444-Moon, sun and sisters

 Light from the fire and dew fluttered and fell from the sky.
 They were being sucked into the triangular gate attached to the triangular pyramidal temple.

 In the depths of the triangle, the sun of destruction and the moon of creation overlap slightly, and the eclipse of the sun is progressing.

 If we compare this scene to the situation on the ground, it is easy to imagine what is going on.

The Unseen Gate.

I've never seen those magic letters before.

 Misha and Sasha say.
 The frame of the giant gate has countless magical letters painted on it, but they are not familiar.

 If Misha, who has the memories of Militia, doesn't know them, then they must be different from the letters handled by the god race.
 But they are not earthly ones either.

''I know that Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta are there, but why is even the and there...?''

 Wary of the area, we cautiously fly to that triangular temple.

'Because it's supposed to be floating in the sky above the ground right now, right?

In there.

 Misha points to the triangular gate.

'There's something wrong with the order of space.'

Hmm. You're right. The space inside there seems to be undefined. Maybe it's the power of the gate, but the Sun of Doom and the Moon of Creation have been given two different coordinates.

 Sasha puts her thoughts into words.

''I suppose. To put it simply, the Sun of Ruin itself has become the gate to the divine realm that connects the azure of the gods to the earth. Hence, it can exist in two places at the same time.

 If the God of Destruction and the God of Creation were in power, they could have seen the Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation directly in the sky above ground from here.

 Why did you go to this extreme?

 Is this a measure to directly infuse the power of fire and dew?
 No, or...?

You mean to move the Sun of Doom and the Moon of Creation?

 Snap, Misha blinks twice.

'Avoiding the from the ground?

Yes. If we can cross the Sky of Destruction before the eclipse, the Sun of Destruction can fall. But with the power of that gate, it could move the Sun of Doom to any position on earth.

 With this magic, you just need to give them different coordinates.
 Just when you think you're about to risk death to get to the Sun of Doom and the Moon of Creation, you can escape at will.

I Guneaus.

 I drew a multi-layered magic circle and dyed my arms through it pale white.
 I reached out to the other side of the gate.

 My right hand burned slightly and my left hand froze slightly.
 Regardless, I put all my strength into it.

"Hmm. Freeze?

 Regardless of how far away they are, they can be reached by the 'Morinara' (Lee Guneas), but the castle, the sun and the moon do not move with a jerk.

 The magical formula of the gate controls the coordinates of what is inside and holds them in place.
 You can't move with all your might.

The only thing we can do is to get inside and take back Delzogade and Averastanzetta...? Then we can stop the Sun of Doom and the Moon of Creation.

 Before me, Sasha landed in the triangular temple and looked through the gate.
 Misha landed next to me and said.


 If you don't know why Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta are out of control, it's not going to be a simple matter of retrieving them.

 I'm not going to be able to get it back.
 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on them.

"Stay back, Misha, Sasha.

What's that...?

 Sasha and Misha jumped back in a hurry.

 I was floating in the sky above, and I was tightening my grip on the condensed purple light with my right hand.
 I pointed it towards the triangular gate and drew a magic circle with the spilling purple light.

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.

"The ashlar purple annihilation lightning and fire electric field (Lavia giggles).

 The magic circle of purple electricity that was released enveloped the entire triangular temple and the gate.

 The overwhelmingly destructive purple lightning rushed through, and an ear piercing thunderclap rang out.
 The world was violently shaken and the place was dyed in purple.

 The sound of destruction resounded incessantly, and eventually, the light ceased.


You're lying....right...?

 <Despite receiving a direct hit from the Ash Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire Electric Field (Lavia Gigue Gaveriizd), the triangular pyramidal temple had retained its original form.

 However, what was surprising was its gate.
 The triangular pyramidal temple was burnt and pierced by purple light, and about 20% of it was destroyed.

 However, the gate, though somewhat charred, is almost intact.
 The temple could be destroyed with just two more shots, but this gate didn't budge.

''It's a strange gate. What was the purpose of building something so solid?

 Looks pretty old.
 It's not like they made this for me.

 If I destroy this, I can move the castle, or at least eliminate the Sun of Ruin and Moon of Creation from the ground.

 I should have brought the Sword of All Thunder.

 <The entire God Realm would be destroyed with the Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa). Is it wise to give up on destroying it?

 Then, a gurgling sound was heard.


 Sasha shouts out.
 Slowly the doors began to close.

 It is the gate, not the temple, that controls the order of position.
 Even if the temple is destroyed after the doors are closed, there probably won't be any delzogade or there.


I know.

 With her arms, she grabbed the closing gate and forcefully opened it with her arms.

 The force with which the gate closes is quite powerful, but not uncontrollable.

"Culling Windstorm Thunderstorm and Snow Rain (Itzelt Gischend).

 From the sky above, a storm rages.
 A thunderstorm, a culling storm clad in wind and snow, engulfs my body and tears it to shreds.


 With a growing laugh, the holo man, Vade, descends from above.
 He is not a god race, he too could come to the depths of the abyss of the God Realm.

I'm going to take my hands off the table and strike a blow. What do you think of my plan? What do you think of my plan?

This is not a very good plan.

 The storm passes and my vision clears.
 My body is wounded, but I still hold the door with my .

"Whoosh. You're doing it. <''It's amazing that you can't let go of your hand even after being subjected to the
What about the Four Treasures?

 He laughed good-naturedly and made a gesture of snapping his head off with his thumb.

"I got rid of it. You crossed me, so that's what you deserve.

 Out of the corner of my eye, Misha has a grim expression on her face.

 You have destroyed the four tree gods, right?
 The magic wire that led to Wenzel was severed during that battle, but the Temple of Aurora, where Eleonor is located, is still alive and well.

 If the Four Trees are destroyed, it seems that their divine world, Da Ku Kadate, should be destroyed in an instant, but there is no sign of that.

 Is it as I suspected?

Get your hands off me, old man. You don't have the legs. You're screwing with me. "You'll be dead next time.

You can't do it, domesticated dog.

 When I returned it to him, Vade would glare at me with his cocky demon eyes.
 An enormous amount of magical energy was released from his body.

You're going to die. You're an idiot.

 Sasha's magical eye of destruction shattered the anti-magic that Vade wore.
 At that moment, Misha's magical eye of creation flashed.

 The pseudo-Delzogade she created is floating in the sky above.

''Ice Crystal.''

 With the anti-magic blocked, the Vade goes from the tips of his hands to his body, and in turn is created into ice crystals.

 Misha and Sasha jumped up from the temple to further strengthen the power of the magic eye, and approached the Vade.
 The fellow who had lost his right arm up to his elbow, however, showed a cheeky smile.

''Uzzie! It's not going to work!

 A storm rages from his arms, which are turning to ice.

'Cull it out, mooks.

  attacked the two of them, tearing apart their anti-magic and tearing their bodies apart.


 Sasha shouted as she was blown away.
 The two of them were slammed into the triangular temple with great force, destroying the outer walls.

'Where are you looking?'

 In an instant, Vade rolls his eyes as he brings me into view, which is right in front of him.

 I used the
"It's not working.........naa......

 Vade caught the kick of the glowing black flame with his left hand gingerly. The palm of his hand is scorched, but it's hard to see how it can't be turned to ashes.

 He instantly regenerates his right hand with .
 Immediately afterwards - an enormous amount of magical power gathered there.

You can't get away with it. You're scaring me, boy.

 A storm swirls around the outstretched right arm.
 What appeared to cut through it was a deformed claw.

 A thick, hardened arm and a swollen hand.
 Beyond that, there were five claws that extended as sharp as swords.

''Dugara (Dugara).''

 The gleaming claw gleamed like a flash towards my left chest.

 I quickly moved my left arm and sprayed it with the Four Realms Wall, Aviastan Ziara and the Demon Black Thunder Emperor.

 Instead of catching it head-on, Dugara grabbed the hardened arm and let it go.

You're scared. There's no way to save the earth with this, okay?

 Vade laughs.

 <Because he used his left hand to defend against the , he was unable to support the gate and the door was closed.
 He is trying to say that there is no more way to stop the .

''Did you think that if you let go of your hand, you would have no more hands?''

 <If you thrust your right hand towards the Vade's heart, he will fall back to avoid it.


 It draws a magic circle and shoots wildly through the jet-black sun.
 One after another it lands, chipping away at Vade's anti-magic.


 A storm swirled around Vade's body and flashed the .

 He turned his gaze behind him for a moment, while being wary of me.
 Instantly, his expression distorts.

 He must have noticed that Misha and Sasha had disappeared.

''Old man.......where did you send those two.......?''

You know what I mean. Inside the gate, of course.

 As soon as he uttered that, Vade turned himself around.


 When the gate opened again, they could see Sasha and Misha behind it.
 The girls touched their fingertips to Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta respectively.

''Anosk...! Me....!

I forgive you. You have your godhead in return.

 The two of them drew a huge magic circle to encompass themselves and the castle.

 The two castles and the two sisters were enveloped in light.
 Their outlines flickered and Misha and Sasha became one with the castle as if they were dissolved in water.

 This was the magic that the Seven Demon Emperors old man Ivis Necron had once fused with the