428-God dressed as

Well, Dilfred. I have just given you a remote visualization of Rimneto, as I have just done.

 Deep Forest Luo.
 In the deep forest where waterfalls were lined up from the sky, I said to the deepening god who continued to think long and hard.

The God of God's slayer, the God of Culling, Romuene, is hiding in this tree-ring garden, Da K'Kadate. I don't know who he is, but is there any doubt that he has entered the flower god Lauzel's sanctuary and destroyed all the other gods?

 Dilfred turned to me.
 However, his divine eye still seemed to be looking into the depths of his own thoughts.

''Or was the destruction of those gods also the work of my chaos?

 If you ask him that question, Dilfred opens his mouth as if the answer is obvious.

'No. Your chaos can only affect the order of the world. No, your chaos will only affect the order of the world. No, your chaos will only affect the order of the world, not harm the gods directly.

So it was me or my men who did it?

''No. No, I've seen you guys coming from the Mei-Gong divine City to the azure sky of the gods. There is no time to destroy the Tree Crown Celestial God.

 I grinned and I laughed.

'I mean. At least here in Da K'Kadate, there are those who seek to destroy and disrupt the divine race. Besides us.

 Dilfred crossed his hands thoughtfully.

'Is it possible that that guy is taking the fire dew away from you?

''I can't deny it...''

 The Deepening God sinks into thought as he taps the back of his left hand with the fingers of his right hand.

'However, the existence of the Culling God does not negate the chaos you possess. The fire and dew were either stolen or caused by your roots.

 It's reasonable to think so.
 The Culling God is simply a god-killer and may have nothing to do with fire and dew.

'Then I have a suggestion. I will find out who is robbing the fire dew. If you find it, then help me find Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta.

 If everything the Deepening God has said is true, then for him, the decrease in the flow of fire and dew is the most important concern.

 To solve that, it would be a trivial matter to help find Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta.

 Unless he was the one who took the two castles and hid them.

And how do you plan to deal with him if you don't find him?

If I can't find it, that means it doesn't exist. So your theory is correct. I will walk away from this place as you demand.

 I drew the magic circle of the Contract (Zekt) and indicated that.

 I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.
 But there's no other way to make me walk away peacefully.

You have one day. If we wait any longer, it will be difficult to predict what will happen to Da'Ku Cadathé.

I guess we have a deal.

 <After describing the detailed terms of the contract (Zekt), Dilfred signed it.

"I don't know much about the Jury's Garden. Do you have any idea how to find the god of culling, Romuene?

If I could have your help, I'd like to explore the Withering Desert.

Okay. So you think that god is a bad idea right there?

 Dilfred nodded.

'It's Anahem,'

 Then Sasha nods her head.

'Anahem is the demi-god who attacked Eleonor and the others, right? He seemed to think it was Ennesone who stole the fire dew, but isn't he just like you, trying to keep order in this tree-ring garden?

''Yes. However, there is no other god that can control and interfere with the fire and dew, except for the four Juri gods. I'm not sure which one of the four gods, including myself, is the culprit if the fire dew was stolen. The most suspicious one would be Anahem, the Demise God.

 In a reasonable tone, Dilfred replied.
 It's typical of the wise God to make even himself an object of suspicion.

''Hm. ─ You attacked Ennesone in order to act like you didn't do it?

 I'll give you the benefit of the doubt before you give me the benefit of the doubt.
 It's possible, though.

Why suspicious?

 Misha asks.

The first time I saw something strange in the withering desert for some time now. It appears to my God's eye that something foreign has been mixed in with his (or her) God realm. However, Anahem refused to cooperate in any way in order to find out. He only instructs them not to meddle in his own godspace.

That's Anahem's character.

Yeah. If it's normal, that's all that matters. We won't interfere with each other's divine realms. But now that the fire and dew of Da K'Kadate has diminished and the divine presence of the God of Selection has emerged, we need to explore and look into the abyss.

 If you're saying that the end god is the god of culling, though, it's a quick story.
 I wonder if it's really that simple.

 At the very least, Anahem's actions are asking us to be suspicious.

''Why didn't you track down that foreign object? You can at least look at it without interfering. We could have used all the force we could muster to get in Anahem's way.

'If you can do that, there is no need for contemplation. I will never be as good as Anahem. Even if I fought in this deep forest forest, I can't be sure of the odds.

 Hmm. I don't think this man is so weak.

"Wenzel, the god of birth, seems to have overwhelmed Anahem in the Sea of Trees?

'Right. The root is reincarnated. That is, it is born, deepens, comes to an end, and reaches a transformation. As long as the end of deepening is located at the end of the end, my order does not extend to the order of Anahem, but providence.

 I see.

''So the Four Treasures have an affinity for each other?

'Right. In other words, deepening supersedes birth, demise overcomes deepening, transmutation surpasses demise, and birth surpasses transmutation. That is the order of da ku kadate and the reason why it exists so steadfastly in this world.

 The roots deepen.
 In other words, it means to dive into the abyss and its magic power grows.

 When the deepening reaches its peak, the end is waiting for you.

 It is true that the magic power becomes stronger when the source of the magic is close to the end of the world.
 It is understandable that its power is no match for the annihilation itself.

 It increases its light, and with that light, it conquers the annihilation.
 However, the moment will come when they will be unable to overcome the annihilation.

Is this the only place where Dilfred's divine eye can't reach and who he's dealing with? No wonder Anahem is the most suspicious one aside from me.

 Even if Anahem wasn't the god of culling, the fact that something strange is happening in the Withered Desert is still a concern.
 It wouldn't be a loss to explore that.

''Misha, Sasha. Misha, Sasha, go to the Sea of Trees and meet up with Eleonor and the others. "Misha, Sasha, go to the Great Sea of Trees and join Eleonor and the others, for it is possible that Anahem may be on his way to you.

 When I looked at her, Misha nodded her head as if she had seen through my thoughts.


 Sasha replies.

'Then let's go. Which way to the Deadly Desert?

 Dilfred points into the forest.

Leaves of dew and fire dew dance, leading you to the depths of the spiral forest. This is the end of the Deep Forest and the beginning of the Withering Desert.

 The leaves of the trees danced erratically, leading us deeper into the forest.
 Perhaps in the center of the spiral.

'Come. This forest must be seen and walked through with your own eyes, or you will never reach the abyss.

 Dilfred walks out.
 I line up next to him.

'Be careful,'

 I heard Misha's voice from behind me.
 He raised his hand lightly in response.

'You, too, must be on your guard. Da Ku Kadate is a big place. We can't be quick to help you, as we were with the Abortion God.'

Wow, I know. You'll be fine this time.

 Sasha's voice, which sounded like a bad punishment, echoed in my back.

 Me and Dilfred paced for a while, looking at the trees of Deep Forest Luo.

 It's a strange forest connected to several other worlds. The parting paths seemingly connected at the back, but one side leads to another. You have to choose the correct path to proceed, but the next moment the correct path and the wrong path are swapped.

 Every moment the right path is changing to get closer to the abyss.

Deepening is a series of parting ways. The right answer changes every time. The right answer changes every time. Sometimes you dive the right way and go deep, and then you find yourself in the shallows.

Hmm. So that's the order of the Deep Forest Palace.

''Right. Only the Deepening God, Dilfred, can reach the depths of the forest like a spiral without any hesitation.

 The Deepening God stretched out his arm and urged me to stop.
 When I elaborated on my demon eyes, the path in front of me suddenly led to another world. Perhaps that path led to a different part of the forest.

 No matter where I looked around, there was no right path.

'Sometimes stamping our feet is the shortest way to go, above all else.

 After a while, the other world disappeared.
 Again, the deepening god began to walk.

 He walked, stopped, and occasionally retreated.
 And so Dilfred continued to choose the right path and came to the center of that spiral forest.

 What was there was a thin, endless pool of water. Like a mirror, it reflected the pure white clouds drifting above.

 No, it looks like a cloud, but if you look closely, it's something else.
 What was reflected in the mirror was a white sand dune.

 The fluttering leaves of the fire dew were blown by the wind and reflected in the mirror. Then the leaves in the mirror began to burn.
 As if in conjunction with that, the leaves on this side of the tree disappeared in a huff.

 At the dune of the mirror, the dewy leaves burned up and became sparks of fire and flew away to wherever they were.

''We are connected to the beginning of the Withering Desert. Are you ready?

I'm ready.

 As he said this, Dilfred emerged and reflected his own body in the water mirror.
 Just like the leaf of fire and dew, Dilfred in the mirror was engulfed in flames, and his figure on this side of the mirror disappeared.

 He was standing on a sand dune in the mirror, and he turned to me.

'No harm done,'

 That's what I heard.

 Thinking that it was a strange place, I levitated my body with .
 At the same time, I sent a thought transmission (leaks) to Misha and the others.

I'm going to enter the desert of death now. You know that, don't you?

''You want me to search for Deep Forest Luo while Dilfred is gone, right?

 Sasha's voice came back.

He may have hidden Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta somewhere in this forest. The fire and dew flow is decreasing, and it is also possible that the culling god is Dilfred.'

''But this divine realm belongs to the Deepening God, right? If we move around, won't they notice us right away?

The God's Eye of the Deepening God can look deep, but it is not wide. If you leave the forest, you will not see us.

 Misha answered Sasha's question.
 I reflected my body in the forest water mirror.

 Watching me on the other side of the mirror as I was engulfed in flames, I said to them.

''The Deepening God is already outside of the Profound Forest Luo. Search to your heart's content.''