280-Coach interrupted

 Georghaize Dragon Landing--

 The ten of us were looking up at the canopy that had been made permanent and immortal by the power of the Almighty's sword.

''Perpetual immortality gap... so, but we can just slash our way through with the Rivine Girma, and on the other hand, the underground dragon people can't go to the ground anymore, so we don't have to be invaded, right?''

 Sasha says the words as she thinks about it.

'Oh, I see. Doesn't it bother you?

 Just as Eleonor said it, the ground suddenly rumbled.

 A bang, and the sky fell.
 Shinten. According to the order of the earth's depths, the canopy was rattling and trembling as it pressed closer to the earth.


 Misha points to the canopy.
 I knew exactly what she meant.

'Hmm. 'Hmm. Part of the canopy will fall off. Doesn't look like it's going to be much.'

I thought they were indestructible. Is it possible for one part to fall off?

 Sasha's voice sounds panicked.

'The canopy is not a monolith. Only the pillars of order lift the canopy and make it appear as such.'

 Arcana said.

'Once in a hundred years the order of things is disturbed by the trembling heavens, and it is called the shaking rain. It is called the Shaking Rain. It is the rain of rocks that falls on the ground. But--

Haven't you been here in a hundred years?


 A section of the canopy came off and a large rock jutted out of it.
 It was right above Geolheidze.

Kakkakka, isn't that the end of the city if it falls? After all, it's a permanent, indestructible block of rock. As long as it has the momentum, it will crush everything unilaterally.

 Eldmead sounded interested.

'In normal times, there is a respite before it falls. 'The seismic rain will fall on the ground after seven days, rather than the day of the earthquake.'

 Just as Arcana said it, the heavens shook even louder and part of the canopy came off.
 A large rock fell straight into Geolheise.

''Whoa, it's fallen........!

...escape, or...?

 Eleonor and Zesia say.

'Hmm. But if we flee here, Geolheise will be destroyed.'

 I held out my hand to Arcana and she handed me the Revein Gilma.

 Like a wave, my body bobbed and swayed.
 The body of possibility kicked the ground as hard as it could and flew towards the falling shaking rain.

 In a flash, with the power of Revein Gilma, I cut through the large rock that fell.
 Of course, only the results occurred there, and the actual me remained standing on the earth of Geolheise.

 The rain of rocks that had fallen on me disappeared without leaving a trace and dissipated into the sky.

'Looks like we're in for some trouble.

 Arcana nodded.

'The canopy has been turned into a perpetual immortality, defying the pillars of order.

 The once-in-a-century trembling rain, the rain that should have fallen seven days after the day of the earthquake, fell here and now, contrary to both orders of things.

'More rain may fall,'

If it falls to the capital, it will be a crushing defeat.

 Without the seven days' grace, it would be difficult to escape.

"....for I have sinned...

 Arcana said.

'I, the treacherous god, have caused this. I have already betrayed my brother...

 I gently place my hand on Arcana's head, which has a sad expression on its face, and stroke it.

'It's a lovely prank to make it rain from the canopy. This is not one of your betrayals.'

 Gulping, Arcana turned over.

'If the Dorsal God's will caused this, there must be some reason. We will find out first. I don't know what they are lying about and how they plan to betray us, but if we destroy them, it's over.


 Embarrassed, Arcana replied.

'What's going on with the earth?'

"...superficially, things are still in the same order as before. The bounty of the earth remains the same. Fields can be cultivated and fruit trees can be harvested. But if we try to go deep into the earth, the rocks and the soil will form an indestructible wall that will prevent us from doing so.

 It would be important if the earth could not be dug up at all, but for the time being, it is not a problem.
 However, it is not always possible to maintain that order forever.

 It is important to consider that just as the earth's undercurrents have gone out of order, the order on earth will also go out of order.

'Don't go back to earth. First I will undo the constraints that bind Arcana and put the canopy back in place.

Do you want to go to Gadiçiora?

 Misha asks.
 If you want to find out about the Dorsal God, it would certainly be quicker.

 The High King of Gadaishiora, then Celis is likely to know about Arcana.
 Or it could be that they are planning something.

 And while we're at it, we can also get Gorloana back.

'We'll be going to Gadeisiola, but we'll go to Agaha first. Diedrich's prophecy will give us a general idea of what to expect.

 Once we know where and when the next seismic rain will be, it should be easier to prevent it.
 It would be best to head for Gadeisiola once we are safe and informed.

'Erdomed. Go and tell Bishop Milan about the tremor. We may be able to block the rocks with magic before they gain momentum.

Kaká, you can count on me.

 Eldmead drew up a magic circle and used .

 If it gets to Milan, countermeasures will be taken throughout the cult of Geordal.
 Even if we can't prevent it, we can at least make preparations to escape.

Now, there are only a handful of students from the Demon King's Academy left.

 I sent a thought transmission inside the Demon King's Castle.

"Demon King Anos orders you to come outside in 10 seconds. You have 10 seconds to come outside. Do not be late.

Is 10 seconds gonna be enough time...?

 The moment Sasha said it, the main gate of the Demon King's Castle was opened up.
 With the sound of footsteps echoing, students with different hues of blood appeared in front of me.

 Hmm. It's as if I'm the one who will do something to them if they don't come within ten seconds.
 It's very, very fast.

Thank you. I'll tell you what we're doing.

 I turned to my students and said, "Actually, I was going to go back to earth.

'Actually, I was going to go back to earth once, but things have changed a bit. That canopy has been rendered indestructible. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can make a hole in it, the better.

 Perhaps sensing that this was an unusual situation, the students all turned grim.

'The earlier chanting flames were aimed at Mid-Haze, and the divine dragon's singing voice that was echoing was a spell to annihilate the ground that had been concocted in Geordal for fifteen hundred years. Of course, I've squashed that attempt, but it seems that the earth's depths are more full of danger than I had originally thought.

 Then the students start buzzing.

'What do you mean by annihilating the earth, that...?'

''........that singing voice was such a ridiculous big magic.......''

"I mean........wait.... That horrible great magic that took 150 years to create was stopped so easily....

".........the most frightening thing of all is the tyrannical demon king.......

 They gulped down their spit at the unimaginable situation.

''I was planning to conduct another Grand Demon Lord training session after today, but it looks like I can't say that. At worst, the underground will become a battlefield.''

 The students shuddered as they bobbed and shuddered.

'And therefore, class is dismissed.

 They were relieved to hear my words.

'Well, it's a blessing in disguise...'

''It's not surprising that you could have died during the Great Demon Lord's Training...''

I'm glad we got you home safe...

 They let out a sigh of relief, and I smile at them.

'It's a real battle from today. Pull yourself together.


 The students' minds were united.

''As expected, wouldn't it be safer to send them back to Mid-Hays for once? Master Anos is having a hard time taking care of them, too.

 Misa suggested that.

''What do you mean? They are the next Demon Emperor. They are the next generation of Demon Emperors and they want to be the protectors, not the defenders. We can't afford not to experience a real battle or two where our lives are at stake. With that in mind, it may be a bit early, but this is the perfect opportunity.

Well that may be true, but........

 The students put their hands over their mouths and prayed with their hands folded over a thoughtful mass.
 Geordal style. It's quite a bit of studying, why, it seems.

"Please, please, Misa-san....

Convince... you can convince the Demon King.

I'll do whatever you say.

 A shrugging look was directed at Misa.

''Even if you look at me like that........''

 Ray told Misa, who was pretending to be in trouble, to help her out.

'It's also a fight they won't wait for you to get stronger. 'They are blessed in that sense. And we're here, too.

 The demon eyes of the students' resentment stare at Ray strongly.

''.........You.......what are you saying to me, Ray. No, brave canon........

"You're just going to turn your back on us just because we're demons and you're going to protect humans? You're not, are you? Please tell me it's not so...!

We're classmates...! You were cheering for me a lot during the magic sword tournament!

"The whole school will be spilling out the embarrassing pictures of you and Missa-san...!

 Smiling briskly, Ray said to me.

'Look at them, Anos. Those eyes of theirs. They look like they're ready to go.

Hmm. You're right. Good eye.

 The students nodded ruefully at the spot.
 Well, we all want to be safe.

 But the enemy won't wait for them.
 They will be fed by the hard experience.

Well then, we must all be on our way to Agaha. The sword emperor who rules there is a fine man, and for that reason, we are grateful to him. I'll have you guys bring me a souvenir.

 I said to the students who gave me a questioning look.

'It's song and dance,'