441-The identity of the selection god

 Desert of Demise.
 Deep in the well of the mirage, me and Dilfred were there.

 The dark coffin containing Anahem stood beside us, and in the oasis, the holo children frolicked and splashed each other with water.

'Looks like we're here,'

 Dilfred says.
 From the stairs, Wenzel came flying through the air.

 Behind her was Gietenarus, the god of transmutation, tied to the roots of a tree.
 Wenzel landed in front of us as she floated and carried Gietenarus.

'Here you are. Anos, Dilfred.'

Good to see you, Wenzel.

 Dilfred said, and Wenzel smiled thinly.

'Yes. I'm glad to see you're doing well too.'

'No. I'm just lost in thought and confusion.

 Dilfred looked at the holo children.
 Looking at them, Wenzel still looked surprised.

''They have been born in exchange for the fire and dew of the Withering Desert.

 Wenzel's gaze soured and he pondered intently.

''........Why is this happening in the Jurymatic Garden......? A similar thing is happening in the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere. The fire and dew have been taken away, and in their place is the army of God.

From what Eleonor has been able to find out, so has your Great Tree Sea.

 When I told him, Wenzel rolled his eyes.

''........Could it be the work of the Culling God......?''

Well, wait a minute. They should be here by now.

 Just as I said that, two girls flew in from the stairs.
 Sasha and Misha.

 They landed beside me.

''I had the two of them explore the Deep Forest Luo. The Withering Desert, the Mother of Trees Sea, the Celestial Sphere. Of the Da Ku Kadarte, there were places in the three divine realms to take away the fire and dew. ''There must be something in the Deep Forest Luo as well?''

''No. The abyss of Deep Forest Luo is always mine to look into. Even if there is a place where this divine eye cannot reach, my thoughts will discover foreign bodies.

 Dilfred says in a genuine tone of voice.
 I looked at Misha and the others and they nodded.

''Dilfred was right, there was nothing in the Deep Forest Luo.

I don't know. Isn't it possible that they just didn't find it?

 Lightly, the transmutation god Guietenarus released the words.
 Misha shook her head from side to side.

'I've looked for everything.' 

 I nod at Wenzel's question.

The one who attacked the flower god Lauzel in the celestial sphere of the crown and killed the gods and the one who stole the fire and dew and disrupted the order of Da K'Kadate are probably the same person. It's hard to imagine that two factors of disorder could coincide at the same time in this azure sky of the gods.

 <I will send my magic to the shackles and collars to connect Anahem's dream with this reality.
 The window of the Dark Coffin opens and he opens his eyes.

'In the azure of the gods, the only gods that can interfere with the fire and dew are the Four Treasures.

 I turned my gaze to Anahem, god of demise, Gietenarus, god of transmutation, Dilfred, god of deepening, and Wenzel, god of birth, and said.

'In other words, the god of culling who took the fire and dew of Da K'Kadate and destroyed the gods of the tree-crowned celestial sphere is among them.

 Silence struck the place.
 Only the innocent voices of the holo children echoed without tension.

'Well then...'

 It was Guietenaros who was the first to speak out.

'I think Dilfred is suspicious! Why isn't there a mechanism to steal the fire and dew only in the Profound Forest Luo? Didn't you build a fire and dew stealing magic only in your divine realm?

 The god of transformation releases words as light as the wind.

''Like you didn't make it on purpose to avoid suspicion?

'No. If I'm the god of culling, I'm guessing that I used a spell to steal the fire and dew in this withering desert.

 In a firm tone, Dilfred countered.

''Yet, the end overcomes the deepening. This Deepening God Dilfred's order is difficult to interfere with the fire and dew in the Withering Desert. Even if it were to do so, Anahem would immediately detect it.

 Dilfred turns to the oasis that gives birth to the holo-child.
 'I'm saying that it's impossible for the Deepening God order to create it.

'Well, I suppose that's true. So, I guess it's you, then, the God of Birth? Just as I first predicted, you gave birth to the Culling God!

'It is possible for the God of Birth to give birth to a God who kills.'

 Dilfred said, and Guietenarus laughed kerfuffleily.


''But if it's so out of order, we need to use the power of the fire and dew. There was no change in the flow of fire and dew before she left the Jurying Garden.

'So the native-born god who had been absent from Da K'Kadate for so long could not give birth to a culling god.

 Wenzel, the god of birth, could not destroy the gods in the tree-crowned celestial sphere.
 It is unlikely that she, who came with us to Da K'Kadate, could cast a spell to steal the fire dew.

 She is also unlikely to be a shaking god.

 I continued.

He continued: "And Anahem is not a shake god. It's impossible for him to do that since the fire and dew were taken away from him even in the crown of the sky. For transmutation outweighs demise.

 It is hard to imagine that the order of Anahem, the order of Anahem that governs the end of the world in the first place, could give birth to a holo-child or an army of gods.
 It might be possible to do it in its own withering desert, but it would be impossible in other divine realms.

 And even more so in the incompatible Tree Crown Celestial Sphere.
 The fact that he has an upright personality is also a factor in denying that he is a Shakeout God.

''Heh? Then who is the god of culling?

What about you, Transmutation God?

Me? No way. Why do I have to go through all that trouble?

 Guetenarus denied it lightly.

''It's easy for me to plant a magic to take away the fire and dew in my own divine realm. You could make it to the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere. By turning your own magic power into the order of birth.''

Of course you can. But I'm not going to do it.

 Not particularly moved, Guietenarus said.

'There was a trick to take away the fire dew in the Great Tree Mother Sea as well. Birthright is beyond transformation. Your order is useless in that sea, but the Lord of the divine realm, Wenzel, the God of Birth, has been absent for a long time. In that situation, you could construct a magic that would give rise to a divine army in the Great Tree Mother Sea by transforming your magic power into the Deepening Order.

 Deepening is superior to birth.
 With Dilfred's order, it would be easy to interfere with the Great Tree Mother Sea.

''Maybe so...''

 Wherever the wind blows, Guietenarus speaks up.
 I continued my explanation.

'Transmutation surpasses demise. In the same way you were able to create a magical contraption to take the fire dew away from this withering desert. Due to the order of the Transmutation God, the Fire Dew was transmuted and a human named Holo was born.

 The divine eyes of Dilfred, Anahem, and Wenzel focused on the god of transformation, Gietenarus.

''But they couldn't do anything but deceive the divine eyes and thoughts of Dilfred, the God of Transformation, who always kept looking into the abyss of Deeper Morura.

 Even if he wanted to turn to the order of the End God, Dilfred's thoughts detected the anomaly.

''So, you're saying that only in Deep Forest Luo was the fire dew not taken away? You're saying I did it? Take the fire and dew, make human children, and produce an army of God? What was that for?

Well. But even an idiot can understand this. ''There's no other god, aside from the Transformation God Guetenarus, who was able to create a trick to steal the fire and dew in these three divine realms, the Crown Celestial Sphere, the Great Sea of Trees and the Withering Desert.''

 I pointed unambiguously in the direction of the transmutation god Guietenarus.

'Therefore, you are the God of Culling.

 Guietenarus, who had been laughing just now, glared at me with his sharp divine eyes.
 His body was flooded with magical power like the wind.

 I say.


 Rolling his eyes, the tumbling god turned around.
 In the direction I pointed, directly behind him, was Vade, the holo-child.

 He's looking at me with a puzzled expression.

"What do you mean?

 Guetenarus asks.

'I told you that even an idiot could understand it. You are the only one who could create a trick to take away the fire dew from the three divine realms. I can't believe that you would call yourself the God of Culling and hide your true identity, yet leave such an obvious mark on them. There are two possible explanations. Either you are a fool or someone is trying to frame you.

'I see. You've decided you're not that stupid.

 Dilfred says.

'I'll agree with you on that view.

 Guetenarus gave him a reluctant look.
 He didn't like the expression, "I'm not that stupid," he didn't like the expression.

'If there is someone who tried to frame Guietenaros, then that guy is the culprit who created the mechanism to take the fire dew away from the divine realm - the God of Culling. But in the Azure of the Gods, no one but the Four Jury Gods can interfere with the fire and dew.

 Loosely pacing, I move closer to Vade.

'If you're a god,'

 The gazes of the Four Trees, Sasha and Misha looked at Vade.

'As a human, you have nothing to do with this. It is possible to interfere with the fire and dew, as well as kill a god. You don't have to follow the order.

 I stop in my tracks.
 A few feet away, Vade is standing there.

 Why did you kill God?
 Why take the fire and dew?

 A world that comes close to destruction and creation in equal measure.
 And a noise-infused voice that resonates directly to my roots.

 Everything is beginning to connect into a single line.

 Perhaps there is something that has been hidden in this azure sky of the gods all along.
 It has been hidden, unnoticed by Militia, the creator god, the Four Treasures, or any of the other gods, and has been kept under wraps.

 From the day of the beginning to the present day.
 Perhaps even more so than that.

'Being outside the bounds of order. You're a misfit, Vade.

 He laughed at my question.

 A moment later, a noise echoes from deep within the roots of the source.


No, Frank.

 With a noisy, unpleasant voice, the holo-boy--Vade said.

'I am--'

 --The Conformist--

I'm a conformist.

 Vade gave a cheeky smile.