439-Birth God and Tenjin

 The Tree Crown Celestial Sphere.
 The sound of the flute played by Guetenaros echoes through the spherical night sky.

 The god of transformation says as he sings, "Let's change, let's change, let's change, let's change.

Let's change, let's change, come on, let's change. It's just like the night, sometimes it's like the shifting autumn miners.

 The huge branches that Wenzel was standing on quickly turned into leaves and danced around the tree.
 The branches, the branches of the crown celestial sphere, all turned into leaves and she lost her foothold.

You are falling into the sky. Oh, the ever-changing sky is endless and the end will never come.

 Wenzel's body fell into the sky.
 She was falling headlong, following the tones of the Idylloend, which had modulated to a fierce tune.

 The tree-crowned celestial sphere is all but empty. In ordinary times, it should have led to the Withering Desert or the Great Tree Mother Sea, but now, no matter how far she fell, she would never reach it.

 The sky has been transformed and has become a different thing than it was originally.
 Wenzel's body just keeps falling, and his momentum is only accelerating.

My order is changing. If it's no match for your birth, then it can be replaced by an enemy order.

 The song modulated again, and this time a sound was played that reminded him of a dense forest.

 Then, in front of Gietenaros' eyes, the leaves that had been scattered around turned into the shape of a staff.

 What appeared was a wooden staff with a spiral tip.
 That spiral has no beginning, and no end.

'I don't know. Dilfred's Deepening Scepter Bostum. It's not your cup of tea.

 As Guetenarus played more songs, the leaves that danced around one after another turned into spiral wands.
 One hundred deep thinking wands Bostum fell with Wenzel and surrounded her.

''What was it? Is that what Dilfred is good at? 

 The tones of Idylloend filled the room with silence and serenity.

 A magic circle was drawn on the floating spiral wand, and minuscule thorns appeared that could not be seen without elaborating on the magic eye.

'Come on, let's sing.'

 With a tune that gradually began to rise, a hundred thorns were released with great force towards Wenzel.

 The speed was not much.
 However, with the tree canopy celestial sphere that couldn't use the , Wenzel, who had lost her foothold, had no way to avoid the attack from all directions.

 The azure shield she held up, however, its small thorns pierced through Wenzel's divine body with ease.

''Futility. Didn't Dilfred say that those thorns pierce deep into the abyss of all things?


 The divine body was pierced by a hundred thorns, and Wenzel returned the words with a bit of bitterness.

''.........But it is only because of Dilfred's divine eye that looks into the Abyss that the Abyss Grass Thorn is there....... In his words, there is only one keystone in the abyss of all things. If you stab that keystone, no matter how diminutive the blade is, it can be torn down.......

 Wenzel says as he turns his hand to his own body and draws a magic circle.

'Like you, I can shoot a few at will and in the wind, but I will only puncture a small wound.

 As the magic circle was filled with magic, Wenzel's abdomen glowed faintly, and a series of tiny spines emerged from it.

'Wake up, my sweet child,'

 The tiny thorns turned into seeds in the light, cracking and sprouting, growing with vigor.
 In the blink of an eye, a huge, large tree had appeared.

 Dozens of trees began to cover the endless sky with their roots and branches in the canopy celestial sphere.

''Even though they are profound grass thorns, they are still the leaves of the canopy celestial sphere, to put it bluntly. It was careless of you to put the Order of Transformation in my womb, Guietenarus.

 Before long, the canopy celestial sphere regains its original shape of overlapping branches and leaves.

'Really? I'll drop it in the sky as often as I can. This is my sanctuary!

 The moment Guetenarus once again brought the Transmutation God Flute close to his mouth, Wenzel's thrown azure shield Avroherian flicked it away.

''Is........it's okay? I just threw my precious shield at you.

 Guietenarus reaches out to the divine flute that dances in the sky.

'I won't let you!'

 Wenzel threw a few thorns that he had pulled out of his body.

 It stabbed into Guetenarus' right arm, but he didn't care and grabbed the Transmutation God Flute in his hand.
 And so, the green-green wind soon entered and a tune was played.

'Zannen. You were going to let the buds grow with my body, but, you see...''

 The wind swooped out of his body and swirled around to protect him.

'I've already put it back into the wind and removed it.

"The abyssal grass thorns you turned, right?

 Wenzel stretched out his fingertips, and Guietenarus' expression twisted.
 A sprout had grown out of his arm, where the spines had entered his arm.


 Gritting his teeth, Guietenarus breathed into Idylloend.
 A quiet song played, but more and more buds grew out of his arms, eating away at the god of transformation.

'....This, this is you...'

'Yes. Only one of the thorns you threw is newly born by me. No matter how well you play the tune, the life of the beginning is not under your control.

 In the blink of an eye, the buds grow and break through Guietenarus' arms.

 As if seeking nourishment, the roots of the tree pierced through his divine body, restraining it in a cancerous position and beginning to absorb its magical power.

 The divine flute left Guietenarus' hand, and the tree roots wrapped around it as well.

 He resisted for a while, but halfway through he broke free, as if throwing a spoonful.

'Oh, my God, I'm losing. It's boring.

 Half-heartedly, the tumbling god said.

'So? What are you going to do to me? Are you going to kill me?

''As I've said many times, I'm not a culling god. I just need you to be quiet for a while.

I don't know. Well, okay. Then I'll wait for you to sing, because I'm not busy.

 Despite his predicament, Guietenarus let loose a light word and then really began to hum.

 Perhaps it was because he was bound by the roots of the tree of the god of birth, or perhaps it was originally ineffective, but the song was not accompanied by any magical power.

 Realizing that he no longer had the will to resist Gietenarus, Wenzel patted his chest in relief.
 At that moment, petals fluttered down to her.


 As Wenzel spoke, the petals turned to the god in farmer's form, the flowering god Lauzel.

''I'm surprised,'' said Wenzel. Suddenly, I thought the canopy celestial sphere started to get rough, and you're fighting with Guietenarus. Are you okay?

That's my line. Don't let the Culling God come again. Let's move your divine realm to the Great Tree Mother Sea.

"Hmm. But first, can I ask you something, Wenzel?

 <In the leaks, I said to Wenzel.


"'Can you just go ahead and explore the celestial sphere in the canopy? It's possible that Guetenarus has been playing a trick on Anahem's divine realm and has taken the fire dew. There may be something there, too.''

"....in the Anahemian sanctuary...? Yes of course that's fine, but do you have an idea of where it is?

"First explore the boundary between the celestial sphere in the canopy and the desolate desert.

 Nodding, Wenzel said.

'Lauzel. Please wait here for a moment. If the Culling God appears, call me at once.

 She jumped onto the branches of a tree growing out of Guietenarus.

'Excuse me. 'Sorry, Guietenarus. I need to borrow a little of your magic.

 As she drew a magic circle with her fingertips, the roots of the tree absorbed Gietenarus' magic power and began to grow the branch that Wenzel rode on.

''Whoa.....! Ya, I knew you were going to kill me!

'It's not going to kill me like this. Please bear with me, I'm a good boy. You're the Four Treasures, aren't you?

 With a scream from Guetenarus, the branches grew languidly, breaking through the sky of the canopy sky, taking Wenzel to the end of it.

 Moments later, a white smoke could be seen drifting in the night sky filled with darkness.

 It was the smoke of fire and dew rising from the withering desert. It was shimmering and hazy like a shimmering flame.
 Normally it should have turned into wind and blown into the canopy heavenly sphere, but it was loosely swirling around as smoke and lingering in the area.

''........What is this........?''

 With a curious expression on his face, Wenzel extended his branch toward the smoke.

 The moment he entered the smoke, the nebulousness of it became clearer.
 It was like being inside a smoke castle.

 Just like the Aurora Temple in the Great Tree Sea, there were countless holy water balls inside.
 It was already empty inside. However, smoke from the fire and dew was entering those holy water spheres and some kind of magic magic formula was being activated.

''Do you understand?''

"...a technique to take the fire and dew and give birth to a god...

 Wenzel, the order of birth, saw that at a glance.

 Perhaps it is an army of gods.

 They have invaded the ground, the underground, and the spirit world.
 So they sent them in from here.


 When Wenzel announced this with a branch in his hand, the other side of the extended branch shrank all at once, "Uhhhh...! With a scream, the whole root of the god of transformation flew out of the room.

"What's the matter with you now? Let me at least hum!

 Guetenarus blurted out, but found the holy water ball in front of him and rolled his eyes.

'Answer me with your heart. 'What does this mean, Guetenarus?'

 He was questioned sharply, but the Transformation God just stared at him in amazement.

''.........How could something like this.......be in my tree canopy heavenly sphere......?''

 Guetenarus gives him a startled look.

'It wasn't your doing?'

I hate stupid questions. I'm the Four Trees God. I can only protect the order of the Jury's Garden, and I see no reason to take the fire and dew away from you. Anyway, I think you're the only one who can do this to the Crown Celestial Sphere, Wenzel?

 Guetenarus raised his suspicions, but Wenzel brushed them off lightly.

'There is no reason for me to do this, either.

 Wenzel held out her hands and released her magic power.
 The water from the holy water sphere was quickly absorbed by her and disappeared one by one.

''Demon King Anos. Who in the world did this to you?

'Well. I believe this is the work of whoever took Delzogade and Averastanzeta, but I'm not sure yet. For now, take Gietenarus and come to the Withering Desert. Anahem and Dilfred will be there too.'

 Deep Morura is being explored by Misha and Sasha.
 As soon as I get a chance to investigate, I'll call the girls as well.

''I understand. I'll call them immediately.

 As he was about to say, Wenzel turned around as if he noticed something.

 In the center of the vast room, there was a huge divine door.
 On the other side of that open door, Wenzel turned his divine eye to the other side.

 What he could see was the sky on earth.
  Surge Eldonave was missing about forty percent of it.

 The eclipse of the sun is advancing faster than I thought.

 Little by little, we are also getting closer to the truth, but we are still somewhat far from reaching Delzogade and Averastanzetta.

 Even if we do, it doesn't mean we can't take back the two castles in a straight line.
 It was stolen right in front of our eyes.

 We'll just have to let Ray and the others stall for a while, I suppose.