438-Demon King's Disciple

 The desolate desert.
 <I was descending the sand stairs, sitting on the dark coffin that I had floated in the Flight (Fres).

 The outer wall of the area sometimes distorts hazily like a mirage because this is the well of the holo.

 After placing Anahem in the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) where I'm sitting now, I entered this well while performing a Thought Communication (Leaks) with Eleonor.

 Perhaps to hide from Anahem, the children of Holo have disappeared and I sent a leaks to Dilfred, but for some reason he did not respond.

 In the absence of a guide, I continued on my way to the back of the somewhat convoluted well.

 Eventually, the stairs ended and I could see the white sand in front of me.

 It was burning.
 Like the desert outside, pure white flames rose up from the sand, and countless pale sparks of fire danced in the air.

 The fire sparks were gathering at a single point, as if they were drawn together.

 To an azure oasis in the middle of the sand.

 The sparks of fire that touched the surface of the water disappeared.
 Does this mean that the fire and dew fire that was supposed to be heading to the tree-crown celestial sphere is turning into water here?

 I heard a joyful voice say, "Kyakki.
 Around the oasis, holo children were playing with each other, splashing water around the oasis.

 One person standing alone at a distance was Dilfred, the God of Profoundness.
 He was staring at the azure oasis in the God's Eye of the Deep, peering into it.

''Have you found out anything?

 I called out from behind me, but Dilfred didn't twitch.

It's no good. That old man, the god of deepening, said he was going to think about it for a while and then didn't respond at all.

 Vade, the rag-clad holo boy, approached me. 

 Hmm. I'm lost in thought.
 Although Dilfred's body is not moving, a tremendous amount of magic is gathering in the God's Eye of the Deep, and he is so absorbed in his thoughts that he is unable to hear anything else.

 You are so absorbed in your thoughts that you can't hear anything else.

''Is this the place where the holo is born?


 And Vade jumped up.

'I mean, you're going to float out of that oasis. Pretty cool, huh?

 With a proud look on his face, he says

 Dilfred peers into the abyss of the oasis where the fire and dew are extinguished and the holo is born. 'I guess we'd better wait until we get some answers,' he says.

'By the way, nonconformist old man. What's this?

 Vade approaches the coffin I'm riding in and looks at it seriously.

'Where did you learn about being a non-conformist?'

Old Man the Deeper God told me about this. So what's this all about? 

 Concon, Vade tapped the coffin.

'It's Anahem's coffin.


 Hurriedly, Vade backed away at high speed.

''T.......You brought him here? What are you going to do with us?

Don't be scared. He's dead.


 After a dumb face, Vade approaches again, this time with a fearful look on his face.

'You killed Anahem, did you kill him? A non-conforming old man?

No trouble.

Because even if you destroy him, he comes back. I haven't destroyed any of them.

 Vade looks at me with a horrified look on his face.

Therefore, I am dying in this coffin without end. If death does not end, there will be no destruction. You will never reach the end, which is his domain.

"Seriously........I have no idea what that means, but you're a very old man, a nonconformist. That's so cool!

 Feeling relieved, Vade vigorously ran towards us and slammed the dark coffin with a gong-gong.

''You scared me a lot! Hey, you deadbeat Anahem! You can't lick a holo!

 Hmm. That's childish.
 But you said Anahem didn't know about the holos.

"Have you ever met Anahem?

Come on, you don't have to do that. If he finds a guy alive in the Desolation, he's going to kill him right away, right? He told me I'd die if I saw him.

 With that character of the Demise God, it's no wonder.

''How was he able to escape? It won't be easy to hide, even against Anahem.

'Heh heh! If we can escape to the depths of this well, Anahem will see the Holo settlement as nothing more than a mirage. That's the wisdom of Holo, man. That's awesome!

 Holo's wisdom.

 But who in the world gave it to you?
 The same is true of knowing Anahem, despite the fact that we've never met.

 It's very unlikely that he was born by accident.

'So, was the Demise God aware of the existence of the children of Holo?

I don't think he knows. You might think it's a little weird, but in my opinion, he's a f*cking idiot.

 I couldn't help but chuckle at the manner in which he said it.

'That's spot on,'

 If that's the case, did Anahem come here to try to get rid of Dilfred, who had entered the Withering Desert?

Hey, misfit mister.

 Gonggong and Vade pound on the coffin to get my attention.

"Take me as an apprentice!


 I turned my gaze to Vade and he continued.

'Can you teach me how to make this coffin? When you can blow up Anahem, you'll be able to walk around outside and go places, right? I just want to get out there.

What do we do out there?

Because it's great out there, right? There was a lot of things to do, a lot of fun to do, and I wanted to see it. There's nothing to see in the desert.

 With big childish gestures, the holo boy appeals to me.

'What's it like out there? You're a nonconformist old man traveling, right? So you've seen a lot of things, right? Tell me about it!

 Quickly, Vade asked a series of questions.

'Hmm. Well, it's a lot of things to do outside. You were born in the Withered Desert, one of the gardens of the Juryuryury Garden Da K'Kadate. The Juryury Garden has three more sanctuaries, and outside of them there are numerous countless sanctuaries. It is called the azure sky of the gods, the land of the gods. If you go through the gate of the divine world, you will find the country of the demon race and the country of the human race where I was born.

 I will create a three-dimensional map with magical particles and show you the azure sky and ground of the gods.

'This settlement is here.'

 Then Vade's eyes sparkled and he covered the map.

'Ssssssss! I didn't know the world was this big! Sooooooooooooooo!

 After staring happily at the map, Vade turns around abruptly.

'Hey, old misfit man. Take me on as an apprentice. Take me to the outside world!

Well, let me tell you something.

 I slowly draw a magic circle.
 Particles of magic gather and a dark coffin, the Behelius Coffin of Eternal Death, appears there.

Let me know if you want to be my apprentice. If you want to be my apprentice.

 Then Vade manipulated the magic power as he watched.
 It made pretty good sense. He was able to control the magic power like he was breathing.

 A magic circle exactly the same as the one I created was drawn, and the particles of magic power began to gather.

 Then the appeared there.


What do you think? You did it! I'm an elder. It's amazing!

 I thought he wasn't just a human, but to see him completely imitate the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius) just by showing it to me once.

 This is even more baffling.

 Who and why did they create the holo?
 What happens when they're in Da Ku Cadate?

'Hey! Say something, nonconformist old man! Can't I?

What? I was just admiring your talents.

 Then Vade got a good look on his face.

'Then you'll be my apprentice, won't you?

I'll think about it, but I've got some personal business to attend to. If I take you on as my apprentice, it will be afterwards.

When does it end? An hour later?

 Jumping onto the floating , Vade says

Hahaha. Hahaha, don't be in such a hurry. First, Dilfred will have to come back from the depths of his thoughts.

 Then a raw and serious voice came flying in.

'Have you overthrown Anahem, nonconformist?'

 If I looked at him, I saw that Dilfred had turned his head only toward me.

'How dare you force the god of the end to die without end? It's as if this body, a god, makes fear a known thing.

"You don't look like you've lost your nerve when you say that with a straight face, Dilfred.

 Skipping the dark coffin, I move closer to the deepening god.

'So? Did you see the abyss?

 Dilfred turned to the oasis again.

'This water is assembling the fire dew left behind after the fire is extinguished and converting it into life. The children of the Holo seem to be multiplying little by little. It is clear that the fire dew that should be circulating in this dead desert is being stolen.

Who did this?

'If it was built in a withering desert, the first object of suspicion is none other than Anahem, the god of demise.

I see.

 I will rise to the surface and descend from my coffin of darkness.

"Stay back, Vade.

Hey, hey.

 Vade hurriedly jumped down from the , which was standing upright.
 The coffin is erected and thrust into the sand.

The god of the end, who keeps on dying, is having a nightmare of the fetters' collar dream, like a running lamp. I will send it to you in person.

 <If you send magic power to the Eternal Death Killing Dark Coffin (Behelius), a small window opens.
 Anahem's face, which was exposed, opened its eyes the next moment.

''........a boring nightmare.......''

 Anahem looked at Vade and the children of Holo and spoke up.

'There is no life in the desert that Anahem does not deserve.

Unfortunately, this is real, demigod. I've got a few questions for you. I'm temporarily re-creating reality in a dream.

 At my words, Anahem raises an eyebrow.

'Anahem. You, the Lord of the Desert, defied the order and gave birth to the children of Holo. This situation is a matter of presumption.

 Turning his divine eyes to look into the abyss, Dilfred, the God of Deepening, said, ''Why did you disturb the order of the four gods of the tree?

''Why did you disturb the order even though you are the Four Tree God?

You can't pin this shit on Anahem, you f*cking idiot.

 The rattled and vibrated with a sound.

''As for the life in the Withering Desert, it will crawl out of here and slaughter every last one of them.

 The creaking coffin of darkness is creaking as if it were screaming.
 The coffin is still dying at this very moment, and as expected of the god of the end.

Well. Now, let's see how much of this is true.

 With a slam, he closed the small window of the coffin and silenced Anahem.
 Then, he controlled the and showed a new dream.

"....Hmm... I see. I showed him the rest of the dream he wanted, but after he got out of the coffin, you're destroying this well with the holo child.

 Dilfred folded his hands together and was lost in thought.

''It's Anahem who controls this divine realm, but it doesn't make a bit of sense to me that that boorish man is putting on a play to this extent and conspiring against us.

Right. Your opinion is worth considering.

"If the children of Holo could hide themselves behind this well, Anahem could not know. That is, there is a trick in this place that is beyond the reach of the End God's divine eye.


 Dilfred nods his head.

'Transmutation outweighs the end. It's a matter that Guietenarus, the god of transmutation, can handle.'