The azure sky of the gods. At the bottom of that abyss, an eerie dark cloud loomed up.

 His vision instantly turned dark and the air around him turned stagnant.
 Then, part of that cloud began to shine.

 A circular light swooshes down on the triangular pyramidal temple.
 Goh, goh, goh, goh, a heavy bass sound shook the atmosphere and shook the azure skies of the gods as well.

 A magical power so divine that it could be the equivalent of dozens of gods' clans was emanating from that light.

''The looter's cog is embedded in every divine race. By turning that cog, the looters have so far created a god race that only obeys order. Graham the Nonconformist, who assumed that, however, could not see the cogs.

 It's a good thing that even the gods themselves didn't notice that they had a cog in themselves.
 If even the evil eye of Graham, the man who stole my father's head from me, couldn't see it, that's something.

'I suppose the invisibility made it all the more puzzling. Or maybe the gears are completely integrated with the order, blending in so that we, who live in this world, don't know it. He was curious about the idea. And so he developed a spell to get at the looters.

 Graham had said.

 <He said he wanted to see if he could create an "almighty brilliance" Eques.
 He was curious what was in the depths of the world.

 Maybe that's his true intention behind the usual nonsense.

In the Selection Judgment, the deceased gods will have their authority preserved in the ring of the pearl of feud and order will not be disturbed. And to the victorious representative, the power of the god of selection will be given. The gods invited to the Selection Trials will be devoured, and the gods of the plural order will be given the power to do so.

 Graham turned his attention to the system of selection judges.

 Many gods perished in that battle.

 Aphraxiata, the god of water burial. Janeldfock, god of magic eyes. Linnololos, God of Warding.
 Aganzon, god of madness. Doldired, God of the Gospel. Galvadrion, God of Violence.
 Lieberschneid, god of traces.

 Or perhaps there are gods who have perished without my knowledge.
 I suppose the purpose of the selection was to summon the gods and destroy them.

The power of the gods is united into one, giving rise to the Almighty Glittering Eques, which should not exist. But it was not the omnipotence of Eques that mattered to Graham.

 For Graham, a non-conformist, it would be suicidal for him to give birth to Eques.
 Still, he probably wanted to know.

'The gods make up a whole, one order. The cogs of the plunderers control each and every god. This cog is invisible, and the cog itself has no will. If it had a will, it would have noticed it long ago. The Gods would have recognized this cog as their own order.

 It does not speak and cannot be seen.
 It is no wonder that he thinks it is his own inner impulse lurking within him.

If there is an invisible cog in the demon's eye implanted in the god, it is no exaggeration to say that it makes up the order of the world. He must be the one who determines who is fit and who is not.

 How do I get to see this?
 The answer is terribly simple.

'Therefore the innumerable cogs embedded in each of the gods were gathered together in one place, along with the power of the gods, and fed to them. To the unthinking fetus. If the divine race as a whole constitutes a single order, then the cogs and gears must mesh together. And if they interlocked, Graham thought, as they increased, they should eventually move with one clear will.

 Even though there is no will in each gear, it points the world's order in one direction.
 In other words, Graham thought, it was not a lack of will, but rather it was so finely divided that it seemed to have no will.

 He must have sensed something like a willfulness in the world order that the entire god race was striving for and trying to achieve.

 He must have tried it, and he didn't know what would actually happen.
 It was possible that there were no gears and that it was all just a delusion.

 But this was the man. He couldn't help but make sure. Hence, he involved the world and conducted crazy magical experiments.

 Or perhaps it was because of such ideas that Graham was considered a misfit.

"You were sent from the womb of Viaflea to a dimension far, far away with the spear of Yggeth, but you did not die. But you did not die.

 A fetus cannot live once it leaves its mother's womb.
 That's logical, but some people don't die. So am I.

 Eques wasn't born just as he was gathering his divine strength.

You have used the power of the many gods that dwell within you to reach this azure of the gods. And from here you have spoken to the gods. To Graham.

 <The voice of Eques born in the may have been used by Graham to reach him.

 The wheel invisible to the evil eye and the source of Graham's nothingness.
 The two are connected by a magic line of emptiness.

 He was using that to talk to me.
 That's why I heard a voice from my source.

 From the emptiness of Graham's emptiness, it was echoing.

'You gave birth to the Vade, you let the gods of culling take your name, and you let the gods be destroyed. Destroy the gods, and the falsified selection judges will gather their power over you. Several gods have died, for there was no sign of any change in order on earth.

 The order of the gods complement each other's powers.

 The God of Destruction and the God of Demise. The God of Creation, the God of Birth, and the God of Heavenly Father. Even if one God were to fall, that alone would not completely destroy the order.

 Even if the God of Destruction were to fall, the destruction would not completely disappear from the world.
 Even so, all things would certainly move away from destruction.

 But this time, even if the Culling God destroyed the gods in the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere, not even the slightest change was felt.
 The gods were destroyed, but the order did not disappear.

 Hence, it was like a selection judge, I thought.

In the end, you wanted to destroy the Four Treasures. "In the end, you wanted to destroy the four gods of the forest, so that you could turn that order into your own power.

 The reason why Vade's trapped Anahem so easily was because the looter's gears restrained the demise god's divine body.

 It was never because the Vade's magic surpassed mine.

'I guess the reason I bothered to make Vade do it is because he doesn't have the power to control the gods enough to make a single cog harm itself. The only thing that matters is following the established order and executing the objective.

 No one has ever been able to find it because it is not so powerful.

 If the god killed himself, it would indeed not be orderly.
 It would have been set up so that no human or demon race could realize it.

 Graham destroyed that mechanism.
 By gathering the invisible cogs and meshing them together.

'I don't know if you were originally a single consciousness or if you were a discrete entity from the beginning,'

 I said, holding out my hands loosely and releasing my magic.

''Eques. I'll take back every last thing you took from this world.''

 Zah, zah, zah, zah, the noise echoed.
 I heard that voice from deep within the roots.

''........The last hope is--''

 An eerie voice seeps into my head.

''Your last hope has already been crushed,'' I warned you. Remaking the world and eliminating me is the only way for your wishes to come true--

 As if to taunt me, an eerie noise echoes at the source.

'It ceased to be,'

 Goh, goh, goh, goh, goh, the ground shakes violently, stirring the atmosphere.

'The sister gods of creation and destruction perish with regret.'

 Slowly emerging was a triangular pyramidal temple.

 Behind the gate, the outline of Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta, which was glowing, shrinks rapidly, and it begins to resemble a human shape.


 Misha's voice rang out.

'Go back.........it's my body. You don't listen to me........!

 Sasha cries out, but the girls are transformed into the image of God.
 To Militia, God of Creation and Averniu, God of Destruction.

'Everything is as it should be in the world. Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta. You may have thought that by merging with the two castles, you could take it back, but it is the same for me.'

 Slowly, their fingertips move.
 Misha and Sasha are desperately trying to resist, but apparently their control is somewhat stronger than that one's.

'The cogs of the world are buried in its divine body. The women who tried to take back the God of Destruction and the God of Creation, on the contrary, are deprived of their roots and become servants of the righteous order again.'

 Slowly, a magic circle is drawn by their fingertips.
 <The moon of creation and the sun of destruction.

'Nonconforming, foreign to the world. You are right, the gods have the world's cogs embedded in them, and they kill the heart. And it kills the mind. This time they will remove the unwanted foreign bodies and become true gods. To the order of this world.'

 Silver moonlight and dark sunlight illuminated the drawn magic circle.
 Misha and Sasha floated up softly, as if guided by the moon and sun.

 Building between the overlapping Sarge Eldnave and Artiel Tonoa was a magic circle that bound them.

 Misha and Sasha are able to connect their divine bodies to the magic circle.
 The moon and the sun, two magic circles. The four circles were interlocked like gears.

 The magic power of the God of Creation and the God of Destruction is sent out, and the wheels of order turn.
 The moon and the sun overlap further, and the "Solar Eclipse of Doom" is accelerating at a rapid pace.

"Remember. Remember the days of destruction. It was you who destroyed everything in your God's eye, Abelnyu. The time has come to use your power again.

"....don't be silly.......I don't think you're going to let me do that.......

 Sasha said.

'Remember. Remember," he said, "the moment of creation. It was you who brought it to this conclusion, Militia, the God of Creation. And that God's eye is only on the lost!


 Misha said.

'I am a nameless being. Because I am the sole and absolute will of this world.'

Hmm. I don't know if it's the world or what, Eques.

 I cut through the dark clouds and turned my evil eye to the light that was pouring down.

''Do you think that a single cog is enough to take the hearts of those under your command away from me?

 There is a tremendous power swirling around there, a concentration of the gods' power.
 Eques is, indeed, behind this light.

 It is essentially an invisible cog, but it must have a nebulous outline as it is assembled.
 I stare into the depths of the light and probe the main body of the guy.

'If your goal is to fish me out, you're out of luck. I don't remember bringing anyone else with me who was dragging you down.

 If I pay attention to Misha and Sasha, they may be able to escape.
 Therefore, I don't help them, I just stare intently into the abyss.

'Do you think that with love and kindness, miracles will happen?

 Eques says, as if to ask the question back.

Then remember again. The inorganic despair of the name of order. It doesn't matter what humans wish for, demons lament, or dragon men are angry, the will of the world will not change. Good people and bad people alike, the end result is the same.'

 Light gathers in the magical circle of gears that bind Misha and Sasha.
 <The moon of creation and the sun of destruction further overlap.

'Destroy. Militia, God of Creation, Averniu, God of Destruction. The world you love is now in your hands! The world you loved, by your hand, and your heart is fragile and crumbling.

"...don't be silly...! I'm going to stop it. This is ridiculous...!

 Misha and Sasha grit their teeth and try to move their own god bodies.
 Although they are resisting that compulsion, little by little, the eclipse is accelerating.

''........I won't let them shoot at the ground.......''

"Wishes don't come true. No wish will ever come true, no thought will ever reach you. All that's left in the gears is the removal of the foreign object, and the world will turn right.

 A noisy voice echoed throughout the God Realm.

''Never again........''

 Sasha muttered.

''.......I don't want to feel like that again!

 While bound by the magic circle, Sasha slowly reaches out to Misha next to her.

''........the world is not kind.......''

 Misha said.

'That's what I thought. ─ I thought I had made the world a sad place. But,

 Misha reaches out to Sasha.

'It's not,'

Our minds will not be controlled by this tiny little wheel!

That's right and wrong. There's no need to manipulate the mind. There is no need to manipulate the mind; there is only one small hole to drill. Just one tiny, little foreign object to be removed, and the diminutive cog that fills it will soon begin to spin a great despair.

 A blade protruded from the magic circle and pierced the girls' chests.
 A small cogwheel of light appeared in the girls' hearts.

Well that's about it.

 Misha and Sasha reached out to each other, even though their bodies were stitched together by the blade.

 At that moment--

"I told you.

 The gears of the magic circle glow and enact order.
 <The Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation overlap perfectly.

The world (I) is not kind, nor am I laughing.

 <The solar eclipse of doom is upon us.
 A darkness even darker than the darkness is condensed there.

"Turn. Turn. Turn. The world.

 The ominous light.
 <When the darkness, more terrifying than the black sun of the Sun of Doom, was about to twinkle, a pure white light flashed there.


 A moment of silence.
 A flash of light, and the Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation were slightly separated.

 The eclipse of the sun has reeled back, just a little bit.


 Rolling her eyes, Sasha stared there.
  has a small wound on it.


 A white blade that shines divinely.
 <The thing that prevented the Doomsday Eclipse was a swing of the legendary hero's holy sword, Evans Mana.