443-To the bottom of the abyss

 The dust danced and the mirage well collapsed.
 Vade grinned and smiled cheekily as the fire dew was taken away and the withering desert was coming to an end.

'You're an outlier, old misfit. I'm not an errand boy, nor am I a domesticated dog.

 Quickly, Vade held up his palm and drew a magic circle in front of him.
 From his body, which had absorbed the fire dew, emanated a magical power so powerful that it surpassed even the God Race.

''It is the Conformist Vade-sama who reigns in this world!

 The storm is covered in thunderstorm and snow. <It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 It's not just a matter of time before you're able to get your hands on a new one.

"The sky is in transition, the pattern of my heart

 A thunderclap rang out, and a blue lightning bolt greeted the .

"Let's sing. Let us sing. "Sing. It's like the wind, and sometimes like a bolt from the sky. Tenpenshinsinteki Idi Doroend.

 Gietenalos, the god of transformation, uses his power to turn the sound of the flute into a lightning bolt, blocking the culling storm.

 The collision between the blue lightning and the raging storm makes the crumbling well more dusty with a thunderous sound of jizz.

''Tiny lightning. Are you going to win with that?

 As Vade gingerly put his magic power into grabbing the void, the storm gained even more momentum and swallowed up the blue lightning.

''Haha! That's great! Master Vade will cull you, mooks!

"The transformed roots will eventually come to life--

 A calm voice echoes.

'--The first drop of that beginning will soon become a pond and a mother sea. My sweet child, wake up. Seitan Meijun, Avrohellian.

 Wenzel, the god of birth, raises his azure shield.
 The pale light seemed to envelop the lightning bolt released by Gietenarus, and then it turned into the form of a giant.

 The lightning giant suppressed the oncoming with its arms.

''A contest of strength? You can't beat that little wooden boy!

 When Vade thrusts out one hand vigorously, the storm rages more and more, freezing the thunder giants with the snow storm and tearing them apart with the storm wind.

 Even as he did so, his gaze was constantly on me.

''After its birth, the source of its roots deepens further--''

 Dilfred, the deepening god, says to the staff in his hand, as if to say a silent prayer.

'A traveller in the forest of spirals knows this leaf is deeply lost and shallowly enlightened. The bottomless, the bottomless, you are still unfathomable. Is it the end of the spiral traveler's eternity to sink to the bottom of the thought? It's a labyrinth. Deeper thoughts, bostum.

 A red tree leaf appears on the thunder giant's left chest.
 It imitates a heart, or perhaps it sends red magic power to every corner of the giant.

 The far-deepened giant grabbed the and furiously pushed it back.

''The spiral piercing is the thorn in the abyss.''

 Dilfred says quietly.
 The abyssal grass thorns he unleashed were piercing the .

 Exactly like a needle through a hole, it pierced the vital point of the technique with precision, and the dark coffin was disintegrated into pieces as if it was going to fall apart.

 Anahem, the god of demise, flew out from inside and approached Vade.

 Vade let the swung down deadly demon sword Guzelami pierce his right hand, grabbing Anahem's hand and sealing it.

''Demon King Anos.''

 Dilfred said.

'This holo-child will be seized by us, the Four Juri Gods. You will go to the source of the fire dew. I realize it would be wrong to ask you to do this, but I am imploring you. I beg you to protect the order in Da K'Kadathé.

 With the Deepening Thought Staff in hand and the floating in his hand, Dilfred, the God of Profoundness, said, ''I'm sure you can see the depths of the abyss that I couldn't see.

''I guess you could see the depths of the abyss that I couldn't see...''

 Dilfred must have had a general idea of what was going on.
 And that he, as a godling, would never get there.

''Hmm. "Hmm, this one may be beyond your control.

"Pull it out, you misfit. This anahem does not despair. It will meet its demise.

 As if to say "go," Anahem wears magic power like dust all over her body and thrusts the deadly sword at Vade.

It's not like I'm asking you to be a non-conformist, is it? But, it seems that now is not the time to worry about such things...

 A green-green wind gathered around Guetenarus.
 He carried the divine flute to his mouth and blew it as he let the wind pour in.

 A moment later, red and blue lightning was released from the thunder giant, and the crumbling well completely collapsed.
 We were thrown into the space where the dust scattered around us.

'Go, Demon King Anos. Before this Da Ku Kadate is destroyed!

 Wenzel shouted.

'If this one is settled, I'll have to settle it with you guys.

 I said as I released magic power from my entire body and drew a magic circle of
'Promise me one thing. "Promise me one thing, that you will discuss the future of man and God.

I gave in.

 With a genuine look on his face, Dilfred replies.

'Let's go,'

 He called out to Sasha and the others and put magic power into the magic circle of .
 In the middle of this, Misha turned towards the God of Birth.


 She responded to Misha's voice with a gentle look.

''Militia. At last, we, the four Juri-Shi, are with you.

 Curtly Misha nodded.


Hey, guys.

 Vade made a pouting face and lightly tightened his grip on the magic circle.

''What have you been saying since just now?''

  whirled violently, lightly twisting the lightning giants and sending them flying away.


 Vade jumps back, kicking Anahem in the leg.

'I won't miss--'

'Bah! Look behind you.

 That lightning giant that swooped in and attacked Anahem from behind, crushing him.

''Haha! You think you can get away with it? It's Master Vade the Conformist!

 <In flight, he flies straight to me.

 An eerie voice echoes around us.
 It was the cry of a gazelle.

"We will fight and we will flee, but Unura will not build a house in the sand.

 The sound reverberated and the dust swirled around the Vade.
 Several towers of sand had emerged there, separating me from him.

'The deepening rootstock is submerged in demise. With a single whimper from Guzerami, all will crumble and wither away.

 The withering sword Guzelami had pierced the thunder giant. 
 Anahem bundled up its power, which circulated from transformation to birth, from birth to deepening and then to demise.

 Its flaming blade had grown so huge it could be mistaken for a tower, and it was blazing brightly.

'The tower on the sand is crumbling, and Guzelami's cry is the remains of the end.

 Anahem says, as if composing a poem

"A single scratch will not be enough to put up a fight, so draw the curtain.

 An eerie cry resounds, and the sand tower shakes violently.

''Buried and withered--the final sword, Guselami.

 The giant Guzelami is swung down on the tower that trapped the Vade.
 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the top, but also of time before you get to the bottom.


 I activated my magic-filled Flight (Fress) and we rose like arrows of light.

 Going backwards through the collapsing sand, we broke through the dust ceiling and passed through a well, and found ourselves in a desert that had been transformed.

 The earth was cracked and broken by countless cracks.
 The hole was so deep that we couldn't see the bottom, and the sand was cascading down like a waterfall.

 The holes were growing wider and wider, and even as they did this, new cracks were appearing.
 The loss of fire and dew, the loss of order, and the withering of the desert were coming to an end.

''Hmm. We have been beaten so badly again. Daq Kadate is the foundation of order. If this place goes down, I don't know what will happen to the firmament of the gods.

Don't take your time with that! We know there's a source of the world's demise, but we have to find out where it is, don't we?

 Sasha said in a panic.
 Misha was staring at the withering desert with her demonic eyes.

''We don't have time.''

What? It's easy to figure out. You said that the total amount of magic in the world is diminishing.

 I say as we fly through the dead desert.
 Misha nods next to me.

The order of destruction and the order of creation are equal. If the amount of destruction is equal to the amount of creation, then there is a possibility that magic has been lost somewhere. To put it another way in this Da K'Kadate order, fire and dew.

 Looking around, I spotted something in the dunes.
 It was a mirage with the trees reflected in it.

 It was the entrance to Dilfred's divine realm, Deep Forest Lara.
 The fire and dew leaves and large trees that were once lush and green were about to wither away.

 That divine realm must also be coming to an end.

 I landed on the foothold that was barely left.

''Since the day of the beginning, the fire and dew have been stolen from me. Neither the Four Trees God nor Militia, the Creator God, had noticed that the fire and dew were dwindling. That's a blind spot because the divine race is an order.

 Standing in front of the mirage, I look into its abyss with my devil's eye, tinted with annihilation purple.

''Life is born, deepens, and eventually comes to an end and a transformation. When do you want to take away the magic power without the divine race realizing it?''

 With a snap, Misha blinked, and Sasha's gaze soured in thought.

 Whether it's birth, deepening, demise, or transformation, whether they take away the magic power at the time of birth, deepening, demise, or transformation, it's impossible for the four juri-gods who control each of them to not notice.
 No matter how you look at it, if the magic power is reduced, the balance won't be balanced.


"There is a realm in Da K'Kadathé where the divine eye of the Four Jewish Gods cannot reach.

 I stepped out and put my hand in the mirage.

"Let the light go out, let the light increase, and let the light overcome the light.

 Ah.........and Sasha opened her mouth.

''The root of the approach to destruction is because it increases magic power...?

 I nod.

I nodded. "The people who are destroyed have no way of knowing how much their magic power will increase. It's the same as it was before it was destroyed, but it is now being robbed of a small amount of that magical power. Of course, nothing happens on the spot. But if they take away the magic power that cannot be taken away from you, it will be insufficient someday, and it will disappear.

 At the time of birth, at the time of deepening, at the time of the end, or at the time of the transformation, the slightest deviation that occurred there will go round and round and bring about one day's destruction.

 Hence, destruction and creation are out of balance.

On the other side of this mirage, Dilfred said, there is a chasm. "On the other side of this mirage," said Dilfred, "is a chasm, a boundary that is neither Deep Forest Luo nor the Withering Desert. But it is Deep Forest Luo and the Withering Desert.

 At the end of the deepening, there is the end.
 How far is the deepening and where does it end?

 Perhaps the deepening and the end are overlapping.

 They are both the deepening and the end. Because it is the end of deepening, its magic power increases tremendously, and because it is the beginning of the end, it is fragile and perishable.

 The only divine race that could see the end of deepening would be Dilfred, the God of Deepening.
 But because the end is against his own order, his divine eye cannot reach the gap between the two.

 And Anahem, the god of the end, does not have the God's Eye to gaze at the bottom of the deepening.

'The one who was taking away the fire and dew was taking advantage of this blind spot. No, perhaps it was set up by the world from the beginning.

 I jumped into the mirage.
 Misha and Sasha followed.

 A few moments of respite, less than an instant.
 I'm going to increase the light and use it to overcome the light.

 I've seen this moment many times before, and if my magic eye can see it, I should be able to see the abyss of the God Realm, the depths of this da ku kadate.

 Perhaps even Misha and Sasha.

 A moment later, I caught a faint light and reached out to it.

 My body was enveloped in a dazzling glow, and then the landscape changed in a flash.

 The sky.
 An endless sea of clouds.

 Our bodies were falling.

"What is this...?

"The abyssal abyss of the Jury's Garden?

 Sasha and Misha say.
 There was a huge amount of fire and dew in the sky, dancing like fireflies, falling just like us.

'Looks like it,'

 I turn my gaze downward.

 There were countless temples standing in a row.
 There was a huge triangular pyramidal temple at the back, and there was a gate.

 The gate was open, and the fire and dew light like fireflies were being sucked into the back one after another.

 When I learned of the demon's eyes, I could see the Demon King's Castle Delsogade and the divine school Averast Anzeta sitting on the other side of the gate.

 Furthermore, beyond that, Sarge Eldnave and Artieltonore overlapped with each other.

 They are experiencing an eclipse.

'I have found it, Militia, Averniu.

 So I said to the two men who were once gods.

"This is the flaw in the world.