442-Matched person

Hmm. Well, let's hear it for the conformist.

 Vade doesn't lose his expression and meets my gaze squarely.

 He doesn't even pretend to change, even though his secret has been exposed.
 He's just as innocent as the day I met him, just like a child.

"What do you want?

It's obvious. Weeding out, old misfit man.

 In a cheeky tone, Vade says

'Those that don't fit in are the ones that get weeded out. We holos are the last remaining chosen children after the unfit are weeded out.

 He threw out his chest and clenched his fists as if he were proud of it.

'There's a lot of underdogs out there, aren't there? That's why I want to get out of here.

What are we going to do?

Of course, we're going to eliminate the weakest humans, the most insidious dragon-humans from the depths of the earth, and lastly, we're going to eliminate his fellow demons. And then I will reign at the top of the world. Isn't that awesome?

 Brutally innocent, Vade said.
 As if he didn't know what the word 'cull' meant.

'Funny you should say that. 'So? Who fed you that crap?

I've known that since I was born. I don't know if I was born to be a part of this world.

 Vade spread his arms wide in childlike amusement.

'Just like Old Man said, I took the fire dew from you. It was me who killed the gods.

"...for what?

 Misha asked sadly.
 Vade laughed hehe.

'Creator God Militia, was it not, Oma?'

 Perhaps taking Misha's blink of an eye as an affirmation, Vade continued to speak with great skill.

'Shall I tell you? They say life doesn't go in cycles, but that's just as well. Because life is eliminated. That's what happened to the fire and dew flow, that's what happened to the gods that were destroyed. Only the handful that are conformed survive. God or no God. That's the way the world works, man.

It was a mistake.

 Shortly Misha announced.

'Then why was I born? Because the non-conformist old man was so desperate to keep his silly peace and not destroy lives that should have been destroyed, right? It's because of this that order has been disrupted and I was born in the God Realm. As for the weaklings, they should be eliminated quickly.

'Hmm. So you took Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta?

Yes, I know. In the eclipse of Surgieldnave, people will be weeded out. Those who survive will be considered my servants.

 <The solar eclipse of doom, eh?
 It's the total solar eclipse of Sergei Eldnave that's going on right now on Earth.

"Don't be silly.

 'Crisp,' said Sasha sharply.

'Get on with it and give me back my delzogade. Before it hurts you.'

'Try it, old lady. But are you sure? If you destroy me, you'll never know where the Delzogade is, okay? All of us on the ground are dead.

 For a moment, Sasha was frightened.
 At that moment, Vade drew a magic circle.

'You scared me. I'm going to cull you.

 The wind whips around.

"Culling Windstorm Thunderstorm and Snow Rain (Itzelt Gischend)

 The thunderstorms and snowstorms are covered by the storm.
 It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on a new one.

You're not going to be able to get it right.

 <Although she stared at it with her magical eye of destruction, however, the Culling Storm of Thunder and Snow Rain does not disappear.

 Misha created an ice shield with the Creation Architecture (Ibis), but even that easily penetrated the shield.

 Misha and Sasha jumped back and dodged the storm of the culling.
 With a thunderous sound, the well's inner walls were gouged out.

 The hole that was made in the well is endless, no matter how far it has been gouged out.

"Don't move, kid.

 A low voice echoes.
 The one held against Vade's neck is the Withered Demon Sword Guslami.

 Anahem, the God of Demise, had escaped from the and was standing there.

''Excuse me. Due to an urgent fire situation, I have released the Demon God.

 Dilfred, the god of deepening, says.

 He holds a spiraling staff in his hand - the Deepening Wand Bostum. He used it to defeat the Eternal Death Killer Dark Coffin (Behelius).

 It is no ordinary force to destroy the iron-walled dark coffin so easily.
 Or perhaps it's more of a divine eye than a force. I guess he used his God's Eye to look into the depths of the Behelius Coffin and see the vital points.

You. You can say whatever you want about the culling or whatever. We've never heard of a conformist.

 A tune is played from the transmutation god flute Idylloend.
 Guetenarus, too, had been freed from the roots of the tree of the god of birth, and had turned against the Vade.

'Whatever it is, those who take away the fire and dew are beings against order. He is nothing more than an enemy of the gods.''

 Carrying the birth life shield Avroherian, Wenzel also confronted the holo boy.

'You guys are bacchanals, aren't you?'

 Vade laughed as he looked at the four gods surrounding himself.
 A magic circle was drawn in front of him.

'You and your order are just there to create conformists (Ore), you know?

 A moment later, a dark coffin appears behind Anahem.
 I'm the one who taught him the dark coffin of eternal death.

"You fool. Even a non-conformist used a force of arms. "This is the kind of magic that can reach Anahem head-on...

 Before the lid was closed, it would be relatively easy to break the .
 Once trapped in the coffin, Anahem, the god of demise, saw through it and tried to smash the dark coffin with his physical and magical power.

 But he couldn't do it. He stopped moving as if his power was blocked, and in the blink of an eye, he was swallowed by the .


 The lid of the coffin is closed, and once again Anahem suffers the curse of eternal death.

''Hehe. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm already better at it than you. I'm amazing!

 Vade says with his best face.
 Dilfred, Gietenaros and Wenzel braced themselves to be on the alert.

'Isn't this the kind of thing they say blue comes out of indigo and is bluer than indigo?

 The cheeky face turns to me.

'Hey, non-conforming old man is the strongest man in the world, right? The fact that I've already surpassed the world's most powerful man's magic when I was a newborn says a lot about how great I'll be when I grow up, doesn't it?

 Vade quickly raises his hand, and the fire dew clings to it.
 It's the fire and dew.

But, you know, I'm just a kid. I'm a non-conformist old man, but I'm sure I'm no match for a pre-grown conformist, and I'm in trouble.

 Out of nowhere, a wind of fire dew blew in and gently enveloped him.
 The wind was blowing, and the fire-dew leaves were dancing, and the leaves were covered with fire-dew drops.

 The fire, the drops, the wind, the leaves.
 All the fire dew was being absorbed by Vade's body.

 Just when it seemed that a flurry of sand fell from overhead, the ceiling suddenly collapsed and collapsed.

 No, it's not just the ceiling.
 The scaffolding, the walls, everything else is beginning to collapse.

What, all of a sudden?

 Sasha turns her magical eye on the area.

"....the wasted desert is collapsing...

 Misha muttered.

''........With the fire and dew taken away, I can't keep the divine realm......''

 'Heh,' echoed Vade's laugh.

''It's not just the Withering Desert. It's also the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere, the Great Tree Mother Sea, and the Deep Forest Luo. We've finally gathered enough fire and dew for our needs.''

 Vade's figure, shrouded in fire, wind, leaves and drops, began to be revealed by them.

 Long red hair. A tall upper back. A sturdy physique.
 The Vade was there, wearing a luxurious outfit reminiscent of a king, and had grown to the equivalent of 20 years old.

"Ta-da! Out of a pinch! I'm sorry, old man. I'm all grown up! Now your only chance of winning is gone.

 Vade moved his fingers to check his growing body, put his arms around it, and then looked at Wenzel and the others.

"You're no longer a part of the Juri Four. I'm going to cull them all together with this Da Ku Cadate.

 A moment later, a small thorn flew towards Vade.


 He grabs it effortlessly with two fingertips.
 It's Dilfred's Abyssal Grass Thorn.

"If I destroy you, I will restore order in the Jukuri Garden.

 The Deepening God says. 

''It's very simple. If the fire dew was taken away from you, you can get it back.''

 The god of transformation followed.

''What are you talking about, guys? Isn't Anahem the strongest of the Four Trees God?''

 Vade said with a person-eating expression.
 To that, Wenzel, the God of Birth, replied calmly.

''On its own, it might as well be.

 Divine magical power erupted from the bodies of the Transformation God, the Birth God and the Deepening God.
 As if to intercept it, Vade took a leisurely stance and emitted magical power like a storm.

''Come. I'll cull the four gods, the non-conformists and their subordinates, all together. This conformist Lord Vade.

 Sasha's magical eye of destruction and Misha's magical eye of creation float.
 Everyone's magic power rose up powerfully and filled the well.

 It was just a flash in the pan.

"Hmm. Sorry to see you in the heat of the moment, but...

 At my words, the magic of the place shook for a moment.
 They all turned their attention to us.

I'm sure that even if you defeat the errand boy, Da Ku Cadate will not be able to survive. It's just a way to buy time.

 Dilfred and the others look at me.

Who's the errand boy, old man?

The dog, unless he's running errands? You say you're a conformist, you're a non-conformist, but the guy who created that framework is the one behind it.

 Vade only turns a petulant face at my words.

'You started taking the fire dew away from me. Right around the time I visited this azure of the gods. Why didn't you take it earlier?''

Why wouldn't you? I wasn't even born, okay?

You are not. You were created in a hurry. To pull the wool over my eyes.

 The air of the place was stained with thoughts.
 It was Dilfred who quickly opened his mouth.

'Are you trying to cover up something?'

'Oh, yes. Forest to hide trees, city to hide people, so what was it you were trying to hide, Vade?

 After blinking twice, Misha muttered in a huff.

'The extinguished fire dew,'

'Yes. The fire and dew had been taken away from the beginning. Destruction and creative order are equal. Despite the alignment, destruction is always always greater in the world. In this Da K'Kadate, the fire dew was stolen little by little without being noticed by the Four Tree Goddesses.

 Perhaps the Four Trees cannot see this.
 Neither Militia, the god of creation, nor Averniu, the god of destruction, can be noticed by the divine race because of their order.

When I come to Da K'Kadate, I will find out whether or not it's true. So, to avoid this, he suddenly started taking the fire and dew.

 Loosely pointing my fingertips to the heavens, I said.

'What you're hiding is nothing else but the source of this world's descent into destruction.