634-When parting

 Guided by Ray and Barzalondo, Bellamy proceeds to the center of the Delzogade depths.

 There stood the four gods, the Four Trees, the four gods.
 A three-dimensional magic circle was drawn on it, and its center glowed faintly.

 If you elaborate your magic eye, you can see Ordoff lying in that light.

 The end was just around the corner.

 Wenzel, the god of birth, held up his shield; Dilfred, the god of deepening, held up his staff; Anahem, the god of demise, held up his sword; and Gietenalos, the god of transmutation, held up his flute.

 The light that enveloped Ordoff began to shine even more powerfully, dazzling the room.

 Dilfred, the god of deepening, opens his mouth solemnly.

'The root of this one is invited to the boundary where the end turns to transformation. A final glow is released. Or the possibility will arise of exchanging words with him as he departs.

 When Bellamy turned to Ray, he nodded.

 She took a few steps forward and stared at Ordoff, whose eyes were closed as if he had fallen asleep.

''Well we're getting old, aren't we, each other...''

 Bellamy muttered to himself.

I've just set up my own workshop in the Third Hyphoria, and you came along. The moment you saw my sword, you asked me to come aboard the ship, and I was shocked. It hadn't even been a month since I set up shop.

 Bellamy begins to tell the unconscious Ordoff stories of the past.

 His voice, warm and somehow sad, echoed in the room.

When I told him I dreamed of having my own workshop, you said you'd let me strike the Holy King's sword. You said you would be the Holy King," he said. I don't know how a chick just out of Hyphoria managed to make a big deal out of it.

 'But...' she smiled, with a look of nostalgia for the past.

"You made it come true," she said. From the first moment we met, you never said the word "impossible" in your vocabulary. Because of that, I got myself into so much trouble that I ended up being the head of Badyloua," she said.

 Ordoff's body grew in light.
 The root source exerted its power strongly, but he did not open his mouth.

'It's completely outrageous. I've complained a lot about you, but you run away every time this topic comes up. I'd like to have you apologize to me at some point.

 Bellamy draws his lips together.
 He stared at the lifeless Ordoff's face.

'You wouldn't run away from me like that, would you?

 Ordoff did not answer.
 Bellamy laughed sadly and continued.

'I've lost. My life is not so bad. I was never good at socializing, and now I'm surrounded by so many disciples. I thought I was going to die shooting my weapon!

 Bellamy's expression was very calm as he spoke in his usual unchanged tone.

I don't know why. I've been thinking back to that year when we traveled on your ship," he said. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. It's a good idea to have a good time.

 Her hand reaches out and gently touches Ordoff's face.

''........Totally. You're not going to be great........

 Bellamy stared at his old friend for a moment.
 As if to imprint his face on her mind.

 Then, after a moment, Bellamy quietly let go of his hand.
 As she turned on her heel, Barzalondo bowed his head politely.

'I'm sure my father would be pleased.

Don't be so sure about it. It's not that Mr. Lebrahard doesn't want to come.

 Bellamy tapped him gently on the shoulder as if he was concerned about Balzarond.

'.........my brother will come.......'

 Bellamy looked back at him silently.
 Barzalondo's lips are pulled into a straight line, and he has a stubborn look in his eyes.

 He believes that his brother is coming.
 No, he wants to believe it.

'His Majesty the Holy King has a position, too. Hyphoria can't allow you to reincarnate. That's why you were forced to come here, right?

 Barzalondo was at a loss for a reply and looked down.

 But he immediately looked up as if he had noticed something.

 A figure emerged from the channel leading to the ground.

 Misha, Sasha, and Mass led them to the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife and Baron LeoWolf.

''Heavenly Lord, Lord Leowulf,''

 Balzarondo greeted them.

'Well done, sir.

 Leowulf only took one look at him and did not want to open his mouth.
 His attitude clearly indicated that he was unwilling to visit this place.

 A person from Hyphoria would not be without a sense of remorse for kidnapping the previous king, Ordoff. Nevertheless, they must have reluctantly followed him to protect the Lord God.

 Eife said.

''Where is Ordov?''

Come here.

 Balzarondo led him to Ordov. For a moment, he looked at the exit channel. As if looking for someone.

 Eife notices this, and in a tranquil voice says

'The Holy King has entrusted me with a message from him.

 Barzalondo turns to Eife.

'I will be at the funeral,'

Does that mean you can't come to Militia?

 Aife nodded quietly.


There's no why or what.

 Instead of Eife, who had a somber expression on her face, Leowulf tittered.

''To begin with. You disobeyed His Majesty's order, Lord Balzalondo, and carried your predecessor to the reincarnated world of Militia. Consider it fortunate that he was not punished for that.

'Leowulf. The blame is on me because I ordered him to go.

 Eife says in a chiding tone.

 He closed his mouth for a moment, but once again Leofwolf said.

''It is only because of the mouthpiece of the Heavenly Lord that this matter is not in question. That's all, for now. His Majesty the Holy King does not wish to make the transfer of the former king public.

You could at least come to us without making it public.

 Barzalondo bites down.

'You are not the one who can walk in unfaithfulness.

 Balzalondo shouted in righteous indignation at Leo Wolfe, who said plainly, "You mean to say that you have been unfaithful to my father?

'You call it unfaithful to take care of my father?

If you don't like it, you can appeal directly to His Majesty the Holy King.

 Sullenly said, Barzalondo shushed him.

'It was my fault that I couldn't bring him in.

 Aife apologized for that.

''No ... no,''

 Unable to say anything else, Barzalondo let himself walk in silence.

 He arrived at the location of the magic circle.
 After exchanging a light greeting with Bellamy, Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife stepped out in front of Ordov.


 A gentle gaze caressed his body.

'There was something I wanted to see you about, to be sure. But that is without concern. Our brave men never gave up, no matter what mighty walls stood in their way. You, your sons, and the otherworldly heroes your son brought with him, worked miracles and kept our Hyphoria alive.

 As if to say goodbye, she says.

'I'm brave enough to move on, too. So--'

 Eife spread her wings.
 A rainbow of light shone out to bless Ordov.

''Thank you, Ordov. The great hero who fought to the end for the Holy Sword World. I wish you all the best in your future journey.

 She prayed silently as she sent Ordoff away.

 Eventually the blessed light subsided and slowly Eife opened her eyes.

 She turned on her heel and took a few steps back, then turned to face him again.
 We're in a circle, watching over Ordoff in the center.

 It's almost time to go.

"I thought we were going to talk when you came in.

 Bellamy said to Eife.
 There was a hint of sadness in the sound of his voice.

'He never stopped and continued on that righteous path all his life. He deserves a moment's rest at least for the last time.

Yeah, he's been working too hard.

 They sadly watched the departing hero.

"--The time has passed. Across the border, the end now turns to transformation--

 Dilfred, the god of deepening, said, "The four gods of the forest will work their own order in the magic circle of the Reincarnation (Silica).
 He will die and be born anew in this incarnation of Militia.

 It is possible that someday, somewhere, we will meet again.
 That's the logic of this Militia - the gentle world of Militia.


 Someone whispered softly.

'.........not yet..........!

 They all turned around.

 Barzalondo said to the four Juri gods as if appealing to them.

'I just need a little more ... time. My father is waiting. To tell my brother his last words. So.........

 He squeezes out a scratchy voice.

'So ... not speaking ... just a little more time ... just enough time for my father to pass away contentedly ...'

"Stagnate long enough at the border and you will be pulled back to the end.

 Dilfred tells him matter-of-factly.

'This one's reincarnation will be impossible.

 Speechless, Barzalondo gritted his teeth.
 Bellamy puts his hand on his shoulder.

"I haven't ... done ... anything ... to ... my father.

Don't be silly.

 Strongly, Bellamy hugged Balzalondo's shoulders.
 Tears welled up in her eyes.

"You dove into death to defend Ordoff's honor. You risked your life to protect the dream of a great fool. You're the most devoted son I've ever known. Hey. Ordoff is a very happy man.

 The light emanating from Ordoff grows stronger and stronger.
 With Bellamy holding him by the shoulders, Barzalondo spilled large tears.

 Eife, as well as Leowulf, shed tears at the moment the great brave man disappeared.


 An arrogant voice rang out, breaking through the tense air.

 A man with blue hair like a beast's mane came there with a chilling air. It was Isaac the Plague Man, the Lord God and former head of the Plague Abyss World Ewezeino.

 As if to warn him, Leo Wolf became the shield of the Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord and drew his holy sword. Without a moment's notice, it cleaved the body of the plague man, but in an instant it froze and broke with a snap.

 Leowulf braced himself.

 But Isak walks forward as if he is not in his sights.
 Then he stopped in front of Ordov.

'Yo, old man!'

 Isak says.

'You're going to go down,'

 He slowly raised one hand and showed me the bottle of liquor he was holding.

'Go ahead and bring it.'

 Beside Ordov, Isak put the bottle of wine down beside him.
 Then his eyelids twitched.

 Balzalondo's eyes widened as he was relieved.

 Everyone in the place watched with bated breath as they stared at Ordov's slightly returned magic.

 Slowly, really slowly, Ordov opens his eyes.

 And so, indeed, he saw the face of the plague man.

 He opens his mouth in a small way.

''I'm ... sorry. I'm a lowlife.

 Showing his fangs, the plague man laughs fiercely, as usual.
 Still, unlike usual, he looks somewhat happy.


 Ordoff moved his labour-less lips as best he could.

'Hey ... my son ... is a big deal ...'

 He said in a weak voice, but still proud of himself.

 Isak slightly rolled his eyes.
 But after a moment of silence, Isak replied with a look of understanding.

It's a good thing I'm not the only one. You look a lot like yourself.

 Satisfied, Ordoff laughed, and his figure turned into a grain of light.

 Ordoff's trembling fist extended to the plague.
 He watched it, not moving slightly.

 He struggled to extend his slow fist and it did indeed strike Isak's knee.

 As if snatched by the wind in a huff, Ordov's body was completely turned into a grain of light and was swept away.
 Looking up at the light moving away, Isak said.

''Buh-bye, you great idiot.''

 <Along with the magic circle of , Ordov's root source completely disappears.

 Only the Order of the Five Swords left behind - the Order of Heinriel - held his magical power before his death.