451-Boundary gate

 While glaring at that fellow who was lurking in the abyss of light with his , he forcefully pulled it out with his right hand.

 The dazzling brilliance was torn apart vertically, and an even more shimmering blink of an eye flooded through the gap.
 At the same time, there was something that was revealed.

 A gear of light.
 The countless gears spinning and interlocking with each other, making an eerie sound, were its hands, feet, body and head.

 The selective judges that Graham had modified had collected the gears embedded in the gods, and the assemblage would have been created by .

"It's nice to finally meet you, Eques. I didn't think you had a cog in your armor, too.

 As I tell it, the humanoid cog opens its mouth.

'--I told you, you're a foreigner to the world --'

 A fleshly voice mixed with noise rattled and spun the gears.

'Soon the door will open. The door of despair. The time has come for you to pay the price for the peace you have obtained.'


 He grabs me by the neck and lowers his arms and legs sluggishly, but he still has that creepy geared god's eye light.

'Who do you think you're in front of?'

 He dyed his right hand with the black "Bevsed".
 I'm going to be able to get the neck of the gears tightened up, and it creaks and squeaks.

 Immediately afterwards, the response disappeared and he was behind me as if to slip through.

'Hmm. I should have grabbed it.

 He looked at Eques with his demon eyes dyed in annihilation purple.

''It's the power of the mad god Aganzon, isn't it?

 He has falsified events and deranged cause and effect.

 You can't doubt that all the power of the gods that perished after the Selection Judge probably resides in him.
 It seems that he is in control of it all.

"The war between me and the foreign world has already ended in this moment.

 Eques put his feet together and stretched out his hands.
 The sight reminded him of a cross.

'There was always a little cog turning,' he said. That diminutive cog spins a slightly larger cog. That cog turns an even bigger cog. One after another, the myriad of destinies begin to turn, and soon the wheel called despair begins to turn. It will trample down life on earth.

 Giggle, giggle, giggle, the gears of Eques turn.
 He said, "Thou art a foreigner.

Thou art the foreign body that stops the gears. But, because of its diminutive size, it cannot stop the despair that has turned.

 There was a thumping noise.

'Look to the ground. Thy land, its center, the Mid-Hays.

 A light filled behind Eques and a huge gear appeared from within.

 <Through the magic of the , the landscape of Dillhade was projected there. It was the southern part of Midheid.

 The land that was supposed to be overflowing with greenery had dried up halfway through and had turned into a desert.

 And it is not just a desert.
 It's white. It is bizarrely white.

 The sight of sparks flying and white flames rising was terribly familiar to me.

"The Withering Desert?

The gates of the world have been opened, and now the earth and the divine world are connected. The Four Treasures have been destroyed and have been assimilated into the world's will.

 In the desert at the end of the day, I saw countless cogs.
 Just like Eques, the gears are in the shape of a human being.

 As the gears start to turn, the figure gradually changes.
 The one that appeared was a god wearing a turban and a cloak - Anahem, the god of the end.

 If the ruined gods are gathered in Eques, there is no longer any will of Anahem himself, and he has already become a hand and foot of the man.

 Literally, he is a cog-wheeled puppet.
 The armies of the gods, including the Sword Warrior God and the Art Warrior God, appeared behind the End God.

''Go. Submerge the demon clans into demise.''

Yes, sir.

 At Anahem's command, the army of God, led by the god of war, Per Pedro, began its march.
 Although it's a significant force, they can't drop Midheys to that extent.

 So that means--

"There is more than one gate.

 Eques said, as if he could see through my thoughts.

 Another cog appeared behind Eques and engaged with the earlier cog.
 <The remote clairvoyance (limnet) now showed the east side of Midhays.

 There was a triangular pyramidal gate.
 Looking at only one side, it was the same as that sturdy gate in the temple of the triangular pyramid.

 The place was a grassy field--
 However, in the next moment, it turned into a dense forest, as if it was being painted over with paint.

 That divine realm with its blue leaves spiraling is Deep Forest Luo.

 A humanoid cog appears, and then it turns into the Deepening God Dilfred.
 In front of it, a divine door opened and divine soldiers came into the forest one after another.

''Annihilate them. Be reverent to order and bring the warfare.''

 A gear is added again behind Eques and it begins to turn.
  projects a landscape west of Midhays as well.

 A triangular gate appears, and a large tree appears there.
 As the tree grew, the soil turned to water, grasses to coral, animals to fish, and the land to an ocean.

 The divine realm was the Great Sea of Trees.
 Just like before, a humanoid cog appeared, this time turning into the birth god Wenzel.

 Countless soldiers of the divine race came up from the bottom of the sea.

''Come on, let's go. ''My sweet child. Let's swallow the world into war and eradicate the demon race.

 Behind Eques, a fourth gear appeared further behind him.
 <What the remote clairvoyant (limnet) projected was the sky.

 It was the sky above Midhayes.

 A triangular pyramidal gate appeared, and countless branches and leaves, like a crown, covered the vast sky.
 The sky of transformation, the sky of the crown of trees.

 A humanoid cog appeared, and it turned into the Transformation God Guietenarus.
 Likewise, a large number of divine soldiers appeared from the divine door, riding the green-green wind.

''Ahaha, let's sing and dance. I'm here to bring the sound of warfare to the land of demons.

 Facing the besieged Mid-Hays, the gods began to march on.
 The Demon King's army stationed there was numerous and reasonably skilled, but it wasn't enough to be able to take on all four Juri gods. 

 On top of that, the army of the gods was even more numerous than ever before, and there were four war gods, Per Pedro, as the troop leader.

 <He didn't think that he could destroy the earth with the Doomsday Eclipse, right?
 Even if he failed, he was fine with it as long as he could lure Ray, Misa, Nigit and the others to him, and as long as Mid-Haze was in short supply.

''Kakkka, it looks like you got a rare one, Demon King of Tyranny.''

 Through a magic line, a thought transmission (leaks) comes from Eldmead.

"The capital city of Midhays is in danger, I'd like to return to you as soon as possible, but it seems that we've blocked your transference and flight.

 The Order of the Tree Crown Celestial Spheres and Deep Forest Luo, huh?

 Perhaps that's what it is, and it covers the entire Dillhade area. I'm sure that by leaving the divine realm where it appears, its influence will weaken and be a little more uneven, but it cannot be transferred directly to Midheid.

"And the 'thought communication' (leaks) too? I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 Eldmead says.

 Perhaps the order of the Great Sea of Trees with regard to . <I'm sure that if that sea is in the path of the Reeks, it will be blocked.

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.
 I'm not going to be able to get any more than that.

 You can't bring back the soldiers you sent to various parts of Dillhade to defeat the divine army.
 Eques must have been aiming for this situation.

 The four Juri Four Gods could not move from the azure of the gods.
 Of course, they can't move the divine realm, they convinced me that the divine realm can't be moved either.

"Construction of the Demon King's Castle by the Guardian is ready! Mr. Melhayes, take the lead!


 The Demon King's army, sensing the enemy's advance, quickly sprinted out and set up a position in the south, where the enemy troops were closest to the city.

 Seven Demon Emperors Old Melhayes, Ivis, Gaius, and Idle.
 And then there was the Mid-Haze troops led by Demon Emperor Elio.

 I heard the sound of gears turning, creaking, creaking.
 I couldn't get the bad premonition out of my head.

 The white desert is now a familiar magical force.

You can see the enemy's vanguard unit, I can see it! Ah.........what is that........?

 A far-sighted thing in Elio's unit spoke up.

'What's up? Report!

"It's Master Nigitte! Nigit-sama, Devidra-sama and Rousset-sama are leading the demon troops and are marching towards us!


 There was a thud of noise and the voice of the Demise God sounded.

'There is no transformation in the desert of the end. The ruined corpse will be turned into a servant. The corpse puppet.

 A white firebrand clung to the demonic clans of their troops under Nigit, Devidra, and Luche.
 Having protected the earth from the light of doom, they used the magic of on the verge of destruction, with their last hope.

 But the authority of Anahem prevented them from doing so.
 They kept their roots in their demise and made them puppets of their own that could not be reborn.

The will of the demon tribe is a grain of sand in front of Anahem. March on, wreckage soldiers. The country you are trying to protect, attack it with your own hands.

 The niggits march into Mid-Hays.
 They are two thousand years old demons. They are fast.

 In the blink of an eye, they'll be in contact with the Mid-Haze troops.

"Master Melhayes! Please advise.

"....they are already dead. The least we can do is to slaughter them once and for all...

 Melheis looked into the depths of the wrecking puppet and realized that the niggits were no longer of this world.

'Aivis, Gaius and Idle are with me. Let's hold Nigit, Devidra, and Rousshe. Mid-Haze troops, the rest of the wrecking puppets and God's army. There is no need to defeat them. Buy enough time and reinforcements will come from all over Dillhade.

Yes, sir!

 Elio shouted loudly to inspire his men.

'My troops are here to lay down a defensive battle! Do not allow a single soldier to enter the city. This is Midgaze. This is the symbol of peace that our founders sought!

 <The magic of the was activated and the demon king's castle was built on the spot one after another.
 As soon as the defensive line was laid down, as if to signal the start of the war, the Geophysical Flame Annihilation Cannon was unleashed all at once.

 It landed on the approaching enemy troops and caused a spectacular explosion.
 However, they weren't going to just sit back and let it happen.

 With his magic sword slicing through the attacking jet-black sun, Nigit is approaching the mid-haze unit straight away.

 Behind them, Roushé and Devidra followed.

 The blade of the raging gale tried to cut through the Demon King's Castle of the Mid-Haze troops, raising a cloud of dust.
 However, it disappeared as if it had been swallowed by a dimension in the process.

 Roushé stopped and warned the surroundings.

''At the risk of your lives, you have protected this Dilheid. That regret, that anger, I can understand it painfully. Your pride is mocked, your disrespect is mocked. That is unforgivable.

 A white-bearded old man appears in front of Roushé as if to block his way.
 <It's Melhayes who has moved within the .

 Gaios, a huge man carrying a large sword, and Idle, a long-haired twin-sword user, stand in front of Nigit.
 Devidra was confronted by Ivis, an immortal (undead) with a body of bone, who was facing him.

''Please, don't worry, Luche-sama. You will sleep peacefully here without ever setting foot in Mid-Haze.