453-Gears covering the sky

 Holy flames erupted from his entire body and Lao gripped the holy sword tightly.

''Let's do it, Redriano!


 Holy water drizzled down like a drizzle from the castle that towered over the spot, Alkranjska.
 Ledriano took off his glasses and raised his bayramente.

''Midhays troops, stay back. It's not safe for the demon race to enter the wards.''

 Heine's holy sword slices through the earth and it draws a magic circle of earth.

 Likewise, Lao is fire and Ledriano is water.
 The missing wind magic circle was filled by the students of the heroic academy.

 Earth, water, fire, wind, and four attribute wards were developed in a way that confined the troops of Nigit and others.


 It's a ward that has the same effect as the Four Genera Field Seal (De Igeria) that was used in the past in the academy's competitive exams.

 It diminishes the power of the demon race and weakens their magical power.
 Moreover, it's a higher level of technique than the one Eleonor was using at that time?

 <Inside the Four Generations Conclusion Formation (Dejeliment), an ordinary demon race would be neutralized without a fight.

 Just as Ledriano and the others said, the Yuukkai can't help but be angry.
 No matter how you think about it, this is a magic that was learned in anticipation of a battle with the demon race.

 It's no wonder that Azation, which is overwhelmingly inferior in strength compared to Dilheid, wanted defensive power. It is important to have power.

 Hopefully, it's a power they've acquired to not fight, but aside from the top, at least we don't have to worry about them.

'Excuse me. We are outnumbered, though.

 In front of Nigit, Ledriano stands in front of him.
 Next to him, Heine and Lao held their holy swords.

''Two thousand years ago, the demon race was all monsters. We will use any means to win.''

 The former students of Jelga Canon went to cover Ivis, who was being hunted down by Devidra.

 Nigit held his magic sword in his positive eye and let his magical eye glow.
 He must be measuring the strength of the three brave men, King's Castle Alkranisca, and the students of the Brave Academy.

 In the middle of the standoff, the messenger owl stops on Ledriano's shoulder.

''To the heroic academy Alkranisca. Thank you for your addition. However, the battlefield is significantly outnumbered.''

 It was a from Demon Emperor Elio.
 The owl must have a magic line connected to it.

The only thing that's left is the divine army that remains over there even after the wrecking puppet soldiers are defeated. It is commanded by a god with a magical power even more powerful than Lord Nigit.''

'Yes, sir. Yes, I know. I regret to inform you that we don't have a single chance in hell of winning the war on earth. But there's one thing we do have a chance of winning.

What's that?

The magic line of holy water is connected to Gaillardite by the 18th Star of the Sacred Time (Layacanets). Originally, this was our plan to protect the wide Azation. If the 'Sanctuary (Ask)' from our home country is delivered to us, we will be able to set up a warding that is even more advantageous to us.

...that would destroy God?

''No. No. Even if we humans gather our thoughts, we can only compete with the gods for one second at most. However, for that one second, we should be able to create a small hole in their wards that are blocking the transference (Gatom).

 Elio let out a breath as if he was roaring.

''........If we can use the transference (gatom), it's true that Dirheid's reinforcements will also come, but in just one second, there's no chance of communicating through the thought communication (leaks).......''

No, I'm coming.

 Clearly, Ledoriano assured him.

'He will come,' he said, 'if it's his men. It's too short a time for us, but perhaps too short a window of opportunity for them to take advantage of God. But for them, perhaps it's more than enough of an opening for them to take advantage of God.

 A moment's silence, and it was Nigit who made the decision first.

'All units, take down the castle. That's the key to the enemy.

 The puppeteers of the puppet army charge into the castle of the heroic academy, Alkranjska, ignoring the dejeriment.

 The four genera of magic, which is locally developed as if to layer up the boundaries, tried to seal the wreckage puppet, but it was broken through by magic power.

 For a moment, Redriano, who was wary of the situation, widened his eyes.
 The nigitte that had been at a distance earlier suddenly appeared in front of him.

 The one who reacted to the magic sword that ran like lightning was not him, but the Holy Sword Bayramente. In response to Ledriano's courage, it constructed a water ward to prevent an unseen slash.

 Redriano belatedly received the sword of the nigitte with his sword barrel.

''I will cover the heroic academy with all my might. Build the wards!''

Yes, sir!

 At the communication from Elio, Lao and Heine spoke up and pinned Nigit from both sides.
 Garulford, who was engulfed in flames, and Zeleo and Zeleo, who were shaking the earth, were swung down at the same time.


This.... this...!

 The bodies of Ledriano, Lao and Heine were slashed at the same time.

 Three against one.
 --Do you expect a miracle to happen? --

 A voice mixed with noise resounds.

'.........d*mn it........! How many monsters are there in Dillhade?

 With ease, Nigit slashed through the holy blast of fire that Lao released, and dispatched Heine's holy sword behind him with his magic sword without even turning around. Thus, she pierced through Ledriano's wards and stabbed the magic sword into his stomach.

''........I know from the beginning that we are no match for you....... If we can buy a little more time.........

 --Do you think there's any hope? --

 The gears turn with a creak, creak, creak.

"Emilia....hurry...! If this is not the case, Alkran Iska...!

 Heine's "Thought Communication (Leaks)" is delivered to Gailladite, following a magic line made of the "Leia Kanetz" (the 18 stars of the Sacred Time).

 However, there is still no response.

 --You can see. The world (I) don't want that--

 A moment later...
 A shining black flame rose up with great force and it popped like an explosion.

 It wasn't them that were enveloped in the black flame, but the gears of the that were reflecting them.


 Below me is a triangular pyramidal temple.
 Slammed into its outer walls, the gearwork collective god Eques was buried in the rubble.

 I popped him in the middle of talking to the ground, but his voice showed no signs of stopping, not even the slightest tremor.

''Well, I suppose so.''

 It seems that the concept that all gods are the hands of the < Almighty Glittering> Eques is a concept that the dragon men came up with, and it seems that they have become exactly what they are.

 The four jury gods and their voices that I pointed at Dillhade, and other voices are the limbs of the guy who is connected by invisible gears.
 It's not going to happen even if you hit him a little bit.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

'Do you want to try it? That means, in other words, that the world stops spinning.

 Eques, who should have been floating in the rubble, had shifted behind me floating in the sky.

 It's a good thing that I'm not wearing anti-magic, but I've layered on top of it and flung it away with , , and
 I didn't expect it to be more fragile than the triangular pyramid of the temple gate.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get the most out of it.

It's the Zora-Edipto.

 Black flames turned into a polar flame chain and entwined with Eques' cogged body.

 It also entangles the black aurora borealis and seals its order.

The levayd.

 The gods as far as I know, working on that origin of Eques and stopping its time.
 Then, I stared at him with my demon eyes, tinted with annihilation purple.

"What are you struggling with now?

 With a slight turn of the gears in Eques' body, the chains were easily torn to pieces and the
 I didn't use magic or divine authority.
 With a single gear, he flicked off the Zora E Dipto, the Four Realms Wall (Benno Even), the Time Manipulation (Levide), and the Annihilation Magic Eye.

'Thou shalt not be able to bind or seal the world. Therefore, you have decided to let go of its life and power. Has hope clouded that evil eye?

 Eques closes in on me straight in time.
 The moment I caught the protruding right fingertip with my left hand, I was punched over my head.

 The power of the mad god Aganzon.
 The disorderly blows that falsified events caused my body to slam into the ground.

 He took a passive position and stared at Eques in the sky.

'If you say you are hanging on to those humans, you will be confronted with their dwarfism again.

 When one of Eques's gears turns, flames swirl in front of him.

 What divine authority is this?
 A divine light gathered there, and the flames turned into the shape of a cannon.

 God's fierce fire is shot towards me.
 <I stare at it with the Purple Demon Eye and attenuate it with the Magical Eye of Ruin.

 <With my fingertips, I crush the divine fire with my Burning Burning Brilliant Flame, burning it to ashes.
 But as if his magic power was inexhaustible, flaming cannons are lined up in the sky and thousands of the god's fierce fire is unleashed on the earth.

''The Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen).

 The aurora of darkness unfurled over a wide area, blocking out all of its divine flames.
 The depths of this azure abyss are not even that sturdy.

 Deprived of its fire and dew, if it were to rampage in the crumbling Da Cuadate, the divine realm could be destroyed and order could be scarred.

 It may not have much of an effect on Eques, the order itself, but it could be a fatal wound to the world that was on the verge of collapse in the End of the World Without Laughter (Ein Eir Nawelva).

 Gulpily condensing the Purple Electric, he connected the ten magic circles and released them.
 The overwhelmingly destructive purple light that was released into the air in the middle of the sky canceled out the many divine flames that fell with the power of its destruction.

 He is forcing me to protect him thoroughly.

 If I destroy Eques, the world will be destroyed.
 If the depths of this azure sky are broken, order will be broken, and many will still die.
 If Dillhade is invaded, the demon people will be overrun. 

 As long as he tries to protect them all alone, destroying him is certainly not an easy task.

''Look, you are a foreigner to the world. Now a new despair begins to spin.

 While firing a barrage of divine flames, the divine body of Eques draws a cross.

 The fifth gear appears behind it.
 <The one projected on the is Gailladite--.

 It was a round table chamber.
 Emilia and the members of the brave council were there.

 They are looking up at the sky from the window.

 Out of the corner of their eye is the , which is halfway through the eclipse of the sun.
 A huge face appeared in the sky, as if the sun had become the right eye.

 A face with a cogwheel mechanism.

 Furthermore, a huge cog appeared in the sky.

 No. Rather than appearing, it was more accurate to say that the sky had changed.
 The body of the gears spread out to the heavens, almost covering the world.

 Then he said, "I am the master of the Azation.

Then he said, "To the diminutive humans who control the Azation, I say to you. I am the will of this world.