440-Round table

 Gailladite, Palace of Courage Assembly.

 It is a place for the council members to meet and discuss, built on the site of the former royal palace where King Gailladite once lived.

 In the round-table chamber set up in this palace, various discussions are held and the policies and measures of the Azation are decided upon. It is the political center of the current Gailladite government.

 However, the transition to the new system of government, the parliamentary system, was still in its midst and the main body, the Congress of Heroes, was not fully functioning.

''That's why, as I've said many times.

 In the round table room, Emilia appealed to the senators with a fierce tone of voice.

''The Eighteenth Star of the Sacred Time (Raycanets) cannot contain the Sun of Ruin! It will only consume the men and precious holy water of the Academy of Valor in a prank!

 She gave an elaborate explanation about the and Sarge Eldnave. However, the members of the Azation's decision-making body would not change their policy of sealing off the .

''It's not just me, but the entire Brave Academy, as well as Eldmead-sensei of the Demon King's Academy and Anos Voldigord, the Demon King of Tyranny, are of the same opinion.

 At Emilia's words, the senators looked thoughtful, all pondering.

'But hey, Dean Emilia,'

 Sival, one of the council members, said.

 He is the king of Legrand, one of the Azéon Confederacy.
 He has a look on his face that says he has a lot to live up to.

I know that the Sun of Doom is too big a magic for us to handle," he said. But that doesn't mean that we, the leaders of the Azation, are willing to let it go unchecked and unchecked?

''Dealing with the is already underway by Dirheid. The hero of Azation, the heroic canon, will take the lead. What do you have to worry about?

 Sival sighs.
 He shook his head, as if he didn't understand, but he didn't even try to argue explicitly.

'King Legrand. If you have something to say--'

Once a hero...

 Another voice turns to Emilia.

'Yes, once a hero, I believe you mean to say, King Legrand.

 It was Enrique, the king who ruled over Porthos, who said this.

The heroic canon is indeed a hero of the mythical age. He is trusted by the people. But we have set up this heroic council to break away from the old Azéon. We are here to abolish all privileges for the sake of our country, even if we have to abandon the status of a king. We are here to build a society of equality.

 Reasonably, Enrique says.

'I don't see how a courageous Congress, a symbol of equality and fairness, can be singled out because it's a former hero.

'I'm saying it's powerful. I'm not saying that you should treat them specially. With the brave canon, we will strike at the threats approaching the country. I have no other intentions.

 When Emilia resolutely released her words, Catenas, who ruled over the other king, Nebrahilie, said.

''As I recall, the brave canon calls himself Ray Grandsdry and attends the Demon King's Academy? Going to be the Demon Emperor ruling over one of the Dillhades, right?

What's that got to do with it now?

 Emilia asks, and Catenas, King Nebrahilie smiles serenely.

'I'm sure the brilliant Dean Emilia would understand. If we leave this mission to the brave canon to destroy the < Sun of Ruin>, we will owe Dirhade a debt of gratitude.

Hmm. Well, that makes the rest somewhat awkward, doesn't it?

 Sival, King Legrand, says, as if to indicate.

'What's the trouble?

'Well, well, Dean Emilia. I know how you feel, but don't get all hot and bothered.

 'You don't understand,' said King Enrique of Porthos, as if to remonstrate.

You don't understand. What do you know about me, you who never doubt that there is a future? If that Sun of Doom is not defeated here and now by any means necessary, Azéon may disappear from the map!

 Sival, King Legrand, let out a snarling sigh.

''I've heard that many times. I also understand that we can't detect a crisis because that < Sun of Doom> is hiding its magic power.

"We are not hiding our magic! The magic is so powerful, I can't feel it.

I don't care about the minor differences. The point is, you can't see the magic.

 Emilia doesn't seem to be able to keep her open mouth shut.
 The situation is like a different one between hiding the magic power and being too powerful to feel it.

 The latter means that if you can sense it, that alone could kill you.

It could wipe Azation off the map. That's how prepared we are to face it.

Is that what you're willing to do?

 'I'm not talking about preparedness,' she tried to say.

'With all due respect, sir, you three still don't understand after all that explanation?

'No, no, I know. It's a big deal. In order to do so, we must make the Sacred Time Eighteen Stars (Raycanets) by the Academy of Heroes a success at all costs.

 Emilia bites down on her back teeth gingerly.
 'We've been going in circles for a while now,' she says.

What's wrong with you, Dean Emilia? I don't see any magic. The magic attack is so massive that it will wipe Azation off the map. I'll send in the brave canon to defeat the Sun of Doom. We have conceded and accepted your explanation and strategy. I don't want you to mess with Dirhade. You can at least drink our 18 stars of the Sacred Time (Layacanets), can't you?

''........So it's not necessary for the 【Sacred 18 Stars (Layacanets)】 to work.......''

 Emilia says in a low voice.
 She must have finally understood why the conversation was not engaging.

 In other words, although they were relatives, they had been gut-checking until now.

"Are you saying that you're satisfied if you let your people think that the Eighteenth Star of the Sacred Time (Raycanets) contributed to the fall of the Sun of Ruin?

You've said too much, Dean Emilia.

 Sival said, as if in a fit of anger.

'What can be saved by cleanliness alone? We need a papier-mâché tiger. The brave council does not have the power to protect the people of Azéon. If they think so, the country will fall apart.

 Folding his hands together, he exhales quietly.

'I have blood in my veins, but you're not a pure human being, you know.

 Catenas murmurs softly.

'King Nebrahilie,'

 Sival made a chiding noise.

'You're too wordy too, aren't you? She has done so much for our Azéon. We should treat her as a worthy companion and member of our heroic council.

'Excuse me for this. I'm sorry.

 With that, Catenas bowed his head to Emilia.
 He didn't try to raise his head until she opened her mouth.

''No......... It doesn't matter........''

You're a very generous man, thank God.

 Catenas says.

'Of course, I understand your position,'

 In a euphemistic way, Sival said to Emilia.

''Because I am the demon race--''


 The moment Emilia opened her mouth, Lloyd, the chairman, who had been keeping the discussion quiet until then, said.

'Let's adjourn for a moment. We'll reconvene in an hour.

 When they heard this, Sival and the others stood up and left the round table chamber.
 Some of the senators looked worriedly at Emilia, who had been left standing, but Lloyd urged them to leave the room.

'I can't help it if I don't get their approval.

 Lloyd says with a distressed look on his face.

''I know...''

You need to rest.

 With that, Lloyd left.

 Sival, King of Legrand, Enrique, King of Porthos, and Catenas, King of Nebrahilie.

 Because these three, who have a vast land, have promised to abandon their kingship and become one senator, the brave council has significance and a voice.
 If no one takes the initiative and retires from the king's position, there will be no one to follow. The transition to a parliamentary system will end up being just a picture-perfect one.

 The courageous parliament, unable to see the corrupt Gaillardite politics, has decided to take a stand.
 So did Sival, Enrique, and Catenas.

 All of them have come together with the dream of an ideal country, but after all, each of them has a different picture of what they want, and there are things they cannot compromise.

 Perhaps to Emilia, the ideal seemed to be far away from her.

''........It's ironic, isn't it.......''

 Emilia says as she speaks to the around her neck.

''.........This time they're going to discriminate against you for not being human......''

 Emilia stared out the window.
 's eclipse has advanced to about forty percent.

''If you're going to mix blood halfway through, why didn't you just make me fully human?

"You may be told to leave the demons alone.

 <Emilia was surprised to hear Anosh's voice that came through the .


"No matter what side you're on, there's always an inconvenience.

 A magic line connected to Emilia via Eleonor. Even from the divine world, only she, who holds the Bell of Thoughts, was able to send her voice directly to him.

 <You can't talk to them as the Demon King Anos because of the reason I gave them the Bell of Thought, though.

''Already.... You're talking like you know what you're talking about again.

 She falters slightly.

'I've been calling out to you and you never responded at all...'

I'm sorry. It's been a little tense.

 Hearing that, Emilia's expression became grim.

''.........Is it possible that even Anosh-kun has been roped in to defeat the army of God......? Or, Ray, you and the rest of the team, ...?

"Now, I do not know what will happen, but I will not stand by and watch my home burned to the ground. It is the duty of those with the power to stop them.

 At my words, Emilia bites her lip.

''........I wish I had more power.......''

"There's no point in crying over something that doesn't exist.

 Emilia falls silent.

'There are things only you can do. Wield power on that battlefield, Emilia.

 <When I cut off the thought transmission (leaks), Emilia said, "Anosh-kun? I call out to him.

''Just say what you want to say...''

 She gave one sigh.
 However, she immediately looked up as if she had reconsidered.

''........I guess I don't even have the time to talk at leisure.......and Dillhade......''

 With a grim expression on her face, Emilia used and went out the window.
 As if she was going around looking at the city, her vision seemed to be observing Gailladite from above.

 When I was flying for a while, I heard a voice from below.

''Dean Emilia Dean-!

 There was a group of humans waving at the city.
 Emilia slowly lowered her altitude and descended to them.

 Then many people gathered around her.

I heard that enemy soldiers have appeared near Gailladite, are you okay?

Yes. We had reinforcements from Dillhade, so we cooperated and fought them off. Thank you for your concern. We have no problem defending Geiradite.

 Then the humans gave a look of relief.

"Well, that's good. We didn't know what to expect when we heard that the enemy soldiers were closing in on us.

I told you. Dean Emilia will take care of you. My son said I wouldn't have to worry about it.

Hey. When the herd of dragons was closing in on us, Dean Emilia repelled them, so a few soldiers won't be able to hold them off.

It's true. During Dean Diego's tenure, there was a lot of warfare that happened without me knowing what to expect, but now that Dean Emilia is here in town, it's a relief to see her face.

Oh, yeah. Why don't you ask her about that?

But ... it's none of your business, is it?

What? If you ask me, I'll give you a free pass.

 Emilia wondered at the exchange of women who looked like housewives.

''Um, what are you talking about?''

'No, no. You see, the students of the heroic academy are working hard at the Seimei Lake, right? That's why I was talking about bringing them something to bring them.

'Sorry to be at work. Because you're about to do something about that creepy sun, right? Besides, I'm sure the cooks at Arklan Iska will make something better than what we've made.

It's all right, I'm growing. I just need enough. Mr. Laos and Mr. Heine will eat you to death. And, by the looks of it, so will Mr. Ledriano.

'Of course! You've been protecting Geiradite, so we have to do what we can to help.

But that doesn't mean you have to interfere with the Grand Magic.

Why don't you just give it to me in private? You won't have any strength if you're hungry.

 It seems that, quite somehow, Ledriano and the others have gained the popularity of the housewives without knowing it.
 Emilia smiled as they continued their adulterous exchange with each other.

''You'll be glad you brought them in. I'm sure the students will be happy to see you.

You see? I told you! That's it!

 The women looked happy.
 They wanted to do something for the young people who were facing the crisis in Geiradite.

'Excuse me, Dean Emilia, aren't you hurt?

 One woman said with concern.
 The sleeves of Emilia's clothes were torn and blood was seeping through them.

''No, it's nothing serious like this. If you leave it alone, the blood will stop.''

No, don't do that. You're too precious to me. I'll take care of it.

 A man comes over and takes out a medicine bottle from his bag.
 It has a small amount of magical power in it.

 He puts a bandage on that potions.
 From the familiarity, he must be a doctor or an apothecary.

''I have some recovery magic,''

"No, no, no, you can't let them use their precious magic! You'll be fine. This is what it looks like, and this wound potion works. It's top-notch, even for Geiradite.

'Oh! Getz's place is a great place to start! I may not have a good face, but I'm a good shot.

It doesn't matter what you look like!

 As he said this, the man named Getz cut Emilia's sleeve with a pair of scissors and gave her a quick treatment with a wound potion and a bandage.

 For Emilia, it was such a graze that she had been meeting without realizing it, but she was at the mercy of the residents' momentum.

'Shucks, that's a really spooky sun, isn't it? I've never seen such a horrible solar eclipse.

What's going to happen to us...?

'I hope the deepest darkness doesn't come again...'

Hey, don't worry. Don't worry about it. In Gaillardite, there's Abbot Emilia and her brave men.

Ha-ha, no.

 Emilia turned over.
 One of her people said to her, "But doctor, please don't take it easy.

But doctor, please don't take it easy. Everyone is worried about you because you work all over the place every day.

It's true, if Dean Emilia collapses now, Gaillardite is finished. I don't even know what the council is doing.

Don't talk nonsense to me.

 Turning over more and more, Emilia clenched her fists tightly.
 She struggled to hide the tear drops that spilled onto the back of her hand.

''It's okay,''

 Determined, Emilia says.

'I will protect Gailladite and Azéon, I will protect them both.