<Using the transference (Gatom), I returned to the dragon's landing place in Geolheise.

"Ah, welcome back, Anos. Good night.

 Eleonor, who was in front of the main gate of the Demon King's Castle, turns to me and smiles at me.

''Zesia and the others are the best........''

 With a quick forefinger, Zecia shows off her return to the beginning.

'Hmm. Well done.

 I compliment her and she walks briskly to me.

 She looked up at me and pointed her index finger at the ground, raising and lowering it.
 I guess she wants me to crouch down.

What's up?

 I crouched down in my spot and equalized my eyes with Zesia.

'.........the best reward is.......'

 Zesia pulls her face closer and turns her rolling eyes to me.


 Hmm. I can't ignore the work of my men.
 I drew a magic circle on my body and shrunk to the equivalent of six years old with my reverse growth.

Is this what you want?

 Then Zesia smiled with satisfaction.
 Then she twisted around as if to protect me and threw out her chest with an ehemism.


Well done, Zecia, you're doing great. That's the man for the Witch King.

 Eleonor strokes Zesia's head.
 Just as an added bonus, he stroked my head with his other hand.

'Anosh, you're doing great. You were able to protect both Dirhade and the ground.

Of course.

 Giggling, Eleonor muffles my head.

'A bit cocky for a man of that size, eh?

 Two magic circles emerged in front of me, and then Ray and Misa appeared in front of me.

'But I didn't think they were targeting not just Midhays, but the ground itself.

 Mass, who has revealed her true body, says.
 The conversation with the Pope has been transmitted to the girls through the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys).

''If we hadn't come to the underground, we would have lost the ground before we even knew it was there.

 Ray smiles briskly.

'Not a good omen,'

 What I heard was Sasha's voice.
 Along with Misha, the girls transitioned as well.

'I'm sure Anos protected them.

 Misha muttered and looked at me.

'Well, I don't know. We got lucky, that's for sure.

 <Just as the Divine Dragon Conception (Behelom) was about to be activated, the divine dragon's singing voice would have resounded loudly, and the effect of magic would have been felt on the ground as well. If only I had noticed, I might have been able to manage it with ReveinGilma, though.

''But that one, right? Now that you've won, I was hoping that I could negotiate with Giordar a bit more, but the Pope is being kidnapped, and it's all such a waste.

 So blurted out Sasha.

'Kakkakka, what are you talking about, doomsday witch? We have prevented 150 years of magic and protected the earth. What could be more successful than this?

 Eldmeadow and Singh will be back.

"And we're not losing anything. It's a complete victory! On the contrary, the Demon King has acquired new powers!

 He spreads his hands out and clenches his fists tightly.

'Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest (Gili Eliam Naviem)! What kind of magic is that? I have trampled a world made up of traces of all things!  Terrible.

Hmm. By the way, Cutthroat King. Did you really know anything about Cerise's plan?

'No, no, no way. It's just bluffing. Of course it's bluffing, Demon King Anos. What do I know about such a strong-looking man? I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it happen.

 <By the terms of the covenant, Eldmaed cannot speak against Cerys.
 If he were bluffing, he would call him bluffing. And if it isn't, she'll call him bluff.

"That was well done.

'Kakkakka, as the tyrannical demon king hoped, I framed him during the operation.

 Either way, it was definitely a risk-free way to buy some time.
 It would have been for the best, though, since we can't see the bottom of Cerys's power yet.

"Oh, yes, Cerys Voldigord has a message for you. You may have heard it too.

 Erdmeade grins.

'I wasn't expecting that. It looks like I'm losing today, so I'll just go home quietly.'


Now, how much of that is true?

 Sasha asks me, with a thoughtful look on her face.

'I suppose so. I'm from Gadeisiola, the city that worships Gennudunub, the god of disobedience. Or perhaps he knew that Arcana is a treacherous god.

 Knowing, and knowing the Pope's intentions, he spoke of Aisha as the apostate god Genudunub.
 I don't know what he wanted. It could be that he just wanted to stir things up.

Maybe he was just trying to stir things up.

Perhaps your memory of me is the purpose.

 Singh uttered that.

 Lieberschneid has been destroyed, and the Pope with the Book of Traces has been kidnapped by Gadeisiola.
 Indeed, it could be said that he is trying to prevent me from getting my memories back.

'Hey, hey, hey, what's up with you, Arcana?

 Eleonor looks around.
 But she is not here.

'There she is.

 Misha looked up at the canopy.
 In the direction of Midhayes, Arcana was still in the same place as when she was preventing the chanting flames.

'Hmmm, too far away to see at all.

 Holding her hand over her brow, Eleonor narrowed her eyes and stared at the heavens.
 It seems that her demon eyes cannot reflect Arcana's figure.

''Why won't you........come back.......?

 Zesia said curiously.

'Hmm. Strange indeed.'

 I'll send Arcana a thought transmission.

What do you got?

 After a moment of silence, she replied.

''.........Nothing........ I'll go later........''


"What are you ashamed of? Come on.

"...Am I embarrassed...?

Otherwise, you can come.

 There was another silence, and then Arcana said.

'I am sure you will tell me that it is good for God to be embarrassed.

Of course.

So I'm not going. I guess that's what you call a feeling that you can't face.

Hahaha. You've learned a lot about human weakness. But, Arcana, I will not allow that.

 <The ring of the pearl that was stored in the magic circle appears on my finger as I return to my Anos form with my Growth (Kurst) magic.

It's courage to overcome your weakness. And also remember. <''Summoning the selection of the Heavenly Gate (Guara Nate Forte Forteos).''

 A magic circle was stacked on the ring of the Alliance Pearl, and the light concentrated in front of my eyes.

 Just when I thought that it was an image of a human figure, Arcana was there, looking down in shame.

 Slightly, Arcana complained in disapproval.
 She never met my eyes, she never wanted to look me in the eye.

'What, just the right amount of magic to pull my shy sister out.

 I stare at her downcast face.

'You feel sorry for everyone, don't you?

 'Kokoro,' Arcana nodded.

'Never mind about that. 'Betrayal and false gods, so what? There is no one who doesn't make mistakes. In fact, all of my men have made mistakes and walked with me to this point.

 Looking down, Arcana turned her gaze to me as if she was stealing a look.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this," he said. I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on.

Wait, it's a long time ago!

 Sasha gasped and shouted.

'Misha was Misha and didn't even scratch her feet, trying to accept death so easily. She couldn't believe that I was a tyrannical demon king, either, so soon.

 Misha blinks with a snap.


'Rei and others are also great liars. He unexpectedly took the place of a tyrannical demon king and selfishly caused the war between Dilheid and Azation.

 Ray laughs in annoyance.

''Well your ears hurt...''

'The result of this was Avos Dilhevia, or my impostor, Misa. She was the order that destroyed the demon king, and she brainwashed the demons to fight me here.

 Missa's lips twitched in disapproval.

'That's the kind of rumor and lore that got us born. It's all the Heavenly Father's fault.

'Even Singh, who would rather take his life than betray me, has turned his blade on me before, no matter how likely he is to take it.

 Singh turns away in shame.

'I am ashamed of myself.'

As for Eldmead, he's still plotting how to betray us.

 Kakkakkah, the Fierce Death King laughed.

''How dare you betray the Demon King of Tyranny!

Do you understand?

 Arcana looks at me shyly, but straight to my face.

I don't care if you are GennuDunub, the god of treason. I don't care what you've lied and who you've betrayed in the past, I don't care about that. There is only one thing that matters.

What's that?

That means I'm your brother and you're my sister.

 Unexpectedly, Arcana has tears in her eyes.
 I gave her a gentle hug on her trembling shoulders.

'When was the last time Misha pointed at you and said it was like wandering forever in a waterless desert?

 The little god spilled a trickle of tears as he held me to his chest.

'Were you heartbroken?'

"...I had no memory...

 Arcana muttered to herself, "I don't know why.

'But there was a loneliness, I don't know why... only emptiness was in me... I remembered that it was an apostate god, and I knew that it was a scar of sorrow...'

'Don't worry about it anymore. No matter how much you miss him, no matter how much grief you remember, you have this brother by your side.

 He squeezes his thin body.

"Remember. Whatever you remember is of no consequence.

What if... even this mind is a lie?

'It's trivial. I love you in disguise.

 Arcana put her hands around my body and squeezed them together.


 She cried on my chest, sobbing slightly.
 Tears spilled out of her golden eyes one after another without stopping, like a fountain overflowing into the desert.

 Everyone is watching me with a smile.
 Arcana didn't quite move away from me.

 Eventually, Sasha blurted out. 

''........Isn't that a bit long......?''

 Misha pops up from her back.

''A jealousy?''

No, it's not.

 He immediately denies it, and Sasha mutters to herself.

'For the most part, she's my sister, and Arcana wanted to be my sister.

 Nodding, Sasha clenched her fists.

'Ka, I won.'

 Huffing, Misha smiled.


 I called out, and she quietly let go of her body and looked up at me with tearful, swollen eyes.

'Let's go back to earth for once,'

 He pulls the Levine Girma from the magic circle and presents it to Arcana.
 With the canopy benefiting from the Almighty's sword, no destruction can penetrate it.

 As it is, it cannot dig a hole with magic.

'All right.'

 She took the sword in her hands as she offered it with both hands, and her knees folded slightly.
 Snow, moon and flowers danced around her, flooding her with light.

'The moon rises and the sword falls, waiting for the next time of judgment.

 The sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma, blinked loudly.
  The silvery white light of Artiel Tonoa illuminated the surroundings.



 After the light subsided, Eleonor gave him a strange look.
 The Sword of the Almighty, Revein Gilma, was still placed in both of Arcana's hands.

 Arcana shook her head from side to side at Sasha's question.

'I can't put it back.'

Why can't you turn it back...?

I don't know. I'm under someone's constraints.

 I stare at Arcana's body with my demonic eyes.

'Was it cast on you before you lost your memory, before you became a god with no name?

Perhaps so. Or perhaps I myself, the apostate god, have called it.

 A treacherous god who lies and betrays himself as well, huh?

 Arcana looked up at the heavens with a thoughtful expression.

''No one but those who have the Rivine Girma can pass through.

 She says, apprehensively.

'That canopy has become a permanent, indestructible chasm.