447-Chip of life

 Far above the Asesion...

 The four flying castle ships that had taken off from Mid-Haze were turning around, heading towards Surge Eldnave.

 On board were Rey and Misa, and the two thousand year old demon tribesmen who were especially strong among the demon king's army defending Midhays.

 Their goal is to prevent the doomsday eclipse of the sun that floats in the sky.
 The closer they get to the sky, the more threatening it becomes, the faster the demon ships accelerate.

"Airborne castle ship Azetta, full speed ahead!

I'm trying... but... but...!

 After gaining enough speed, the flying castle ship Azetta steered to rise, but it instantly slowed down and couldn't close the distance to the as it wanted.

 <The airspace controlled by the Surge Eldnave is called the Sky of Destruction.

 Even two thousand years ago, the only thing that flew freely through it was a huge fortress that took one hundred years to complete by a rare user of creative magic, the creator Faris Noyn.

 The Azetta is pushed back to its original position by the destructive magic that fills its airspace as it slows down.

 The flying castle ship Azetta, which had been prepared for the fire-urgent situation, had been prepared, but only ten ships had been completed.
 Considering the defense of Dillhade against God's army, Erdmeade's estimate of four ships with a twist is correct.

 The one leading the unit is Nigit.
 He is the second most skilled swordsman under my former command, next to Shin.

 Then there's Devidra.
 A demon tribe that was consumed by hatred and tried to execute a human boy, Igales, two thousand years ago. When I stopped him, he was reformed and reborn as a stronger man.

 To this day, he has honed his skills to prepare for emergencies and keep the peace.

 Finally, Roushé.
 He is the most skilled demon race in the Demon King's army guarding Midhays, and is used to operating the flying castle ships.

 I've got a lot of experience with the way he led me and Shin to the Sun of Doom two thousand years ago, along with Faris Noin.

 And the last one has Rei and Misa aboard it.

 Right now, this is probably the greatest air power that Dirhade can devote to it.
 If this is shot down, there is no end in sight.

''It's no good. You can't fly any further in the sky of destruction. If we do, even the flying castle ship Azetta will be torn apart. Only Master Farris's Zelidhavenus could fly there. Perhaps it's because Averniu, the God of Destruction, is not present, but the airspace that this eclipse is creating is even more magical than it was back then.

 In Azetta's third ship, Rushe said.
 They were transmitted to other troops such as Rey and Devidora by .

''What do we do, brave canon?''

''I was able to reach the Heavenly Fang Blades just in time, though. As expected, at this distance, it's going to be tough to break the fate of the Sun of Ruin.

 While standing on the roof of the flying castle ship Azetta No. 4, the roof, Ray stared at the Surge Eldonave, which was about to cause a total eclipse of the sun.

 In his hand, the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana was held, emitting a divine light.

 A full-bodied .

 Binding countless sword flashes into one, he attempted to cut both sides of the . But still, the holy sword only scratched the surface. It only slightly rolled back the total solar eclipse. It would have consumed the power of the Spirit God Man Sword to cross the Sky of Destruction.

 An ordinary enemy would be no match for it, but if it was the authority of the God of Destruction and the God of Creation, he would have to cut them directly with his blade to break their fate.

''Even if we are prepared to abandon our airship, it would be better if we could cut the distance between us in half.

 Devidra said.

'According to the information Anos-sama has obtained in the Divine Realm, that is benefiting from the order of its position. It should be able to be transferred anywhere on earth.

 Nigit analyzes the battle situation with a stern face.
 The information he had seen and heard in the divine world had been transmitted through magic lines from Eleonor to Ennesone and from there to Eldmead and Ray and the others.

''However, seeing that they got this close and didn't transfer, I guess it can't be without any cost.

 If the was transferred before the Flying Castle Ship approached, it would not be attacked by the Spirit God Human Sword.
 In other words, if it was this close, it would be more convenient for them not to transfer it.

 If they got close enough to the distance where the Spirit Godman Sword could be fully effective, that moon and sun would be transferred to a different place.

 If that happened, at last, the ground would be shot before the next opportunity came around.

''Kakkah. Then why don't we aim for the moment when we can't transition? Hmm?

 He is now in charge of commanding the divine forces that have appeared on the frontier of Dillheid, while at the same time keeping track of the situation in the sky of this destruction.

 The situation is fierce there as well, but he is happily walking on the battlefield with his guardian god.

''Cutthroat King, what do you mean by that...?

 Roushé frowns and opens her mouth.

''You mean, you're going to make me shoot the Black Yang?''

 Ray said, as if he'd already put it in his thoughts.

''Yes, yes, that's right. The black sun is the light of destruction, its aftermath will defeat all magic. <The Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation, the magic formula that controls their positions, I don't think they'll get away with it either. You can keep the moon and the sun in place where they are now, but it's extremely difficult to transfer them.

''At the moment of the black sun's irradiation, does that mean that they can't move the without a second thought... Surely, if I had shifted and avoided the Spirit God Human Sword earlier, I would have been able to shoot the ground by now.

 Rushe says.

I'm sure it's a Herculean task, but it's not impossible to move it. I wouldn't be surprised if it worked at the last minute.

What if it works?

You know what to do. Annihilation.

''Cutthroat King this is no time for joking around...''

'Kaka, don't be a fool, windbagger. Gambling is more fun when there is a risk, isn't it? Can you do this kind of fun stuff while joking around? Hmm? You ready? It's a miracle, they're trying to make a miracle happen. At the very least, if you're going to be at the table, you'll have to bet that much in chips.

 There was no time for confirmation.

 If it was beyond our expectations, and if it was possible to transfer the Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation even at the moment of the black sun's irradiation, then the strategy would inevitably fail.

 Nevertheless, the Cutthroat King would say that there was no such thing as a risk-free method.

''You think you're going to chip our lives away while keeping yourself in a safe place?''

Did you ever find a safe place?

 Rousshe is irritated by the Cutthroat Death King's dialogue, which seems to have eaten people.


 Ray said.

'We don't have time to get lost,'


'Your lord, Anos, could not destroy me.

 Ray says, staring at the sky.

'You think that's what that sun could do?'

 At Ray's words, Rushe was stuck for a response.
 Kakkakkah, and a laughter sounded in the .

''Kakakka, ka-kakka-kakka! Good, good, not a good answer! But. If you have just bet, you are only at the betting table. You can't see your opponent's hand, and your opponent knows exactly what you've got. And the dealer over there has no idea what he is dealing with, even if he can roll the dice!

 As if enjoying this crisis, the Cutthroat King elatedly explained the situation against them.

''In the first place, it's a given that the market price of gambling is always the winner. ''Well, goodbye!

 There was a sound as if the staff had struck something with a dunk.
 Perhaps even one of the gods had flicked it off.

'What do you bet your life on, brave canon?

"All seven lives to you.

 Eldmead gasps at the words without hesitation.
 I can see the look of amusement on his face.

'If they can roll the dice at will, we'll have to bet on a cheater.

 Ray smiled serenely.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more. You want me to trick the world's will? <The Almighty Glitter. Now, now, can we do something that big?'

I'm going to win.

 Unenthusiastically, Ray said and drew a magic circle.

'Even if the will of the world tells us to destroy it, we can't just accept it. We have Azéon and Dillhade at our backs.

 Pulled out of the magic circle was the Unique Sword Sig Shasta.
 The evil magic power gathered there, and the Spirit God Man Sword still emitted a divine radiance.

 The niggits watched as he was able to coexist with holy and evil, magic power of different wavelengths.

'We are proud and reassured that we can now fight together for peace with those of you who once crossed swords in the Great War.

 With fighting spirit in his eyes, Ray said.

'I will fall that sun. Lend me your strength.'

"Oh, man. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you're awful. You don't even have the slightest idea what you're talking about.

 Eldmead chuckles.

'You're still the same, canon.

What a stupid man. Despite his humanity, he has only tried to take the place of Lord Anos.

 Nigit and Rousset said with the same wry smile.

'Our bet is on you, brave canon. Take this life.'

 When Devidra uttered that, Kaka Kaka Eldmead laughed.

'First ship, shield the fourth ship. The second and third ships will be behind you.

""Copy that."

 Following Eldmead's instructions, the first ship driven by Nigit led the way, followed by the fourth ship with Ray and Misa on board, followed by the second and third ships.

'Be prepared to ascend to the top of the ball.

 Pouring the amount of magic power that would be turned into anti-magic and magical barriers into the collective magic , the flying castle ship Azetta invaded the sky of destruction.

 The four ships ascend while breaking the outer walls in tatters.
 To the place where the eerie eclipse of the sun waits for them.