430-Wisdom of demise

 A sandstorm rushed in and covered the village.

 The white dust engulfed the desert village created by the shimmering shimmering flames and the mirage, and then it burst into flames.

 Pure white flames rose from everywhere, and pale sparks of fire flickered in front of us.
 It is the light of life, the fire and dew circulating in Da K'Kadate.

 I walked leisurely toward the white sandstorm that engulfed everything.

 For a moment, a light gleamed in front of me.
 I reached out my arm and grabbed the space next to me.

'Where do you think you're going, Anahem the Demigod?'

 Faster than the dust that surged in, it was a god in a white cloak and turban who tried to pass through the place in a single step.

 Grabbing my right arm, Anahem turned his sharp eyes to me.

''Did you think you could pass right in front of me with ease?


 Anahem gingerly puts his right arm in his grasp.
 The muscles rage and the particles of magic power rage. In the aftermath, dust danced in the air.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea. You want to compare strength?

 I put the magic power into my right arm and hold it down firmly while Anahem tries to raise his strong arm.

 It's a good idea to make sure that you have a good mix of black and white magic, and the sand of the foothold is flying off.

I'm going to have to say that I'm not going to be able to get to the top.

 Anahem raised an eyebrow when he asked that.

'A human child? Nonsense. There is no life in the desert. Everything is a mirage shown by the lights of the end.

'Hmm. Using the circulating fire dew, didn't you create a child?

 Anahem's magic increased even more and began to bite and lift my arms as I held them down.

It was Unu who stole the fire dew. It is shameful that you would blame Anahem for your own crime!

 As soon as I said it, gingerly Anahem pushed my arm back.

''Is this the first time you've been torn by a power struggle? Nonconformist!

 A magical power reminiscent of a sandstorm was released from my entire body, and Anahem pushed my arm up as hard as he could. He tried to shake off his arm with his momentum, but then he stopped dead in his tracks.

'I'm sorry, I was thinking about it a bit. Are you lying to me or are you just plain stupid?


 He put his magic power into his right arm and pushed it back down as hard as he could. Slowly, Anahem's powerful arm was pushed into the air and returned to its original height.

I have to be serious about this, or else I'll lose the power. It's a good thing that you have such a tremendous arm, demon god.


 If you focus your magic power and consciousness and push it as hard as you can, the Demise God will break your knees.

''Ho. You held on well. If it were an ordinary god, it would have been crushed long ago.

"Ta taunts. "It was foolish of him to take on this Anahem in the Withering Desert.

 As if reacting to Anahem's spirit, the white sandstorm gained even more momentum. Gritting his teeth gingerly, the Demise God kicked the sandy ground as hard as he could.

 The swirling dust swirls around my arm as the withering desert sides with him, and the white sand boosts his limbs.
 I'm not going to be the only one who's been in the same boat for a while.

I'm not going to be able to get it right. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

 With all the strength he could muster, he swung his arms down, flattened, and shoved the guy in.
 Anahem buried himself in a crushing heap, literally licking the sand.

'I need to ask you something,'

 I stomped my foot on the guy's head in the sand.
 But soon, the feeling disappeared. The body of the End God turned into white sand and crumbled away.

 It was as if it had been mixed with the Withering Demon Desert and was nowhere to be seen.
 However, that magic power was lingering throughout the area.

Hmm. Well, just listen to me. It's true that there are human children in the Withering Desert. They call themselves Holo. The fact that they call themselves Holo is a fact. Don't you think it's strange that in this desert where there should be no life, in the domain of Anahem, the god of the end, they are living through your God's Eye?


 Out of nowhere, Anahem's voice came out of nowhere.

The voice of Anahem said, "Doubts are meaningless to this Anahem. Thinking and speculating are just the work of the have-nots. This is the knowledge of the end. Unlike the wise-cracking Dilfred, we don't even have to look into the abyss. When one life comes to an end, all of its knowledge will come to this hand.

I see. Very well.

 The sandstorm swirled violently, taking away my vision.

'Know the end. Nonconformist!

 Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the white dust. He pulled out the curved sword he was wearing, the Koento Guzelami, and stuck it out.

''You are nothing but a fool.''

 <I use the magic of the Root Source Mother Womb (Eleonor) to create a pseudo-root source in front of me. The pale light turns into a shield, blocking the withering demon sword that slices through only the root cause.

 In that split second, I'll cut out his root source with the fingertips of the Bevsed.

'The living are not able to reach the footsteps of the demi-god, though they may struggle. Unura is like the dust of the desert, burning down to the flames of Guzelami.

 <Although I stared at his order with the Devil's Eye of Annihilation, it didn't offer any resistance, and the multiple layers of pseudo-root shields that I put up flared up the moment I touched Guzelami and turned into white grains of sand.

 The blade thrust straight out, slipped through my anti-magic and magical barrier and passed through my skin. Before it could reach the root cause, I held his right arm with my hand.

"A bit different from when we fought Eleonor and the others, eh?

 The fire dew clings to the withered demon sword. Fire and dew fire. With the order of its demise on its side, the blade was dyed red-white.

'There is no end in sight. Unura is a dwarf life equal to a grain of sand in the desert before this Anahem. Before the flaming blade of Guzerami, it can only burn down incessantly.

 Its flaming sword blade shines in a shimmering red-white color.
 It's not an ordinary magical power, as it only speaks loudly.

"Hmm. It's a blade that burns out only the root cause without question.

 A blade that can pierce through everything, but it also cuts through the root cause.
 <This is a blade that goes far beyond the Bevsed, a blade that kills the root cause.

"But if it doesn't hit you, it's no different than a simple stick-thingy.

 Black magic particles erupt from my entire body.
 I'm not going to be able to get the same amount of energy as the rest of you.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world. Immediately afterwards, that wrist crushed with a crunch.

 It's not. It has turned into white dust again and he has been lost in the sandstorm.

'Bury yourself in the end, nonconformist. Koensa Jigoku (Withering Sand Prison)''

 With a gulp, his feet sank into the desert. The scaffolding collapsed and the body fell.
 The white grains of sand crumbled as they fell, creating a deep and wide hole around them. In addition, the sand prison was widening in scope.

 It was like a waterfall of sand.

 I was already knee-deep in sand and couldn't lift my legs.
 <When I tried to fly up, my ankles were yanked away as if someone was holding onto them, preventing me from rising.

The sands of the Withered Desert are a path to the end. If swallowed, it will sink incessantly and wither away in seven minutes. All that remains is a grain of sand, the true form of the living.

 Anahem, the god of demise, appears behind me.
 Indeed, the magic power is draining from my legs. It must have been absorbed by this sand.

''Ho. Do you plan to run away from me for seven minutes?

Don't tell me. Look where you're going.

 In front of me, I see a skeleton buried in the sand. It was engulfed in white flames and crumbled as fast as it could.

That's the end. That's the end. There's no way to turn back now that the Unu can't even turn around. The only thing to do is to face the wreckage, get drawn to that end and go on with your life.

 Anahem loosely raises the withered demon sword.

"There is no way for you to avoid Anahem's withering sword now.

 The flame blade in his hand glows red and white.

''Hm. You have a big mouth on the degree of body orientation. I'm tempted to turn around and do what I have to do.

 He held his palm at his feet and drew a magic circle of 10 guns.
 From there, I fired wildly with the Gio-Glaze.

 Every time it hits the ground, white sand rises up and gouges the sandy ground.

"You can't afford to let the sand fly away. I'm not going to give you the time to pop the sand. It will never escape from the feet of God, it will only burn down before the flaming blade of Guzelami.

 Guzelami shimmered as his words turned into power.

 With unstoppable speed, the demigod kicked the ground.
 It blew up like a sandstorm, and Guzelami's flaming blade closed in behind me.

''Come on, it's time for the end, nonconformist. Sink into perpetuity.''

 His arm stretches out, and the guzzlerami that brings life to an end gleams red and white.

 With my buried feet intact, I twist around to avoid the blade, and I try to grab his arm. As if it could see through it, Anahem spins around and slashes at my back with a curved sword.


 With his back hand, he knocked off the hands of the Demon God. It was a good response, but I don't drop the withering demon sword, however.

 He's moving into my blind spot.
 Even if you twist your body, it's hard to avoid it, and in a position where you can't grab it with your back hand, Anahem unleashed a high-speed thrust.


 The red and white blade burns and is thrust straight to the source of my roots. Barely, even if I ducked it, the second and third moves would break my stance and I would fall prey to the withered demon sword.



 I arched my back to the extreme and worked that blade through in a bridge-like position. I grabbed his hand with my right arm. If it turns to sand, I'll take the withering demon sword away from him like this.


 Anahem dodged his blackened fingertips just in time to dodge the blackened fingertips.
 The turban fell off and a small amount of blood dripped from his temple.

 Even so, he didn't falter and grasped the withered demon sword with both arms and put all his strength into it.

"Root Source威Destroying Strong Body (Gavdea).

 For a moment the source of Anahem seemed to be close to annihilation, and then it swelled in the blink of an eye. It's chipping away at life and turning it into power.

 The cutting edge of the withering demon sword touches my forehead.

 With my back arched, this is one arm. The magic power is being absorbed by the sandy ground hell. I can't push back Anahem's curved sword, which I put all my strength into with a sufficient body position.

"It's over........!

 At the moment Anahem wielded his physical strength, I arched my back further and avoided the blade with my hand on the ground.
 The withered demon sword Guzelami passed by the tip of my nose and stabbed into the ground.

''Now I can't move anymore.''

 Guzerami was pulled out of the ground and aimed at my face on the slippery surface. Even if I ducked by raising my body, it would go straight through my defenseless back.

 The flame blade shimmered and turned into a flash of light--
 A sharp flash that could slice through even a sandstorm, however, just cut through the sky.

 Anahem's eyes widened. The figure of me in front of him had disappeared.

''Haha. That's too bad. I turned you around.

 He looks up above his head at the sound of my voice.
 He would have seen me flying through the air and looking back at him.

 Before he can react, I'm grabbing the back of Anahem's head.

'You too shall be buried in the sand.

 As soon as I push Anahem down as hard as I can, I bind up his divine body with my
 He falls on his face and I land on the ground.
 Seeing me cross-legged, Anahem rolls his god's eyes.

''You ... you ... when did you ... when did you ...''

"You think I fired the Gio-Glaze to get rid of your sand?

 I burned his sand-swallowed ankles in the jet-black sun so that they could be cut off at any time.

Now that you're immortal, let's see how long you're immortal, for one thing.

 I grab the back of his head and apply magic to his fingertips, drawing a magic circle.

"Beheaded and decapitated with extreme punishment (Giginu Venunuz).

 A jet-black decapitated platform appears in the air. He tries to turn into sand, but the polar flame chain is superimposed on the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), and the Annihilation Purple Magic Eye is added to block it.


How does it feel to have your life held in the hands of a diminutive grain of sand?

 As he licks the sand, he glares at me furiously.

It's just a matter of time. You can't escape from the feet of Anahem, though.

 Drop your fingertips vertically.


 The guillotine blade fell with a thud and Anahem's head was cut off.