279-Prologue First Agent

 A long time ago.

 It was the judgment of the beginning that occurred beneath the earth.
 It was the end of the God of selection who won out and the one chosen by it.

 Standing in the endless wilderness is the creator God in the form of a girl and the selector she chose.

 Just now, the holy war that was fierce has ended.
 There are only two people standing, God and man.

 Like the heavens crying, a thunderous sound roars from above.
 With a roar that pierced the ears, the canopy had fallen.

 It was called the Shinten, the order of the underworld.
 The subterranean skies trembled and cried like an earthquake on earth.

 The canopy fell slowly and then stopped.
 The subterranean sky, sunk below normal times, was half as high as it could be.

 Then a voice sounded, signaling the end.

'Judgment has come. The Creator God has chosen you, O Transcendent One. Thou art worthy to take hold of the power of God and become order. Be thou God's agent, adjusting the tilted balances.

 On a hill in the wilderness, a huge, shining balance appeared.
 Around it, balances of various sizes were floating in the air.

 Although there were slight differences in the way they were tilted, most of the small balances were balanced in all of them.
 The one that was least in harmony was the huge balance in the center of it all.

 The austere golden balance was heavily tilted to the left, with a shield design on the left and a sword design on the right.

''Consistent God, Elrolarielom.

 The Creator God spoke up quietly.

'Is that right?'

 The question was answered by a huge balance called the God of Alignment.

The balance of order must not be tilted, for this is the world you have created and the earth you have created to respect integrity. This is the world you have created, a land that honors integrity.

I made a mistake.

"No, order is not mistaken. There is no right or wrong, only the path that leads the world to its proper course.

I thought I was wrong. Whether the idea was wrong or not, either way I was wrong.

 The Creator God said.

'Consistent God, your logic is broken.'

 The Creator God stretches out his little hand to Elorarielom.

'I will stop the Selective Judgment, and I will end it for good.

No, there will be no end to this judgment. As long as there is a world, order will be maintained. That is why this is the Selection Tribunal.

Order at the expense of life is not kind.

'Lefty. There is no kindness in order. Life in order, life and death are insignificant in front of order. The world without order is simply doomed.

 The God of Creation closes his mouth.
 Then he closes his eyes and speaks.

'I'm sorry.'

 Countless snow, moon and flowers fluttered down.
 In the sky, the Moon of Creation, Artyl Tonoa, is shining.

With my order you will be in deep sleep. That's the end of the sad judgment. It may save the order, but it will never save a man. 

 A white and silver light pointed to the golden balance.
 Slowly, Artilian Tonoa descended and swallowed the golden balance into the moon.


'You're right. I was a fool.

 An enormous mass of magical power slipped out of the Creator God's body, and it enveloped the and the Congruent God.

 The balance that melted into the moon began to distort its contours languidly.

When order is destroyed, the world's destruction is inevitable. Many lives will disappear and soon all will be lost to nothingness. Create all over again, O God of Creation.

 Slowly, the Creator God shook his head from side to side.

'Give me two thousand years.'

 With a look of conviction in his eyes, the Creator God said.

'If the scales of order tilt toward perdition, surely they will not perish.

' ... impossible ... order is unambiguous, God's reason is absolute. Shall thou argue the speculation?

 The God of Creation nods his head.

'Yes. Yes, the tragedy of being fixed is that it torments us and hurts God. A world of uncertainty and ambiguity is the only salvation.

I don't understand.

I just don't want anyone else to follow in my sister's footsteps.

 Slowly, the Creator walks down the hill and touches the that swallowed the balance.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't create you kindly.

 As if stroking my child, the Creator God gently crawled his fingers over the moon.
 Artilian Tonoa changed shape.


 The body of the God of Creation glowed.
 On a hill in the wilderness surrounded by pure white light, there was a figure running.

 That figure held a white blade that shimmered in purple and then pierced the body of the defenseless Creator God.


 A painful breath escaped and the light subsided slightly.

 Stabbed into her chest was the Banrai Ken Gaudgemon. The overflowing purple electricity consumed the body of the creator god.


 The God of Creation speaks to the figure with a sword thrust into it.

''........Who do you hate.......?''

 His voice was gentle.

'Hate God? Do you hate people?

 God the Creator reaches out to those who would try to take his life.

"Or do you just hate this world?

 The only thing that came back was a hateful look.

'The same if you erase me here. Becoming a substitute will not save you. Even if you have the power of God, your hatred will continue to burn you and scorch your soul.

 Regardless, the Transcendent pushed the sword of lightning into the Creator God.

'You are full of hatred. That is why I chose you and reached out to you. But because of that hatred, I couldn't save you. I couldn't stop you.

 The body of the Creator God became thin and transparent.
 His life was coming to an end.


 As if in her last hope, she says

'Someday, not now, not here, but somewhere else, I will free you from your hatred.'

 A magic circle was drawn on the body of the creator god.
 What emanated dazzlingly was the light of reincarnation.

 The Transcendent ran a purple light on the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords, piercing the light and interfering with its magic.
 The light of reincarnation was distorted.

'Suffer it, humiliate it. If it helps you in any way, I will be a comfort to you. But you must remember.

 Like a particle of light dissipating, the body of the creator god disappeared.

''One day, even that fiery hatred will be scorched, for the Demon King is coming here.

 With those words.

 The Transcendent thrust his sword into the Moon of Creation.
 A dazzling lightning bolt illuminates the wilderness.

 As if lifted by the pillar of order, the sunken canopy slowly rises upwards.
 Thus, the selection judges were completed and the first representative was born.