427-Those who govern the sanctuary

 The green wind increases in speed.
 Eleonor and the others who rode it were moving away from the center of the canopy heavenly sphere.

 With that, the divine cloth that is wrapped around Zecia's neck tightens.
 Anahem, the god of demise, dangled on the end of the cloth and groped at it.

 He must be trying to ride the winds of fire and dew.
 His body came closer, and Zesia's neck tightened even more.


"Zecia, big sister...! I'll help you in a minute...!

 Ennesone changed the angle of his wings and moved like a sailing ship, deftly maneuvering the direction of the force he received from the wind.
 Then she reached out her hands to the fabric of her turban.


 Quickly, Wenzel hugs her body and stops her from doing so.

'Anahem wants you, Ennesone. If you touch her unwisely, she might untie the cloth and bind you this time.

But.... my sister...!

 Concerned, Ennesone looks at Zesia.
 While she was strangled and unable to speak properly, Zesia made the V-sign to her.

Great job, Zecia!

 Eleanor grabbed the cloth and gave Anahem a slight tug, reducing the force on Zesia's neck.


 A magic circle was drawn around Eleonor, from which a popping red, blue and green magic sphere emerged.

'Wenzel, Zeciach. Wenzel, Zecia, take the red magic ball! I will draw power for 60 seconds!

 Immediately, Wenzel and Zesia touched the red magic ball.
 As soon as the two of them absorbed it, particles of red magic power flooded out of their bodies.

''Let's aim!

 <The light from the Sanctuary (Ask) focuses on Eleonor's fingertips.

"Zecia. Give me this holy sword of light.

 Wenzel says.
 Immediately, Zecia split the enhaire and handed her one.

 The two holy swords of light wielded are amplified by the matching mirror of the .

 The target is the white cloth of Anahem.

 Even if you can't destroy the main body of the End God, as long as you can cut it off, his body will be thrown out into the sky of the crowned celestial sphere.

 In this divine realm where he can't fly, he will have to keep falling until he hits a branch.

''I'm going to go! <Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias)!

 A cannonball of light was released from Eleonor, which was further amplified by the matching mirror of the .

 At the same time, Wenzel and Zecia swung down the Enhancer.

 The three lights intersect at a single point and with a loud sound, a huge explosion is created.

 <Wenzel and Zecia's magic power that has been raised to its limit with the Root Root Cheering Magic Sphere (Eornez).
 Furthermore, it is amplified by the "Replicating Magic Mirror (Legaroimitin)", and is joined by Eleonor's "Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias)".

 It was the best and greatest attack that the three of them could unleash right now and right now.



 Eleonor let out a startled cry.

 The cloth was unbroken.
 Even the cloth of his turban could not be harmed, even with the three of them concentrating their full strength attacks on him.

'Not surprising. This Anahem is the only god that has the root of the end.''

 Gulping, Anahem tugs at the cloth and gropes for it.


 Zethia's neck was strangled again, and Eleonor quickly strained his hands as quickly as possible.


 Even stronger, the Demise God drew the cloth.
 In the face of the abnormal physical strength, Eleonor and Zesia's bodies went against the green-green wind.


 In the next moment, as if they were being pulled out, the two of them were thrown themselves in a completely different direction than where the wind was headed.

 Using the recoil, Anahem jumped into the green-green wind as if to replace it.
 A sharp eye light was directed at Ennesone.

''It's over.''

 He puts his magic power into his right hand.
 The hand blade that could have cut off Ennesone's head with a single blow is swung down without mercy.


 Ennesone's voice leaked out.
 A pitter-patter of red blood wet her face.

 Her eyes were round and expressed astonishment.
 Hovering in the air was the wrist of Anahem, the god of demise.

''I offered to tell you a story some other time,''

 The one who stood again was Wenzel, the God of Birth.
 The azure shield she held in her hand dropped the wrist of the Demise God.

 The natal life shield Avrohellian.
 That shield of life, which contained extraordinary magical power, shone even more divinely than before.

 As if to say that it had shown its true value.

''Or are you planning to have a fight with me here?

 A green-green wind blew and shook off only Anahem.

 Descending quickly, he regained his stance in and turned his sharp gaze in front of him.

 There, Wenzel slowly descends.

 Behind her was the trunk of a huge, large tree, and below her was a vast ocean.
 The great tree grew not on the earth, but on the sea. The tree's roots had split off into many layers and reached the bottom of the ocean.

''In this great tree mother sea,''

 Somehow they could get away with it, she said.
 It was probably the goal to get here originally.

 The wind of fire and dew blowing in the tree canopy celestial sphere would eventually come to the Great Tree Mother Sea and turn into rain.
 Wenzel used this to lure Anahem into his own divine realm.

"Wherever it is, Anahem does not waver in his words. Give me back the fire and dew.

 Saying briefly, Anahem, the demi-god, turned his gaze above his head.
 He flew in a straight line towards Ennesone, who was surrounded by the green-green wind.

'The Mother Sea will envelop you gently and give you a peaceful sleep.

 The surface of the sea rises like a fountain, and a huge hand of water that appears wet and envelops Anahem's god body.

 He tries to cut it off, but the hand blade only hides the water. In the blink of an eye, the waters of the ocean covered his body and he was trapped in the water ball.

''All of the water in the Great Tree Mother Sea is as good as my hands and feet. Demise God. Now, go to sleep.

 The water ball that trapped Anahem sinks into the sea.
 The roots of the great tree writhe like a living thing and entangle itself around the fellow as it goes. The demigod tries to put his magic power into it to get out, but the roots and the water don't budge.

 Wenzel is the god who rules the Great Tree Mother Sea. All of the gods in the God Realm are on his side, so no matter how much the god of the end is on his side, he will not be easily defeated.

 Anahem said.

''The Root Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavell).

 Light concentrated on the divine body and spread out explosively.
 Violent sounds pierced his ears, causing the Great Tree Mother Sea to shake.

 But even so, the life-giving Wenzel's divine realm was still stubborn.

 The great tree and its roots were torn to shreds after receiving a decent amount of Anahem's root explosion, but as the waters of the ocean emitted an azure light, they would regenerate as fast as they could.

 Then, in the blink of an eye, they regained their original appearance.

''.........Wow.......I'm surprised that the divine race is the .......''

 Zesia and Eleonor, with Ennesone in tow, fly to the side of the God of Birth.
 Their gazes are turned in the direction where Anahem was.

 There's no one there anymore and he's completely gone.

''That god has been destroyed, order, is it okay?''

 Eleonor held up his index finger and asked gleefully.

'The root of the gods that perished is traced to a place that leads to their demise. It is the Withering Desert of this Tree-Ringing Garden Da Ku Kadate. In other words, it is the divine realm ruled by the demigod. Ordinary gods would come to a complete end there, but the order of the Demise God will not end and his divine body and roots will be regenerated again.

Is it...cheating...?

 When Zecia said it, Wenzel passed it off with a smile.

 She spilled the words.

''You'll be safe here in this Great Juyu Sea. Each of the four Jury God's boasts absolute order in their respective divine realms. Even the God of the Endgame can't exert enough power in this Sea of Birth, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Okay, I need to take a break.

 Giggling, Wenzel turned to the big tree.

'Let's go over there,'

 The four of them headed towards the great tree and flew away.

 The fire and dew wind overtook them right beside them, riding the updraft and ascending far into the heavens.
 The green-green wind swirled in the sky, turning into clouds one after another.

 From there, a rain that emitted an azure light began to fall.
 The fire dew was changing from wind to water.

'Come on in. It's not a place for people to live, though, so we don't have any chairs.'

I'll be fine.

 Eleonor and the others sat down in a hole in the great tree.
 They breathed a sigh of relief as they basked in the warm breeze and gentle light.

''Come to think of it, Enne-chan stole the fire dew or something, I have no idea what it means, but I wonder if Wenzel understands?

No, sir. All I know is that something has happened to Da Ku Cadate without my knowledge...

 Wenzel says with a puzzled expression.

 The Deepening God Dilfred hypothesized that the cause of the reduced flow of fire and dew was the chaos possessed by the Demon King Anos.
 Anahem, the Demise God, was more direct and determined that Ennesone had stolen it.

 Perhaps an event that was inexplicable to all of the four gods of the Juryury, was now happening in this Jurymiri Garden.

''I'm concerned about that as well, but we have to help Lauzel first.

 Since he brought Anahem out of that flower field divine realm, the Flowering God should be safe.
 However, if left alone, he might be destroyed as well.

''Flower God you saved me........''

 Zesia says.

 'It was only because the Flower Opening God sent the pollen flying that I was able to ride the fire and dew wind to this Wenzel's divine realm.

''This time, Zesia.......will help.......! I owe you....

 She stands up vigorously.

'Ennesone, I'll help you with that.

But is it any wonder? Why would the god-tribe kill the god-tribe?

I don't know...

 Wenzel seemed to have no choice but to answer Eleanor's question.

 Zesia asks.

'It's possible, but you can't rule it out yet. I don't really want to think of the Four Trees as being able to do such a thing, but...'

 Wenzel's expression was unflattering.

''Well, I thought there was a god named Culling God, but it's not?''

 Eleonor asked, and Wenzel's eyes were downcast.
 After a moment of thought, she opens her mouth.

''...There is no order that can destroy a god, it is not supposed to be created. Because all gods are there to maintain order in the world. Destroying the Flowering God and the gods that were in that divine realm would only disrupt the order.

Oh, yeah, right. That's what I thought. Then what is the Shakeout God Romne?

One of the gods in this Da K'Kadate must have claimed to be the god of culling and destroyed the god....

 Heartbreakingly, Wenzel said.

'God gone mad,'

Does that mean a god with feelings...?

I know this is hard to believe.

 God kills God.
 Order destroys order.

 That is not supposed to be possible for the god race.

 The reason why the hate-crazed abortion gods wanted to destroy themselves and destroy the birth gods was to destroy Ennesone, who was against order. In other words, it was for the sake of the whole order.

 Destroying the Flowering God and other gods unnecessarily would not benefit the divine race.

 Who the hell is this god of culling?
 What would be the purpose of destroying God?

''Hmm, I'm starting to get a bit confused. Anyway, I'm going to go save the flowering god first, and then I'll let Anos-kun figure out the rest, okay?

 Eleonor uttered that, but Wenzel was still and thoughtful.

''........We can't move around. If Ennesone goes to the tree-crowned celestial sphere, there is a chance that Anahem will come again. We can't always get away with the same move over and over again.''

'But if you let it go unchecked, you never know when the Culling God might go to destroy Lauzel.

'Anahem only wants Ennesone. Eleanor, Zesia, you two must stay here and protect her. I will tell the Great Tree Sea to bind the others. Even if the Demise God comes, it will buy you time for me to return.

 Wenzel said with a determined look on his face.

''I will go to the Tree Crown Heavenly Sphere again and help Lauzel.