, Ray, and Baltzalondo.

'Thank you for stopping Isak. If you guys had failed, it would have been a bit of a mess, you know.

It was Ray who showed us the way. I never did anything.

 When Barzalondo assured him of this, Bellamy looked at Ray.

 He chuckled in annoyance.

'I don't want to be lifted too much. It's just a month's reprieve that's been extended.'

I'm just amazed that you were able to negotiate with that Isaac. I'm not the kind of person who listens to stories.

 Sullenly, Bellamy said.

It's a good thing that you're able to have a good idea of what to expect when you go to work. It's a good thing that our youngsters are able to learn from each other.

 Silk's ears twitched in response.

 Hiding behind Shin's back, she shrank smaller and smaller. With an uncomfortable look on her face, Silk stared at the ground and bit her lip.

'The young blacksmith of Bardilua was extraordinary, both in his skill and his love of the sword.

 Bellamy's eyes widened slightly.

 Light was gathering in Ray's hands.
 It was summoned by the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana.

''If it wasn't for this sword she reforged, we wouldn't even be able to talk to the plagues.

 'Halfway,' laughs Bellamy.

'Not yet. Well, you know.

 She says with a proud look on her face.

You did well this time," she says proudly. It's just about as close as you can get.

 Bellamy's eyes narrowed somewhat happily as he looked at the holy sword that had been reforged by Silk.
 As if to say that he was satisfied with his apprentice's work.

'An impeccable job, don't you think?

Of course I can do that. I trained that idiot's apprentice from scratch. If it wasn't for my skill, I would have been a lot better than the one I have now.

 Silk gives him a look of disbelief as he hides and listens.

'Why don't you just say that to him directly?

It's not a joke, really. What would happen if you said that when you're just getting a little stuck up? Ironmonger craftsmen are like swords, you know. The more you strike them while they're hot, the stronger they become. When I was young, I never received any praise from my master.

 Ray chuckles as Bellamy says bluntly.

'I suppose there's an ironclad way of doing things, though. If you recognize her as one of the best, then maybe we can talk a little bit more openly about it.

 Bellamy rolls his eyes at Ray, who says softly.

'We both have our misunderstandings, and she left the workshop without a care in the world, didn't she?

 Bellamy said that he had been hit in a sore spot.

 Barzalondo was nodding widely next to him.
 When Bellamy glared at him glaringly, he pouted and averted his gaze.

 ''Huh,'' she sighed.

''Well I'll tell you to come back I don't think that bounce is going to listen to you honestly, but hey...''

 Hearing those words, just slightly, Silk's shoulders were trembling.


 She murmured in a whisper.
 Slightly, the corners of her mouth rose.

 Bellamy turned around curiously in response to her muttering.

 Ah, he opened his mouth, and Silk ran toward the exit as if to escape from it.

 From Bellamy's position, he couldn't see Silk in the shadow of the waterwheel.
 She loosened her cheeks, as if to guess what was going on, and turned to Ray again.

 He was smiling, as usual, with a fresh smile.

'Ordoff was just as meddlesome as you, huh?

What are you talking about?

 Bellamy laughs cheerfully.

"I told you you'd make a terrible fool of yourself one day.