445-World gears

 Vade's body turned to ashes at a moment's notice and crumbled down.
 That's the moment when the hand of shining black flame reached the source of his body and was about to burn it down.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on it. I'm sure he's planning to cut me into pieces and force me to let go.

"You don't think I'm going to let you go like this? Holo is the new life. You know we're going to get rid of you and your demons, don't you?

Do you know? Kuhaha. I'll tell you after I cull them.

 Furthermore, I extended my fingertips into his body and covered him with the Demon Black Thunder Emperor.
 The black lightning turned into a sharp blade, and with the power of the three magics, it vigorously pierced the source of the guy.

'You say you are a conformist, but your powers are incomplete. As I see it, the holo was originally supposed to be born at the end of the destruction ordained by the order. However, I corrupted the god of destruction and took away the order of destruction. As a result, the humans and the demon race have prospered, so I suppose there is no room for you to be born.

 Without destruction, there would be no creation.
 The planned Horo race could not be born naturally.

"Ko-o-o-o-hoo! Let go...!

 <The Culling Wind and Snowstorm blows and cuts my body down. <I stared at it with the Devil's Eye of Doom to reduce its power.

 Furthermore, he pushed his right arm into the source.


'You are the one that the order has forced to come into being in order to balance the books. Therefore, you are far from being a force to be reckoned with.

 He coughed up blood, red blood staining Vade's mouth.
 He gave a cocky grin.


 In a moment, a magic circle is drawn on my body.
 A dark coffin appears behind me.

 <The moment the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) swallowed this body, the guy erases the Demon Claw (Dugara) on his right arm. The claws have moved to his left arm.

 The moment you are warned about the Dugala, Vade fires a kick at me. I received it, but he pushed my body with great force as it was and pulled out his fingertips buried in my body.

 Instantly, the black particles drew a cross like a coffin lid.

''Barker. Incomplete? Is it far from its true power? Dammit. I was taking it easy on you earlier!

 I beat the coffin from the inside, but it didn't budge.

"My uncle taught me how to use the Eternal Death Killer Dark Coffin to kill him. I didn't think it would be so easy to kill him. Am I really that bad at this? You're going to take it easy on a non-conforming old man, aren't you?

 Vade gives me a look of satisfaction.
 Then he tapped his head with his finger to show his competence.

'Well, because, you know what? Non-conforming old men don't perish, do they? If you hurt him halfway through, and then Graham's nihilism comes out, it's a pain in the ass.

Hmm. You're using your head a little bit.

Hey, don't get cocky, old man. You're not gonna get away with this. Master Vade's Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) is more powerful than my old man's. Even Anahem was trapped in it that easily.

 Kuh-ha, I laughed.

'Are you serious, my dog?'

''Because Old Man wouldn't have been able to lock Anahem up in the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) if he didn't complicate things. The conformist Lord Vade doesn't need that, you know?

 As if to boast, Vade gives me a cocky look.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can get away with it. It's a good thing that you're able to use the magic you taught me. I'm sure you're not ashamed of yourself, old man, aren't you?

 Vade flew in slowly, his face close up to me through the magic barrier.
 He said triumphantly.

''Hey. If you say please, Master Vade, I can at least show you the moment when the trash on earth is eliminated, right? It's a special grand service.

I've been told that the world is a theatre for the gods, but in the end, you're the main character that the impresario assigned to you in favor of your own. The role is very impressive, but the actor in question is a total failure.

 When I told him that, Vade became petrified.

''.......What? Sour grapes? I don't know what you mean, but if you look down on me, I'll cull you right now. Are you a wimpy old man?

"Ha-ha. That's the thing, Vade. You're not a man of your word.

 With a clingy look on his face, he put his magic on his fingertips.

'I told you not to look down on me, didn't I? Goodbye, nonconformist old man. I'm going to make it extra painful for you 100 times over! Great service!

 The cross particles spread out and turned into the lid of the dark coffin.
 Instantly, the Eternal Death Curse was triggered.

''Haha! Zakko! This nonconformist old man, really zuck! I'm just talking, d*mn it! Hahaha!

 Palin, and the dark coffin shatters into pieces like broken glass.


 <The jet-black flames that destroyed the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) became a chain, entangling Vade in a restraining manner.

''Gu........this.......oh my God......why......!

"The Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) kills the object it captures and uses its death as a source of magic to perpetuate the curse and the protection of the coffin. In other words, it has a flaw where the protection fades at the moment of the first kill. It's crucial to bind it, weaken it, or make it oblivious to it.

 It's a good thing that you're able to get the most out of it.
 That claw is the only thing I can't ignore.

It's not my Behelius," he said.

Do you think so?

 With the magic circle I drew with the Zora e Dipto, I create a Behelius coffin to kill the Eternal Death.


 Raising his left arm, Vade stabbed the dark coffin with his . 
 In a moment, as if swallowed by a vortex, the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) disappears.

"It's not working--

 <His left arm was detached from his shoulder and was flying in the air.

 <It was cut off with a fingertip that concentrated the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsud), Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasud) and Jiao Death Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara).

"Bah! You are a decoy...

 Vade transferred the to his outstretched right arm.
 But I couldn't do it.

 I was the one who dropped his right arm before that.

This is not a good time to...?

 <The total demon complete healing (Aye Sheal) gathers at the arm's severed surface, but immediately afterwards, polar flame chains wrap around it, restraining the guy in multiple ways.

 Even if you want to grow an arm, the Prison Flame Chain Binding Magic Circle (Zora et Dipto) that is wrapped around the severed area prevents you from doing so.

I'm not going to be able to get it right. I guess no claws grow out of my legs.

 <I'm sure that the Dugara is a special magic for the hands.
 I'm sure it's a good idea, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use it on other parts of the body.

I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

 I'm going to draw a magic circle on the body of the man I've tied up.

"There is not much difference between you and me in the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius). Nevertheless, you easily put Anahem in the dark coffin. Why do you think that is?

 The creaks with a creak.
 I'm going to release my magic and he's going to tear the chains apart.

 On top of the polar flame chain, the was layered on top of the polar flame chain, further binding its power.

"...because I'm a conformist...

You're right.

 He rolls his eyes when he says that.
 He didn't expect to be affirmed.

'It's because you're recognized as conforming to the order of this world.

d*mn it...!

 <The magician's magicians appeared one after another, but before I could activate it, I stared at the magician's technique with my magical eye of destruction and destroyed it.

The gods are unable to defy order. Even Militia, with her love and kindness, was too busy entrusting her creation, Ennesone, to Wenzel. Averniu, too, could not have escaped the fate of its destruction unless she had been reincarnated.

 The Vade can only grit his teeth at my words.

Why can't the gods race defy order? If the god race is order itself, they can't possibly love and be kind. Or, did the gods really not have love and kindness in the first place?

 The magic circle is filled with magic and a dark coffin appears behind Vade.

'For example, what if it had been erased? What if it was implanted with a cog that kills the mind and controls order? The divine race would work according to its cogs. Still, except for certain gods who never lost their love and kindness.

 The divine race had a mind.
 And they were deprived of it.

''In other words, there are looters in this world. "So, there are plunderers in this world, who steal our hearts, steal our fire and dew, steal our magic, and plunder our lives. Above all, he has robbed the world of its truth.

 Dark particles formed a cross shape and covered the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) with a magical barrier.

It made it look like the gods were following the order, making it seem like the gods were the order itself, when in fact they were following the cogs of the looters. That's why Militia stole my memory 2,000 years ago when I was reincarnated. I suppose she didn't want me to end up here.

That's what I am. Master Vade the Conformist...!

 Vade is about to break the with a head-butt, but all it does is make a noisy noise.

'So is the fact that you were able to take Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta right in front of me and Misha. Misha and Sasha, who were reincarnated, became the demon race. In other words, the looter's gears remained on the detached divine body.

 Using it, the looters control the two castles. Even now. Thus causing the doomsday eclipse to occur on earth.

d*mn it. What the hell do you want to talk about?

 I stared coldly at Vade as he shouted misguidedly.

'Don't talk to me from the side, loser. I'm not talking to you.

 When I kicked him in the face like that, Vade made a goofy expression on his face.

 Who the hell do you think I am? The fitter's--

I'm telling you not to bark.

 <The lid of the was closed and Eternal Death attacked its body.
 From the dark coffin, a decapitated cry could be heard, "Ughhhhhhhhhh!

'Even though Anahem didn't even raise his voice.

  is filled with magical power and the sound insulation of the coffin is increased.
 Vade's screams gradually faded away and then completely disappeared.

''Your dog is like this. The conformist you've made, show up if you want it back.

 Probably, there was originally no name for it.
 Even if he came to the Azure of the Gods, he was not supposed to be there.

 We would never be able to find him.

 But a man who realized that something was wrong with this world, a non-conformist other than me, had given it a name.

 In order to expose its true identity.

"The king of the god race that shouldn't exist. <The king of the supposedly nonexistent gods, the Almighty Goddess Eques.