435-Solar eclipse

Anos and Sasha! You see this? It looks like we're in big trouble!

 Eleonor calls out to us through the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys).
 I sent the image of the magic circle to Sasha so that she can understand the situation.


 Soon after, Sasha's voice can be heard on the thought transmission (leaks).

It's hard to tell from the other side of the God's Door, but is there any chance it's a forgery?

 A gasping sound spilled out when I asked that question.

''........Unfortunately, there is no doubt about it. It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you're going to be able to get your hands on it.

 The < Sun of Ruin> floats in the sky above the ground.
 It may be the work of those who stole the Delzogade, but its purpose is clear.

 From the beginning, it has no order except to destroy.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the sun's shadow is growing thicker and darker as we stare at it, and it begins to color the sky with mischief.

"....will fully manifest itself...

 It was right after Sasha said it.
 The huge spherical shadow flipped, revealing a dark-colored sun-wheel there.

 However, the light of its destruction does not radiate immediately, and part of the sun wheel, the right side, is slightly chipped.


 <In a recent thought transmission, Misha says

"The moon is lying on top of the sun.

"Ho. You mean that the Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation are causing an eclipse?


...What's going to happen to that?

 Sasha asks.

'It's not in the memory I have now.... But the total lunar eclipse of Artilian Tonoa is to create the world anew...'

 I understand what Misha is saying.
 When the two powers, the God of Creation and the God of Destruction, are superimposed on each other, the power of Artieltnore is unleashed.

 It will be the same in Surgieldnave.

'Hmm. Then the total solar eclipse in Sergeeldnave is the exact opposite of that.

It's not...

 Sasha spills out a worried voice.

 <The Sun of Ruin is an order of destruction. It is the upside down power of the creator god who created this world. It's no wonder that his greatest power is the one that will end this world once and for all.

"It seems that this is the aim of those who stole Delzogade and Averast Anzeta.

 However, even if they wanted to burn the earth, it was too much power.
 If it's enough to destroy demons and humans, the traditional Sun of Doom should be enough.

 Then is this a means of hunting me down?

 Or is it that the order of destruction I've been suppressing, which the gods have been talking about, has accumulated to the point of destroying the world?

'The god of war, Per Pedro, said he'd bring warfare to the ground, but, quite simply, he's going to do even more than we thought he would.

If it's the Sky of Gailladite, does that mean the target is Azéon?

 Eleonor says impatiently.
 It's her home. I can't be so calm.

"Back on earth do you want to go back...?

 Zetia said anxiously.

The Moon of Creation and the Sun of Doom seem to be over there, but it doesn't mean that their protectors, Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta, have returned to earth.

"You can't hide him on earth.

 Misha says.

 It's a castle with that much magic.
 If you keep it on the ground, you'll be able to find it whether you want to or not.

 It's not likely to be such a foolish thing to do.

I'm sure the same thing will happen again and again, even if the moon and sun are down, if the gods of destruction and creation are not subdued. If you go to the ground in a hurry, you will be at the mercy of those who have plotted this.

 It will close the gates of the God Realm and cut off the path to the azure skies of the gods.
 More and more, they will be unable to touch the Sun of Doom.

But if there's a total solar eclipse of the Surgieldnave, Azéon will be burned to the ground.

"It's best to settle this before then.

 I don't think Azation is the only target.
 Even from the skies, you can probably shoot at Dillhade from that sky.

 Or it could be the power to end everything, just like the Aegil Groene Angdroa, without regard to the aim.

 I don't think the gods can hurt the world that badly, but the gods of the Shakeout are killing even gods. If it is a god that does not maintain order, there is no telling what he is capable of doing.

"I can't go back. I can't go back, but I suggest you inform your men on the ground of what's happening. "I can't go back," he said. "But I think you'd better let your men on the ground know what's going on, because while they may be wary of God's army, they won't understand the total solar eclipse of the Sun of Doom.

'Then I guess we should look for the God's Gate this time? It seems like only the divine race can pass through this divine door.

 Eleonor raised his index finger with a beep.
 As long as there is no communication of thought from here to the ground, there is no way but for someone to return.


The Gates of the Divine Realm are under your control. If we are locked out the moment we return to earth, as we did when we arrived here, we will be cut off again. We must first establish a channel of communication with the earth. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that we will be able to protect Azéon and Dillhade.

 Even the eclipse of this Surgieldnave is a milestone, and there is no reason to think that there won't be another move.

''Hmmm, so what should we do then?''

"Use the doors of God that are there.

''But I thought the God's Door is a one-way street and only the God Clan can pass through it?''

 Sasha questioned that.

'Yes. That's why they're not thinking about being used by me either. Ennesone can see what's going on on the ground, can't he?'

 My question was answered by Ennesone with a pinch of his head wing.

'Yeah. I can see it. But it's not all of it.'

"The magical order, Ennesone, is akin to the Gods. Since they weren't expecting Ennesone, the door of the gods will not be able to block her completely.

'Hmm, so what about the one-way traffic? Even if you make it to the other side, you won't be able to contact them if you don't make it back. <I don't think we'll be able to get our thoughts back either.

 Eleonor says.

'It can be done through you. The magical line that connects you mothers and children is the link between the magical order and the magic formulae that are invoked with it. In other words, it's a connection of order. It will work whether you pass through the door of God.'

Let's see, does that mean I should just let Enne-chan down to the ground with the umbilical cord tied on?

It's just like that. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with it. I'm not going to be able to get out.

 As if in understanding, Eleonor nodded yes and nodded.

''Enne.......alone, is it okay.......?

 Zecia says with a worried look.

'There's an army of gods over there........'

That's okay. You don't have to fight, just get in touch. Besides, Azation is the hometown of your sister Zecia and Eleonor. And we must also protect the homeland of Militia and Anos the Demon King as well as everyone else. Ennezone was born for peace.

 Then, Zesia squeezes Ennesone's hands.

It is.........!

Thank you. Ennesone is invincible.

 Ennesone laughed happily.

''Then, for now, let's make sure the divine race can't touch this door.

 Eleonor raises his hand, and the that was waiting behind him starts to move and surround the divine door.

'I'm going.'

You don't have to do it.

 Nodding her head, Ennesone spread her four wings.
 Jumping up, she entered the divine portal.

 Beyond that, the dimension was an unstable otherworld, with bees and particles of magical power raging in the air.

 Although she resembled a god race, Ennesone was not exactly a god race. An unexpected foreign object had invaded the order of the divine door, causing a mutation in the order of the divine door, causing the magic power to ramp up.

 Ennesone's expression twisted in pain. The magic line connected to her navel is scraped away by the raging magic field and becomes thinner and thinner at a moment's notice.


 Eleonor gently places one hand on his lower abdomen.

 In this way, he converted the 100,000 pseudo-root sources in the into magic power in the , and reinforced the magic line leading to Ennesone.

 It seems to be able to somehow withstand the violent magic field.
 However, if we use this much magic power, the root of Eleonor will be exhausted. Even if we can build a communication channel, it won't last long.

"...I can see it.......Azation, I guess.......?

 When I moved my demon eyes to Ennezone's vision, I could see the landscape on the ground in places in the gaps in the raging magic field.

''Call out to me, Enne-chan. <I'm sure my voice will reach you if the magic line connects with someone who can use the Demon King's Army (Guys).

 Eleonor says.
 The gap between the earth and the divine world is greater than I thought. Even via Ennesone, it seems difficult to get Eleonor's voice to fly directly to earth.

 I can only ask Ennesone to call out to me.


 Ennesone flies a thought transmission (leaks) indiscriminately.

Someone who knows the Demon King of Tyranny. Someone who knew the Demon King Anos. Please. Come in. Our earth is in danger.

 He passed through the magic field and his vision opened up.

 Ennesone's body felt a shock and shook with a thud.
 Passing through the divine door, she fell to the earth.

 Immediately, the sound of a sword fight could be heard.
 Then the sound of an explosion swirled around.

 Quickly, Ennesone looked up, and the area was a battlefield.

 Human soldiers and the armies of God were fighting.
 Of course, there was no way the human soldiers of this era could compete with the gods, and they were forced to retreat.

 It was at the position on the side of the divine army that Ennesone arrived.

 Zach's footsteps could be heard.
 When she turned around behind her, the Swordsman God was raising his divine sword.


 Without mercy, the divine sword was swung down.
 On the spur of the moment, Ennesone was unable to move.

 The sword that was about to slice through his neck, however, cut the sky just before he was about to do so.
 A figure running from a distance held Ennesone in his arms and sheltered him.

 The Swordsman God took a step closer and glared at the girl.

''What a bevs-doh!''


 From behind, the Swordsman God was pierced with seven holes.
 The stick with a sticky black light pierced the god with ease.

''What's wrong, Eren, you flew so far away!

We don't want to get too close to the main team.

And Emilia said they're retreating. I'm not going to be able to use my current strength at all. We have to get out of here.

 The girls from the Demon King's Academy who appeared on the spot were dressed in jet black robes.
 They were members of the Demon King Choir, aka Anos Fun Union.

''Wait a minute. I thought you just said this girl was Anos-sama!

 Ellen said with a serious look on her face as she held Ennesone in her arms.