434-Shadow approaching the ground

 Eleonor turns his gaze to the gods inside the holy water sphere.

''For now, let's just destroy them all before they start moving.

 Zesia and Ennesone nodded widely.


Ennezione will do his best.

 If God's army descends to earth, it could be troublesome.

 I don't care if it's my own people or not, if the people who don't have the means to fight them are attacked, the damage will be catastrophic.
 The best course of action is to destroy them here and now.

"You can't destroy the army of our God.

 A low voice wooded the temple of Aurora.
 Eleonor turned around and turned his magic eye on a single holy water sphere.

 Inside is a god in red-copper full-face armor.
 From the full-face helmet, a glowing gaze shot through them.

 It was Per Pedro, the god of war who should have perished on earth.

War is providence. We shall be born to infinity until the earth is consumed. We shall be destroyed, but not annihilated; therefore we shall always be undefeated.

 Water gushes out of the holy water sphere around Per Pedro with great gusto.
 The God of War, with his feet on the floor of the aurora, holds up his hand. The light began to gather there.

'I am not like you, the failed creations that the Heavenly Father God failed to create.

 Eleonor huffed and looked around him.

 The armies of God that are infused with the power of fire and dew and born in the Holy Water Sphere. There are several types, but they are almost the same individual.

 To be more precise, they were terribly similar and different.

I see. You and your army of gods are the root clones, just like Zesia...

 Sadly, Eleonor says.

ÒThis is it! The order you failed to maintain in the past is ours to bear. Let the demons be destroyed, the men be destroyed, the dragonborn be destroyed, and the world be made to bloom with fire.

 The divine sword, glowing with red-copper brilliance, is held in the hand of the god of war, Per Pedro.

Awake, undefeated army! Open the doors of the gods. Your time to march is coming!

 Slowly, Perpedro swung down his divine sword.
 The red copper light drew a magic circle over the entire temple of Aurora, and one by one the holy water balls began to crack.

 More than 10,000 divine armies are awakening and the divine door at the back of the temple is slowly being opened. Beyond that, it must be leading to someplace on earth.

''I won't let you!

 Eleonor fires the Sacred Area Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias) at the armies of God.

 However, as soon as the light cannonball entered their wards, everything turned to stone. This is the magic of the Jutsuheiheishin Dolzouk.

It's a duplicate magic mirror.........

 Zecia cancels and increases the number of enhancers with the .
 With a total of one hundred hundred blades, she slashed at the army of the gods.

 It seemed as if she had kicked them out all at once, but only one of them could be defeated.

 They were already besieged by ten thousand soldiers.
 And the formation those soldiers had taken was building a magical formation that shone with red-copper color.

 <The Siege Order Law Formation (Arnesto).
 That formation, the order of the god of war, Per Pedro, strengthens the art of war.

 The many conquer the few.
 In the face of that order, individual strength is limited to no end.

"Unlike the Discipline Puppets, who are only half human, we are the Order itself. There is no reason why puppets and broken magical order should be a match for the armies of the higher beings, the gods. This is the order of war.

 With a zap, the sound of military boots, Galmugund the Sword Warrior God and Schnelde the Spear Warrior God stepped forward.

 Zecia retreated farther back and locked her back with Eleonor.
 The girls were completely surrounded.

'Do not expect mercy. Unlike you failures, we, the gods, have no heart. We will only faithfully enforce the order.

 Per Pedro, God of War, has issued an order.


 The Archer God, Amishus, shoots arrows from a huge divine bow.

 It thrusts into the four genus ward seal (De Igeria) that Eleonor has constructed and drills holes one after another. <Under the influence of the , that ward was also unable to exert sufficient power and was broken through in a flash.

 Relentlessly, the soldiers with weapons at the ready advance.
 As Zesia used the Holy Sword of Light to pop the Sword Soldier God, the Spear Soldier God thrust his spear out from behind.


 Eleonor uses himself as a shield and is pierced in the abdomen by six spears.
 Red blood is pouring down from his abdomen.

 The spear gods, in a single fluid motion, raise their spears.
 Eleanor was carried up with her body skewered.

'You're next. You're next, you imperfect, erudite doll.

 While the platoon of the Swordsman God slashed at him with their divine swords and blocked the en-hale, the Spearman God thrust out a divine spear at Zesia's body.

 A high-pitched sound rang out.
 The spear was received by a dazzling light.

You are my pride and joy," he said. I won't forgive you if you treat me like I'm some kind of miscreant.

 Magic letters drifted around Eleonor and holy water flooded out of it.
 The spear was received by a pseudo-root magic barrier made of , the root mother womb (Eleonor).

 The , where many are in power.
 The armies of the gods are root source clones, and their soldiers can be counted as one person.

 Then, Eleonor thought, the pseudo-root source should be calculated as one third.
 His prediction was correct.

''Let's go, Enne-chan!


 Spreading his wings, Ennesone was flying.

 Eleonor sealed the divine spear at the pseudo-root source and pulled it out of her body.
 As it did so, magic lines extended from her lower abdomen and Ennesone's navel to each other, silently connecting them.

'Concentrated fire. Release.''

 With Per Pedro's command, the was unleashed all at once by the artillery god Druzok, and the archer god Amishus fired his divine arrows.

 The jet-black sun and arrows of light rushed towards Eleonor and Ennesone like a raging wave.
 At the same time, the swordsman god and the spearman god attacked Zesia.

''The Root Mother Womb (Eleonor), the Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria).

 With a pseudo-root source magic barrier and <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)> at the same time, Eleonor protected himself, Zesia, and Ennesone.

 And then he released glowing magic power from his entire body.

Ennesone Eleonor.

 At the signal from Eleonor's voice, Ennesone stretched out his hand, and a magic circle was drawn there, and one hundred and twenty-two storks flew up from the center to the ceiling of the temple.

 Magic power was sent from Eleonor to Ennesone through the magic wire. Ennesone's body glowed and the wings on his back grew taller. They reached about ten times as tall as her height.

 She is the one hundred and twenty-third stork.
 In the order of this world, the magic of the Demon King (Ennesone) should not exist.

 In other words, it's proof that the upper limit of the pseudo-root source that can be born in the has been released.

''All right--!

 When Eleonor sends his magic, Ennesone flaps the wings on his back.
 The wings of the stork fluttering down are a pseudo-root source of pale light.

 The heart of the stork is converted into magical power in the Sanctuary (Ask), and Eleonor sends the magical power to Ennesone again.
 The magic power that is sent is transformed into the wings of the pseudo-root source and creates a heart.

 Repeatedly, repeatedly, Eleonor's magic power expands without limit.


 Magic letters drifted around Eleonor, covering the entire room like spreading wings.
 From there, holy water overflowed out and was shaped into a sphere.

 A thousand holy water spheres.
 This is one of the magic that once gave birth to Zesia, the one used to build the body of the root clone.

 One by one, the wings of the stork swooped down and entered into it.
 Then the holy water spheres began to form a human shape.

 They were girls with slightly longer hair than her, much like Zesia.
 The hair on either side is asymmetrical.

This is our reserve pseudo-religious doll! I just thought of something!

 One hundred Pseudo-Recorded Dolls, the magic dolls of holy water, were born.
 For each sphere of holy water, 100 pseudo-roots were used to create lifeless dolls that obeyed a simple command.

 This was the first time he was able to do this after converting 100,000 pseudo-root sources into magic power in the Sanctuary (Ask), but it would be a great burden on Eleonor's body to draw power beyond order.

 It would not be able to withstand a prolonged battle.

''All armies advance. God's Art of War is undefeated.''

 At the order of the god of war, Per Pedro, the army of the gods rushed in en masse.
 The magical bombardment of the Magic Soldier God caused flames to dance and disrupted their vision.

''This one is also an assault. Kick them out, Pseudo Noritsu Dolls (Ginalena)!

 Against the army of the gods that laid out a perfectly ordered formation, Eleonor's attacked each of them in a disorderly fashion, and the battle quickly became confused.

 The sword of holy water dispelled the divine sword and easily sliced through the gods.
 <The Pseudo-Christian Puppet (Ginarena) has no life, but it has one hundred pseudo-roots. That's equivalent to three hundred pseudo-roots.

 The armies of the gods were cut down one by one by the disorderly assault of the magic dolls and were defending themselves.

''.......... stupid......! We, the higher beings.........are like false historical dolls........

Would you like me to show you a new way to fight for you, Anos?

 <Eleonor bleeps his index finger while assaulting the Pseudo-Korinoid Doll (Ginalena).

"The good girl wins over the bad girl!

 <Mixed in with the Pseudo-Korhythmic Doll (Gina Raina), Zesia also charges in together.

''Gina and the others.......Reyna and the others.......following your sister.......!

 Perpedro, the god of war, who has an order in which the many conquer the few, has a natural enemy in the form of the Pseudo-Korhythmic Dolls (Genarena).
 With one hundred of them, they have more than three times the strength of the god's army.

Counterattack! Count the three puppets as one and surround them. We'll show you the armies of God and his undefeated army!

 The army of the gods, with its unflawed leadership, lays out a perfect formation to challenge the Pseudo-Korhythmic Dolls (Zinalena) with the greatest possible number of them.

 However, it is indeed difficult to have more than thirty-four people attacking each one of them at all times.

 The divine soldiers were instantly silenced as they were clattered to death by the Pseudo-Korhythmic Dolls (Ginarena) who attacked in disorder, and were defeated by them.

 Ten minutes passed, and when the majority of them had been decided--

Eleonor. The number of God's army is dwindling. Could they be hiding somewhere?

"....Per Pedro....is not here...

 Ennesone and Zesia said.

 When they had kicked off nearly half of their troops and the bombardment from the magical bombardment had died down, Per Pedro, who was supposed to be commanding God's army at the front, had disappeared.

'It is a diversion,'

 A voice rang out from behind the temple.

'We have already begun our march to the ground.

 When he reappeared, Per Pedro was standing at the door of God.

 As soon as the armies of God saw that they were no match for the , a separate force was passing through the door of God while attracting their attention.

"....No wonder I thought it would be a little easy...

 <The pseudo-religious dolls (Ginarena) cut through the remaining troops.

 The soldiers of the gods collapsed.
 The only god left that could move on this spot was Per Pedro, the god of war.

The door of the gods can only be entered by the gods. There is no way for you to communicate with the earth.

You don't look good running away, you god of war.

There will be no retreat for the army of God. March on! You have lost the war.

 Eleonor unleashes the , but faster than that, Per Pedro enters the door of God.

'No matter how you resist, it is in vain before the order. You will have no place to return to.

 With that, the God of War disappeared.
 Eleanor and the others immediately ran to the huge divine door at the back of the temple.

''It's all white.......and I can't see it.......''

"...hmmm, Per Pedro said you have to be a god-tribe...I'm in trouble...

 Zesia and Eleonor said.
 Then Ennesone stepped forward and twitched the wings of his head.

'I can see Ennesone, can't I?'

Really, Enne-chan? What do you see? Do you have any idea where they went?

 As he stared into the magic eye, Ennesone looked behind the divine door.

'Send it to the magic line.'

''I want to see........Zesia too........''

 Eleonor projects the vision sent from Ennesone as an image on the magic circle as it is, and shows it to Zesia.

 It's a scene on the ground. Is it night, the area is dark.
 The scenery on the screen is that of Azation. You can see the streets of Gaillardite.

 The people of the city look up at the sky in amazement.
 Next, the world regains its brightness, as if day and night are reversed.

''Could this be...!

 Eleanor gasps as she gasps.

'Enne-chan, can you see the sky...?'

 The sky was reflected in the magic circle.

 The shadow of the sun colors it with misery.
 It was the authority of the God of Destruction, Averniu, the Sun of Destruction, Surgieldnave, that released the black particles.