436-Azation confusion


 Ennesone, who had been surprised by the spur of the moment, raised his voice in Eren's arms.

''Ennesone is on the side of Demon King Anos. I've come to tell you about that solar eclipse in the sky.

What's the eclipse?

 Ellen looks up at the sky.
 With the sun slightly missing, it would still be difficult to tell if it was an eclipse or not.

''Well that's it, isn't it? As I recall, or something like that, you see, I saw it before, when Avos Dilhevia took over Midhays.

 Jessica says.

''Yes, it is. Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta, which contained the power of the gods of destruction and creation, were stolen by the gods, and now Anos is in the azure of the gods to get them back. If that sun of destruction is completely missing and there is a total eclipse of the sun, a great magic will be released to destroy the earth.

 Stretching out the wings of his head with a pin and a serious face, Ennesone says.

''That's what Anos, the Demon King, is trying to stop right now. There's nothing Azation can do about it, so just think about dealing with God's army. Then, Ennesone is a communication channel between the earth and the divine world, so I want you to protect it.

 The girls in the Fun Union look at each other.

''Can't you talk to Anos-sama?''

 Ellen asked.

'The Divine World is too far away from here, so for now, Ennesone will just have to tell him through word of mouth. <If there is someone who can use the magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys), I think I can connect Ennesone to the magic line and talk to Eleonor.

The Demon King's Army is not enchanted by us... I'll have to go get Emilia-sensei...

 Nono says.

'In the meantime, let's take her and retreat to the main camp. If we stay here, we don't know when the enemy will come...

 As he was about to say it, Maia held her tongue.

 He could see the shadow of God's army ahead. In total, there must be about one hundred of them.

 <The Demon Lord's Choir alone can't stand a chance against them using the Arnesto.

Let's go. Let's go. We have to get out of here.

You can't. You can't do that.

 Ennesone said, and Ellen looked puzzled.

'What do you mean you can't? If we stay here, the god-tribe soldiers will get us, right?

''Ennesone is connected by a magical wire from Eleonor in the divine realm, via the divine portal...''

 Ennesone shows a magic line that extends from his own navel.
 If you follow it with your magic eye, it leads to the point where space is distorted, the door of God.

''........God's door is at the point where this magic line is broken off?''

 With Eren and the others' demon eyes, they are still unable to recognize the divine door.
 <''The Mad Love Region (Garde Ask) is powerful in both offense and defense, but it doesn't strengthen the magic eye.

''We can't extend the magic line any longer, so Ennesone can't move. That's why I want you to bring someone who can use the Demon King's Army (Guys) here.

 The girls in the Fan Union had troubled expressions on their faces.
 Even as they did so, the army of God was closing in on them.

''Demon King Choir, please respond. Demon King Choir. Please report the situation.''

 <A thought transmission (leaks) arrived.
 That magic power that Ennesone saw was Emilia's.

''Emilia-sensei. I found a girl named Ennesone in the enemy camp. She claims to be a messenger of Anos-sama.''

 Ellen will report to Emilia the information that Ellen has just confirmed from Ennesone.
 Then she said.

''--I understand. Cut the magic line and bring Ennesone to the main unit, or if you can't, leave her there.''

Yes but it's a way to get to Anos-sama...

That may be so, but it's too suspicious. If this thing has suddenly appeared in the enemy's camp, it might be a trap of the enemy. <It's also possible that their goal is to lure out a sorcerer who can use the Demon King's Army (Guys).

 Hmm. Well, that's a reasonable expectation.
 It's a battlefield. It's a battlefield, and we'll get our asses kicked if we foolishly trust an unknowing person.

 But I'm not sure what to do.

''But I don't think she's telling a lie.......''

 Ellen said.

'You can't be sure, can you?'

It's there!

 She answered immediately and continued.

'Because this girl smells like Anos-sama!

 For a moment, Emilia exclaims.

''........Smell.......is it.......?

 Ellen buries her face in Ennesone's body and sniffs it with a sniff.

''Eh, um ... eh?''

 Ennesone sounds puzzled.
 It's not unreasonable.
 At any rate, all of the fan unions are surrounding the little girl, and all of the fan unions are keeping their noses close to her.

''Really, Eren? I'm not at all...

Oh, um....uh...uh...?

 Ennesone's head wings contracted as if he was troubled.

''Ahh...! This, this noble, sublime, tyrannical scent that lays waste to your nose...!

Hey, we're gonna do it, right?

Unh-unh-unh-unh... It smells so overwhelmingly like Lord Anos!

"The smell of Anos and the way you talk about it! There's a lingering scent!

You knew right away that I hadn't been sniffing around lately because of all the official business.

She was definitely with Lady Anos a while back.

 What is to be feared is something like the Fan Union's sense of smell.

If that's why you're here, you're on our side. If it is an enemy that is trying to bring us down, Anos wouldn't have missed it. Ennesaone would not be able to come here.

 The girls nodded to each other and held up their sticks with ready expressions.

'Emilia-sensei. We will not move here.

I'm sure that's why Lord Anos sent him to us.

I think we need to protect it.

 A sticky black light covered the eight of them.
 As if in response to their thoughts, the was raging like a madman.

 But that's not all.
 The girls buried their faces in Ennesone again as if to store their hearts, and took a deep breath.


 Ennesone's voice sounded like a mosquito buzzing.
 Then the black light became even more viscous and sticky, like mud.

'In an indirect embrace--'

""- ""Just kidding, geogreeeeeeee!"

 Eight sticks were thrust out.
 The sticky black light emitted from them, imitating the sun, was shot out at the approaching army of gods.

 However, the moment it invaded their wards, it turned to stone. All of the magic bombardments that were far out of time were blocked by the magic of the Jutsu Soldier God and could not do any damage.

 However, if you come close to them, you will be prey to the Surrounding Order Law Formation (Arnesto). I'm sure that even with the Garde Usk, the weakness of the gods, they are not as strong as their outnumbered counterparts.

We'll never be beaten!

If only I could make the time.

Defend it!

 <The girls of the Fun Union are committed to stalling as they continuously shoot the sun of the .

 Even though they can turn the magical bombardment into stone, it's not unconditional. If they could defeat the Jutsu Soldier God who was maintaining the wards, the form would be quickly reversed.

 The God's army wouldn't forcefully break through, but would carefully disable the , destroying the stones and gradually, bit by bit, closing the distance between them.

 Next, they began to expand their formation to encircle the girls.

''........If this continues.......''

 The way out is cut off.
 At the same time, it means the completion of the Arnesto.

But we can't go anywhere.

 Once the encircling formation magicians are built, they will more than make use of their numerical advantage and annihilate the fan union in the blink of an eye.

 The girls did not give up and continued their magical bombardment.

 At that moment, the speed of the God's army increased and they passed through the bombardment at once.

''Eren! The first godling! If we're under siege, it's over!

I know, but you have to go fast!

 The army of gods rushed through at high speed and was about to invoke the at that moment.

 The swordsman gods who had been leading the charge burst into flames one by one.

 <The Holy Bombing Boundary Annihilation (The Phaisen).
 <It was a magical ward that used the Sacred Area (Ask). Enemies who enter the warding, hidden underground, are enveloped in holy explosive flames.

''Invariably taking a siege formation is like saying you want to be caught in a trap.

 The one who appeared from the direction Eren and the others had come from was the main body of the Azation Army led by Emilia.

''Firing magic gunfire. We will guide the enemy to the point of and destroy it. Although they have the upper hand in terms of ground power, if you activate the Arnesto, it's a matter of numbers. We will crush them all at once with our numbers!

"[I understand]

 The Azation Army has about eight hundred men.
 If done properly, they are no match for the gods, but Emilia will use the Holy Bombing Boundary Annihilation (the Phaizen) well to trap them in the trap of explosive flames.

 If they attacked without being surrounded, there was no way to counter the Demon King's Choir's Garde Ask, and if they were surrounded and invoked the Siege Order Law Formation (Arnesto), it would give the outnumbered Azation Army an advantage.

 The humans who were in danger were united in their thoughts, and the power of the Ursauk was enhanced.

 However, even so, they were barely able to compete with the army of about one hundred gods.
 And that was only for a brief period of time when they were caught by surprise. In the blink of an eye, they had been pushed back.


''They really are students who have no choice, aren't they?

 She met her gaze with Ennesone, whom Ellen held.

''We can use the
''Yes, but, Emilia-sensei said earlier that it might be a trap for the god race...?

 Ellen says.

'It can't be helped. We can't just leave you guys out in the cold. I'm sure you will find out for sure if this is a trap or not. If anything happens to me, please detain me immediately.

 Saying that, Emilia used the on Ennesone and connected the magic wire to her.

"Wow, Emilia-sensei, you look great!

'........this voice and the magic power.......Eleonor-san......?

 Since the magic line was connected, Eleonor's voice was able to reach you via
I'm sure it's true what you said, Enne-chan! I'm sure you'll be able to find the source of the solar eclipse in the God Realm, so will you manage to keep this connection alive?

 Emilia makes a grim expression.

''.........The trap was still more helpful, but.......The God's army currently engaged is less than one hundred men, but the enemy's main force, even if we can confirm it, has five hundred thousand. If even ten percent of those troops come over here, we won't stand a chance.......

'Hmmm, can't we do something about that, using Emilia-sensei's wisdom? Ray, you guys are over there, right?

He is now engaged at the Door of God that has appeared in the south of Gailladite. There is nothing we can do about what we lack in strength.

 Emilia ponders with a stern face.
 Then, this time, she sends a to another place.

 It's Geiradite.

This is Emilia. Emilia here.

 We were soon on the line.

"Chairman of the Brave Council, this is Lloyd. Are you in full retreat?

''No. Demon King Anos has built a communication channel to the divine world. That sun seems to be the work of the god race after all. In order to get out of this crisis, we have to protect the girl named Ennesone who is building a communication channel in the enemy camp. I request permission to use the Sacred Lake and for the College of Heroes to go into battle.

...What do you mean by that?

"Explain it to me, Emilia.

 Emilia sighed at the voice of the brave council members who didn't get the point.
 Then she explained the situation as quickly as possible.

 In response, Chairman Lloyd says.

''I understand the story. However, the remaining three companies are the limit of our ability to flex our forces. You have to be able to see the sun's magic formula drawn in the sky. ''We can't move it now...''

'Oh, that doesn't mean anything. There's no magic you can do about it.

 As Eleonor entered the conversation, Lloyd said quizzically.

''You ... are ... who are you?''

That's the Demon Lord's men. <The Sun of Ruin is the same power that destroyed the Demon Race 2,000 years ago. You can't even get close to that airspace. And this time, the solar eclipse is even more powerful than that time.

''But........I don't feel any magic right now before the magic is activated......if you hurry, you should be able to stop it.......''

 Lloyd's decision was not a wrong one.
 Except that you can't feel even the slightest bit of magic power from the too vast Surgieldnave.

 The same phenomenon that the demon tribe of this era could not sense the magic power of my reincarnation was now occurring between the < Sun of Ruin> and the heroic council.

''If the demon king is going to stop it, I can understand, but in that case, it's only logical that he should show himself to us.

"Surely, you can't be trusted to do anything but talk. "I hope to build a friendship with Dilhade, but I fear for my reputation if I give in to unilateral demands.

''But that Demon King said it. Isn't it worth a second thought?

'Yes, but it's not entirely unthinkable for us. 'That's true, but we're not entirely without ideas.

"Isn't that too much to ask? You haven't forgotten all the work he's done so far, have you?

''However. It's a good thing that you're not the only one. It's not so much that they're giving us reinforcements as it is that they're asking us to unilaterally allocate our forces...''

''If it wasn't for the Demon King's words, the retreat would have been completed long ago. Isn't it just a prank that's causing more damage?''

"Whatever it is, I hope you will formally approach me in writing.

 One by one, the senators raised their voices.

''Gentlemen. I know you don't have the luxury of time, but let's stay calm. The Demon King of Dirheid has brought us many things. The reason the Brave Council has risen to its feet is because of Anos Voldigord. We can't afford to ignore him.''

 When Lloyd said this, the senators grudgingly withdrew.
 However, the blurting didn't seem to stop, though.

''........we're on the battlefield.......''

 Emilia mutters so that the heroic council cannot hear.

 Apparently, the Yuukkai is still in trouble.

 I'm sure it's not unreasonable to say that it's not unreasonable under the circumstances, but it's time for them to make up their minds.

''I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Dean Emilia, we have our hands full........

 Lloyd says in a confidential communication that only Emilia can hear.

''I can't do anything about it just because you apologized. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. Rei-kun it doesn't matter if you're a heroic canon or not.

"That's ... but ... but ...

If you sit on your hands, the people of Azéon will die.

 The silence continues.

 Even if it's only temporary, they can't give up their real power to the demon tribe.
 Peacefully, they must be thinking about what will happen after this matter is settled.

 I'm not even sure if there will be such a thing.

 Even as we speak, the human soldiers are being pierced by the divine blade.

'Ah, I understand now. Then I'll show you the benefits of protecting Enne-chan.''

 Eleonor called out, and at the same time, Ennesone stretched out his wings.

 It was enveloped in a dazzling light, and feathers and magic letters danced down from it.
 A number of holy water spheres were constructed, and the feathers entered into them with a pale light.

 Before long, they began to take the form of a girl.
 What was born was a 200-piece "pseudo-religious doll" (Ginarena).

''What........is this........? Mr. Zesia...?

 Emilia's gaze is stunned as she pours her gaze onto the .
 She is probably surprised at its appearance and the strength of its magical power.

''Do it!''

 The two hundred magic puppets joined the Azation Army with flying speed, and then they drew their holy water swords and charged into the divine army all at once--!