431-Sand castle

 On the white sand, the head of the Demise God falls on the white sand.
 Its root, which was cursed with a beheading curse, has indeed perished before my eyes.

 While observing the scene with my demon eyes, I draw a magic circle on both of my legs that I burned and cut myself.
 <The light of the Total Demon Complete Healing (Aye Shear) gathered on the cutting surface, however, it's a strange response.

 No healing.
 The effect of the recovery magic was not working as if it was not working.

I'm not going to let you go. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we're here on the sand of the end.

 A voice rang out from nowhere, and the white sand in front of me began to resemble a human form.
 As I look at it, it turns into a man in a white turban and cloak, Anahem, the god of demise.

''Hmm. I see it's just as Dilfred advised. Even if you received the beheading curse, you still come back to life, it seems you are quite immortal.

 I float up to the ground in
"But what to do? You can't swallow me up in the sand if my legs are gone, can you?


 The end god stomped on the sand.
 In the next moment, in a single step, he gets in between me.

 I thrust my jet-black fingertips into Anahem's neck.
 He catches it with his left hand and dives into my bosom.


 My body retreats a few meters as I receive a full-bodied right fist. It's a blow that leaves me numb even after defending against it with my left hand, the Four Realms Wall (Benno Even).

"Hoho. I was slacking off until a moment ago--no, no.

 I laugh as I look into his abyss.

''His magic and physical strength have clearly increased since before he perished.

 In the white desert, a magic circle is drawn. Polar flame chains appear from all sides and entwine with Anahem, the god of demise. I tried to bind up its divine body, but he grabbed it.


 With a leap of every muscle in her body, Anahem yanked the flaming chain she had grabbed as hard as she could.
 With force and order, the polar flame chains creaked and screamed and were fragilely torn apart.

''So this is what you mean? With every destruction, the God of the end increases in power.

The despair that surrounds you is the end of the world.

 As he raised his fists, a white sandstorm swirled around his body.

"There is no escape from the end. It will all end equally, and you will end up as a grain of sand at the feet of Anahem.

 Lowering his stance, he was ready to pounce at any moment.

'The day that all life came to life, the end was decreed. Therefore, not one person in the world has escaped.

 Anahem lands a kick to the ground.
 He catches the outstretched right hand with his left hand and grabs the outstretched left hand with his right.

 With four hands, he and I are locked together tightly.


 With a heavy voice, the sand at my feet stirred and grabbed at me in the form of a hand.

''I've long since figured out what Sandy Ground Prison is.

 You build a magic circle with the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Gio Glaze) that you had scattered around when you burned your leg, and use the Jiao Die Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara).

 I put shining black flames on my missing leg and lightly kick away the sand hand that grabbed me. As it is, the foot of the is thrown into the guy's dovetail.


You think just because I don't have legs that I can't kick?

 <Gaining momentum in flight, a foot of shining black fire dug into Anahem's divine body. My hand and his hand are released and the demi-god is pushed back.

 The sand is covered with dragged footprints, and Anahem's belly quickly turns to ashes. But he didn't care and grabbed my leg with both hands.

"Tare," he said. "No matter how much you turn away and run, the end is always near.

 He begins to spin around on the spot, as if to take advantage of my momentum.
 He spins around once, twice, three times, accelerating to the extreme, and then throws me as hard as he can, slamming me into the sand.

 With my black flaming feet in the white sand, I take a passive position. I looked at him and saw that he was holding the withered demon sword Guselami, which he dropped when he was decapitated, in his hand.

I'm not going to be able to get rid of it, but Unura will build a tower on the sand.

 An eerie voice echoes in my head.
 It's the cry of Guzelami, the withered demon sword.

 The sound reverberates and the dust swirls around me.
 In the blink of an eye, it is a number of towers that are being constructed by the sand.

 Eventually, those countless towers become an outer wall, trapping me inside.
 What was completed was a huge sand tower.

'With a single sound of Guzelami, everything crumbles and withers away.

 When Anahem swung his withering demon sword right beside me, Guzelami squealed eerily.
 Then grains of sand fluttered from my arms.

 My body is turning into sand.

''Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).''

 A jet-black bolt of lightning was released into Anahem.
 As sand rose from the tower, it became a shield to block the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).

The Womb of the Origin Mother (Eleonor)

 A light ward using a pseudo-root source was put up in all directions, blocking Guzelami's cries. As soon as it seemed that his body stopped turning into sand, the wards shattered immediately afterwards.


 Anahem had closed the distance in a single step and was slicing through the pseudo-root wards.
 I stare at his order with my demon eyes tinted with keshi-murasaki, and I close the reduced distance even further.

'Suicide or non-conformity. "Suicide or not, Nonconformist, this anahem is the bosom of death, the end itself.

Unfortunately, I've been through more death and demise than I care to admit.

 At close range, my magical eye and his divine eye intersect.

"Jiao Di Annihilation Brilliant Fire Burning Brilliant Flames.

 Not only both legs, but also both arms were dyed with shining black flames.
 Regardless, the Demise God had thrust the Withered Demise Sword straight out.

 Its flaming blade touches my chest.
 Guzelami, who destroyed the root cause under one sword, stopped there.

 The moment he focused his attention on the black flame's hand, he had bound his body with the
 <I'm going to have to say that I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

 The god's eyes stare at me.

"Don't you understand that the same hand cannot be used twice against this Anahem?

 With a creaking sound, the creaked. As if it wasn't much of a bondage, he tore off the polar flame chain with all his strength.

''Did you think I would try the same move three times?''

 The black flame hand that was grabbing Anahem's neck faded in brilliance, and a black collar could be seen there.

  The reason I continued to burn his throat with the hand of the black flame was to hide it.

"Go and dream about being immortalized.

 <I activate the Shackle Collar Dreamscape (Nedonerias) and again I use the Hell Flame Chain Binding Magic Circle (Zora et Dipto).

 In order to activate the great magic, the polar flame chain draws a magic circle.

''There is no way I can dream.''

 <Without caring about the activation of the , the demigod took a half-step and stabbed the Withered Demon Sword Guzelami into my heart.

 Slipping through anti-magic and magical barriers, even flesh and bone, the flaming blade of the demise simply sliced through the root cause.

 A great deal more blood than ever before from the demon king's blood poured out and corroded the sand, eating away at the gods of Anahem's body that had received the blood back.

The tower on the sand is crumbling and Guzerami's cry is the remains of the end.

 As if chanting, Anahem chanted

"A single scrape, a single scratch, an empty curtain.

 An eerie cry sounded, and the sand tower shook violently.
 The surrounding towers, the towers, lost their shape and began to crumble all at once, as if they were returning to just sand.

''Buried and withered--the final sword, Guselami.

 The Demon King's blood, which corrodes everything, was quickly transformed into dust by Guzelami's blade.
 And then the blood of the demon king stopped.

 Anahem glares at me as if he is assessing me.

''The blood has dried up, and he is a nonconformist.

 The flaming blade, which glowed red and white, was gingerly pushed into my root cause.

''Even the root of destruction is a grain of sand before the end. There is no end in sight before that blade.''

Right. So this is the first one.

 I looked up and grinned at him, and he showed his shocked emotions.

 Anahem, as if speechless, just looked at me, laughing.

 He twists the withered demon sword that he inserted into my body, and he twists it further into a grizzly.

 A small amount of blood drips from my mouth.
 The one who stabbed me was the one who got upset.

"...Why.........? Why....hmm...?

 He rambled and shuddered as if he'd seen something unbelievable.

''Unu........Unu is long overdue! There is no response to Guselami. This root has long since reached its end...!

 With even more force, Anahem shoved Guzelami in.
 Spitting blood, I grinned.

''Why ... why ... are you smiling ... the life that ended ... the end in front of this Anahem ... the end is laughing, etc...? Is this a dream....

'Ha ha. I thought you didn't dream, Anahem. I knew you were just a fool. Stare into the depths more closely and look into the abyss.

 I said, as if to provoke him.

'Isn't it the emptiness you're looking at, not my roots?'

 As if in a huff, Anahem pulled out his withering sword Guzelami.

 The tip of the sword is missing.
 It's as if he was consumed by emptiness.

''Graham's root--''

 Before Anahem could retreat, he twisted the fingertips of the into its bank of flames.

 The demise god vomits blood.

'With a single graze, this withered demon sword cuts down and destroys the root source. If a pseudo-root source can't be used as a shield, then you should prepare a sturdier shield for them. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do that. I was allowed to use it.

 He used the root of Graham's emptiness, which he had taken inside the root source, as a shield to receive Guzelami.
 It was claimed that a single scrape would lead to an end, but there was no way that emptiness could be wounded.

''It seems you can't end what isn't there, Demise God.''

  was superimposed on , and Anahem's entire root source pierced the divine body.

Now it's our turn. This is our turn. The life of the gods will come to this desert of death. Therefore, you will not come to the end, but what if this God Realm itself has been destroyed?

 The drawn multiple magic circles turned into turrets and aimed at the sky above the withering desert.
 Jet-black particles entwined there, drawing a seven-fold spiral.

 The face of the Demise God pales.

''........Violence, it's.......! If you do that.........

No end in sight.

 Kicking back, I said. 

"Egil Groene Angdroa.

 The words took Anahem's breath away.
 With a tense look on his face, all he could do was stare at me and wait for it to end.

''Kukukukukuk. Ku-ha-ha-ha-ha.''

 I laughed off Anahem's divine expression and said.

'Forgive me, it's only a flirtation. Sometimes the end is the salvation. Without an end, some of us will suffer forever.

 While I'm piercing Anahem's divine body, I'm grabbing its face with my other hand.

''The point is to hurt it enough to never end, right?

 With a gulp of pressure on my hand, his body turns to sand and falls right down to the ground, silky smooth.

'Keep your feet on the ground.

 Where the sand fell, what was there was a dark coffin.

 I made the Eternal Death Killer Dark Coffin (Behelius) with the Zora E Dipto that I had just constructed.

 <He was distracted by the threat of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) and he didn't notice it.

 The moment the layered sand of Anahem was about to escape from the , the last cursed collar that fell, the , struck it, and particles of darkness formed a cross.

 Even if the sand tries to crawl out, the magical barrier that covered the coffin prevents it from leaving.
 Once again, he returned to his divine body.

 You're going to be able to get the best out of it, but you're not going to be able to destroy it with your bare hands once you're in the Eternal Death Killer Dark Coffin.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good deal more than that.

It's a coffin of darkness that feeds on the magical power of the corpse and keeps you dead for eternity. It's a dark coffin that feeds on the corpse's magical power and keeps you dead forever.

 As long as he continues to die, he cannot perish.
 And if he cannot be destroyed, he cannot rise.

"I... what humiliation I have caused to Anahem, the god of the end, what humiliation I have caused to him...! Death without end...! You weren't kidding! Remember, you misfit. I'll remind you after we get out of here that all of Unu's life, all of the things that Unu has built, are just towers in the sand.......!

I'm aware of that, Anahem.

 I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.

 <You can't prevent it from happening if you use it with the Eternal Death Darkness Coffin.

That's why it's so precious, that's why we have to protect it. That's why we must protect it, so that this castle of sand, built by all of us, will never fall apart.

 The crosshairs of magical power spread out and the lid of the coffin was closed.