454-Blood contract

 Gichiri.........Gichiri............An eerie sound of gears was heard.

 Staring at the giant cog monster floating in the sky, the members of the heroic council listened to the words of the guy with pale expressions.

''Against the world's order, you have sent the brave canon to me.''

 Eques' voice shook the atmosphere and echoed across the land of Azation.
 As if shaken by it, the senators rattled and shook their bodies.

'Look at that crumbling earth. This is the end of the barbarism you have committed.'

 A violent earthquake rolled in and the senators clung to the building as quickly as possible.

 By the light of doom, the land of the world has been split in four.
 They are gradually separated from each other with the occasional violent earthquake.

'The heroic canon was scorched by the light by the blink of the world (I) and fell to the earth. Your heroes are no more. The wounds of the cross carved into the earth continue to spread. Soon the world will be completely divided into four parts and will collapse.'

 An eerie voice that seemed to pierce the atmosphere resounded throughout Azation.

''This is a punishment for you who have teamed up with the enemy of the world, the tyrannical Demon King.

 The voices became a storm and the building, the building, shook violently.

 Most people in the council of courage shrank back in fear.
 <Even if you can't feel the magical power of the < Sun of Doom>, the light of doom that split the world into four halves was only a few moments ago on full display.

 Even now the earthquakes continue to occur intermittently in Azation, and the collapse of the earth shows no signs of stopping.
 They are unable to look into the abyss, and whether they like it or not, they have no choice but to realize how powerful the enemy is.

Do you want to live? People of the World.

 A noisy voice rang out.

'Do you want to help? Your own friends, your own lovers, your own family.

 It's as if he's offering a helping hand.

'Once, your ancestors challenged the evil demon king in the name of justice. In the age of mythology, the world and man both aspired to a righteous order.

 As if it were the last time he would ever do so, Eques says.

'If you repent, I will forgive you for your sins. Once again, to me - obey the will of the world, O diminutive man. <Pray the Sanctuary (Ask). With love and gentleness, destroy the evil nation against the world, avenge the foolish misfit, the tyrannical demon king. Choose righteousness, not evil, and you will survive.

 It may have been a sweet whisper as the world was dying.

 Choose the right path, and you will be saved.
 Do the right thing and you will find a way out, no matter what the danger. 

 In all times, everyone wants to wish for it, everyone wants to believe in it.

 The people of Gaillardite, many of whom were staring at the sky in dismay.
 They are unable to catch up with the suddenness of the situation.

The decision is yours. 'Decide, you feeble members of the House of Representatives who rule over Azation. This is an unalterable contract between the world and you, human beings, and your children and grandchildren, for all time.

 A huge magic circle of the Zognakt was drawn in the sky.
 The same magic is used to enforce the same contract on all descendants born from now on.

 If you sign it, the human race will continue to offer the world a sanctuary to defeat the demons forever.

You have until the clock strikes a week. If you pray, the Zognakt will be made and you humans will be saved. Be brave and show justice.

 <A clock appears in the magic circle of the Zognakt and its hands begin to tick.
 In less than a few minutes, it will be a week.

 That's too short a window of time to make a decision that will determine the fate of the nation.

"If we pray...

 One of the council members muttered.

'It's going to help...'

"Only love and kindness will save us...

 A dangling, violent sound rang out.
 The senators turned around in unison.

 Emilia was slamming her hands on the round table.

'What are you talking about in your sleep during the war?

 She said in an angry, sharp tone.

'Consider the situation. That's just the enemy. What are you going to do if you give in to the enemy's threats? Right now, the Academy of Heroes is engaged with the army of God in Dirhade. What we have to do is to inform the people of this situation as soon as possible and deliver the Sanctuary (Ask) to them!

But when it comes to enemies...

 Glancing at the window, that Lloyd looked in the window.
 Something too different in scale was there.

 A magical power that he hadn't even been able to feel before was now materialized in front of him, and he was probably overwhelmed and in awe.

 He finally understood that he had touched something that he shouldn't have, and that he had done so.

'Do you really think that's the will of the world? I'm not kidding when that thing decides that Dillhade is a bad country.

''.......plausible. But at least they seem to have enough power to destroy the world....

 One of the council members, Legrand King Sival, said.

'So you're going to give in?

That doesn't mean I'm going to give in.

 Enrique, who governs Portos, replied: "But at all costs, the country must be protected.

But above all else, the country must be protected. But above all else, the country must be defended against a transcendent being who would divide the world in four.

'Dividing the world in four? You're not. That wasn't a threat. It was shooting at us, trying to destroy us. Who stopped it?

 Emilia says, as if to ask a question.

'It would be the brave canon and Dillhade. They protected the earth. They protected Azation. Are we, who were protected, at the mercy of that monster that shot at us, going to destroy the Dirheid we protected? Where is this nonsense!

 Enrique shuts down.
 Then Catenas, King Nebrahilie, now speaks up.

'Righteousness and humanity are certainly important, too. It is a painful thing for me, too. But sometimes you have to take a side that is stronger. And sometimes we have to give in to demands we don't like.

Don't get me wrong.

 'Pitter-patter,' says Emilia.

''That magical bombardment from the sun. If it was the tyrannical demon king who shot it, the world would have been destroyed long ago. You can't stop it. Even by that cogged monster.

 Catenas was frightened by Emilia, who was emitting magic power from her entire body.
 She stared at the senators in the chamber with her magical eye.

''The one with the most fearsome power is Dilheid, ruled by the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigordo. That cogged monster can't defeat him on his own, so he's probably threatening to lend us his power. If the Demon King had his mind made up, Azation would have been destroyed two thousand years ago. We wouldn't even have a discussion here and now.

 She says in pursuit.

He who didn't destroy it and that cog that couldn't destroy it. The cog that could not be destroyed or the cog that could not be destroyed. The cog that made no demands and wanted peace, or the monster that threatened to destroy him as an evil demon king. Who is more evil and who is more fearsome? Don't you guys even have the brains to think about it?

 Sival, Catenas, Enrique, and Lloyd.
 Then, looking at the faces of all the senators, Emilia appeals to them.

'Why did you have power over us and yet not do so? How could he be so powerful and yet choose the difficult path of dialogue? Do you not understand the least bit of his ideals?

 The senators are unable to answer.

 <The clock is ticking on the Zognakt.
 It's already half way around the clock.

2,000 years ago, he created peace in the world by building a wall to separate humans from demons. If we, as different species, don't get involved, there will be no conflict. But that is not true peace.

 Carefully, hard, Emilia throws a few words at them.

''Against his wishes, the once great brave Jelga has sown the seeds of malice in the Academy of Heroes. The result was that war between Dillhade and Azation. It is a deep darkness that has plunged all humans throughout Azation into the darkness of despair. And yet, he was not willing to give up on understanding humans.

 The senators all wore grave expressions.

''Well sure, that may be true...''

 Catenas opens his mouth slowly.

'But, Dean Emilia. Can your demons, your people, shoot for Azéon?

 After asking this, Catenas continued to fold up.

''You have the blood of the demon race. We humans cannot trust a tyrannical demon king to that extent. You can't trust the future of the country to you........too.......?

 Catenas rolled his eyes.
 Red blood was dripping vigorously in front of his eyes.

''Dean Emilia........!

I'll get you help right away.

 Slashing her own right wrist with the knife, Emilia stains her round table with blood.

''How much blood do I need to remove so that I am no longer a demon race?''

"...what are you talking about, you idiot? You can't do that...

I can't become one. Even if I lost my blood and died and was reincarnated as is, this time I would still be born a human, I would still be a demon. Blood has nothing to do with being a demon race, right?

 Emilia asks, even as the round table turns bright red.

''Isn't it true that even humans are like that?

 Catenas kept his mouth shut.
 He didn't say anything, couldn't put anything into words, just stared at Emilia's face.

'Nonsense. What about blood? It is not my will or my heart. It doesn't even matter if I am a demon or a human being. You can't decide anything with such a thing. Nothing will be decided by such things!

 Her blood was flowing down with such force that it was as if she was throwing away the last remaining rut in Emilia.

 When she was a demon race, she had spent her days as an imperial family, proud of her precious blood.
 She was forcibly reincarnated and was forced to live miserably as a half-blood.
 Then, in a faraway foreign land, he was treated as a human being and discriminated against as not being human.

 All those days are now confronting her with a certain fact.

''Well then.........''

 Catenas finally put the little question into words.

The only thing I'm aware of is that...

 With a pale face, losing blood, Emilia draws a magic circle.
 They are praying.

"Go.........for our.......thoughts.......

Our prayers ... for all of us ...

Take that, everyone at the Academy for the Brave!

I'm waiting for you!

Come back alive!

"...Hey! This isn't even close! This is no time to be afraid of that creature! Let's tell more people!

But we could have used a magic broadcast...

"You're an idiot. Don't whine about it. I don't care how strong they are, Ledriano and his friends are just kids! Give us a voice, our voice!

Yes! That's gonna help! Dean Emilia and everyone at the Brave Academy are doing their best to make it happen!

 Some of the Gailladite people who know what's going on run around and tell other people about the heroic academy that went to the battlefield.

 Popping and popping, the light of the began to spread gradually from various parts of Gailladite.

Are you able to see and hear them? Do you hear them, King Nebrahilie? I have been hearing them since before the council was born. Ever since before the council of valor was born........

 Emilia said to a breathless Catenas, as if wishing.

'In the midst of any darkness, it is the people who live in this Azation who will push the young man to face it with courage.

 Emilia strongly wished in her heart.
 Then the light of the gathered in her body.

 Her mind is being transformed into magical power.

I'm a human being who is able to superimpose a true heart on this "Ask", Catenas. Please.

 Emilia sends her magic power to her own blood that flowed down to the round table.
 The blood takes the shape of a magic circle and activates the contract.

Please believe me. If Dirhade is going to wage a war of aggression against this Azation, even if it is a tyrannical demon king, I will use my body as a shield and my heart as a sword to fight. The students of the Academy of the Brave, the people of this Gailladite, and this country--

 <What is depicted in the
"I love Azation, I love you. I hereby give you proof of that.

 Emilia reached out her bloody fingertips to that magic contract.
 The signing like a blood seal, but a hand stretched out from the side prevented her from doing so.

 It was Sival, King Legrand, who grabbed Emilia's wrist.

''With such a contract, you will never again be able to tread the land of your homeland.

''I'm prepared to........''

 There was only determination in Emilia's eyes.
 Or maybe that was what gave Sival's heart one last push.

 He shook his head quietly from side to side.

'I know how much you love your homeland. I would be a failure of humanity if I let you do that. I can't very well shoot Legrand, even for Azation.

 Sival's body was surrounded by the light of the .
 It was as if he was laying his heart on Emilia.

 He said to the senators, "Gentlemen," he said.

'Gentlemen. We are fed up with the corrupt government of the Gaillardites and have created this brave council. But, as it turns out, things are not always as they should be. Maybe I'm too old to be burning with ideals. Looking back on it, I've said a lot of words of self-pity.

 He turned his gaze out the window.
 <He could see the light of the Sanctuary (Ask) spreading throughout Gailladite.

'It was a terrible fecklessness.

 Sival turned around and clenched his fists gingerly to inspire the senators.
 Then he raised his voice as if to appeal to them.

'If we don't fight here and now, nothing will change! Was it not we who stood up for our people! The people of this city believe and hope that the brave men will win! Even if that monster in the sky is truly the will of the world, if you give in to it, you're no better than Jelga and the Gailladite kings of the past!

 Sival drew his dagger and cut his own palm.
 Then he used his blood to put his own handprint on the round table.

'The people of Gailladite wished for the salvation of Dirheid. They wished for the victory of Alkranjska. We, as a brave council, should fulfill that representation. Isn't it?

 Then Enrique, King of Porthos, cut his palm with his dagger as well, and placed his hand on the round table.

'I agree with you both,'

 The wind changed.

Me too.

We should fight.

 One by one, the council members began to cut their palms and place their hands on the table.

 Every time they sign the blood Zekt, which has no magic and has no effect, their hearts are linked by the light of the Sanctuary.

 The chairman, Lloyd, made the blood seal, and Catenas was the only one left.

 The senators tried to crowd him, but Emilia restrained them with her hand.
 She turned straight to him and opened her mouth.

'Catenas. I know how you feel about your inability to approve of me. If you don't like me, then--

'I apologize for my past rudeness. Dean Emilia.

 Catenas said, interrupting Emilia's words.
 Then, with the dagger, he cut his wrist just like Emilia did.

 With a thud, a large amount of blood flowed down to the round table.

''........Please let us fight together as the same person......''

 Curtly Emilia nodded.

''We'll win!''

Chairman Lloyd. We're ready to broadcast magic!

 One of the soldiers reported that.
 Immediately, Emilia used .

 Her voice will reach all of Azation through the communication magic tool.

''To the people of Azation. This is Emilia from the Brave Academy. Azation is now in unprecedented crisis. But we have brave men and women in our midst. They have gone to the battlefield with a desperate determination. Please give them your support. Give them the courage to cross this death line and overcome their enemies.

 <The light of the Sanctuary (Ask) began to twinkle, not only in Gailladite, but throughout the entire Azation.
 It passed through the waterways that had been built from Gailladite to various locations and began to gather at the Holy Lake.

 The population of Azation continued to increase in a peaceful world.
 The brilliance of the Sanctuary, where their hearts are united, exceeds the heavy expectations that the brave canon carried on its back two thousand years ago.

 <The clock of the Zognakt has returned to its original position.
 Lloyd, the president of the Brave Council, says.

"This is the will of the world, I beseech you.

 Resolutely, he unleashes his words with a resolute attitude.

'I have my answer. Humans will not make the same mistake again. Azation Army sails! Dillhade, defend our friendland!