450-The end of a world that doesn't laugh

 It was deep in the dark.

 It's a dark place inside.

 It's a collar called despair.
 Embedded in the gears of the magic circle, the sisters' hearts are being torn apart.

 In the evil eye...

 And what you see in that god's eye.

 It was a sky of destruction and creation, stained with blood.


 Sasha said.

 The looter's gears are biting deep into her mind, forcing her to turn as if tearing her memories apart.

 It's her thoughts that spill over.
 It was the tiny wish of the girl who was the god of destruction, Averniu.

 --The only thing she wished for was one thing.
   I just wanted to see the world with my divine eye.

"Hey, honey, you say you hate me?

 --God? Who? --

 --Who are you talking to? --

 --I don't know. I didn't have anyone to talk to--

 What spilled out was her memory.
 Giggle....................and the gears were turning.

'How does it feel to hate?'

 --I hear voices. I hear my voice. My words. Repeated in my head.

'Is there joy and happiness before hatred? But I don't know that either. What I do know is that joy and joyfulness can turn into anger, and then hatred is born. But...

"I don't know anything about it.

"Because it's all going to perish. They say flowers are beautiful, but what do they look like?

"They say mountains are magnificent, but I wonder how big they are?

'Home? Where's the bed? Where's the chair? 'And the book?'

"How does a kiss go?

 --The world was full of things we didn't understand--

 --You'll never see it, you'll never see it alive.

 --I've always wanted to see...

 --And yet...

I've destroyed a lot. I have destroyed demons, men, spirits, and sometimes even gods, and the end of the world has happened in the palm of my hand. All the ends of the world have happened in the palm of my hand.

"Because, you see. People are broken and their roots disappear because of the order of a god of destruction.

Just like the Sun of Doom. You let it shine in the sky, and the light of its destruction burned your people. Dozens, hundreds. Maybe even more.

 --You? --

 --Who are you? --

"Hey, tell me, dear? Why are we still alive? Nothing ever ends. It will end one day. Then it won't matter if it ends today, tomorrow, or in 100 years time.

"Do you think there's any hope? Do you think there's more to it? Then you're a hell of a funny breed. There's nothing left to do. I feel like an idiot for not knowing that and trying so hard to live.'

 --I feel so stupid--

 --I am...

 --I was an idiot--

"The world isn't laughing at you. "The world is not laughing because I am watching it. In this God's Eye, there is only the end. There is always only sadness. There are always, always, only tears left in this world. That's the truth.

"Hey, ___Sama? I don't see how you can change that. Can you destroy me, Averniu, the god of destruction?

 --Hey. Who are you? --

 --If you're out there, I need to hear your voice--

 --Otherwise, I'd be...

'As I said before. 'I've been waiting for you for a long time. I was hoping for someone to come through. I was hoping. 'I was hoping that someone would come along who hates me, destroying, destroying, destroying. Wouldn't they slay Sergei Eldnave and come before me?

'Because it's so boring. I've been alone all this time, and I can't talk to anyone in this dark sunshine. But that doesn't mean I can't go out there.

In my God's eye there is only despair and sorrow. In the eyes of the God of Destruction, only the end lies in front of him. If I walked the earth, the world would be destroyed in one night.

'I've always wanted to know so much. I wanted to know about the shape of the flowers, the grandeur of the mountains, the joy and the happiness. But I will never be able to see them in my God's eyes.

'But, you know, I thought that if there was someone very strong, maybe I could see them.'

'I thought I could talk to him. That man must have a grudge against me, and he is coming to destroy the order of the god of destruction. He is coming to stop the sorrow of the world.'

I'm going to fall in love with him. I will fall in love with him, but there will be only one. There can't be anyone else for me.

I've waited a long, long time. I've waited so long I almost fainted. I've waited too long, I've destroyed too many.

 --Yeah, it was. That's right--

 --I remember now--

"You're here.

 --No one has ever done that before.

 --No one ever came to me...

 The gears turn and a noise runs through the back of my memory.

While walking on earth, I want to see something other than sorrow this time with your magical eye.

 --It's all a lie.

 --It was all my imagination.

 --Because I don't remember anything--

 --Because the world--

"Where the world is laughing

 --The world wasn't laughing at you.


 Sasha opens her eyes.
 Her eyes are tainted with despair.

The End of the World Without Laughter (Ayn Eir Navelva)

 --I broke it.

 The scene was clearly reflected in Averniu's divine eye.

 It was the sky of destruction.
 A dazzling light and a figure with a sword in his hand could be seen.

 The light of doom was emitted from the solar eclipse of Surgieldnave - the light of doom.
 <The End of the World That Doesn't Laugh (Ayn Eyre Navelva).

 Ray withstands the light of the catastrophic destruction while thrusting the Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana into the Sun of Doom.

 But even that holy sword that cuts off the fate of fate could not completely overturn the doom.

''--Avoid it!!!!

 A brave man was shouting desperately.

 The three flying castle ships flying under the sky of destruction charged into while listening to it.

 The first ship to be shot by the light was the first ship to be hit by the light.


There's no way around it. Behind us are Dirheid and Azation. This earth is the sanctuary that our tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord, presented himself to protect!

 The second ship was then shot by the light of its demise.
 Its hull, which was already in tatters, crumbled fragilely without a way to do anything about it.


".........Anos-sama....... I am sorry that I have failed to fulfill your command to 'Live'. But at least in this era of peace...!

 The source of the Devidras approaching their demise.

 It shone dazzlingly.
 Strong and fierce as if they were defying annihilation.

 All of their magical power, they poured it not into survival, but into anti-magic to protect the earth from the light of doom.

 Devidra once held a grudge against humans.
 His men who couldn't let go of their hatred.

 The peaceful world in their reincarnated eyes must have looked brilliant.
 Hence, their bodies may have moved on the spur of the moment.

 Still - it's impossible to reach.
 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 Right below them was Misa.

 You can find a number of different types of products in the marketplace, but you can also find a number of different types of products in the marketplace.

 The power of the spirit had been cut off.
 Black particles dissipated from her body, and she returned to her normal mass from her false Demon King Avos Dilhevia's form.

 A gust of wind snatches up the mass and makes it leave this airspace.

"The tyrannical demon king cannot be destroyed by a god. Even if it's only a rumor and a legend!

 As a replacement for Misa, the third ship driven by Roueche deployed anti-magic and rammed into the two flying castle ships that were swallowed by the light of doom.

''Devidra, nigit! What are you doing? Defend the earth, even if it crushes you!

 At Roushé's scolding, Devidra and Nigit's ship, which is about to be destroyed at any moment, comes to life slightly.

I'm sorry. I was remembering my dead comrade in arms...

"....I wonder if they felt the same way.......or at least wanted to laugh at this time of peace together....

 Nigit and Devidra said.
 Like a star on the verge of burning out, the magic power released from the three flying castle ships shone loudly.

''Two thousand years late, but--''

We're here for you.

 The dark aurora covers the sky.
 It was a deadly barrier that they were not supposed to be able to use, the Benno Yevhen.

 Devidra, Nigit, Luce and their men paid the price of their fading lives for this magical barrier that seals the power of the gods.

 The roots of many are being consumed by the light--

"...Anos-sama........please be safe.......


 The light of doom and the aurora of darkness collided, and the sky of destruction was torn apart by the impact.
 The sky, the atmosphere and the world were shaken.

 <The End of the World Without Laughing (Ayn Eir Navelva) swallowed the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) without mercy, and dissipated the flying castle ship into the air.

 In the sky of destruction, a great explosion of destruction erupted in the sky of destruction.


 Ray, who had pushed the Spirit God Human Sword into the < Sun of Ruin>, receives a decent blast from it.
 Without the ability to do anything in front of the order of destruction, his hand is ripped from the holy sword and then falls headlong to the ground.

 --Don't, please--

 The light of the apocalypse, which was unobstructed, continued straight ahead, irradiating the earth.
 A bottomless hole appeared, and then it spread out in a criss-cross pattern with great force.

 The earth is split, the world is divided into four parts, and each begins to separate from the other.

 -- Nothing, I don't want to break --

 With a grinding noise, the world began to fall apart.

 --I didn't want to break it.

 Despair continues to spin inside her as it tears her heart apart.

'I told you.'

 A noisy voice echoed in my head.
 I bring my vision back to my own.

 The place is the azure sky of the gods.
 At the bottom of the abyss, I stare at the light of Eques that falls in front of me.

'If you don't know, you'll regret it. Not knowing is the one and only happiness given to these women. It cannot be saved. It is order that will continue to spin, swallowed by the cogs of the God of Destruction and Creation.

 Eques says.

'Yes, I just drilled a small hole in the memory of the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigod. In the memory of the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord. If you tear it open, all the hope the Sisters of God had in their hands will be gone. Losing hope, love, kindness, and heart, the two sisters will be incorporated into the cogs of the world as gods of destruction and creation.'

 Sasha's mind is far from normal. So is Misha.
 I've been able to feel her thoughts through her thought transmissions since a while ago, but she can't hear me or doesn't respond when I call out to her.

 The God of Destruction and the God of Creation, the looter's wheel embedded in their bodies, has stolen my memories from Misha and Sasha.

 You can't recognize me.

"All that's left is despair. The only thing that remains is despair, and order in the world. They will repeat. They break the world to avoid breaking it. To destroy, they continue to create.

 Sasha and Misha, Militia and Averniu.
 Their hopes are not possible without me.

"Hmm. He who claims to be the will of the world speaks in wild tones.

 A blank stare, or maybe it was just silence from Eques.

'Despair? This is it? A mere world seared by a trivial light, and you call it despair?

 I point my finger at the terrestrial scene reflected in the rim-neto on the gears.

"Look, Eques, the world is just crisscrossed. "Behold, Eques, the world has just been split in two. The world has just been split into a cross, and to say it has been destroyed is an exaggeration. If it's split in four, let's just put it back together again.

 The world is still alive and well if you peer down to the ground through the connected magic wire.
 Neither Geiradite nor Midhays. The light of doom has not shone on any city.

The Spiritual Blade of the Brave has punctured the Doomsday Eclipse and hindered its power. My men risked their lives to build a wall to divert the light of doom from hitting any of the cities.

 Slightly, but surely, the light of doom has missed its aim.

 Nigit, Devidra, Luche, and my men who have been at this back for two thousand years have risked their lives to keep this peace.

 Despair is far from the truth.
 Their devotion must be rewarded.

Misha and Sasha are fighting, too. "Misha and Sasha are fighting, too, and they will not be defeated by false despair, even if the gears erase all hope from their memories.

 I reach out loosely to the light in front of me.
 In the depths of the light, I grasped it tightly as it finally came into view.

 I felt a definite response in my fingertips.

I've got it. I've got you, the source of the world's demise, Eques.