452-There is only one demon king in the world that is robbed

 Sword fights and explosions echoed again and again.
 The intervals between them gradually shortened and intensified.

 A battle was being fought.

 The Seven Demon Emperors and the niggits, the Mid-Haze Squad and their two thousand year old subordinates.
 The two sides are exchanging swords with each other and exchanging magical gunfire.

 The outnumbered Midheys' squad is based in the Demon King's Castle, which is built with the Creative Architecture (Ibis), and its terrain effects increase their abilities.

 In addition, they were given magical power by Melhase's Demon King's Army (Guys) to raise their abilities.

 On the other hand, Nigit's troops are the most elite of the elite. With their single-minded strength, they kicked out the soldiers defending Midhays and attempted to bring down the Demon King's Castle.

''Wind Annihilation (Riga)--''

 Particles of magic power swirled around, and from the sword and staff, the wind blew up simultaneously.

''-- !

 Two gales collided from left and right, tearing through the surrounding atmosphere.
 If you carelessly entered the storm area, you would have been chopped into pieces immediately and every piece of flesh would have been dissipated.

 The magician who released the magic was Roushé, who was chanted to be the bearer of the wind.
 And it was Melhayes Bolan, the strongest of the Seven Demon Emperors and Elders.

''It's indeed the Seven Demon Emperors born of a tyrannical Demon King. <How could he use the magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys) and still be able to unleash such a powerful windbreaker?

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do.

It's a puppet, you said. It's a good idea to make sure that your former allies behave the same way they did when they were alive to discourage the will to fight.

 Merhayth said, holding the scepter at the ready.

''It is a hand that has never changed, sir. Did it work for you in Avos Dilhevia?

 Black lightning gathered in the royal scepter.
 With a fierce thunderclap, Melheis unleashed the .

 A wall of wind accompanied by magical power appeared in front of Roushé, and it created a stream of air. The jet-black lightning deflected off her body, as if guided by the .

 Kicking the ground and approaching Melheis in a single step, Roushé swung her magic sword down.
 Melhayes caught it with his royal scepter.

''The one who was manipulated with you has a big mouth.

You seem to have retained your memory, sir. What a pity.

f*ck you!

 In the push-off, the difference in ground power, plus a weakened Melhayes in the Demon King's (King) class, didn't help, and he was played off.

 While backing away, Melhayes regained his stance.

'I know this because I was manipulated. The disgrace of drawing the bow on my lord is unbearable, even if he were to perish. That man will laugh and forgive me. Therefore, it is even more difficult for me to forgive myself.

 With his demonic eyes glowing, Melhayth looked into the abyss of Luche.

''I hope that the real you will perish as soon as possible.

 The staff draws a magic circle, and the geo-glaze is fired from the gunport.
 Rushe slashes or dodges it and quickly closes the gap between them.

The Riga Schrade.


 The blade of the gale that Roueche unleashed, Melhayes swallowed the blade of the gale into the .

''Let's repay you,''

 A magic gate appeared, and Roushé's was released from there.

 Like a trap, a has been developed in many places. This is a different space mixed in with normal space. Moreover, it is moving.

 It swallows, stores, and spits out everything that passes through that different space.
 The magic control was even more precise than it was at the magic sword tournament.


 Even though the anti-magic was chopped up and blood was pouring out of his body, Luche charged in without regard.
 The whirling , she dove into the center of it and ran through.

 To her, who had no place to escape, Merhayth pointed his staff at her.

''Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).

 The jet-black bolt of lightning released by Melhayes, Rushe thrusts out his magic sword and catches it away with the
 The Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd), whose trajectory had been changed, collided with the swirling , offsetting it with a roar of jizzy jizzy.


 Melhayes lost sight of Rousset for a moment in the lightning that shot out.
 She was leaping. <She swooped down with her flight (fresse) and pierced Melghese's torso with her magic sword like the wind.


 A torrent of blood poured out and trickled down the demon's sword.

"It's over.

 Deeper still, Roushé pushes his magic sword into Melhayes.
 Spitting blood from his mouth, he drops the staff in his hand to the ground.

''........Yes, that's it.......''

 As the magic gate seemed to appear behind Rousshe, a jet-black aurora wrapped around her.

''........It's over, Roushé-sama......!

You can't stop me!

 Luche thrusts her magic sword out vigorously into the jet-black Aurora.
 As soon as she touched that magic, the sword barrel wrapped in her magic power shattered easily.

''.............Wha.......? Is this...? Ma, Saka.........?

 With an astonished look on his face, Rushe looked into the depths of his magical power.

''Yes. This is the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) that has been stored for two thousand years, and the magic power of Anos-sama that I fearfully received at the Demon Sword Tournament.

 As the black aurora condensed, it crushed Luche.
 The magic sword was shattered, and the anti-magic and magic barrier she wore was shattered.

 Her body begins to crumble in tatters.
 The authority of the wreckage puppet is being nullified by the four walls (Benno Yevhen) that block the divine order.

''My.........no.........! No, no....

 Puzzled, though, she said.

'Mel, Hayes...?'

 A single drop of tears spilled from her eyes.
 With a voice that seemed to squeeze out, she said.

 Grudgingly, Melhayes nodded.

I will accept. At least sleep in your power for the last time--

 Melhayes, who was about to stab him in the throat, crumpled to the ground.
 In an instant, he was taken behind and slashed at the source of his roots.


 Nigit stands in front of Melhayth, who is down on the ground.

 Looking around, Gaius and Idle are lying on the ground, slashed at the source of their roots as well.
 Aivis was on his knees, trapped by Devidra.

 A loud noise was heard.
 One of the Demon King's castles built by the Midhays troops had collapsed.

''Elio-sama is........wounded.......! Backup!

"d*mn it, it's no good. My recovery spell isn't working! If this is not the case........?

Don't get upset. If we falter here, we are at the mercy of the enemy!

 The Midhays troops had not yet lost their will to fight.
 Nevertheless, with Melhayes, Gaius, Idle, Ivis, and Demon Emperor Elio injured, the chain of command is a total collapse?

 The strength of the battlefield is overwhelmingly superior over there.
 In addition to the armies of the gods, Anahem, the god of the end, is still waiting.

 As long as the other four gods are advancing, we can't send any other troops here.
 <Since they can't use Flight and Transmigration, reinforcements from outside of Midhays can't be expected anytime soon either.

 They may be in a hurry, but they won't last long.
 They may be in a hurry, but don't hold back.

 And if that's the case, the only thing to hold on to is--

Thy conclusions are correct.

 The God of Gearwork said.
 Behind Eques, four cogs were spinning, and the situation in Mid-Haze was being projected there.

 I stared at him with all kinds of magical eyes connected to Eleonor and Ennezone, keeping track of the situation on the ground.

The four gates surrounding Midhayes bring down the Jyurikawari Garden located in the azure sky of the gods to the ground. If we close those gates, we will be able to save Dillhade from the fires of war.

 Originally, the Four Guardian Gods sat in Da-Ku-Kadate.
 Close the gate and you won't be able to stay on earth.

Close the gate, and you won't be on earth. You are here and yet you have hidden the gate to the earth.

 Eques says, as if he could see through my hand.

''The magic formula of the wall that once divided the world into four parts, the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), is still carved into the earth.

 It's not surprising.
 If they were gods, they would have seen that much by now.

 It's impossible that he, who is a collection of gears embedded in the god race, wouldn't have noticed it.

 It's a good idea to be able to say that they are attacking Mid-Haze, where there is a magic circle to activate it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

"Misha. "Sasha.

 <I called out to him via thought transmission (leaks).
 Click, click, click, click.

 --No, don't break it, don't break it, no more--

 I could hear Sasha's despair.

 --I made it. A dying world. I made it.

 Misha's sorrow overflows.

'Hmm. Still fighting, huh?'

 Gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui, gui.

'It's no use hoping. You cannot go against the will of the world. Not everyone is like thee, nonconformist. Already the wheels of despair have begun to turn.

 Eques' divine eye glowed suspiciously.

''Two thousand years ago, Militia, the creator god, Great Spirit Reno, the brave canon, Averniu, the destroying god Averniu who turned into the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, and the spirit god human sword Evans Mana. Even after stirring up so much magic, thy life was the price to build that wall.

 Ray, Misha, Sasha, Reno.
 You're going to tell me you've been chipping away at my allies, one by one.

What's the matter with that?

Now thou shalt not have any magical powers. Its one body, only one person. You are not the same as you were two thousand years ago.

 I raised my hand lightly and told him.

"I'm going to be enough to destroy you," he said. I'll be enough to destroy you.

If you think you can save the world by destroying me, you can try.

 Giggle, giggle, giggle, and turn the gears, Eques released his own anti-magic as he offered himself up.

'Can't do it? Thou knowest. If you destroy me, a conglomeration of many gods, the world will lose its order and collapse in the blink of an eye. Thou wilt want to save the world. But that world to be saved is me.

I will save the world. You destroy it.

The sooner Dillhade is destroyed, the better.

 Zah, zah zah noise spilled out with the words at the same time.

'That's the world, Demon King of Tyranny. Everyone and everything will be taken away from the most important thing. Militia wished for a kinder world. Averniu, who wished to gaze upon a laughing world, is deprived of his gentle god's eye. Thou, nonconformist, art no exception.

 That face of the gears seemed to sneer.

'With the power to destroy anything and everything, O demon king of tyranny, thy desire is a calm peace. The more you wield that power, the farther it is from you. Thou canst not only protect what thou wilt protect. That is the world's (my) will.

 I heard the sound of something collapsing with a rattle.
 The Demon King's Castle, which was reflected in the remote vision of the wheel, was another one that had fallen down.

Now, use the wall of the four walls. Unlike two thousand years ago, you don't have any allies here. But if you give up the power of the next world, you can close the gate. Isn't that right?

 I just stare at him in silence.

'Two thousand years ago I robbed you of your memories. Now I will take that power away from thee. Two thousand years from now, or three thousand years from now, thou shalt be reborn again in hell, not in peace, but in hell. Thou shalt have no power, and thou shalt just mourn in hell. Next time you will not even reach me.

 The gears of Eques turn with an eerie sound.

'Slowly, one by one, thou shalt be taken away.

 A thunderous sound rang out, and in the south of Mid-Haze, the third demon castle collapsed.

''This........this can't last any longer!

Mr. Elio, you need to fall back!

Where do you think you're going? There are no reinforcements. We have the people at our back. Midheyze is the city entrusted to us by the devil king, and if we flee here for our own safety, we'll never see him again!

 Mid-Haze troops are being hunted down by the minute.
 From those who have perished, they are turned into wrecking puppets in the Order of the End God and attack their former allies.

 It's a veritable hellscape.
 In a war of attrition, it will only increase the strength of the other side.

 At the very least, I hoped that Shin and Erdomade would be able to get there in time, but it seems to be this far.
 Any longer, the people who had no way to fight would be forced to suffer.

 They live in an era of peace, and I can't let them have that thought.

Hmmm. I have no choice. I'll do what you want.

 I said to the collective god with the gearwheel, "You can have the power of the next world and the life of this world.

"You can have the power of the next world and the life of this world. But...

 His right hand is dyed black, "Bevsed".

 It's a no-brainer.
 At the same time as penetrating this root source, he uses the power of approaching annihilation to activate the magic formula he left in Mid-Haze and deploys the Benno Yevhen, the wall that once divided the world into four parts, the true power of which is unleashed to close the gate of the world.

 The wall that once divided the world into four parts, he releases its true power and closes the gates of the world.
 If I completely cut off my relationship with the divine world, the Four Treasures will disappear.


You will not have peace. You will have to look to hell, Eques--

 This was the moment when he uttered that and was about to thrust the fingertips of the into his own body.

 A guttural voice echoed in the distance.


 Hmm? What is it?

 It sounds like you're hearing it from the gear's
 The Demon King's Castle was built as a line of defense.
 Suddenly, in front of its eyes, a cannonball of holy water fell from the sky.

 Ten and eight in all.
 When they landed on the ground, they built a ward as if to protect the mid haze unit and the demon king's castle.

 Long-range ward magic .
 No, that's not all.

 Inside the warding, every drizzle and splash of water that cleared out revealed a human figure and a huge castle that landed there.

 Alkranisca Castle.
 And in front of its gate were the students of the heroic academy dressed in scarlet uniforms.

 <They had come to this place where neither flight and transference can be used, shooting out the castle with the 18 stars of the sacred carved Reykjanets.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. If you use this hidden ball to save Dillhade, the higher-ups will be angry.

 Carrying the Holy Flame Cutthroat Sword Galluford, Lao says.

''Well. It would be nice if we could only be angered, but from what I can see, it's a trial at best.

 Carrying the Holy Sea Protector's Bayramente, Ledoriano softly touches the vine of his glasses.

It's not that important, but isn't there any guarantee that you'll get out of here alive?

 While holding the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zeleo and the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zeleo and the Great Sacred Earth Sword Zeleo in both hands, Heine glared at the wrecking puppet in front of him.

 In a change of pace from the light talk, they emitted a spirited attitude and Ledriano said loudly.

''To the Mid-Haze unit. We are the heroic academy Arclan Iska. We will repay the debt of our master Emilia Ludwell and the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigordo, and cover your troops!