449-Light of the end

 The flying castle ship Azetta slowed down rapidly.
 The architecture on the Azetta's exterior walls was repainted as if they were frozen as a result of the snow, moon and flowers dancing around it.

 <The 'penlovies' did not work properly, and Azetta followed the rewritten picture, freezing at a rapid rate.
 She was being transformed into a figure that could not fly.

"....the sky of creation, you mean...

 With a grim expression on her face, Misa turns her evil eye to the airspace.

 <The Moon of Creation, which overlaps with the Sun of Doom, rules this area.
 Its authority hinders the 'penrobizaisse' and forces it to create its own.

 Because it is the sky of destruction, the only way to prevent it from falling is to keep creating, but because it is the sky of creation, it is prevented from creating.

 It is the very protection of the board.

"Ruh, Captain Rushe, you can't do this...!

"Master Davidora, we can't hold on much longer! The second barge is going to fall!

 The reports of the soldiers echoed from the second and third ships.
 Immediately, Erdmeade said. 

'Fire on the fourth ship and disengage.

But if we shoot them out now...

 In the direction of the fourth ship's progress, the Watchtower of Destruction and the other gods of destruction are waiting for them, dressed in black sunshine.

'Kakkakka, all the cards have been cut. The only thing left to do is to bet on the lore of the hero and the demon king. Or do you want to come down, pay your chips and wait for the next time?

 Gritting their back teeth just barely, Roushé and Devidra said.

'Group magic deployment. ''All the magic you can muster.''

Bring the magic to the fourth battleship. Know your timing.

 The angels of shadow held their bows.
 Black Yang's arrows were released in unison, but they no longer had the time to avoid them.

''Shoot out!

 <The spherical magic circle of
 Just as a replacement for the second and third ships that were falling away from the airspace, the fourth ship with Ray on board pushed forward through the skies of destruction and creation, going against the arrows that were falling.

 One after another, the Black Sun's arrows are hit, and with a rattling sound, the flying castle ship Azetta disintegrates.
 Since the distance between it and the solar eclipse had shortened, the "Mārovises" no longer functioned completely, and the Azetta disintegrated in mid-air due to the order of destruction.

 On the crumbling roof, Ray still did not fly, but continued to put his magic power into his two swords.
 A shadow flew from inside the destroyed flying castle ship.

''Please get on board.

 Misa leaps out of the Azetta, which has crumbled to pieces, and takes off the cloak she is wearing and unfolds it.
 On top of that, Rei rides on it, and she slips through the rain of arrows falling, blocking them with the Benno Yevgeny Wall.

 The Watchdogs of Destruction set their divine bodies on fire in the black sun, as if to set themselves on fire.
 As it was, they rushed into the masses with the intention of shattering the ball.

 Unlike the arrows, they will chase after you no matter how much you dodge.
 As a no-go, the snow and moon flower descends and limits the activities of Misa and Rei with its cold air.

 I'm not sure if it's on the plains, but in this sky of destruction and creation, you can't leave all of the guardian gods behind and approach the Sun of Doom.

 With Azeta gone, no matter how much time Misa has left to continue fighting and flying, she will have a limited amount of time.

Welcome, Gigadeth.

 As Misa draws a magic circle, a dwarf fairy with a mallet appears behind her.
 A jet-black bolt of lightning strikes the creature, which bears a striking resemblance to the wind and lightning spirit of Gigadeath.

 As if absorbing its power, Gigadeath quickly grew to a giant size and transformed into an evil king.

The Spiritual Demon Thunder Emperor Wind and Black (Giga Jirasd)

 Misa fluttered and stretched out her fingertips.
 At the same time, the Black Thunder Emperor Gigadeth swung a huge mallet down.

 A dark wind coldly enveloped the Watchdogs of Destruction and a black lightning bolt struck them.

 The Spiritual Source Magic combined with the Spiritual Source Magic , the angels of the shadow were reduced to ashes.

 However, the guardian god, who escaped the blow, continued to rush in, his entire body burning in the black sun.


 A nine-headed water dragon appeared behind Misa and roared as it turned jet black.
 As the jet-black water dragon inhabited both of her arms, it skewered the guardian god that was coming towards her with its fingertips.

 A nine-headed water dragon appeared from the body of the Banjin as if to devour it, extinguishing the Black Yang and destroying its roots.

 Without a moment's pause, Misa shot out , the Spiritual Demon Thunder Emperor Wind and Black (Giga Jirasd)>.
 The jet-black wind and lightning tore through the sky of destruction and creation with intense light.

 Misa soared with all her strength in her flight, and she and Rei, who was carrying her cloak, were quickly approaching the Sun of Doom.

 The area became even darker.
 It was the total solar eclipse of Surgieldnave.

 A tremendous amount of magical power that could make you doubt your eyesight is concentrated in the masked Sun of Doom.

 If that was the case, it would be enough to destroy the earth by ten degrees and still be able to make change.


 Ray shouted and she stretched out her magic-filled fingertips.

'This moment--I've been waiting for it!

 Drawing a magic circle of - at that moment, the she was wearing suddenly dissipated.


 There was something like a small thorn stuck in her chest.

''.........This is..........?''

 Her magic power rapidly dissipated.
 It's as if the keystone of the source was pierced--


 With a gulp, Misa's body falls.
 <The black sun that naturally overflowed from the < Sun of Ruin> scorched Ray's body.

 Wrapped in the burning cloak, his body also falls.

 A voice resounded.

''The usurper who stole the order of the world.''

 An eerie voice, mingled with noise.

'As I said it myself, thou didst not see the world (I) hand.'

 It echoed loudly in the sky of destruction and creation.

'The demon ship has fallen. Both the false demon king and the guardian god who took it from the order.''

 The first, second, and third ships of the flying castle ship Azetta were all nearly wrecked, barely floating under the sky of destruction.

 There was no power left to approach the sun again, and they would barely be able to return to the ground.

 Ten of the Cutthroat King's silk hats that had been flying in the air were pierced by the arrows of the Watchtower God and turned to ashes.

''Usurper. There are no wings in your hand. There are no wings in your hand, usurper! <Burned by the eclipse of the sun, all the men of the earth will be extinguished.


 I can't see anything in front of me.
 <The doomsday eclipse. It had closed the world to complete darkness.

''.........kaka.......indeed, it is indeed. But isn't it precisely because we lose that gambling is so interesting?'

 Eldmead says.

'Hey, Eques.

"Farewell, you stupid demon.

 Silence covered the sky.
 The ominous eclipse of the sun condensed the light of the ebony, along with its increasing magical power.

 It was a dazzling black and red glow.

The time of doom has come...

 From the total solar eclipse of Surge Eldnave, the light of doom shone towards the earth.
 Just before that, the condensed ebony radiance was pierced by a black stab.


 With a faint light, the figure of a brave man was projected on the screen.
 A voice resounded, ''Kakakka, kakakka, kakakakakka!

''Kakkakka, kakkakka, kakkakkakka!

 What rang out was an eldom-painful laugh.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has noticed that I still have some wings left in my hand.

 While the world was enveloped in darkness, Ray, who had reached the < Sun of Ruin>, had left a small hole in the light of doom with a strike of the unique sword Sig Shasta, which condensed the demon.

 The Cutthroat King said.

''Yes--the wings of wax!

 The Sacred Carved Eighteenth Star (Rei Akanets), which was carrying a silk hat as a decoy.

 That, which Eques had left as insignificant, was the last card that made Ray reach the .

 <Holy Carved Eighteen Stars (Rayacanets) is a cannonball of holy water.
 Holy water is a highly versatile magic tool and is an extremely effective source of magic power for humans.

 It's as good as poison to the ray in the body of a demon race, but as a former hero, he knows how to use it very well.
 It is possible to use it itself, just as Emilia did in the past.

 Ray, who was outside the castle, was collecting the
 In order to fly without using his magic power.

 Drawing on the magical power of the holy water, Ray reversed his fall with his flight (fresse).
 <At the moment when the occurred and the would not be able to transfer, he drilled a hole in the light of doom before it was released in Sig Shesta.

 The Cutthroat King took advantage of the situation where his cards were exposed.

 If it seemed that there might be something more, there would be no room for error, but Eques knew our cards. Hence, he was caught off guard and neglected his guard.

 <He gave the impression that the eighteen stars of the Sacred Carving (Raycanets) were wings of wax and convinced Eques that they were useless. He hid his cards from its consciousness, not his eyes.

'Spirit God and Human Sword, Secret Depths 2--'

 <Rei, who plunged into the < Sun of Ruin> without putting up anti-magic, was enveloped by the black sun and the light of doom, reducing its root source in the blink of an eye.
 Barely, the reason why his body is still in its original form is probably because of the blessing of the Spirit Godman Sword.

 Then, at the moment when there was only one root source left, he stabbed the hole of light drilled by Sig Shesta, this time stabbing Evans Mana.

''-- !

 Lei's body was enveloped in a divine light with the Spirit Godman Sword Evans Mana, and he released a stab like a single swing of a sword.
 <A hole was drilled into the terrific black sun that raged on the surface of the , and the blade of the Spirit Godman Sword stabbed there.

 Countless sparks of dark fire scattered and light diffused in all directions.
 The sky was shaking and the ground was shaking.

 Did the Spirit God Human Sword pierce the - did it pierce its destiny?
 Slowly the missing sun returned to normal.

 <The and the are being pulled apart.

Everything is as the wheels of order turn.

 An eerie voice rang out.
  returned to its half-chipped state.

 However, the ebony light began to gather on its surface.
 As if it wasn't a total eclipse of the sun, but the ground could be shot--

 While pushing the Spirit God Human Sword into the < Sun of Ruin>, Ray screamed into the .

''--Leave the airspace!


 Ray poured the last of his strength into the Spirit Godman Sword that he grasped tightly.

''........please, Spirit Godman Sword.......! And the other half--!

 As if in response to that thought, a pure white light sharply pierced the sun.
 With all his strength, Ray thrust out the holy sword.

''--and, ma-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 The light of the apocalypse flickers brightly.

The End of the World Without Laughter (Ein Eyre Nawelva)