281-Knight of Agaha

 Flying through the subterranean skies, we were headed for Agaha.

 Except for Misha and the others, we were riding Arcana's snow dragon, just like when we came here.
 At this speed, it shouldn't take much time.


 The students were standing on the back of a snowy dragon while performing regular fist thrusts under the guidance of the Demon King Choir.
 On the back of another dragon, the female students were shouting, ''Woo-woo!


 The students sweat and clench their fists together.

'No, that's not it! Clench your affection like this and thrust it out in gratitude! Don't defeat the enemy! We're going to conquer it!

 The one who voiced that was Ellen.
 The Demon King Choir has appointed an instructor for this song and dance.

 Quite why, the students are thrusting out their fists in a single, unbroken movement, but it seems that the Demon King Choir is not happy about it.

''........What exactly do we do, even if you say that? I don't understand, because you've been going on and on about mentalities.

 It was Ramon who blurted out.
 The other students also have a half-hearted look on their faces.

''Hmmm, I wonder how I can find out?''

I knew it. Do you want to imagine someone specifically?

 Jessica says.

'Yeah yeah, I think that's it. You should imagine someone you like and poke them, don't you?'

 Ellen nodded at Nono's words.

'Alright. Then let's go once more!

 Ellen turned to the boys.

'Everybody good? Imagine that you love someone. Imagine sticking your fist out at that person, you know that, right?

 Confusion spreads among the boys.

As expected, I don't know... it would be even more confusing if...

'I mean, you can't hit me with all your might...'

 At the students' words, Ellen nodded her head forward.

'That's it, that's it! I can't hit you with all my might, that's what matters! But if we have to do it hard, then how do we thrust in, then we have to do it like this, like this, like a compassionate thrust!

 Ellen lovingly delivers a regular fist thrust.

'Yes, try it!


 The boys thrust their fists out anxiously.
 In a word, it was a fist that looked unsure of itself.

''One more turn!''


 Sasha, who had been flying through the air and watching the scene from the side, said.

''I wonder if he can make it in time to reach the Agaha with that hepiness...?''

 Since they're practicing in several groups, the Anos group is waiting their turn.
 The girls have been put off because they can learn the choreography quickly.

'It would be different if they had experience, though.

 Ray said, and Sasha turned around with a reluctant look on her face.

'What experience, what...?'

 Smiling, Ray smiled silently.
 Sasha sighed.

'Really, this is why people make out every day...'

 As he was about to say it, Sasha froze, his mouth hanging open.
 There were eyes that emitted a cold, chilling chill in the corner of her gaze.

''Every day? I'm also curious what on earth is the experience of that, Ray Grundley. Would you care to elaborate?'

 Singh, who killed the signs, was behind Ray before he knew it.

 Ray appeals to Sasha with his gaze, with a hardened smile on his face.
 Thanks to that, he's just saying that it's made trouble for him.

''What experience........?''

 Zesia asks Mass, who was flying nearby.

''Ah, haha........what an experience.......''

Oh, Misa. You can't just punch those people in the face!

 Eleanor holds up her index finger and tweaks the tip of Missa's nose.

'Well, I say that, but I say it's too early for you, Zesia.

 Eleonor chuckles.

'It's okay. We're a gifted school.'

That's not okay at all...

 Sasha prodded.

'See, Zecia, think of someone you like, "Sse! You are.

I understand....

 Zesia clenched both fists and came to me with enthusiasm.

 I lightly took Zecia's fist in my hand as it was thrust out.

"Hmm. It's a pretty good fist. The Sword Emperor of Agaha will love it.

Zecia is good at thrusting..........................

 Feeling confident, Zesia hits me with a knot, knot, knot.
 It's adorable.

'Do you want to study yourself in choreography?'

 Misha asked with a nod of her head.

'Well I'm fine with self-study, but I'd prefer the woo-woo group if possible.

 Sasha says with a bemused look.

'How's the singing going?'

Singing... what...?

 Misha points to Sasha.

"Sasha sings. "Neighbor.

You're an idiot! I could never, ever sing like that!

 Misha blinked her eyes with a snap.

'Sasha's good at singing, too.

'Hmm. That's a new one.

 I fly up to Sasha.

'Let's hear it.'

I'm going to ask you a question... what did I say? I'm going to sing? What's that? Are you insane?

 Sasha spoke up, as if in a panic.

'If you don't want to, that's fine. You know, I just thought I'd like to hear you sing for once.

 Then, instantly blushing, Sasha turned away.
 In a small voice she asked.

''..........What number is it?''

"You can sing whatever you want.

Well, you know...

 Sasha leaned close to me and put her lips close to my ear.
 She whispers a song in a voice so quiet that the others can't hear it.

 Nervously, Sasha looks down at me.

 He turned over even more and his cheeks were stained with vermilion.
 Her singing voice was small, but it was a good song with a lot of heart.

''Don't........open it.......it's......''

 Sasha averts her gaze completely from my face and squeezes out her voice as if she were muttering.

 Hmm. It's not like what the Demon Lord's Choir sang, but it's quite a pleasant experience.
 If you can let go of your sense of shame, you might be able to put it out in front of people.


 Misha gave her a fit.
 I looked at her and she smiled.

'Sasha is good,'

Your woo-woo isn't too bad.

 Then Misha huffs.

'I'm glad.'

I think I'm going to sing, too.

 Unusually, Ray started to say something like that, probably to escape Shin's pursuit.
 He flies over to me.

'All the men would be better off in the regular fist group. It's something we don't have time to match with the choir's singing.

That's too bad. Then it would be fun to do a fist dance, wouldn't it?

How. What exactly?

'Do you mean like your fist dance to the song, knocking down some opponents? And me and Singh can improvise, too.

 Hmm. Not bad.

"As soon as the students' choreography works, let's give it a try.

 It would be nice to have a few more people around, but that's not going to get us started.
 We'll look better if we can get around in a big way.

Big brother.

 Arcana, who was flying in the lead, turned around.

'We've spotted a group of dragons ahead. The dragonmen are being attacked.

 If you turn your evil eye downward, there are indeed quite a few dragons on the ground ahead of you.

 Apparently, they seem to be surrounding a man.
 The one being attacked by the dragons is a young man wearing a red knight's uniform and armor.

''That's the formal wear of an Agaha knight.

 Hmm. Indeed, it resembles the knight's uniform and armor that Diedrich was wearing.

''But isn't that dragon man pretty strong?

 Sasha says.

 As one dragon after another attacks, the young man slashes at them with his sword, kicking them in the head, or spitting cold air out of his mouth to repel them.

 He must be used to mowing down dragons.
 It was as if the fight was not dangerous.

'But it's odd. It doesn't look like they intend to kill the dragon. If you intended to run away, you could have.

 The young man is attacking the dragon, daring to avoid fatal wounds, even though he's going to wound the dragon.
 If only to break through the siege, it would be easy with the strength of that dragon man.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. Perhaps the goal is to lure them out.

 When Arcana said that, the ground exploded with a doggone bang.
 A black different dragon with two horns and sharp wings appeared from it.

 Its figure was more massive than any of the dragons in the pack.

''So that's the giant-headed dragon, huh?''


 The young man draws a magic circle on the sword in his hand and softly mutters.

''Summoning the divine tool (Preses), the Red Blade God (Gaguna).''

 The sword was divine, and it turned red. The sword barrel stretched and its thickness swelled several times.
 He raises the huge great sword, he raises it up in a heap and confronts the approaching giant-headed dragon.

 Just as he stared at the dragon with a keen eye, and was about to kick the ground, blood seeped from his mouth.
 The knight coughed and held his mouth with his hand, spitting out blood again and again.

 Was he already wounded in the hand?
 For that, it's a sudden decrease in magic power.

''Hm. That one's dead.

 As if the power is slipping away, the great sword spills out of the young man's hand.
 Once again, he held the hilt and tried to lift it up, but his body didn't seem to move as much as he wanted.

 The giant-headed dragon was closing in on him.

 With a thunderous roar, the dragon opened its jaws.
 It bared its fangs and rammed into the knight of the Agaha, as if it wanted to eat its prey.

 With a zgo-ohh, the giant-headed dragon's face was buried in the dirt, and dust danced in the air.

 However, the young man was not eaten.
 Just in the nick of time, I held his body and ducked from the dragon's jaws.

'Can you move?'

I can't help it. But I can't help it. My body doesn't listen to me. Please put me aside and run away.... That's the giant-headed dragon. It's a fearsome dragon that couldn't hold a candle to a whole pack of dragons.......

 At the same time as the young knight said the words, the giant-headed dragon howled and attacked us.

''Say! I want you to leave now! I'm going to have to give this place some time--

 The knight's eyes widened.
 It's probably because I went straight for the giant-headed dragon.


 The dragon opened its mouth wide and spat out a jet black breath.
 It dived into its bosom and avoided it, then dug its fingernails into the dragon's leg and grabbed it gingerly.

 With a great effort, the giant giant giant-headed dragon swooped down and floated away.
 The young knight let out a cry of surprise.

''.........What.......what power.......''


''Travelers! Please use this sword.

 The young man lifted the great sword with all his strength and threw it away.


 In the process, he spits out blood and falls to his knees.
 His hand went out of control and the great sword he threw went flying in the direction of the day after tomorrow.


 The black breath that was spat out of the giant-headed dragon's mouth swallowed the sword.
 The great sword was blown far away.

 The young man pulled his sword out of the magic circle and put his magic power back into it.

''Don't do it. If you use magic in that state, you will die.''

".........I can't say that....... The Black Giant Dragon's scales can't be harmed by anything other than the Red Blade God's sword.

 The knight's words retracted in the middle and a stunned gaze pierced me.

 I thrust the fingertips of the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsud) at the fallen giant-headed dragon with all my might.
 <The dragon's scales, which are unharmed by anything other than the Red Blade God's sword, fragilely shattered, and my fingertips pierced through the skin and into the flesh.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

...? A single blow to the black giant dragon...without the power of the Red Blade God.

 The young knight was staring at my face with an astonished expression.