282-Giant Dragon Elixir

 Perhaps it was because the giant-headed dragon had been hit, but the herd of dragons fled like a scattering of spiderlings.

''Can you stand?''

 I hold out my hand to the young knight.
 He grabs me and raises himself up.

 He looks more pale than before.

'I can't be bothered. I am Ricardo Arbicious, a Knight of the Kingsguard, a member of the Agaha Dragon Order. May I ask your name?

Anos Voldigord.

''Lord Anos. I'm sorry to see you slay the black giant-headed dragon without the power of a god. Could it be that you are a baby dragon?

 Anyone with uncommon power under the ground must be a god or otherwise a baby dragon.

'I'm not a dragonborn. I'm an earthly demon race.

 As he said it, he pointed to the canopy.


 Ricardo looked surprised.
 However, as if quickly regaining his composure, he opened his mouth.

'So, then, Dillhade's?'

 Hmm. It looks like you know about things on earth.
 If they are the Agaha Dragon Knights, then they may be close to the Sword Emperor Diedrich as well.

''Ah, that's where I'm from.

"My country, the Agach's prophecy tells me that one day the chivalrous heroes of the earth will come to visit you in the depths of the earth. It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Anos.

Now, I don't know if it was us who came up with this prophecy. But I'm glad to see a brave knight in charge.

 Once again, I shook hands with Ricardo.

''By the way, Ricardo. I'm going to ask you a question, why did you take the trouble to lure the giant-headed dragon? With your power, you'll never manage to escape before that dragon comes out.

 Nodding, Ricardo replied with a stern face.

'Actually, my daughter is ill, sir.


The rare dragon gem that is refined within the body of a giant dragon was needed. If she used it to make an elixir, it would be effective against her daughter's illness. That is why I have been struggling to lure the giant-headed dragon for some time now, trying to lure it to my daughter.

 He chuckles slightly.

'However, it was a little too much to ask. If Lord Anos hadn't walked by, I would have nearly lost my life.

'Then get it sooner rather than later and take the elixir with you.

 Then Ricardo made a puzzled expression.

''Ah ... no, but that's not how it can be. The one who killed the giant-headed dragon was Anos-dono. The rare dragon beads are valuable. They can be used to make magic tools and if you sell them, they'll fetch a substantial price. If you're unsure of what to do with it, I'll tell you everything I know to thank you for saving my life.

 You are a very loyal man.
 You risked your life to get the ingredients for a potion and you would give them to a stranger, even though you are a benefactor.

Don't be shy. I have no use for it.

We cannot turn our back on the ways of the knights. I'm sure Lord Anos has a use for the Dragon Pearl.

 Hmm. Quite a sight.

"So, Ricardo. Now, Ricardo, I have a purpose. Let's see if you can do it with that dragon ball.

Ha. Please tell me.

'I want to make the world a place where righteousness and honesty are rewarded. I don't pity an honest man who looks at a fool.

 Ricardo looked as if he had realized what I meant.

Now, how can I do that with that dragon ball?

 He bowed his head deeply and profoundly, as if in fear.

I will certainly repay you for this favor........

 At that moment, a voice rang out from above.

''And, Tomo~! Where are you going? No, not that way!

 The next moment when I thought I heard Naya's voice, I heard a strange sound.
 The body of the giant-headed dragon shrank rapidly and became as small as a ball.


 Is the pretty cry Tomogui's?
 At the same time, the figure of the giant-headed dragon, which had become small, disappeared.



 As if in response to Naya's voice, a small dragon figure appeared in the place where the giant-headed dragon had been earlier. It flicked its tongue around its mouth.

''Hmm. Tomogui, you ate the giant-headed dragon.''


 Tomogui chirped in a sweet voice.

 Is it the result of eating the divine dragon?
 The strange sound from earlier must have the same effect as the magic sphere before.

''And, Tomogui! Because Anos-sama is talking to you. Meh.

 Naya jumps down and holds Tomogui to her chest.

''I'm sorry, too!

 She bowed her head begrudgingly and went back to the snow dragon circling in the sky above.

''I'm sorry. It's a student from my academy and his summoned dragon.

 That said, Ricardo's expression was dark.
 He came to slay the giant-headed dragon at the risk of his life. My daughter's illness must be very serious.

I'm sure you're not the only one. I'll take responsibility for it. Can you show me your daughter's illness?

"...yes that's fine, but....

I don't mean to be a comfort to you. I'm not trying to be comforting, but on earth, magic has developed to cure diseases. I'm sure you're not the only one. I'm sure that if they can be cured with the use of elixirs, then magic can be effective.

 When he offered this, Ricardo bowed his head deeply, again with a look of horror.

''I'm not holding back. By all means, please do.

Let's go then. Where does my daughter live?

I'm in Agalofyone, capital of Agaha.

Then you're just where you need to be. Can you show me where we're going?

 With a nod, Ricardo drew a
'Hmm. Is your body good? If you want, I'll have my people carry it.

I'm sorry you feel that way. But it's nothing to worry about.

 Ricardo jumped up. As I mentioned, there seemed to be no obstacles.
 I also floated up to the sky and joined Misha and the others who were circling above us.

''I am one Agaha dragon knight, the Kingsguard Knight Ricardo Arbicious. ''Heroes from the ground, my heroes. Thank you for your assistance. It's been agreed to share with you on the road to Agalofione through the courtesy of Anos-dono. I'm counting on you!

 Ricardo greeted the students of the Demon King's Academy in a disciplined manner and flew in front of them to lead them.

 While explaining the situation to Sasha and the others who were unable to grasp the situation, I flew through the air to Agallofione.

 We continued to practice our singing and dancing, of course.

 Eventually, the city came into view, surrounded by swords.
 A number of huge swords stuck into the ground without gaps, as if they were a protective wall, and they covered the city.

 There is a castle in the center of the city, and homes and shops stand in a row around it.
 People could be seen coming and going.

''That's the dragon landing place.''

 We slowly descended in the direction Ricardo pointed in.
 When I stepped onto the dragon landing site, I said to the students of the Demon King Academy.

I'm not going to be able to get out of there. You may continue to practice your song and dance until I return. I'm sure there won't be much trouble at Agallofione," he said. You may stretch your wings a little, but be careful.

 I told him, and then I looked at Singh.

'I'll leave you to it for a while.'

"As you wish.

 I turned to Ricardo and said.

'Then can you show me around?'

Huh? Come here.

 Ricardo followed as he started to walk away.
 Misha, Sasha and Arcana followed him.

'Can I come with you?'

 Misha asks me that.

'Hmm. Are you ready to practice?'

It's perfect. If only I could get rid of my shame, it would be a piece of cake.

 Sasha says with a huff and a smile.

'Ho. You've overcome your shame in such a short time. You've been resistant to the Fun Union song for quite some time now, how did you manage it?'

What kind of move is that? It's not a move, it's a fist bump.

Hmm. Spiritualism, huh? Well, shame is a spiritual thing, too. The spirit is countered by the spirit.

'It's hard to reply to a serious analysis like that...'

 Sasha mutters.

'Wasn't it?'

Because I did the most embarrassing thing?

 Misha said, and in an instant, Sasha's cheeks flushed with vermilion.

''What are you talking about?''


 Hmm. Out of context.
 Misha is nodding her head too.

'....don't open it.........'

Why are you singing to me?

Sasha told me to do it.

It's over there. By Anos.

 Sasha points at me with a snap.

Well, if you think it's perfect, fine. Follow me.

 We left the dragon landing, smiling at Sasha, who was making some kind of noise, and left the dragon landing.
 We walked down the street, looking at the streets of Agallofione.

''Unlike Georhese, there's nothing like a church, is there?''

 Sasha let out these thoughts as she looked around the city.

'There's no priest here either.'

 Misha said.

'Agaha is a land of knights ruled by the Sword Emperor. To the people of this country, prayer is the wielding of the sword. It is only when they make their way with their hands that God's salvation comes to them.

 Arcana explained this to their questions.

'You're from the ground and you know a lot about it.

 Ricardo turns to me.

'I am the God of the earth. His chosen god.

The god of selection...

 He muttered, and Ricardo bowed his head.

''I see. It certainly feels strong. O God of Selection. Welcome to the Agaha. You are cordially welcome.'

 Ricardo walks off again.
 He doesn't seem to have any intention of doing any unnecessary prying when he finds out that I'm the selector.

''There is an ancient teaching in the Agaha called the Meiken Ichigan, or Sword of Life.

 Perhaps in response to Arcana's earlier statement, Ricardo cut him off.

'Using my own life as a sword, I will accomplish a single wish. Once in a lifetime, everyone will have a battle to fight for their lives. For that moment, we train our bodies and hone our swords. It is to sharpen our lives. <The Almighty Splendor resides in that life. That is why we, the people of Agaha, are knights, and each of us is a shining example of the Almighty Splendor.

Hmm. The spark of life is God.

Yes. God is always here.

 Ricardo puts a hand to his own chest.

'Therefore, do not be afraid of anything. This is the teaching that we are already gods and we should approach the matter with all our might. That is the basis of the Agaha, the most respected teaching. It is our pride.

 Cheerfully, Ricardo laughs.

'Most of all, the Agaha's teachings that man is a god are at odds with the teachings of Zioldar's worship of the gods and are unacceptable...'

 I believe in God, but the teachings of Agaha and Zioldar are quite different.
 For me, the teachings of Agaha, who claims to be a god, is much cleaner than Zioldar, who can only pray.

 But it's no wonder that our two countries are incompatible.

Over here.

 Ricardo stopped in front of a large gate.
 A soldier nearby saw his face and opened the gate.

''The Agallofione Sword Emperor's Palace. This is the palace where the Sword Emperor of Agaha, Diedrich-sama, conducts all political affairs.''

Ho. I didn't think you'd be in the palace.

I'm sorry. I should have explained to you first.

 Ricardo crossed the gate and walked into the palace.
 We followed behind him.

'My daughter is an aide to King Diedrich. She is a son born of the king's dragon and is one of only two people here in Agaha with the title of dragon knight.