433-Whereabouts of fire dew


 The Great Tree Mother Sea.
 At the hole in the giant tree towering over the sea, Eleonor suddenly looked up.

 She stood up and chastised her eyes to the sky above.

''What's going on, the sky is getting darker, isn't it?

 Perhaps it was because night had fallen on the canopy celestial sphere due to the authority of the Transformation God Guietenaros, but the sky in the adjacent Great Sea of Trees was dim.


 She gestured her ears to me.

"Just now, Gietenarus, the god of transformation, told me that the fire dew has been stolen from the Great Sea of Trees.

 Eleonor cocked his head curiously and held up his index finger.

'But this is Wenzel's divine realm, remember? Isn't the God of Birth an old friend of Misha's?

'Well, there may be a reason for this. It's not only that Wenzel has been away from the Great Wall of China for a long time, but also that she has been absent for so long that it's impossible for the other gods to use her powers. It's not impossible for other gods to use their powers in her absence.

'Oh, I see. Someone did something wrong while Wenzel was gone.

"........no pranks........

 Zesia stands up and enters the thought transmission (leaks).

"If there's nothing to see, so be it. "If there's nothing to find, that's fine, but we can't leave here without looking.

I got it.

Where do I look?

 Ennesone twitches the wings of his head.

'Guietenaros said that the wind was strange. 'Search the sky first. Search the sky first, for there may be hints in the fire and dew winds before they turn to water.

I understand....

 Zesia replied cheerfully, linking her hand with Ennesone's. She thrust it up above her head a few times and said.


 The two jumped out of the hole in the big tree and ascended in flight.

"Hey! Don't go too far ahead of yourself. We'd be in big trouble if another one of those turbaned gods comes out.

This time....it's payback...! 

 When Zesia says it with great vigor, Eleonor chuckles in annoyance.

The first time I saw it, I was in the same boat as you. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. Enne-chan too.

'But Eleonor. Ennesone thought?

 She says while stretching the wings of her head with a bleep.

''She said that if we can use the magic of better, it should help big sister Zesia and Eleonor.

'Hmm ... what do you mean by that? <Isn't ennesthood a magic that gives birth to new life?

 Eleonor asks curiously.

'Yes. 'It gives rise to new life, unconstrained by order. As this Da K'Kadate shows, the flow of fire and dew is fixed, and the upper limit of life in the world is fixed. Therefore, the upper limit of the pseudo-roots that can be born in the is also fixed.

 Zecia nodded with a difficult face.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. It should be able to ignore the upper limit of life in the world, right?

Oh, yeah, right. So, much more at the Eleonor.

 Eleonor cut off his words there and only looked up, as if the question arose again.

'....Hmmm? Isn't there something wrong with that?

 <The magic of the Eleonor is used to create a pseudo-root source and convert the mind into magical power. The magic is then used to create another pseudo-root source using the magic born from the Eleonor's womb.

 Repeatedly, Eleonor raised the magic power collected in the Sanctuary (Ask) to the maximum, but there was a limit to the number of pseudo-root sources it could produce.

 However, if it was possible to remove that limit--

Can't we use the Sanctuary (Ask) and the Womb of the Origin (Eleonor) to generate unlimited magical power...?

I think that's the way it should be. Because Ennesone is the magical order of the Witch King.

 Then, for some reason, Zecia proudly threw out her chest.

The Demon King's magic power is tyranny Noboriboto. Tyranny Noboru is infinite Noboru.

Zechariah, you won't get an endless supply of these things.

 Poking in lightly, Eleonor snaps his fingertips up.

'But then, you should have blasted that turban out of the air instead of leaving it to you, Anos.

"Hmm. Don't take it too lightly.

 At my words, Eleonor twisted his head.


''The more powerful it becomes, the more difficult it is to control. Even if you could generate infinite magical power, there is no vessel that can withstand such a thing. Think of my power as being controlled by you.''

'....uh...we're going to die...'

''Keep it within your reach. It's not much more than 100,000 pseudo root causes. Unless you have something you want to protect with your life.

Chuckle, I wouldn't risk my life for that. I'm always with the Demon Lord.

 A large cloud loomed in front of Eleonor and the others.
 Breaking through it, the girls reached far above the Great Tree Sea.

''Hmm? Is there anything fishy about it?

 The three of them stared at the sky and stared at the magic eye.


 Ennesone climbs further into the sky and points.

'I see a glow.'

 It was a place where the sky of the Great Tree Mother Sea and the sky of the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere intersected.
 As night came to the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere, a faint glow could be seen in the part of the sky that was the boundary.


 Zesia says.

'Is the wind turning into the Northern Lights...?'

 Eleonor gazed at the aurora.
 But as expected, he couldn't see it from that distance.

''Let's go.

 The three of them flew around the faintly shining aurora borealis.
 The closer they get to it, the more unstable their flight (fresse) becomes and the more they feel as if they are about to fall.

 This was probably because the celestial sphere was approaching.
 I could almost reach the aurora borealis, but I couldn't go up any further.

'.........I can't.......get close......to it.......

What shall we do? How would you like to extend a long ladder from the tree below?

 Eleonor's dark hair floats up softly as he looks back at the surface of the sea in the distance.


 And Ennesone shouts out.

'The wind is coming!'

... not a sound... from where...?

 She flew around the area, looking for a windy spot. Then suddenly, her long hair lifted up in a whisper.

 A strong updraft.

"Wow, that was amazing!

Hold on to Ennestraum.

 Eleonor and Zesia took Ennesone's hand as they were told.

 The wings on the girl's back spread wide.
 It caught the rising wind and flew at once.

 <Beyond the airspace where the  In the next moment, in a flash, the landscape in front of me changed.

 Until a moment ago, it had been only a faint glow, but as soon as I entered the room, the glow became clearer and clearer.
 It was like the interior of a temple made of the Northern Lights.

'You'll get your footing,'

 Ennesone trudged along the floor of the Aurora.
 Zecia bounced around with a twitch, but the scaffolding didn't falter.

''Eeii Osashi........it's a success.......!

 Zecia and Ennesone clasped their hands together and danced as if they were jumping up and down together.

'Hey, you're being hasty. We don't know what's in store for us yet.

 As he said it, Eleonor took the lead and moved forward.

 As they passed the bend, they soon reached an open area.

 A vast Aurora space that was too large to be called a room.
 Looking at what was there, Eleonor couldn't help but gasp.


 The space was filled with countless holy water balls floating around.

 The one inside was Garmugund, the Sword Warrior God. The spearman god, Schnelde. Amishuus, the Archer God. Druzok, the God of Artillery.

...an army of gods!

 He is a soldier of God, led by the god of war, Per Pedro.

 Carefully, Eleonor looked into the abyss of the temple and the holy water sphere.
 Then he saw a wind of fire and dew flowing through the place and into the holy water sphere.

 The soldiers of the gods, who are fed by the fire and dew and are being born one after another inside the sphere, are already ten thousand in number. The number continues to grow.

"Sister, Eleonor, look!

 Ennesone points to a huge door at the back of the temple.

'It's the door to God.'

 A one-way door to descend from the azure of the gods to the ground.
 If it is here, along with the magic that produces soldiers, there is one possible explanation.

 Someone who is taking the fire dew is preparing to invade the ground here.