It was a strange sensation.
 It seemed to me that I had sunk a very long distance.

 Nevertheless, it was less than a moment in time.
 My entire body was engulfed in flames, and all around me was a pure white desert with flames dancing around me.

 I had moved from Deep Forest Luo to the Withering Desert.


 With a slight wave of my hand, I dispelled the flames and turned my gaze to the top of the dune.
 A shimmering fire rises and a mirage is visible there.

 An oasis in the desert, the trees and the pond, or deep forest rara, were dimly visible.

"What's wrong, Demon King Anos?

 Dilfred, the God of Deepening, called out to me from behind.

''What, I was just wondering about a few boundaries.

 When I turned around and was about to move on, Dilfred nudged his face in front of me and faced me squarely.

''Is this the border between Deep Forest Luo and the Withering Desert?

 In a serious tone, the Deepening God asks.

''It's an innocuous question. On the other side of that mirage and the other side of the water mirror over there, from where is the Deep Forest Luo and from where is the Withering Desert? Or--''

"Is there a place where Deep Forest Luo and the Withering Desert overlap?

 I huffed and said.

'That's what I mean,'

Your questions are never-ending.

 Dilfred looks at the mirage of the oasis with his divine eye.

But there are things that cannot be seen in this God's Eye that looks into the abyss. Especially when it comes to the end, which is beyond the reach of my God's Eye.

 As he folded his hands, the Deepening God said.

'You can't prevent your thoughts from sinking into the abyss, but while you think, you won't reach the bottom so much.

 I laughed.

"What's funny, Demon King Anos?

'I thought you'd look quite happy in spite of the dwindling fire and dew and disorder. I thought you were a heartless god, but, quite simply, you seem to have a lot of curiosity.

'No. I am the order that governs the deepening. Therefore, I only have the habit of changing the abyss of things from the unknown to the known. It is because you have a mind that you appear to be curious.

 In a serious tone, Dilfred denied it outright.
 'Well, I don't mind either way,' he said.

'Well? What's the boundary between Deep Forest Luo and the Withering Desert, in your opinion?

''A chasm. It is the bridge between the fire and dew.

 Dilfred taps the back of his left hand with the fingers of his right hand.

"That brief interregnum is the brief respite in which the source of the approaching destruction returns to the deepening. In your own words, the light will increase and with that light you will overcome the extinction.

Hmm. Interesting.

 As we can see from Dilfred's explanation so far, the Jyuriki-kyōgarden da ku kadate is a divine realm that embodies the basic principles of the root.

 If Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta are hidden here, it would be in accordance with the order.

 If you don't search for them blindly, but if you search your wits, you will naturally narrow down the location of the hiding place.

''Well, what are we going to do first? Quickly, can we tie up the demon gods?

No, sir. I'm not willing to engage. We will search for the source of the mutation.

 As he said this, Dilfred emerged slightly in
''Ho. There are settlements in this divine area as well. Is there a god that's close to the end?''

 I asked him that question, but Dilfred didn't answer.
 He just moved his head still, as if he had sunk to the bottom of his thoughts.

'What's the matter?'

Did you say ... the settlement?

'It's a mirage I'm seeing there. Is it just an illusion?

 I turned my gaze to the mirage settlement at the foot of the dunes.
 The God of Deepness turned around in the same direction.

 That "God's Eye of the Deep" shining in the deepest indigo was indeed looking at the village.

''I can't see it.''

I see.

 The end overcomes the deepening. If the End God is hiding with his order, it will be difficult for Dilfred to find out.

 Especially in this withering desert.

"I'll show you.

 I cut my own fingertips and lightly stroked Dilfred's divine eye.
 A thin layer of blood filled with my magic power stuck to his retina.

 Through it, the demise would be clearly visible in the Deepening God's divine eye.
 As soon as he looked at the village, a grim expression appeared on his face.

''........The only god that could set up a divine realm on the sands of the end where everything comes to an end is the Destruction God Averniu. Not even the Watchtower God is better than that here....

"Hmm. So no one else lives in this desert but Anahem?

'Right. It's supposed to be.

 As we exchanged words, we moved closer to the mirage settlement.

 As we get closer, the mirage does not disappear, but rather expands its area.
 In addition to simple tents, some houses were built of hardened earth and clay.

 Why is there such a thing in the divine realm where no one else in Anahem is supposed to live?
 If the withering desert is the embodiment of the order of the end, then a settlement for life seems somehow disproportionate.

'It could be the foreign body you speak of.


 We stepped into the wavering mirage.

 Unlike an ordinary mirage, the village did not disappear. On the contrary, it semi-transformed.
 It was similar to the path leading to the Deep Forest Lara that was at the top of the dunes and possessed the power of magic and divine order.

 He walked through that desert settlement while looking around.

 In front of me, I saw a large stone structure.
 Although huge like a building, its appearance is a well.

 Squeak, squeak, and the sound of children's laughter can be heard.
 Dilfred's gaze grew steely as he said he couldn't believe it.

 We get on the edge of the giant well.

 We looked down into it and saw the water about 30 meters down and children playing on the stone scaffolding.

 They were all wearing old rags.

''No way........this azure sky of the gods.......in this withering desert.......''

 The God of Deepika takes a breath.
 Then he turned his deep indigo divine eye to the children.

 But no matter how deep he looked into the abyss, it was the same.
 They are not a god race.

''Hmm. Human children.

"....does not occur naturally...

 The Azure of the Gods is the land of the gods. It is a world based on order alone. There would be no reason for humans to be born anywhere.

Who are you people?

 When I turned around, there was a boy dressed in rags.
 At the age of 10, I'd say he was around 10 years old. He is directing a cocky-looking gaze at me.

 Unlike the mirage settlement, he seems to be a complete entity.

''What, I am a bit of a traveler. I thought it was unusual to find a settlement in this desolate desert.

Oh, yeah? That's great.

 The boy stretches his chest proudly.
 He doesn't look like he's suspicious of us.

My name is Anos. My name is Anos, and this is Dilfred. What is your name?

I am Vade. I'm a vade, the elder of the Holos. I'm a big boy.


 Dilfred raises his eyebrows quizzically.

'You don't know? Holo is the name of the children of this village. I named them myself.

 Not that it's known out there, and there's no way I'd know what to call it among my peers, but a holo.
 That's too good to be a coincidence.

'You say Vade? You look young for an elder, don't you?

What, you don't know? If you're the oldest, you're an elder.

 Hmm. So Vade is the oldest.
 This is getting more and more puzzling.

"How were you holos born?

The holo comes from deep in the well. They come out of the water. It's amazing.

 Dilfred looks at the well.
 I'm pretty sure there's something behind it.

How did you learn the language?

Words? You can talk about that from the beginning.

 The wavelength of magic power is very similar to that of a human, however, it seems to be different from that of an ordinary human.

 Or maybe this is the reason why the flow of fire and dew has decreased.
 It would make sense if it was supposed to be circulating in Da K'Kadate, but for some reason, it's turning into the life of a holo here.

 I looked at Dilfred and he nodded in agreement.

'Boy,' he said. I'd like to take a look deep into the well.

 The moment the Deepening God said that, a hot wind caressed his cheek with a slippery wind.
 White dust flew up and a sandstorm began to hit the village.

''Yikes! Anahem is coming!

 Vade ran away in a flash and went into the well.
 As soon as he did, he appeared.

"Hey. You guys come too. I'll give you a special entrance.

 After saying that much, Vade quickly retreated to the back of the well.

 I said to Dilfred.

'You are to go deep into the well and find out how the children of Holo are born. The timing is right. You may find something the End God does not want you to know.

"If it's relative, be wary. The Demise God is an immortal god that knows no end. It's not easy to even bide your time in the Withering Desert.

 I walked loosely, listening to Dilfred's words at my back.

''Even if you don't tell me, I'm going to be very careful. I don't want you to take this immortality seriously and accidentally destroy it.