448-Snow falling in the sky

First ship, all guns ready to fire!

 <The four flying castle ships, Azetta, send out a flurry of thought transmissions as they approach the Sun of Ruin.

"Second battleship is ready to fire the same Geo-glaze.

Number three, all guns ready to fire!

 It was a tactic once used by the creator, Faris Noyn.
 He shoots the into the sky of destruction to create a path of fire. He would try to fly through it.

 The flying castle ship Azetta is getting damaged every time it ascends, but there are still less than ten percent of the damaged parts, and there is no obstacle to flying.

''If we can keep going like this........''

 Rushe muttered as he stared at the eclipse.

'I'm afraid, I'm afraid. 'Don't speak too horribly, wind-bearer. If you go so easily, you're as good as lying in the palm of their hands.

 Eldmead says with amusement.

'Sometimes, the legendary hero. By your reckoning, how close do we need to get to that eclipse to ensure it is stopped?'

 Ray answered the question immediately.

''I guess just getting close isn't enough. I'll put all my magic power into these two swords. I want you to focus only on cutting those.

'Kaka, you're talking outlandish terms after the fact. In other words. You can't even fly, so I have to bring you to swordpoint somehow, right?


<You're going to be able to put enough magic into your sword to use the Flying Flames and devote all your energy to cutting the eclipse.

 Of course, they can't use anti-magic or magical barriers to protect themselves from the Sun of Doom.
 If the black sun is exposed to the black sun, even a ray with seven roots will be destroyed in an instant.

You can't get any more than that. You're going to try to be a brave man and strike a blow with your own body. Interesting. It's time to throw all your energy into the game.

I'm picking up an approaching source of magic from below! The surgical structure is a ward!

 A report came from the third ship behind us.

'There you go, humans, playing games. Now, if you've got a few seconds to spare, I'd be happy to give you a little something to help you on your way.

 With a holy light, a water cannonball came up from the ground.
 It overtook the flying castle ship Azetta and aimed at the . It wasn't just one shot. The number of shells were ten and eight. They are all holy water.

 It is the long-range warding spell, "The 18 Stars of the Sacred Caracter," that surrounds the target with its highly versatile shells and builds a warding over a wide area.

 The warding that emits a star-like shimmer dampens and confines the magic power of those inside.

 <The eighteen stars of the Sacred Carve (Rayacanets) plunged into the airspace controlled by the Sun of Ruin. It has advanced to a certain extent, however, it will never reach its target.

 The order of the sky of destruction has prevented them from rising.

 Eventually, the eighteen shells, whose momentum had waned, built a magic circle on the spot and activated the wards.
 However, this was short-lived, and the holy water evaporated in an instant.

''Kakkka, how could it melt even though it's a ward? Isn't that the very wings of wax! If it doesn't last a second, it can't even be a street.'

If we corrupt that thing, then they will say that the Leia Kanetz worked. As usual, Gailladite is full of superfluous wisdom.

 Rushe says bitterly.

'Not so abandoned, wind-bearer. 'Look at you.'

  evaporated, and the flying castle ship Azetta passed through the airspace where the water vapor was drifting.

 Rey, who was standing on top of Azetta, found a shadow in the water vapor.
 Picking it up, he saw that it was a silk hat. It belonged to the Cutthroat King.

 When he looked, nine other silk hats were also dancing in the sky of destruction.

''According to the Heavenly Father's order, the Cutthroat King Erdmaed commands you. Be born, guardian of order and reason, God of the Tenth.

 Confetti and ribbons fluttered from the silk hat.

 Out of it was born a winged man-horse lady.
 Raise na Eel, the sky guardian god of the sky.

 A big, strong man with a huge shield on his back.
 Zeo La Opto, the guardian god of protection.

 There were five of them, a total of ten guardian gods.

"Kakkakkah, wax wings, we can close in on the sun until it melts.

 On the back of Raise na Eel, the Guardian God of the Sky, Zeo La Opto rides on the Guardian God of the Sky.

 The sky guardian god Raise na Eel thrusts through the sky of destruction while the guardian god sets up a ward in front of him with his huge shield.

"Follow me!

 At Eldmead's direction, the flying castle ship Azetta took up a position so that all four ships could shield the guard gods and the others, and rose further.

''It's the again from below!

 After the report of the third ship at the tail end, a water cannonball is immediately released into the sky of destruction.
 In the blink of an eye, the evaporates and the Silk Hat flies through the air.

 Immediately afterwards, this time, before giving birth to a guardian god, the silk hat was shot through by an arrow and turned to ashes in a flash.

''Oh yeah, here it comes.''

 The angels of shadow stood before him.
 It was Exz de Raffan, the Watch God of Destruction.

 If there was no God of Destruction, then there was no Watch God.
 They must have made him think so and hid their cards. 

"Keep firing.

 One after the other, were fired from Geiradite.
 Then, he let his silk hat fly in the air and dared the angels in the shadows to shoot through it.

 The Cutthroat King also did not expect the same move to pass twice.
 What the shadow angels are shooting through is just a silk hat that cannot give birth to a guardian god.

 It's impossible for the Cutthroat King to fill every hat with magical energy to give birth to a guardian god.
 However, it creates a situation where they can't help but aim at it and disperse their attacks.

''Aiming forward. It's not long before our shields are destroyed.

 The angels of the shadows use the black light - the black sun as an arrowhead to guard the arrows.

 All at once, the arrows of the black sun shot out, one after another, destroying the shield of the guardian gods and shooting through the wings of the sky guard god Raise na Eel.

 Although his strength as a guardian deity is fifty-fifty, that side has the benefit of the Sun of Ruin, and above all, they are superior in numbers.
 The shield in front of the flying castle ship Azetta was destroyed by the arrows of the black sun that continued to pour down like a hailstorm.


"'Gio-Glaze', a volley of firecrackers!

 At the direction of Nigit, Devidra, and Rushe, a jet-black sun appeared from the turret, the turret of the flying castle ship Azetta.
 Like a comet, it turned on its tail of light and shot out with a roaring sound.

 A total of more than 200 jet-black suns exploded one after another, creating a fiery path to the < Sun of Doom>.

''We are the Wall! Never be afraid to let my body rot away!

 Nigit cries out.
 The first ship he drives continues to receive a direct hit from the arrows of the angels of shadow, and is being destroyed at a glance.

 But there is no way to avoid them.
 If they move out of the way there, Rei, who is pouring magic power into the Holy Sword and the Demon Sword, will be exposed to the defenselessness.

''Push up!

 The second and third ships driven by Devidra and Roushé pour all their magic power into the ascent, pushing Rey and Misa's fourth ship up as hard as they can from below.

 The first ship of the nigit flips the several guardian gods of destruction that have come around, clad in black sunshine, toward Ray, with their bodies.

 Immediately, they become obsessed and the first ship is engulfed in flames.


 The fourth ship on which Ray rides plunges into the path of fire.
 The of Mass is constructed to protect him as he stands on the roof of the flying castle ship.

''It's coming! We're in the black sun's range!

 Rushe shouted.
 Instantly, the damage to the flying castle ship Azetta accelerated more and more, and it began to crumble with a rattling sound.

 <The magicians in the power section that strengthened the flight (fresse) were also destroyed and their speed slowed down.
 <The closer we get to the Sun of Doom, the more everything is burned and destroyed by the overflowing light of doom.

 Moreover, unlike two thousand years ago, the Sun of Ruin is now in full manifestation, shining in the dark sun wheel.

''Those who have been burned by this black sun cannot be regenerated! Step back, we'll create a shadow.

 In an attempt to shield Ray, the third ship led by Roueche turned the rudder and accelerated as if wielding deadly force.
 However, their progress is blocked by the "four walls of the wall".

"What are you doing, Misa!

We can't afford to lose our legs yet. I'm sure I can handle it.

"Don't be a fool. The only magic that can plow through the black sun unscathed is the Creative Art Architecture Aststella, which continues to create new creations. Anos-sama can't do the same thing! We'll shield you. You will guard the canon!

 If it cannot be repaired after being burned by the sun, then the flying castle ship can be rebuilt on the spot.
 This is a countermeasure devised by Faris, the creator of Aststella, who not only excels in creative magic, but also has a talent for the art of creating new things.

"You say that's all I can do, as a fake demon king?

 Misa smiles.

The same is true for the magic I'm good at. The same is true for the magic I am good at. To put it simply, I can only do less than Anos-sama.

 Quietly, Mass said.

'With only my half of a body,'

 Misa, who piloted the fourth ship that Ray rode, drew two magic circles on the throne of the flying castle ship.

It's a good thing that you've got the blood of Mother Reno in your veins. It's not as good as your mother's as well, but I can use the power of the spirit as magic.

 One of the magic circles was the Creation Architecture (Ibis) and the other was spirit magic.
 Misa fused the two magic circles together and developed a completely new magic formula here.

The "Creation Magic (Penrovisse)

 With the fourth ship at the center, a huge spherical magic circle spread out, enveloping the second and third ships.

 In the next moment, graffiti was painted on the outer walls of the three ships.
 It was a picture of a house commonly seen in Dillhade.

 Then, in a flash, the flying castle ships changed shape.
 The three ships were created anew, looking almost identical to the graffiti painting.

 The reborn Azetta regained its speed and accelerated dramatically.
 Despite its civilian appearance, it has the same flying ability as the previous flying castle ships.

''Is this...?''

 An incomprehensible voice leaked out from Roushé.

Pentax, the graffiti genie, draws on the exterior walls of the house. If you give him a subject, he will paint on it until he gets tired of it. And it's always a new one. There's a rumor.

 The magic of the magician Pentast, which borrows from the rumors and lore of the graffiti genie Pentax, is known as the magic of the magician Pentast.

 By combining this magic with the magic of Ibis, this magic adds the power of creation to graffiti.

 The flying castle ship Azetta, which was being destroyed by the Black Sun, was however, transformed into various structures by the 'Maoist Architecture (Penrovis)', and would not be destroyed.

 Rumors and lore of a tyrannical demon king who is said to have mastered magic of all attributes and developed new magic even on the battlefield, combined with the power of a daughter of the great mother spirit Reno...

 As a demon race, he is simply inferior to me in power.
 As a mother spirit, it's a spirit magic that is inferior to Reno's.

 But by combining the two, I was able to create a magic unique to the masses that neither I nor Reno could create.

 This 'profoundly beautiful architecture of Penrovisaisse' is as good as the 'creative art architecture of Astostella'.
 Much faster than the speed at which the sky of destruction can destroy it, the flying castle ship, which is transforming into new graffiti one after another, is approaching the Sun of Destruction like a slice through the black sun.

''Kaka kaka, it's finally the crucial moment. The second and third ships get as close to the Sun of Ruin as possible. <Fire on the fourth fuselage.

Yes, sir!

 The second and third ships put most of their magic into flying and serve as the two wings that push up the fourth ship.

 No matter how much they continue to create new creations in the 'macrocosmic penlovies', if they get too close, they will be destroyed before they can be repaired.

 They are determined to see just how close they can get to the edge, and in the end, only the fourth ship will rise toward the Sun of Ruin.

 From the Geiradite, the Leia Kanets are firing from the Sacred Carved Eighteenth Star, but the interval between them is getting longer and longer.

 The guardian gods are beginning to see that the Leia Kanets are decoys.
 The Cutthroat King has identified the silk hat that can give birth to the Watch God and is dropping just that.

 There would be a limited number of silk hats left in Gaillardite.

 Eldmead is currently fighting on the frontier of Dillhade. We can't leave there.
 There's a concern that the Academy of Valor will also run out of holy water and magic power.

 Even though it's just a decoy, if there is no longer a need to be vigilant about the , the Watchdogs of Destruction will concentrate their fire on the Flying Castle ship.

 From the perspective of the situation, they had one chance, and their aim was the moment of total solar eclipse.
 If not then, the would definitely transfer to another airspace.

''You'll be missing the sun........''

 With a blow from the Spirit God Human Sword, the eclipse, which was stopped for a moment, began to advance again.
 The earth is in danger of being shot, but at the same time it's also the perfect opportunity.

 The moment the power of its destruction is exercised, the dark sun will fall before the earth is shot.
 Ray clenches his twin swords and looks at the eclipse of the sun that colors the heavens with misery.

 A fluttering, fluttering, fluttering piece of snowflakes.

 They were snow and moonflowers.

 Along with the silvery white light, they landed in countless numbers and the sky turned into a silver world.