500-Railroad continues

 Black smoke billowed out, and the Demon King train ran through the night sky. The train accelerated quickly and rose to the black sky in the blink of an eye.

Misha," he said. There is an orderly order of silver light working in the black skies to cross over to the outside. The wind and waves cannot be seen by ordinary demon eyes, but the demon train should show a reaction.

 That's how I sent out my leaks.

"Try it.

 The magic eye chamber in which Misha is located has a number of cogs installed in it, and you can look into the abyss inside and outside of the car body, such as the waterwheel, windmills, spinning wheels, and fire chamber combustion conditions. As the name suggests, it is the Devil's Eye of the Demon King train.


 Misha tells the students in charge of the magic eye room.

 She reached out her hands and drew a magic circle in the room.
 The magic emanating from her fingertips causes countless switches to be flipped one after another and some valves to spin around.

 They changed the wavelengths of order that the watermills and windmills received.
 The students carefully observed the scene.

 Soon, a series of magic letters and magic numbers floated on the crystal.
 Misha looked at it with a sideways glance.

'Reacting to the fifth water mill and the twenty-seventh windmill.

 The waterwheel and windmill attached to the Demon King's train were each spinning by one.
 They caught the wind and waves of the silver light that the demon's eyes could not see.

'Aligning Wavelengths of Order'

 Again Misha sends her magic, flips the switch and turns the valve.


"....Enne, I'm looking.... The water mill, the windmill, it's spinning....

 Zesia says, pointing to the train window.
 The Demon King train was running in a solitary pattern. Just from the front row where they are, they could see the rotating water wheel and windmill in the back row of the body.

''Wow...! That's awesome! We have the winds and waves of order!

 Ennesone exclaimed in admiration.


Pawpaw, pawpaw, pawpaw!

 As if to match Ennesone and Zesia's voices, the waterwheel and windmill of the Demon King's train began to turn vigorously, and in conjunction with that, the gears of the magic eye chamber began to turn heavily.

 The power of that order was transmitted to the wheels, and they took on a copper-colored glow.

 As if drawn by something, the Demon King train moved forward.

 A silver light came into view in front of them. It was the same as the silver water ship in Baltzalondo. It seemed to be a path that led to Beltexfenbrém.

'A path leading outward.'

 Misha said nonchalantly.
 She turned her divine eye to the letters and numbers displayed on the silver light and the crystal of the magic eye chamber.

''Gears of Eques and the same kind of order.''

These silver lights?


 Based on Ronculus' story and the words of that ship-armed man, Eques had the makings of being the Lord God of this world.

 At the very least, his magic power would be comparable to that of the Lord God.
 If that's the case, is it any wonder that the silver lamp itself is made of his order?

 With that in mind, the reason Barzalondo's ship was able to come into this world was that the orders of the Lord God were similar in wavelength and could interfere with each other.

 Hence, a ship created by the Lord God's power would be able to cross the small world.

''I think we can turn it into a rail for the Demon King train.

Let's try it.

 Misha sent her magic power again and operated the switches and valves.

 As soon as the wheels of the Demon King train all turned into gears, the silver light began to change.
 They began to shape the cogwheels, and one by one, they became interlocked with the cogwheels of the Demon King's train.

 When the cogs of the Demon King Train rotated, the cogs of the silver light would also rotate.

 As the order followed the Demon King Train, the cogs of the silver light began to turn into something else again.
 It was the rails.

 The silver-lit rail hung over the black sky, its other side gleaming like an exit.
 The cogwheel returned to its wheel and latched tightly to the silver rail.

'Kakk, isn't that interesting! Can-burners, firemen, put all the coal you can into it! Let's go all the way to that light exit in one fell swoop!

 At Eldmead's instruction, the two black-clad students said, "Done! He shouted out, and with the help of a shovel, threw the coal into the fire chamber.

 Smoke erupted vigorously from the chimney and the wheels spun at high speed.

'Eleonor, put up a magical barrier.

I got it!

 In the warding room, Eleonor releases magic power on a fixed magic circle.
 Then, the black smoke emanating out of it became transparent and turned into a magical barrier that glittered over the Demon King Train.

 On the silver rails, the Demon Train advanced at an unstoppable speed, and then jumped into the light--!

 Instantly, a large amount of bubbles flooded through the window.

'Whoa! It's a silver sea!

 Eleonor spoke up.

 For a moment, they all gazed at the sea of silver light rustling through them, speechless.

 It is not only spectacular.
 Its beauty is at the same time, it is filled with horror.

 The Silver Water Holy Sea is unimaginably wide, and you don't know what kind of danger lurks there.
 Pouring her gaze out of the window, Sasha had a serious expression on her face as she stared at the silver water that she couldn't see ahead.

''Child of Destruction.''

 Suddenly, from behind her, Arcana called out to her.

'Did I just look like I just came up with something interesting?

No, not at all! Why would you come up with something so interesting at this time!

 The seriousness of the situation vanished in an instant, and Sasha pinched sharply.

''........it's when everyone is serious that the order that destroys your abdominal muscles kicks in....

Why do I look like a clown who's looking for a good laugh?

"...I think he wanted to relieve everyone's tension...

How could I be the one to make such a horse-- Huh? He's a surprisingly good guy.

 Sasha muttered with a wind of realization.
 Then the members of the Demon King's Choir who were in the same room with him came together to join them.

''Kanatchi is a comedian who won't be mistaken.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's amazing how much you can smile.

 Ellen and the others say.

'The turret room can be nerve-racking because there's nothing to do and there's no time to do it.

I know, I know. I know, but that doesn't mean I have to be busy.

We're going to have enemies. I'm so relieved that Canacci and Sasha are as good as ever.

"I hope I'm of some use to you, son of the choir.

 To Arcana's question, "Of course! The girls shouted, "As expected of Kanatchi, the god of disobedience," and "I'm not going to pine again today!

 Sasha's gaze turns stern in a different way than before.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. What's that........

 A joyful voice echoed through the turret room, "I'm not losing my mind.

'This is the magic eye chamber. It looks like the rail can be extended like this.

 Misha raises his report to the engine room.

"Kaka, isn't this good news. "Kaka, isn't this good news?" "If the silver lamp that connects the outside of the world and the inside of the world can be extended, won't a thought transmission (leaks) be able to reach the world of Militia?

Try it.

 I'm going to draw a magic circle of leaks.

Melhayes, do you read me?

 There was no immediate response, but after a while--


 Hmm. Good.

That's good news. The outside world will receive a certain amount of leaks. If I'm interrupted, I'll contact you.

Yes, sir.

 If the rails extend that way, in the unlikely event of an invasion of Militia's world, we'll be able to report back. We'll be able to return at once.

'And what is your course, Demon King?

 I'm going to draw a map with magic in front of Eldmead.

That's where we're headed. The current was a little rough in places, but don't go around, take the shortest route. Be careful.

 He looked at the map briefly and immediately said to Erdmeade

'Can-burners, firemen, maintain six tons per minute. Wheel coupled to second gear. Full speed ahead.'

Copy that.

 Two black-clad students maneuvered a shovel and threw the coals into the fire room.

"Commence construction of the magic line.

Copy that. Commence construction of the magic track.

 Grinning, Erdmeade laughs.

'The end of the line is the unknown.

 Ahead of the Demon King Train, a silver track was constructed and ran at high speed through it.

 The performance of the Demon King Train combined with the silver-lighted rails made it faster than Baltzalondo's silver water ship. For this amount of time, we'll get there faster than expected.

 I heard a sniffling sound.

 I looked at my mother and saw her tears streaming down her face.
 I looked at my father, who was also in tears as he hugged her shoulder and looked forward with a look of patience.

 Hmm. This is not good.
 I may have assumed too much of Mom and Dad.

 I'm not sure what happened in my previous life, but they are only human beings now.

 Even Sasha and the others gasped for a moment at the beauty and horror of the Silver Water Holy Sea.
 This sea, which seemed to allow no life to exist, appealed to the roots of fear.

 As mere mortals, the two of them would have no way to resist it and would be instinctively afraid of it.

'Father, mother, don't worry. I will protect you.

 With tears in her eyes, Mom looked at me dumbfounded.
 She seemed unable to speak. She looked quite distressed.

"Arcana, Sasha, come to the engine room.

 Immediately the two of them shifted in .

What's going on?

 Sasha says.

'I'll be on the lookout. I need you to keep your mother and father occupied for a while. They look a little weak at heart.

 She looked like she'd guessed and nodded.


 Arcana and Sasha quickly walked up to their dad and mom and called out to them.

'I suppose I want to be the one to talk to,'

'Don't worry about it. No matter how dangerous the world is, there is no safer place to be than by Anos.

Sasha! Arcana-chan.........!

 Mom hugged them, tears spilling down her cheeks as if a tense thread had broken.

''Ugh, gosh.......mom, I can't.......no......I don't think I can stand it.......''

Don't worry about it.

Because... because... because... because Anos-chan at work is too good looking...!


"Ugh, Gus.........Anos is.......Ugh, Ugh......I could have snuck into Anos's workplace, mother. I didn't bring my magic photo machine mother I'll never forgive you!

 Sasha has a straight face.
 Arcana looks at her father.

"I'm sorry. I forgot...! The house burned down and...!

 Dad sat in his chair, his hands on his knees shaking and crying manically.

 Arcana and Sasha looked at each other.

'I wonder if my father and mother were in the mood for a class visit.

I'm impressed...

 The demon train was going well, carrying us in peace in the middle of a dangerous sea.