635-Epilogue-The suspicions left behind-

 That night--

 In the depths of the Delzogade, there was the figure of Barzalondo.
 Ray sat beside him.

 They were silent.

 In Balzalondo's hand is the Order of Heinriel, left to him by his late father.
 <In his hand is the Order of Heinriel, left to him by his late father, which contains the Holy Testament. It is the last testament and testament of a nobleman who, before he perishes, can bequeath his heart to his father.

 Ordoff the Magnificent wanted to tell you.
 Perhaps there is a clue as to who had imprisoned him in the bubble world.

 But Barzalondo is not going to listen to the .
 He just kept his eyes on it, and stood still, wondering what was going on.

 As I walked away, Barzalondo looked up at me.


 He stepped out reflexively, but realized it was me who had come, and he pulled his lips into a tight line.

'Are you waiting for me?'

 Even after Isak, Bellamy, and Eife left the reincarnation world of Militia, Barzalondo had remained in the depths of this delzogade for a long time.

 Even though Eife had told him what had happened, he stubbornly refused to move from there, as if he couldn't not come.

It's time for Eife to arrive in Hyphoria. As expected, he won't be coming from now on.

''I'm sorry that I'm taking this opportunity to...''

 An earnest voice tapped my earlobe.

 It may not be that he didn't think it couldn't come.

 It's a must," he said, and his expression seemed to indicate that he had to come.

'No matter. Just wait until you're satisfied.

 I walked over to the two of them.

 I make eye contact with Ray and he smiles slightly.
 Barzalondo remained downcast, as if he was thinking about it.

 For a while, only silence dominated the place.


 Suddenly, Balzalondo mutters to himself.

 It was during the silver-water pecking order battle with Ewezeino. This man was better with the bow than with sword or magic. However, he usually didn't dare to use that power.

''Contrary to the order of the Holy Sword World, was it?''

 The used to restrain Isak is something that gathers magic power from the natural magic field and constructs an arrow.

 It is certainly not the order of the Holy Sword World to make the magic field that stands in the Disaster Abyss World at will. The magic power possessed by the hunting nobles and the magic power of the evezeinos are at odds with each other.

 Normally, they should not be able to control it properly. The only reason it was able to do that--.

You certainly didn't feel the least bit of the blessing's magic.

 Ray said.

 Balzarondo nodded quietly.

''All the hunting nobles of Highforia are born with the blessing of the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife. Hence, if you use your magic power, you will surely benefit from the blessing.''

 It's the same in every small world in the Silver Water Holy Sea. If you use magic power, it would normally be accompanied by the attributes of the world you were born into.

 The only exception so far is this reincarnated world, Militia.

''But only when I deal with bows and related magic can I not receive the blessings of the Holy Sword World. I'm crazy.

'But I guess it's not so strange. In Militia, no one is bound to the limited order of the world. There may be one or two such people born in Hyphoria.

...It's not a matter of being born or not being born.

 Barzalondo says.

'In your world, this would not be a big deal. But in Hyphoria, magic without a blessing is an abomination against the order of the Great Celebrated Lord Eife.

 He gave me a look as if he'd just bitten down on a bitter worm.

'I mean, I'm a misfit.

I see.

 That's not impossible.

 Since non-conformists are born in a bubbling world, they could be born in a deepened world.

'Is that why you've been hiding the bow?

 Ray asks.

 'With the way they treated the Demon King's Academy in Pablo Hetara, it's not hard to imagine how non-conformists would be treated in Highforia.

''That's right. But there is one person who once saw my bow.''

What's that?

 With a grave face, Barzalondo replied.

'My brother, Lebrahard.

 Ray gave him a puzzled look.

'I thought you said there was no one in the know at the earliest?

 When I uttered this, Barzalondo nodded.

''My brother and I were still young. I admired the baron and was honing my hunting skills, so I taught myself the Ice Binding Arrow. But when my brother saw this, he said, "My bow is an evil weapon. My bow is evil and better not to let anyone else see it.

 Evil, huh?

'Have you noticed that it is not accompanied by the magic of blessing?

'We were less than half a man at the time. We didn't even have a good understanding of the limited order. I'm sure we didn't understand the logic. However, my brother had an excellent talent. Perhaps he sensed at an early age that my bow was uncomfortable without the magic of blessing in it.

 There is nothing in Hyphoria that is not accompanied by the magic of blessing. Even at a young age, you may notice the discomfort.

'My bow is strong. Still, it is not a good way to go, my brother said. I respected my brother so much that I stuck to it. I no longer cared to train my bow, and from then on I did not even guard my arrows in public.

 I didn't know you had that much skill and didn't have enough training.
 It's a shame. 

Eventually I learned about the limited order, and I realized that I was a non-conformist - a non-conformist - who had turned against the Hyphorian order. I thought that my brother, as a child, had prevented others from knowing this and preventing me from being persecuted. That kind of intuition worked well for my brother.

 Every time he talked about the past, I felt Barzalondo's mouth grow heavier and heavier at heart.

'One time my brother said to me. People change. Thoughts change. If you think you are on the wrong track, he said, point your bow at them. If you do, you will surely stop and look back at the path you took. If, on the other hand, I was on the wrong path, my brother would point his righteous sword at me. It is an oath that only my brother and I know.

 For a moment, Balzalondo's lips were drawn together as if he remembered the moment.
 After a few seconds of silence, he opens his mouth again.

'My brother asked me once, after he became the Holy King. 'Why,' he said, 'is my bow evil?'

 Barzalondo said, groggily.
 'From what I've heard so far, I can only imagine how that ended up.

'So you didn't remember.

 Balzarondo gave a small nod.

'....What do you mean by that, he asked back...'

 Lowering his eyes, he continued.

''But that was only in my childhood. Back then, my brother never dreamed that my bow was against the order of the holy sword world, he just said it as he felt it. It's no wonder that a little boy doesn't remember the words he just said on a whim.

 Barzalondo looked up slowly.

'Then I will not burden my brother, who has just become a holy king, with the burden of having a non-conformist brother. If he finds out, he will surely be heartbroken for me. With that in mind, I kept my mouth shut.

 He says.

'I thought the important thing was the oath I made to my brother - or so I thought.

 Little by little, the turmoil swirling in his chest seeped out of his expression as he tried to maintain his composure.

'Until now,'

 The heavy words spilled out.

 Silence enveloped the area again.
 The sound of watermills and windmills turning sounded strange to my ears.

'My brother must have seen my bow in the earlier battle.

 In front of Rebrahard, Baltzalondo repeatedly shot arrows at him.

 Then he should have realized who was responsible for the secret depths of the Heaven and Earth Life Bow and the that bound the plagues.

''If you were watching, you would come. Just like when I was a little girl, that bow is an evil path. I shouldn't have gone down that road. I knew you would come to tell me, no matter what.

 So he was still waiting for Ordoff after he was reincarnated.

 He believed that if he went down the wrong path, his brother would surely come to stop him.

 But Rebrahard did not come.

'The Holy King has changed. The righteous and proud brother I admired and respected is nowhere to be found.

 That's what Barzalondo had said before, too.

'But ... is it really true ...?

 Barzalondo asked this as if to ask himself.

'Really, I mean?'

 Ray asks.

'He cut off my father's dream of the man he was supposed to inherit, sunning himself on Grand Admiral Gigi, who slaughtered my father, and not even showing up to see him die.

 Barzalondo said as he spat.

'They don't send me any mail, not even to my bow.

 One by one, Barzalondo would have had to give up the idea that Rebrahard had simply changed.

'Above all, if I had pointed my bow at him, my brother would have stopped and looked back that way! I couldn't miss it! There's no way that brother would break his vows!

 But a series of events that made him feel so uncomfortable caused him to have doubts.

'How can people change so much? So much for that proud brother who even gave up his life for his brother-in-law! I can't believe this is happening. It couldn't be!

 There is no clear evidence for this.
 Still, Balzalondo appealed to his intuition.

 He didn't want that suspicion to be true, he thought.
 He didn't even want to think about it.

 So he kept waiting.

'Hmm. So you're saying, Barzalondo,

 I tell him, as if to give voice to his doubts.

'It's not the Holy King now,'