437-Wax wings

 The Azation army has been engaged for only a few minutes, and the number of wounded soldiers is increasing one by one.
 In place of the human soldiers who retreated at once under Emilia's orders, the ones who held up the previous battle were the magical dolls born by Eleonor.

  instantly cut down the army of the gods and split their formation in half.
 Then, it charged at the Surgeon God Druzok, who was at the back of the troops, and slashed him to pieces.

 At that moment, the wards that were protecting the god's army disappeared--

Come on, Eren, now!

 At Eleonor's signal, the Demon King's Choir held up their anosse sticks.

''What the heck, Geogreye!''

 The sun of the tenacious descended one after another, wiping out the God's soldiers.

 There was no chance of victory for the divine army, which had been disrupted and had lost the means to block the magical bombardment. Perhaps realizing this, the divine soldiers immediately turned to retreat.

 Like a receding wave, the divine race left in front of them.
 The soldiers of Azation's army, who had been prepared to die for the unexpected victory, were in a state of excitement. Thus, they raised the battle cry with all their strength.

 Emilia was caught off guard and instructed them to check for any ambush soldiers.
 However, it seems that there is no need to worry about that.

''-- Or rather, if it's possible to do such a thing, isn't it okay not to be protected by us?

 Emilia speaks to Eleonor via .
 But there was no immediate response.


No, you can't. You really shouldn't use it. Eleonor is too much of a burden just to make a connection. On top of that, if you use the Pseudo Noritsu Dolls from the God Realm, your body won't be able to sustain itself!

 Emilia could only flinch at Ennesone's strong appeal.

''........Hey, don't tell anyone about that. <''If it turns out that the Pseudo Discipline Puppet (Ginalena) becomes an asset, everyone's morale will be boosted and it will be easier to persuade the Congress of Heroes...''

 A little bitterly, Eleonor says.

 On the God Realm side, there are also one hundred thousand Ginarena dolls, which are necessary to maintain the magic line.

 Moreover, if they also use Ginalena on earth, then they are beyond the limit of 100,000 pseudo-roots.
 Ennesone is right, the burden is great, but we can't eliminate it just yet.


 With a swoosh, Ennesone shrinks the wings of his head.

'I'm not depressed. I'm not angry.'

 Emilia's expression was grim as she sent a 'thought communication' to the Yuukkai.

'To the Yuukkai. It's Emilia. With the help of the Demon King's army, we have defeated the God's army. We will establish a base here to provide a defensive network against Gaeladite. Are you okay with that?

"Repulse...? Oh, repulse! That's Dean Emilia, indeed. You have done well. I hope you gentlemen can agree with that.

 Lloyd will check with each council member.
 They're all good to go.

"I'll leave you to it, Dean Emilia.

''What about Saint Ming's Lake and the Academy for the Brave?

'....we'll have to go over that again.......but it's not something we can put together quickly........'

 Lloyd said, and the plains darkened slightly.
 I looked up at the sky and saw that the Sun of Doom was missing again. The eclipse is in progress.

With the enemy defeated, we have more time. See you in Gailladite for the rest of the story. So long.

 <The thought transmission (leaks) has been cut off.

 Emilia sighed heavily.


 It sounds like you're having quite a hard time.

 But we can't afford to sit on our laurels.
 I'd like to know what's going on on the ground.

''Hmm? Mm-hm. I got it.'

 Eleonor responds to the "thought transmission (leaks)" that I sent.
 It would be quicker if it were connected directly to the ground, but, well, that's not a luxury I can afford.

"What's going on?

 Emilia asks.

'Anos-kun wants to know about the situation on the ground and so on. 'Do you know what happened to Dillhade?'

'Then you guys know better than me, Ray. I've got my hands full dealing with those idiots from Azéon.

"Wow, Dr. Emilia, is there any pent-up demand?

 Then Emilia sighs again.

'Each and every one of them are good people, though.

 She broke off with a set of eyes.

'Those people. I don't know why they say stupid things when they get together in numbers, I don't know what it means. And they're too peaceful. Do they think they're not going to die? They're so incompetent in an emergency, why don't they just keep their mouths shut?

'Oh, okay. I get it. Dodo.

 After being told to be quieted by Eleonor, Emilia said a small, "Forget it," with a buzzed look on her face.

 Then she flew the to another place.

''Ray-kun, Misa-san. Please contact me as soon as the war situation is settled. The Demon King Anos is calling, so please be prompt.

 In response to that one's reply, Emilia said two or three words, explaining the situation.

'I see, Dr. Erdmeade, too. 'I understand.'

 Emilia turned to the girls of the Fun Union.
 She said to them and to the captains of the army.

''I will return to Gaillardite for once. I will leave this place in the hands of the troop leaders and the Demon King's Choir. As soon as you see the enemy's shadow, please report back to me.

I understand.

""Copy that."

 Emilia draws a  When she applied magic power from her fingertips, her vision turned completely white.

''Emilia-sensei, I've learned the .

'To the work of the courageous council, the work of the academy. The elimination of threats to the country. If you're flying around, there's not enough bodies to go around. I'm not very good at it, though, so I'm limited in where I can go.

 In the next moment, I saw the gates of the royal capital, Gailladite, and the Sacred Lake.

''This is where I will meet up with Rey and the others.

 She said, and walked towards the Holy Ming Lake.

 Slightly above the lake, a huge magic circle was painted with holy water.
 It was quite large scale magic for a human of this era.

 It's like the sorcerers in the lake are concentrating their magic power on one person in the .

 In the Seimei Lake, several people dressed in the uniform of the heroic academy can be seen.
 I'm sure that all students are here considering that the hero academy was rejected from going into battle.

'Hmm, what is this doing? I'm pretty sure it's a technique I learned at the heroic academy before...?''

''The long-range warding spell, the Sacred Carved Eighteenth Star (Raycanets). Simply put, it's a magic that flies holy water far away and builds wards in remote areas.

 Ah, said Eleonor, as he remembered, he raised his voice.
 Looking at the technique, the target of the is pointed at the sky.

''According to the decision of the valiant council, this will be used to contain the eerie sun that was floating in the sky.

 Then a voice was heard, kaka kaka.

 The one who shifted right behind Emilia, with a laugh, was the Cutthroat King Erdmead, a demon tribe wearing a silk hat and holding a staff.

''Kaka, kaka kaka kaka kaka, kaka kaka kaka kaka!''

 He laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more.

 He continued to laugh.

'Dr. Eldmead, you can't make sense if you just show up and laugh all the time!

No, no, the Demon King's magic. You've just heard it too. You're not going to approach the sun with wax wings, ka ka ka, thoughtless, thoughtless and thoughtless. Ignorance, ineptitude and powerlessness, are you going to dance the waltz of incompetence?

 In spite of the stunned Emilia, the Cutthroat King loosely raises his staff and points it at the < Sun of Ruin>.

It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time with them. It smells even more foul than then.

 Erdmade lifts his lips in amusement.

'Don't do it. You can't even reach that sky, let alone contain it. There's only one thing you can do now.'

 He spun his wand around and pointed at Emilia with a bishouche.

'Get ready to run away as fast as you can.

Well, we wish we could.

 A man with blue hair and glasses emerged from Lake Seimei.
 It is Ledoriano, a student of the Brave Academy.

''Since I'm not in a position to go against the decision of the heroic council. The idea of abandoning the royal capital Gailladite, the stronghold of humanity, and running away is not something they would have thought of.


 A blonde boy in a scarlet uniform appears.
 It's Heine.

You can tell by looking at them that it's impossible to do something like that, but they can't even feel the magic power with their magical eyes, so it's a laugh.

 Then the red-haired man, Lao, came up from the lake.

"I mean, honestly, I'd rather run away now. But the people of Gaillardite won't be able to survive if we run.

 The three of them complained with their mouths, but they already looked at each other as if they had already made up their minds.
 The Cutthroat King grinned, perhaps he liked that.

''I see. I see. But, you know. I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say. You know, the brave man canon.

 Eldmead turned around and saw Ray and Misa in their true bodies.
 They had just transitioned.

'Will Anos make it in time?'

 Ray turns to Emilia and asks, ''Where are Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta?

'Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta are somewhere in the God Realm, and they are on their way to find them now. If they are found, the powers of the god of destruction and the creator god should be neutralized. But if you can stop the Sun of Doom with that, it's the best way.

 Eleonor transmitted my words via a thought transmission.

"And I need to know what the situation on the ground is right now.

 At those words, Erdmeade opened his mouth to explain.

''I've heard that some divine doors have appeared in the dwelling place of the spirits as well. The Demon King's right hand man, along with the Mother Great Spirit, is leading the spirits around to defeat them. Divine armies have also appeared throughout Dillhade and are attacking the city. The situation is generally the same under the ground.

 Other than the Temple of Aurora where Eleonor and the others are now, there must be a place somewhere in the divine realm to produce divine armies.
 <With the floating in the sky, they began their march at once.

 By targeting the helpless people, they intend to keep the Sun of Ruin from being ready to fall.
 When the time is full and the eclipse of the sun comes, more danger will befall the earth.

"I think four airborne vessels would be a good place to start. We'll have to let you two go. Hmm?

 Eldmead points to Rey and Mass with the tip of his staff.

''With the Spirit God Human Sword, will you break the fate of the ?

Now, how can a legendary holy sword not be cut so conveniently? That thing isn't of the demon race, it's the power of the gods.

 Once the Cutthroat King looked at Ray, he smiled, unenthusiastically, as usual.

''If I have no choice but to cut it off, I will. If there isn't a God of Destruction in that one, it will be easier than when Anos did it.''

Kaka-kaka, you're a brave man. That's what I'm talking about.

 Eldmead looks at Emilia and Ledriano and the others.

'Now if only some of them wouldn't be hovering around the sun with wings of wax?

I don't care what they say, but I'm not interrupting anything.

 Lao said, and Eldmead thrust his staff in his face.

'Isn't it wonderful, wonderful, wonderful? You do what needs to be done, even if it is against your authority. Cuckuckoo, that's not something you can do very well.'

 With his staff in the air, the Fierce Death King clapped exaggeratedly.

'Wise and brave man! The wise and brave man, now is the time to cooperate. Depending on how you use it, its wings of wax can be useful.'

Yeah, I'd do it if I could.

''I honestly don't know what the heroic council will say...''

 Ledriano says.

'Cuckoo, fine, fine, fine. Ignore the fool and do it. If you do what they say and fail, they'll hold you responsible. Hmm? But as long as you get results, you're heroes. If you are ever accused of a crime, come to the Demon King Academy.

 I'll take care of you, Eldmead laughs as if to say, "I'll take care of you.
 'Maybe he's interested in the magic of the brave.

'Worse, that's okay with us, though.

 Heine said, and the three of them looked at Emilia.

'Don't worry about the boring stuff, you guys do the best you can. If you die, you're done.'

 Emilia says and walks away.

'Where are you coming to?'

 Mass asked, turning slightly, Emilia said.

'I'm going to go talk to the idiots,'