432-Inversion god

 Countless branches and leaves folded together, a spherical sky - a crowned celestial sphere.

 Wenzel, the god of birth, was flying there, riding the green-green wind.

 Via Eleonor, the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys) are connected to her. Hence, from their divine eyes, they were able to share their vision.

 <Using a thought transmission (leaks), I tell her.

"Wenzel. The demigod is restrained over here. Now the only one we have to watch out for is the Shake God, Romu-nu and his ilk.

 However, it is also possible that the one who was dressed as the Culling God was Anahem. Then that would guarantee Lauzel's safety.

''Thank you. Even so, neutralizing Anahem in the Withered Desert, you really do nothing but amaze me every time, Demon King Anos.

 In the distance of Wenzel's vision, a huge bird's nest could be seen. It was the divine realm of the flowering god Lauzel.
 From the looks of it, the flower had not died.

 She patted her chest in relief.
 At that moment, her vision wobbled and reversed. The fire and dew wind was suddenly disturbed.

 In the next moment, the greenish-green air currents diffused in a huff to let go of Wenzel's body, and she fell headlong into the sky.

''Is this...?''

 With a grim expression on his face, Wenzel takes a piece of the cloth he himself wears. With a wave of his arm as if to untie it, the god's cloth stretched straight up and wrapped around a nearby branch.

 Starting with it, like a pendulum, the God of Birth moved through the sky and jumped over to another branch.

''Hey there. It's been a long time... Wenzel. It's been about two or three thousand years, right?''

 A green-green wind blew in the sky of the tree-crowned celestial sphere.
 Riding on it, a bard-like man appeared in front of Wenzel.

 He wore a feathered hat and held a long flute in his hand.
 His expression, his demeanor, exuded an aloof lightness.

''I wonder where he's going in such a hurry?''

 Facing him squarely, Wenzel uttered a serene voice.

'To the flowering god Lauzel. Guetenarus. If you are the ruler of the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere, I'm sure you've already heard of it, but a god who calls himself the Culling God Romuenu has put his hand on our divine race. He's one of those targeted.

Oh, you mean that.

 He nods, in a lighter tone.

 Hmm. So this is Gietenaros, the god of transformation?
 It's far from serene and dignified.

 His words are somewhat light and seem to fly away like the wind.

''Do you know something?

Oh, I know very well, Wenzel.

 The Transformation God waved his long flute lightly. Then the green-green wind entered and began to play an idyllic tune.

''The Culling God is me, you know.

 Wenzel's expression was tinged with surprise.

'Nah. I'm lying, I'm lying. Why are you so surprised?

'Guietenarus. I don't have time to deal with your lies right now.

Of course. After all.

 For a moment, the tune Guetenarus was playing shifted to a fierce, threatening tune.

'The god of culling was born of you.

 Again, Wenzel rolled his eyes.
 Then, he quickly shook his head.

''........What do you mean? For two thousand years I left Da Ku Kadate and was in the Chasm of the Azure, in the Mei-Gong divine City. I believe you know this as well as I do.

Yeah, I know. But there are some crazy stories.

 Guetenarus sat down on the green-green wind.
 He spun around and manipulated the wind with his fingertips, passing it through his flute and began to play the pastoral tune again.

'After the birth god Wenzel was gone, the culling god Rom'enu appeared and began killing the gods. There's only one god in this tree-crowned celestial sphere that can do that while hiding from my wind, right?

 To say he was suspicious was still a mild word.
 In a light voice, almost devoid of emotion, he said

''You know, the big-headed Dilfred said that birth is beyond transformation, right? In other words, the only god that can do bad things here is Wenzel.

But I don't--

I just got back, right? You weren't in Da K'Kadate.

 Guetenarus peeks an aloof smile.

'Hey, as if that proves it wasn't me,'

"...Are you doubting me?

Yes! Because you're friends with that wacky creator god. You put too much stock in people and too little order. What do you think, Militia? We've been struggling with that for hundreds of millions of years. If you didn't like it, you should have created it better in the beginning.

 In a non-malicious voice, Guietenarus says lightly.

Well, that's okay. The problem is that the only person who can give birth to Romuene, the god of culling, is you, the master of birth.

'You are mistaken, Guietenarus. I do not believe that--

I don't know. Even without you, I can't see the abyss of the Great Satoyama Sea. You couldn't find any evidence, even if I told you to. But the wind has been acting strange lately.

...and what's so funny?

I don't know. I was wondering if there's something going on in your Great Sea of Trees. Is there any dew that hasn't been properly turned into water? Did you know that the flow of fire and dew is decreasing?

 Wenzel nodded.

'My guess is you stole it. Bit by bit, bit by bit, you stole, and used the fire dew to give birth to the god of culling, Rom'enu. And now, finally, the amount of fire dew in circulation has begun to visibly decrease.

 The god of transformation plays the flute with his fingertips.

'What do you think you're trying to bring to life this time, Wenzel?

"...that I have Lauzel's people on my hands? What is the point of doing that?

I don't know.

 Guietenarus said, and Wenzel gasped.

'I don't know. 'Because you don't, do you? Maybe it's for the sake of the people on earth, or maybe it's for some other reason. Either way, it's hard for any sane God to imagine a God who doesn't judge by order. You're crazy. Just like the creator God.

I don't think it's strange to have a heart. There will be a time when you will know--

I've been waiting for you.

 Gietenaros stands up on the dewy wind.

"Right after you arrived in the canopy of the celestial sphere, you went straight to the flowering god Lauzel. I'm sure you're curious. I'm not sure if we could successfully eliminate them.

 Giggling, he laughed.

'I'm just wondering if you've managed to erase the evidence linking the Culling God and the Birth God properly.

'It's a frame-up, God of Transformation. If I had tried to kill Lauzel, I would not have brought Ennesone with me. Thanks to her, Lauzel survived.

'Yes, you're right. Maybe. That's why I've been waiting for you again. Chased by a rambunctious Anahem, you've fled to the Sea of Trees, and now you're wondering what you're going to do after you fight off Anahem? So what are you going to do when you've defeated Anahem?

 Swirling his flute lightly, Guietenaros plays his tune.

If you have brought the Witch King's men with you, you have no intention of harming Lauzel. They'll get in the way. But if you came alone, you would have to remove the evidence. In other words, it's a cover-up.

 Quickly stopping his whistle, Guietenarus points to the God of Birth.

"Zannen! You've come alone.

 A green-green wind blows.
 It is sucked into the flute as it glides by, making a loud sound in the canopy sky.

You're going to have to try harder than that if you're going to lie, Wenzel. You can do better than that, Wenzel, if you're going to lie, just like me.

Guietenarus. No, sir.

What are you up to? I wonder if they took on the non-conformists and brought Ennesone here to make us think they did it, not you. I mean, you took advantage of the misfits.

 The gentle tune modulated violently.
 Like a battle march, the heart-stirring tune spread across the canopy heavenly sphere.

 At that moment, a thunderclap roars and the wind changes to blue lightning.

'Wait, Guietenarus. Speak well again.

I hate bullshit. Come on, let's just sing.

 Giggling, the tumbling god laughed.
 The wind blew. A wind of magical power flowed out of his body.

'Let's sing. Let's sing. Oh, let's chant. It's like the wind, sometimes out of the blue. 'Tenpenshinsinteki, Idi Doroend,'

 The entire celestial sphere is covered by lightning with a thunderclap.
 Up, down, left or right, there is no escape for Wenzel.

"The sky is a shifting place, a state of mind.

 With the words of the singing Transmutation God, countless blue lightning bolts struck Wenzel from all directions.
 There was no way to avoid them as she stood on a branch, unable to fly.


The first drop that begins will soon become a pond and a mother sea. My sweet child, wake up. Averrochelian, the shield of life.

 The moment the azure shield shone, the lightning bolt turned into a butterfly.

 Birth is more than a transformation.
 From the order of Guetenarus, the god of birth had come to life.

''You are no match for me.

'Yes. But this is the Tree Crown Celestial Sphere, my divine realm.

 Guetenarus brings the transmutation divine flute Idylloend to his mouth and softly breathes in.

 The song modulates again, and the sky transmutes.
 The dark night, which cannot be seen for a moment, has come to the crowned celestial sphere--